Fundraising with Desk Calendars

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					                Fundraising with
                     Desk Calendars
                                                       custom full color
                                                       And vAlue-Added oPtions
                                                       HelP Promote your event
                                                       All yeAr long!

       split-year CaleNdar pads
       Begin and end your calendar pad with
       the month of the event — works great
       as a reminder or a countdown! Add up
       to 6 months to your pad: call for a quote.

                                                         Custom full Color
                                                         Ad-A-Day® is the only U.S. company that makes
                                                         custom full color easel-back desk calendars! Items
                                                         shown here represent a wide range of styles that
                                                         can be customized with your colors and graphics.

       Custom Color topsheets
       are perfect for announcing your event and
       providing details. Standard desk size pads
       only: 40¢(D) per calendar.
All AD‑A‑DAy®
Products Are

                                           NeW! poiNt-of-sale displays: Need something
                                                                                                              AAD_FLR_Fundraising 3_10_09

                                           other than a calendar? Pads can be printed with coupons, prize
                                           drawing entry forms, or any other copy. Call for a quote.
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