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									Energy Beverages Claims

     Innova Market Insights
        September 2009

Sugar Free Energy
   Sugar free claims are increasing in number for energy drinks, enabling consumers to
    increase their energy intake without unnecessary calories.

Czech Republic: Franks     Hungary: Watt Light Tutti-   Norway: Red Bull Sugar     United Arab Emirates: O2
Pure Sugar Free Energize   Frutti Flavored              Free Energy Drink. Sugar   Alive Yuzu Energy Beverage.
Your World Energy Drink.   Carbonated Energy Drink.     free energy drink in an    Ready-to-drink yuzu flavored
                           High in caffeine content.    aluminum can.              energy beverage in an
                           Sugar free.                                             aluminum bottle. Calorie
                                                                                   free. Sugar free.
Stevia Extract… A Natural Sugar Substitute

   Naturally sweetened with Stevia for reduced calorie energy drinks.

                      Switzerland: Storms One Lime
                      100% Natural Organic Sports
                      Drink. Storms One, the first drink
                      sweetened with the stevia extract
                      and exclusively made out of
                      organic ingredients. Storms are
                      very refreshing drinks made out
                      of organic juices. Storms uses
                      just organic ingredients and
                      organic stevia leaves.

                             USA: Sambazon Amazon Energy Diet
                             Energy Drink with Acai Berry Flavor. A
                             touch of organic stevia gives this energy
                             drink all the flavor you want without the
                             burden of unwanted extra sugars and
                             calories. Energy drink with acai berry
                             flavor. Organic energy drink with 40
                             calories. Over 200% vitamin C per serving.
                             Only 9g of sugar per serving. With 80mg
                             natural caffeine.
Concentrated Energy

           United Kingdom: Coca Cola
           Relentless Energy Shot.
           Capitalizing on the growing
           consumer desire for an intense
           energy uplift, each "Relentless"
           shot is designed to dispense the
           same amount of stimulant as
           250ml of regular "Relentless"
           within a concentrated 50ml
           measure for immediate
           consumption. UK's fastest growing
           energy drink. Providing the same
           amount of energy as 250ml of
           regular "Relentless", each 50ml
           "shot" contains 80mg of caffeine
           as well as vitamins B6 and B12.
  Ginseng Goodness
     Ginseng increases energy and reduces stress. Guarana extract is great for maintaining
      stamina and to combat obesity. Inclusion of these herbs in energy & sports drinks can
      increase the nutritive quality and health benefits of the drinks.

Italy: Monster Ripper Energy Drink.   Philippines: Sting Energy Drink Gold      Ukraine: Adrenaline Rush
Energy drink with carnitine,          Blast. Lemon flavored energy drink with   Pasteurized non alcoholic
taurine, ginseng, and vitamin B.      ginseng extract, in a 330ml PET bottle.   carbonated energy drink made with
                                                                                guarana and ginseng, with high
                                                                                content of caffeine and vitamins.
One Hand, No Hassle, Resealable Can

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