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Finding new opportunities for green space
Crucial Review into LRT Future Underway
The future of the LRT will be decided in the next few months. As we are now                         INDEX
into the final year of our three-year pilot, a review into the LRT’s operations to
date and our future role is now underway. The review will establish what                            LRT takes ownership of
                                                                                                    four new sites
format the Trust will take after the pilot phase.
                                     It was always intended that the Trust would be an                                    Page 2
                                     independent self-financing organisation. With nine sites
                                     in our ownership and several more imminent,
                                     agreements on private sector sites and discussions on-         A level playing field for the
                                     going on around 50 more sites, the demand for the LRT          playing field
                                     is beyond doubt.                                               The benefits of open space
                                                                                                    are difficult to measure,
                                     Re-prioritisation of the National Coalfield Programme          which makes it a low
                                     has meant that many of the sites that we were expected         spending       priority    for
                                     to take during the pilot will not now be available. This       Government. The LRT are
                                     has necessitated a change to the original plan and a           looking at new way of
    Bird Watcher at Cudworth         broadening of our remit. However, far from being a             quantifying the benefits.
           Common                    problem it has proved quite straightforward to find other
                                     sites from different sources - and the broader range of                              Page 3
                                     clients has underlined the need for the LRT.

                                     Our ten year goal was 10,000 hectares, after year one          Bellamy Endorses Trust
                                     there was a potential 20,500 hectares on offer to us.          Renowned      conservationist
                                     Moreover, the definitive endorsement of the Trust is           David Bellamy opens a future
                                     that    private    sector  organisations,    that   are        LRT site and gives his seal of
                                     incontrovertibly commercially driven, have accepted the        approval to the LRT’s
                                     Trust’s approach as ‘best value’ for them. Therefore we        approach.
                                     are confident that the review will have a positive
     Handover at Dinnington          outcome. In the meantime work continues as normal.                                   Page 5

Launch of Whitehaven Coast Vision                                                                   300 Octopuses Flying Over
The regeneration of             Lakes Renaissance, English       what     is     already    a       Whitehaven
Whitehaven’s      Coast         Partnerships and the Haig        tremendous natural asset,          A special Kite Flying event as
took a major step               mining museum.                   helping nature take its            part of the Whitehaven
forward this month                                               course, whilst also securing       Coastal Project.
                                A workshop, which brought        the historic elements of the
when a ‘Vision’ for its         together a wide range of         Coast.”
future was unveiled.                                                                                                     Page 6
                                partners with expertise and
                                interest in Whitehaven and       Jeremy Barlow of the
                                other coastal projects, was      National      Trust        said    The Miracle Cure
                                held in May. Since then          “Community involvement in          Not a ground breaking
                                work has concentrated on         the plan is crucial. There is      therapy or a new drug but
                                creating a ‘joined up” vision,   already, quite rightly, a lot of   how walking is helping
                                which takes into account the     local pride about the              improve health in South
                                many elements of the             Whitehaven Coast and               Yorkshire.
                                Whitehaven Coast and a           together with the local
                                long-term view of its future.    community we want to build                               Page 8
The vision is the culmination   The vision will bring together   upon this.”
of many months of work by       the Haig, Rhodia, South
of a number of partners led     Beach, Saltom Pit, and the       Councillor              Henry
by the Land Restoration                                                                             What       are our     new
                                St Bees Heritage Coast           Wormstrup of Copeland BC           Development      Managers
Trust, National Trust and       sites into one cohesive          remarked “The strength of
Copeland BC.                                                                                        really like?
                                strategy.                        this vision is that it has the     Some inside information on
However, the vision has                                          backing of many partners at        our new starters that they
involved and is backed by a     Euan Hall, Chief Executive       local, regional and a              probably wish they hadn’t
collaboration of numerous       of the Land Restoration          national level. This joined        mentioned
local, regional and national    Trust, commented, “ The          up approach will ensure that
organisations including West    vision looks to maximise         vision becomes reality.”                                 Page 9
LRT takes ownership of four new sites
Four new sites have now been added to the LRT portfolio, taking the total now under ownership to nine. There are
several more sites nearing the closing stages of their handover. The four new sites at Dinnington, Kiveton, Cudworth
and Barton Lane are all from English Partnerships Coalfields Programme in South Yorkshire. All will be managed at a
local level by the Forestry Commission, who currently manage our three other South Yorkshire sites.

Estates Director John Tewson remarked, “Whilst we have only recently taken ownership, these are sites which we have been
actively involved with for a significant period of time, particularly Dinnington and Kiveton where we’ve been working on the
restoration process since day one of the Trust. By getting involved in the early stages of development – before work even
begins- we can ensure the completed site is fit for purpose. This approach not only saves money it also maximises the benefits
to the community” .

The LRT is currently working in such a way on over 50 sites all around the country.

Here’s the low down on our new sites.
If you didn’t know the history of Dinnington Community Woodland, it would be
difficult to imagine that this scenic location once producing many 1000’s of tonnes
of coal, employing over 1900 people. The 46 hectare site includes woodland,
wetland, grassland and ponds, which support species, such as lapwings, kestrels,
voles and a wide range of wild flowers. The site features a specially designed bird
scrape, an area of wetland no more than a metre deep with shallow edges and
large areas of shale. This is an ideal habitat for wetland birds including the
nationally rare ringed plover. A local bird group SK58, manage the bird hide
overlooking the scrape.

Cudworth Common is part of the former Grimethorpe Colliery, one of the deepest
pits in the country. However Grimethorpe is perhaps best known for its world
famous brass band on which the highly successful film 'Brassed Off' was based.
When the pit closed in 1992 and around 1500 jobs were lost, the community was
hit hard. It is these events that 'Brassed Off' documented. In 1994, the European
Union's 'Study of Deprivation' named Grimethorpe as the most deprived village in
the country.      A number of regeneration projects have since improved things,
including the transformation of the derelict colliery land at Cudworth Common in to
green space. The now scenic 58-hectare site features woodlands, wetland,
grassland and ponds that support many species of wildlife. A significant number of
sky larks can be heard, if not seen, as you walk around the site. An established
pond at the east of the site is already a haven for wildfowl, swans have nested and
many species such as tufted duck, mallard, coot and moorhen are resident.

Kiveton Park Colliery was sunk in 1866, becoming one of the world’s earliest deep
mines. The population of the town at this time was only around 300, however within
10 years it was over 1300. Kiveton is therefore another example of a town founded
around one industry. As such when the colliery closed in 1994 and 1000 jobs were
lost, the town was devastated. Until restoration began in 2003 the site lay derelict.
The 53 hectare ‘Community Woodland’ already supports many species of wildlife.
The site has its own Amphitheatre: an open space with tiered shelving that can be
used for community performances and events. There are fishing ponds at the north
of the site which were originally dug by the miners to use in their leisure time. They
are now under the ownership of British Waterways and are managed by a fishing

Barton Lane is a great example of the need for the Trust. Barton Lane is an unadopted road, which originally gave access to
parts of the Markham Main colliery site and continues to give access to a number of private houses and businesses.

The site however has been subject to regular fly tipping and is vulnerable to other anti-social use. Without LRT to take on the
ownership of this land, Barton Lane would be left to become a persistent problem area that would also affect the areas around
LRT look for a Level                        Research into Doorstep Greens makes the case
Playing Field for the                       for sustainable funding
Playing Field
Measuring all the benefits of green         Over the years a succession of              convoluted world of funding bids and a
space is somewhat similar to asking         funding     streams   have   come,          mountain of form filling. Should their
‘how long is a piece of string?’            produced some outstanding results,          bids fail or they lose interest – and who
                                            and then gone. And once the                 would blame them – what then will
We all know its good, worthwhile and        funding has gone, the outstanding           happen to the Green? Can a project be
we like it. However, the problem is; if     results often go too. Casualties of         deemed a success and £30million well
you can’t quantify the value how can        the Government’s focus on short-            spent if in 5-10 years time most of the
you compare its worth in relation to        term outputs rather than long-term          Greens are neglected and the
spending on the NHS or Education.           outcomes and sustainability.                community disenchanted.
The fact that you can’t, will always
mean other areas will get priority. So,
for example, spending on curing ill
health will get priority over spending on
a well-maintained space. However, that
space could actually prevent the illness
occurring by providing a place to
exercise, chill out and de-stress. Then
there are also environmental benefits
such as reduced pollution and
improved air quality; improvements to
social cohesion; economic uplifts such
as increased property values and
inward investment. Only when you can                                                    There is a cost effective way to fund
put a quantifiable or economic value on                                                 projects     sustainably.      The    one
all that – will the playing field be on a                                               sustainable Green has a long-term
level playing field at the Treasury.                                                    maintenance contract, which is secured
                                                                                        by the interest earned on an invested
                                                                                        sum - very similar to the LRT’s
                                                                                        endowment model. This method may
                                                                                        mean more funding for each individual
                                                                                        project and therefore less projects are
                                                                                        funded. However, if this means that the
                                            The LRT is soon to produce a report on      excellent results in the short-term are
                                            the Countryside Agency’s Doorstep           translated to outstanding results in the
                                            Greens programme. There is no doubt         long-term; this will be money well spent
                                            that the Doorstep Greens have been          and not money wasted. Indeed in the
                                            hugely successful.     £30 million of       long-term, the removal of the need for
                                            funding from the Big Lottery and other      repeat investments of capital to redo
                                            sources has transformed nearly 200          the job will effectively cost the Treasury
                                            derelict, underused spaces all around       and tomorrow’s tax payer substantially
The LRT is establishing a set of            the country. The Doorstep Greens            less.
quantifiable       Key       Performance    programme has provided some great
Indicators, (KPI’s) for open space.         examples of communities coming
There is plenty of research which           together, successful partnerships with
touches on the value of open space,         the local authorities and how having
but it’s found in a wide range of           access to expert help is a key factor in
disparate sources. For the first phase of   ensuring that community projects work.
the KPI project the LRT employed            The insistence on long-term land
recent graduate Kate Coulter, to trawl      leases has also meant that, as a whole,
the available research, speak to key        Doorstep Greens are more sustainable
personnel and create a catalogue of all     than most schemes.
the available evidence. This was
completed in May. The next phase is to      However…..we have looked in detail at
translate this into some meaningful         four case studies, all successful
KPI’s. Utilising our excellent links with   projects. We have found that three of
Nottingham       University,       Social   these projects face an uncertain future.
Geography Professor Kate Millar, along      The members of the community who
with Dr Paul Nathanail are currently        have worked so hard to create their
working on this. This work is scheduled     Doorstep Green now face the challenge
to be finished in September.                of finding additional funding to keep the
                                            project going. Instead of managing and
                                            enjoying their Green they face the
Landfill a WASTE of SPACE                                                                 New LRT Staff
It’s safe to say that landfill sites are    Therefore the objective of the project
                                                                                          The LRT staffing levels were
places      that    people       detest.    has been to find ways the land can be
                                                                                          boosted in April, as we welcomed
Nevertheless, as long as we produce         restored and managed for maximum
                                                                                          three new development managers
waste then we will need someway             benefit whilst securing the liabilities and
                                                                                          to the Trust. The new managers
and somewhere to dispose of it.             fulfilling   all    legal     obligations.
                                                                                          bring a combined experience of
However, if landfill sites can be           Additionally, it was important to find
                                                                                          over 45 years in regeneration,
brought back into meaningful use as         methods that were financially cost
                                                                                          land       management        and
green spaces, then their effect is          effective and therefore viable.
                                                                                          environmental improvement to
minimalised. So the Trust has been
                                                                                          the Trust.
leading an innovative project to look       The first phase of the project was to
at ways of bringing landfill sites          consult landfill operators and establish
                                                                                          Alison Whitehead joins the LRT
back into use as useful public open         their opinions on potential management
                                                                                          from Groundwork Wigan and
spaces.                                     models.       This yielded some very
                                                                                          Chorley where she was Places
                                            valuable information, which was then
                                                                                          Programme Manager. During her 7
There has been a minefield of issues        used to trial the most feasible models at
                                                                                          years at Groundwork, Alison
and problems, which has stopped this        landfill sites in the Thames Gateway.
                                                                                          accomplished numerous notable
happening in the past. Some sites           The findings from these case studies
                                                                                          achievements including completing
having been poorly restored, others         are now being compiled, with a final
                                                                                          the Country’s first Doorstep Green.
restored well but not to a state that can   report out later this year. Development
                                                                                          Alison will be responsible for the
be usefully used. Even those that have      Director David Beuzeval, remarked,
                                                                                          North West and West Midlands
been restored to a very high standard       “The initial results are looking very
have not yielded their potential benefit    encouraging. Considering the number
due to the inherent liabilities and the     of landfill sites all around the country
statutory obligation to secure the site.    this is a potentially very significant
This has meant management for public        report.”
use has been a low priority.

London’s Brighter and Better
London has just got greener and             were given away to coincide with World
more colourful this summer thanks           Environment Day are all hardy native
to 1000 trees and 500 packets of wild       species. They were taken by residents
flower seeds that have been given           to plant in their’s or their friend’s         Joining the LRT from the Thames
away to Londoners by the LRT.               gardens, children took trees to plant at      Estuary     Partnership,   Jonathan
That’s enough trees to carbon               their schools and community groups            Ducker will be able to get off to a
neutralise the emissions from 100           took them to plant around their               flying start in his new role as the
cars and produce enough oxygen for          facilities.                                   Trust’s Development Manger for the
10 000 people.                                                                            Thames Gateway and South East.
The trees were given away at this           The wild flower seeds are part of the         With an MSc in Environmental
                                            Trusts, “Growth for a Brighter Future”        Conservation to his name he
                                            campaign. The native seeds, including         already has a track record of
                                            poppy, cornflower, yarrow and ox eye          successful work in the Thames
                                            daisy, which as well as adding colour to      Gateway.
                                            the environment are a vital building
                                            block in the eco system as they               Ruth Potter will be responsible for
                                            encourage bio-diversity, by attracting        development in Yorkshire. Ruth
                                            insects and butterflies, which in turn will   brings a wealth of experience to the
                                            attract birds and small mammals.              role, including over 11 years as a
                                                                                          Landscape        and      Ecological
                                            Deborah Holmwood the LRT’s Director           Consultant working with a variety of
                                            of    Communications      and   Policy,       organisations.
                                            commented. “By encouraging people to
                                            plant trees and seeds whilst promoting        Euan Hall Chief Executive of the
                                            the numerous benefits of doing so, we         LRT comments, “The Trust’s 10
                                            are hopefully helping to improve green        year goal was to sustainably
                                            spaces across the Capital.”                   manage 10, 000 hectares of land, at
summers Camden Green Fair in                                                              the end of year two we already have
Regents Park as part of the LRT’s,          Deborah continued, “Open space has            over 25,000 hectares being offered
“Growth for a Better Future” campaign,      many proven benefits; - better health,        to us. We have already started to
which has so far seen the Trust give        reduced crime, increased social well          solve the problem of enduring
away 6000 trees. The Mountain Ash,          being, improved environmental quality         derelict land and with three new
Bird Cherry and Downy Birch, which          and reduced pollution.”                       experienced members of staff we
                                                                                          will be able to deliver even more.”

                                                                                          For an alternative profile see the
                                                                                          back page.
Former Miner Officially Opens Kiveton                                                   Dinnington                  Launch
Former miner Mr J Oliver, returned to the site of his former workplace at
Kiveton Colliery on Sunday 25 June to officially open the attractive new
                                                                                        Only a few weeks early a similar
Woodland, which has now replaced scars of mining.
                                                                                        launch was held at Dinnington.
                                                                                        However this event was kept lower
                                                     Mr Oliver cut the ribbon
                                                                                        key because unlike Kiveton, where
                                                     and started an exciting
                                                                                        there are some open and even spaces
                                                     day of family fun to
                                                                                        which are ideal for community
                                                     celebrate the opening of
                                                                                        events, the geography of Dinnington
                                                     the      new     Kiveton
                                                                                        is more undulating
                                                     Community Woodland.
                                                     There was an array of
                                                     activities including a
                                                     dog show, silver band,
                                                     circus skills, may-pole
                                                     dancing,     a   bouncy
                                                     castle and a barbeque.
                                                     There were also a
                                                     number of interactive
                                                     trials around the 59-
                                                     hectare site. To round
                                                     the evening off there
was a special free dance event organised by local group JADE (Just Another
Dance Event).
                                                                                        The events therefore had a more natural
James Smith, Forestry Commission Ranger for Kiveton Community Woodland,
                                                                                        focus with crafts and interactive trails.
comments, “Perhaps the most important element of the event was the opportunity
                                                                                        Ruth continued “An important part of the
for people to have their say on the future of the new wood and it’s usage, giving
                                                                                        LRT’s and our managing partner’s
their views on what they’d like to see happen, improve or develop.” The initial
                                                                                        approach is to work on a site by site
restoration of Kiveton was undertaken by Renaissance South Yorkshire, on behalf
                                                                                        basis making the most of the natural
of the regional development agency Yorkshire Forward, utilising funding from
                                                                                        features and geography of each site”
English Partnerships National Coalfields Programme.
                                                                                        Again a key part of the event was the
Ruth Potter, the LRT’s Development Manager for the Kiveton site, comments “Just
                                                                                        opportunity for local community to get to
as the colliery was once the centre of the local community, this woodland is
                                                                                        know their site and tell us their views
something at the heart of the local community that people can be proud of
                                                                                        and    aspirations     for  its    future
therefore it’s very fitting that the new woodland is opened by a former miner. We
hope that Mr Oliver approves of the new landscape.”

Bellamy           Endorses              Trust      at     Park       Opening
Hundreds of people turned up at the           feathered residents along. Such was        owned by One NorthEast, lies just to
soon to be LRT site of Weetslade, to          the celebration the local Redburn          the north of Gosforth Park and the
witness        world        famous            Brewery also brewed a limited edition      former pit heap has long been seen as
conservationist and TV personality            ale to commemorate the opening –           an important landmark in the local area.
David Bellamy officially open the             which went down particularly well          To secure its future the LRT will take
new country park.                             with the over 18's!                        over the park’s ownership with the
                                                                                         Northumberland       Wildlife      Trust
                                              Professor Bellamy gave the new site        managing the site at a local level to
                                              his seal of approval, praising the         ensure that the community wishes are
                                              approach taken in restoring the site;      met.
                                              especially the creation of natural
                                              habitats that have allowed threatened      Euan Hall, comments         “It was an
                                              species such as the skylark to prosper.    honour to welcome Professor Bellamy
                                              He also spoke passionately to the local    to Weetslade Country Park. It was very
                                              community urging them to take              pleasing to hear him speak so
                                              ownership of the site and take             passionately about the value of local
                                              responsibility  for   protecting   and     ownership, which is one of the core
                                              developing it.                             beliefs of the LRT. This is why we fund
                                                                                         local      organisations    such     as
There was a green theme to the event          The former Colliery at Weetslade has       Northumberland Wildlife Trust (NWT),
with some great free activities for all the   undergone an extensive programme of        who have done a fantastic job
family   including    guided        walks,    work to transform the redundant pit        organising this event, to manage the
scavenger trails, green woodworking           heap into a wildlife area and community    site at a local level.”
with a local woodsmith, and Kielder           green space with a new network of
Birds of Prey Centre brought their            access routes. The park, currently
A Load of Rubbish                        300 Octopuses Flying                        Trust helps Whitehaven
Hundreds of children from                in the Whitehaven Sky                       Bloom
Doncaster were thrilled by a load        The Whitehaven Coast was adorned            Whitehaven is set for a colourful
of rubbish at a special Recycling        with a mass of colour on July 25 as         summer thanks to the Trust. The
Awareness event held at Bentley          up to 300 kites took to the skies. The      LRT have sponsored this years
Community Woodland in the                ‘octopus’ kites, so called because          “Whitehaven      in   Bloom”     and
spring.                                  their flowing tails look like tentacles,    additionally have donated over
                                         were specially made by local                15000 native wildflower seeds, which
The children enjoyed numerous fun        children.                                   will be planted by school children in
activities with a recycling theme,                                                   the local area,
including quizzes, trails, puppet        Over 300 kites were been made and
making, paper making and rubbish         decorated by children from the Kells        The 150 packets of wild flower seeds
sorting. Whilst pencils and mugs         Infants & St Mary's Catholic Primary        are part of the Trust’s, “Growth for a
made from recycled material were         School. A team of kite makers, local        Brighter Future” campaign. The seeds,
given away as practical examples of      artists and staff from the National Trust   all native species including poppy,
the many useful end products that        and Copeland Borough Council helped         cornflower, yarrow and ox eye daisy,
can be obtained by recycling, the        the children.       All their hard work     which as well as adding colour to the
event also saw the launch of a           culminated in the mass flying in July at    environment are a vital building block in
poster competition, which will help      Kells Rugby Pitch near the Haig Mining      the eco system as they encourage bio-
spread the vital recycling message       Museum.                                     diversity, by attracting insects and
even further. The posters were                                                       butterflies, which in turn will attract
then distributed around the town to                                                  birds and small mammals.
increase recycling awareness.
                                                                                     Euan Hall, LRT Chief Executive,
The event was organised by the                                                       commented, “Brightening up our public
Forestry Commission Community                                                        space is about much more than making
Rangers for South Yorkshire in                                                       them pleasing on the eye; well
partnership with North Doncaster                                                     maintained green spaces provide many
Kerbside Recycling, with funding                                                     proven health benefits. There is also no
from Doncaster CEN, highlighted                                                      doubt that improving biodiversity is
the importance of recycling.                                                         about more than plants and animals - it
                                                                                     also improves the quality life for
Furthermore the event’s venue,                                                       people.”
Bentley Community Woodland, was
especially significant, as Helen                                                     The LRT has agreements to take on
Walton, one of the Forestry                                                          the ownership of the Rhodia (known
Commission’s Community Rangers                                                       locally as Marchon) and former Haig
for South Yorkshire, explains “The                                                   Colliery sites.    This land will be
Community Woodland at Bentley is                                                     managed as green space for the
itself an excellent example of                                                       benefit of the local community as part
recycling – it is now an attractive                                                  of a wider Whitehaven coastal project.
green space under the ownership of
the LRT, however, less than 10                                                       Euan continued, “The core aims of the
years ago it was a derelict coalfield,                                               LRT are about making things better for
which was an eyesore. “                                                              the communities around our sites by
                                         The event was organised by the              providing open spaces and amenities
                                         National Trust, on behalf of the Land       that improve peoples lives. Donating
                                         Restoration Trust (LRT), as part of the     the seeds and sponsoring Whitehaven
                                         Whitehaven Coastal Project. Giles           in Bloom is a way to show that our
                                         Hovendon, the National Trust Project        commitment       to the   Whitehaven
                                         Manager for the Whitehaven Coast,           community goes much further than our
                                         commented, “It was amazing to see so        coastal sites. “
                                         much colour in the sky, the children
                                         have created some really stunning

                                         Alison     Whitehead,    the     Trust’s
                                         Development Manager for the coastal
                                         project, commented, “The vision for the
                                         future of the Whitehaven coast is as a
                                         valuable amenity for the community
                                         and this is a great example of just one
                                         of the ways the open space can be
                                            addressing the causes. Research
The Miracle Cure                            shows that only 37% of men and 25%           Annual Review
“It should be available on the NHS.”
                                            of women currently achieve the
– Frank Timms of Bentley, boldly
                                            recommended levels of activity. It’s a
                                                                                         Nominated for Top
declares.      However Frank’s not
talking about a miracle drug, a
                                            very simple equation; activities, such as    Award
                                            the health walks improve people’s            The LRT annual review was
groundbreaking         treatment       or
                                            health,    which   therefore      reduces    nominated in two categories in the
pioneering therapy – unusual as it
                                            sickness and consequently the money          prestigious Property Advertising
may seem he’s talking about
                                            spent curing sickness. However, all this     Marketing and Design Awards
                                            means nothing if there is nowhere to         (PAMADA).
Frank is one of an ever-increasing
                                            walk and the key issue is; not everyone
group of people who have been
                                            has somewhere pleasant and safe to
enjoying a series of guided health
                                            walk, especially those who could
walks around the LRT’s South
                                            benefit the most.”
Yorkshire Sites. The Health Walks are
organised and led by rangers from the
                                            Louise Newell, Forestry Commission
Forestry Commission, the Trust’s
                                            Ranger     for   Bentley    Community
managing partners. The walking routes
                                            Woodland, comments “We are working
are structured so that they gradually
                                            hard to show the multiple benefits of
increase in length and difficulty,
                                            exercise through our Active Woods
therefore gently building fitness without
                                            health-push. The walks are attracting
over exertion.
                                            people of all ages, although our
                                            youngest participant doesn’t leave her
                                            pushchair! It is such a simple activity
                                            however it can help tackle issues such
                                            as teenage obesity, heart disease,
                                            diabetes, high blood pressure and
                                            many more. Almost as important,
                                            however, is that the walks are fun and
                                            they are very much a social event.           Last year the Trust swept the board
                                            Therefore not only are people getting        winning several awards. This year the
                                            healthier, they are also enjoying            number of awards were significantly
                                            themselves and the community is              reduced. So competition was intense
                                            coming together.”                            and the LRT found itself in a very
                                                                                         strong section, which included Canary
Frank’s point, although made casually,                                                   Wharf. Unfortunately we were unable
                                            Euan Hall concludes, “If we can invest
is a very important one. Millions of                                                     to sustain our winning run, finishing a
                                            in quality well maintained spaces that
pounds are spent every year treating                                                     close second to Canary Wharf in one
                                            are places where people are happy to
problems and conditions caused by                                                        section and Preston City Vision in
                                            walk - then we won’t need to spend
inactivity. Euan Hall, Chief Executive of                                                another.
                                            millions solving problems associated
the LRT, asserts, “Currently we are
                                            with inactivity.”
treating the symptoms without really                                                     Deborah Holmwood, the Trust’s
                                                                                         Communications                 Director,
Probably the Best Promotional Giveaway in the                                            commented, “We were disappointed
World                                                                                    not to win, however it’s a fantastic
                                                                                         achievement to be nominated when
Giving away trees always proves             conference circuit.
                                                                                         you compare our marketing resources
popular whenever we are at events.          However, we have to doff our caps and
                                                                                         to Canary Wharf’s and the other big
The Wildflower seeds have provoked          bow down to the Northumberland
                                                                                         corporate organisations. That we can
a lot of interest. The Fill the Mug not     Wildlife Trust our partners at the
                                                                                         produce something that matches their
the Bin Mugs, worked well for World         Weetslade site for producing probably
                                                                                         quality is a triumph in itself. I don’t
Environment Day and the ubiquitous          the best giveaway in the World - Beer.
                                                                                         image that staff at Canary Wharf’ had
LRT pens are now famous on the
                                                                                         to be press ganged into acting as
                                            For the official opening of the
                                                                                         models for their publication!”
                                            Weetsalde Site they commissioned the
                                            local Redfearn Brewery to produce a
                                            special limited edition ale. Named Drill
                                            Head, after the sculpture, which is
                                            located at the top of the site, the beer
                                            went down very very well at the event.

                                            LRT beer expert Michael Parr (co-
                                            incidentally first in line to volunteer to
                                            staff the event) commented, “This is the
                                            best promotional item, I’ve seen
                                            (tasted) although it didn’t last very long
                                            and the day after I couldn’t remember
                                            anything about it.”
                                            group the conversation and team               story proved to be very true, as
LRT Xmas Do                                 bonding stretched long into the night.        Deborah spectacularly crashed several
Never ones to blindly follow
                                                                                          times at great speed, whilst Robin
convention, the Trust had its
                                            The second day was at an outdoor              chugged around enjoying the scenery
Christmas do in January. The team
                                            activities centre in the Lake District.       eventually finishing second behind
headed up to Cumbria to combine
                                            First up was the nemesis of the Estates       Development Director David Beuzeval
the ‘Christmas do’ with the monthly
                                            Team quad biking and an extreme off           with a cursing Deborah some way
management meeting, team bonding
                                            road journey on an Abbot Battle Tank.         behind in a cloud of horse muck.
session and visits to future LRT
                                            For these activities we were split in two
                                            big groups a healthy team spirit              Next up was Clay Pigeon Shooting with
                                            ensued. Then the activities started to        the exception of Paul, who had sneakily
We met at the Rum Story in
                                            get competitive and all manner of dirty       done it before, the standard of shooting
Whitehaven for a lunch with some of
                                            tricks were employed.                         was pretty poor. Sue left the rest of the
our partners who are based locally
                                                                                          team scrambling for cover after firing
(with Euan’s love of sailing and the rest
                                                                                          too soon, Christine got confused
of the teams love of alcohol it’s the
                                                                                          thinking ‘pull’ was a instruction to ‘pull’
perfect venue). The team were then
                                                                                          the trigger and the safest place to stand
taken on a tour of the Whitehaven
                                                                                          on David Beuzeval’s turn would have
Coast to our sites at Rhodia and Haig.
                                                                                          been directly behind the clay.
It was January, it was cold and very
windy and two groups quickly formed;
group one marched on ahead at the
front just loving the great outdoors;

                                            Firstly go-karting. Racing in groups of
                                            three, each team member got two
                                            races. The track doubled as a stable,
                                            so the racing surface was somewhat
                                            organic.        Finance Director Paul
                                            Bowman proved to be top driver with
                                            two first places: - his strategy of getting
                                            to the first corner at all costs (i.e
                                            starting    before     everybody     else)    The final activity was archery. Robin
                                            followed by steady defensive driving          lived up to his hooded namesake
                                            proved to be unbeatable. The final race       proving particularly adept at firing on
                                            proved to be a real life Hare V Tortoise      one leg, whilst Mike was left cursing
whilst group two huddled together at
                                            contest with Deborah ‘Road Rage’              cruel fate as arrow after arrow bounced
the back just dreaming of a warm pub.
                                            Holmwood taking on Robin ‘Sunday              off the target.
Back at the hotel and together as one
                                            Driver’ Gray. The moral of the original

Trust Secures Agreement for Green Space in Thames Gateway
The Land Restoration Trust has              an appropriate buffer zone between the        Thames       Gateway    South     Essex
secured an agreement to obtain the          wetland reserve public amenity and the        Partnership, have been working
freehold of the site at Vange               neighbouring urban area, setting a seal       together to deliver a range of
Marshes in Basildon.                        on the site’s integrity and sustainable       greenspace projects in south Basildon
                                            future.                                       as part of the Greengrid within Thames
The 4.5 hectare site at Vange Marsh                                                       Gateway.      Securing    the     future
North is part of an open space network      Development Manager for Thames                ownership and management of the EP-
comprising Vange and Fobbing Marsh,         Gateway Jonathan Ducker remarked              owned land at Vange Marsh North will
Pitsea Marsh and Wat Tyler Country          “Securing long-term ownership and             contribute to provision of quality
Park. The site is located directly south    management of the EP-owned land at            greenspace in Basildon for existing and
of Pitsea. The land is owned by English     Vange Marsh North will deliver a              future communities.
Partnerships and forms an important         number of local and regional objectives
buffer between Vange and Fobbing            for greenspace. We are delighted to be        Jonathan continues, “We are working
marshes and the industrial and built        helping to deliver the Greening the           hard with a number of partners to
environment of Pitsea. It is also           Gateway Strategy and, in particular, the      ensure that development in the Thames
essential for the effective and             Greengrid for South Essex.”                   Gateway includes sustainable open
sustainable hydrological and visitor                                                      spaces. Vange Marshes will become
management of Vange Marshes. The            A partnership that includes Basildon          the LRT’s first site in the Gateway
LRT have an agreement to take on            District Council, Basildon Renaissance        however we are heavily involved in the
ownership with an endowment to              Partnerships, RSPB and the Land               developments of a number of sites, so
enable the successful management of         Restoration Trust, with the support of a      many more will follow.”
Vange Marsh North. We will maintain         number of partners including the
Events                                         Inside Information on our New Starters
                                               You’ve read about their professional life now find a little more about
During the Spring and Summer we have
                                               them as people…………
been involved in a packed programme of
events. In addition to the community
launches, mentioned in more detail
                                               Jonathan Ducker, Development Manager
elsewhere, we have addressed delegates
at numerous high profile national events
                                                                            Jonathan Ducker is also known as Johny
such as Chartered Institute of Housing
                                                                            Road Rage due to his Rooney-esque temper
Conference,       Regenex,      National
                                                                            on the football field – (sadly there’s no other
Regeneration Conference.
                                                                            football similarities with Rooney other than
                                                                            looking a bit like a potato). He once suffered
                                                                            the humiliation of being chased by his dad
Coalfield Board                                                             after getting sent off in a key match – he was
In March we organised a special seminar                                     21 at the time. Jonathan lets off steam by
about the LRT’s methodology at the Lowry in                                 fishing, his skill with the rod, however, is
Manchester. This event was aimed at and                                     somewhat overshadowed by his skill for
attracted     delegates       from   English                                falling in the water. Not surprisingly therefore,
Partnerships, RDA’s and local authorities in                                one of the two celebrities Jonathan would
former coalfield areas.      The programme                                  invite to his dream dinner party would be
covered our investment strategy, our                                        Jacques Costeau. Even less surprising his
approach to managing open space and the        second guest would be Oliver Reed, but that’s a whole different story. He
process of our endowment calculations. Our     is passionate about promoting the sustainable use of our seas and
colleagues from English Partnerships           protecting marine life. Perhaps this is why one of his ambitions is to swim
Nicholas Hartley and Simon Dancer who          with Great White Sharks – outside the cage (promoting the sustainable use
spoke about the National Land Use              of the seas by donating himself as fish food).
Database (NLUD) and EP’s Best Practice
Note for endowments respectively also
joined us. The seminar provoked some very      Alison Whitehead, Development Manager
positive and interesting discussion.
                                                                              Alison is a keen walker with a love of the
Future Events                                                                 countryside, she’d love nothing more than to
                                                                              live up in the Lake District, even in a static
September                                                                     caravan. When we asked Alison who her
19 – 20 Making Places Profitable, Sheffield                                   ideal party guest would be she said Jesus.
                                                                              We all thought this was a very admirable
October                                                                       answer, however, she went on to explain this
2 World Conference on Accelerating                                            was because he could show her how to turn
Excellence in the Built Environment,                                          water into wine. At this point we knew she’d
Birmingham                                                                    fit right into the LRT team. When she was
13 RTPI Open Space, London                                                    younger her ambition was to be a vet and
                                                                              she states her greatest achievement to date
                                                                              is joining the LRT (so draw your own
November                                                                      conclusion about any connection between
8 CIRIA Contaminated Land Conference,                                         those two facts).
22-34 Thames Gateway Forum, London
                                               Ruth Potter, Development Manager

                                                                               Ruth would like to point out once and for all
                                                                               that she’s is no relation to ‘Harry Potter’, so
                                                                               should you meet in the future there is no
The Land Restoration Trust                                                     need to ask because it’s getting a little
Arpley House                                                                   tiresome. Ruth graduated from Hogwarts
110 Birchwood Boulevard                                                        School of Wizardry with an A in potions –
Birchwood                                                                      yet she still makes awful tea. Ruth joined the
Warrington WA3 7QH                                                             Trust after battling Lord Voldemort for
                                                                               several years. She has one pet owl and
Tel: 01925 644830                                                              enjoys a good game of quiddich at
Fax: 01925 644692                                                              weekends. (sorry Ruth but that’s what                                          happens when you don’t return the                                                questionnaire).

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