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									fact sheet
    Resolving Client Concerns or Complaints
The Children’s Aid Society of Toronto     the service team or branch director
aims to provide the highest quality       are not successful, the Society has a
service to families and children. If      formal complaint review mechanism.
there are concerns about our services,    This consists of a meeting with an
we want to work together with you to      Internal Complaints Review Panel
resolve them. We also have a formal       (ICRP). The ICRP is made up of
process to review your complaints         a CAST senior manager who has
as required by the Child and Family       not been directly involved in your
Services Act.                             situation, other staff as required and
                                          a person who does not work for the
Addressing issues before they             CAS (usually a member of the CAS
become problems                           Board of Directors). The ICRP’s role
                                          is to understand your concerns, find
We strive to collaborate with families,   areas for resolution and identify next
children, and other service providers     steps.
in our efforts to keep children and
youth safe. We encourage you to work      Your complaint should be put in
with the service team, workers and        writing so that it will be clearly
supervisors, on an informal basis to      understood. It may be sent to CAS
resolve issues as they arise. It makes    by mail, by fax, by e-mail, or may
sense to solve issues before they         be delivered by hand. Within seven
become large problems.                    days after CAST receives your
                                          written complaint, you will be notified
If you have been unable to resolve the    in writing as to whether or not your
issues with the worker and supervisor,    complaint is eligible for review by an
you may contact the branch director       ICRP. If your complaint is eligible,
at the office where you receive service    you will also be notified of a date of a
for assistance in resolving them. You     meeting with the ICRP. The meeting
may bring someone to support you          must take place within 14 days of the
during this and any future discussions,   notification being sent unless you
if you wish.                              ask that it take place later.

Formal Complaint Process                  Within 14 days after the meeting with
                                          the ICRP, you will be provided with a
Where efforts to resolve issues with      written summary of the results of the

Resolving Client Concerns or Complaints (cont’d)

meeting, along with any agreed upon         Labour Relations Act
next steps. We are committed to
resolving the complaint with you as       You may also wish to consult the
quickly as possible.                      The Ministry of Children and Youth
                                          Services’ brochure “Do you have a
Matters we can review                     complaint about services you have
                                          sought or received from an Ontario
• Concerns about services you             Children’s Aid Society?” which is
  have sought or received from            available in our offices or from the
  the Children’s Aid Society of Toronto   Ministry.

• Concerns about accuracy of your         At any time during or after the formal
  CAS record                              complaint process, you may make an
                                          application to the Child and Family
• Allegations that children and           Services Review Board about your
  their parents have not been given       complaint. Application forms for the
  the opportunity to be heard when        Child and Family Services Review
  decisions affecting their interests     Board and information about the
  are made by CAS                         process at the Board are available in
                                          our offices or from the Board itself:
• Allegations that CAS failed to          Child and Family Services Review
  provide reasons for a decision          Board. Tel: 416 327-4673,
  affecting your interests.     

Matters we can’t review
                                          Contact Info
• Concerns about services you
  have sought or received from other      For information about making a com-
  agencies                                plaint, please contact your worker or

• Issues that are before the court or     Manager, Client Services
  have been decided by the court          Children’s Aid Society of Toronto
                                          30 Isabella Street
• Issues that are subject to another      Toronto ON M4Y 1N1
  decision-making process under the       416.924.4646
  Child and Family Service Act or the
                                                                          Revised: April 4, 2007

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