Lewisville Independent School District School Related Absences Parent by tqd15644


									                               Lewisville Independent School District
                                     School Related Absences
                                      Parent/Guardian Form

I am aware that __________________________________, ID#______________ will be leaving
                                          (Name of Student)

__________________________ on ______________ to participate in a school approved/related
          (Name of School)                                  (Date)

activity. The activity involves:

           _____Athletics                   _____Band/Choral

           _____Speech/Debate _____UIL Events/Competition (other than athletics/band)

          _____Field Trips                  _____Vocational Contest

                                            (Please List)

The Location /Destination of this Trip/Activity is____________________________________.

Time of School Related Absence:                        All day ________
                                                       Morning _______
                                                       Afternoon ______
                                                       Other _________

_________________________________________                                 _________________
(Signature of Parent/Guardian, Emancipated Minor, 18 Year Old)                 (Date)

(Telephone Number of Parent/Guardian)

If this permission form is not received by the school by the day of an event, the student will not
be allowed to leave school to attend.

              It is a Texas Education Association rule and a Lewisville Independent School
              District policy that this form be completed for all situations where a child leaves
              a school during the school day to attend a school-related activity.

My Files/Permission Form for School Related Activity

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