SBRI Proteomics Core Sample Submission Form for ProteinPeptide by tqd15644


									                               SBRI Proteomics Core
                  Sample Submission Form for Protein/Peptide Analysis
Submit this form and your sample(s) to the mass spectrometry lab, 307 Westlake Ave N Suite 500, Seattle WA
                        98109. Label each tube with contact name initials and date.
Date:                            Contact name/phone #:                Email address for reporting results:

Institution:                     PO number                            Total # of samples:

Brief description on the aim of the experiment and how the sample was prepared (including elution

Source Organism:                                 Database for Sequest search (if not the latest version for
                                                 the source organism):
                                                                                 Amount of protein Approx. number of
Sample name (Use separate sheet for additional        Labels on the sample
                                                                                      (dry) /        proteins present
                    samples)                              containers
                                                                                 concentration (sol)     (range)
Sample Form (check one of the following):
SDS PAGE        1D bands ( )        No. of bands ________
                 2D spots ( )       No. of spots ________
Protein solution ( )             Protein dry ( )
Peptide solution ( )             Peptide dry ( )
For Gel Samples - Specify the following (please attach an image of the gel):
Coomassie Blue ( )                               Silver Stain ( )
Sypro Ruby ( )                                   Other ____________________
For protein/peptide solutions, list all buffer components and concentrations:

For dried samples, list components present before drying and note any requirements for solubilization:

Known modifications: Glycosylations ( ) Phosphorylation ( ) Other ________
Cysteins alkylated?: No ( ) Yes ( ) if yes, with what _____________

List any special chromatography/column required:

                                                                                                        Form 11/09/05

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