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									Smartcard application form
Please complete in BLOCK CAPITALS
                                                                                                    Reading Buses
Name                                                        Mr/Mrs/Miss/Ms/Dr                       Great Knollys Street
                                                                                                    Reading RG1 7HH
                                                                                                    0118 959 4000
                                                                                                                                                        How to
Signature                                                                                                              use your Smartcard


                                                                                                    Newbury Buses
                                                  Postcode                                          Bus Station
Daytime contact number                           Date of birth                                      Market Street
                                                                                                    Newbury RG14 5DP
                                                                                                    01635 567 500

What would you like on your Smartcard?

  MONEY       (min £5, max £50, in multiples of £5)             £

  TICKETS      (KEY   = No. of days    = No. of journeys)   Adult      Child
  Easysaver 10
  Area A Travelcard                                         7          7
                                                            30         30
                                                            90         90
  Area B Travelcard                                         7          7
                                                            30         30
                                                            90         90
  Network Travelcard                                        7
                                                                                                     For more information
                                                            90         90
  North Reading Travelcard                                  7
                                                                                                     Get local and national travel planning online at
  East Reading Travelcard                                   7                              
  South Reading Travelcard                                  7                              
  West Reading Travelcard                                   7                                        or call
  Theale Weekly Travelcard                                  7                                        0871 200 22 33
  Loddon Bridge Fastsaver                                   12         26          40                or drop into the
  Madejski & GreenPark Fastsaver                            12         26          40                Travel Centre
  Other                                                                                              Broad Street Mall, Reading
Check the up-to-date ticket prices at
                                                                                                     Mon – Sat 9.00am – 5.30pm, or
                                                                                                     Travel Office
or check our leaflet ‘How to get the best bus ticket for you’.
DATA PROTECTION ACT 1998. Reading Transport Ltd hold this information for the sole purpose of        at the Bus Station, Market Street, Newbury
                                                                                                                                                        No need to carry cash
communicating with our valued customers. In no circumstances will we distribute this information
to anyone else. We will respect your privacy and if you do not wish to receive details of further    Mon – Fri 9.00am - 3.00pm
special offers or promotions please tick this box.
Travel the Smart way                                   Load money or tickets onto                       How to do I get a
It’s the smart way to travel - all on one card         your Smartcard where you                         Smartcard?
                                                       see this sign
 So, what is a Smartcard?                                                                               Visit
 A Smartcard is your easy way to                                                                        Travel Centre, Broad Street Mall
 travel. It’s an electronic card                       If you want to load money
 that can be loaded with:                              or tickets onto your                             Head Office, Great Knollys Street, Reading
                                                       Smartcard you can visit our
 • Money – your e-purse                                Travel Centre in the Broad
 • Tickets                                             Street Mall. However, if you
                                                       think you will find it hard to                   By post
 You can pay for your ticket or add money to your      find time to visit our Travel
                                                                                                        Complete the application form overleaf,
 Smartcard using cash, cheque or debit/credit card     Centre in the Broad Street
                                                                                                        enclose a cheque for the ticket or money you
                                                       Mall, you can top up your
                                                                                                        want putting on the card and post it to:
                                                       Smartcard at over 200
No need to carry cash!                                                                                  Customer Services, Reading Buses, Great Knollys
                                                       PayPoint retailers in and
                                                                                                        Street, Reading, Berks, RG1 7HH
                                                       around Reading and Newbury, where you see this
                                                       yellow PayPoint sign.
 You can use your Smartcard as an e-purse. By          Find your nearest PayPoint retailer at:
 adding money to your card you don’t have to                      By phone
 carry cash for your bus journey. You also never
                                                                                                        Call our friendly Customer Service Team on
 have to find the right change as the fare you         Find out more about topping up
                                                                                                        0118 959 4000
 choose is taken off the card by the bus driver.       Smartcards cards visit:

 Tickets                                                                                                Online - Coming soon
 If you buy a weekly, monthly or quarterly ticket                                                       We’re working on making it easier for you to
 you can load these onto your card. So no more                                                          get a Smartcard. Online ordering to get your
 hassle looking for your paper can load                                                    first Smartcard will be coming soon.
 your ticket onto the card. The number of days on
 your ticket simply counts down from the first day
 you use your ticket.
                                                                                                        What if I lose my card?
                                                                                                        We can replace your card if it is lost or
                                                                                                        stolen but we’ll need to charge you £5.

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