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					                        A Publication for Members of the Crescent Run Community

VOLUME 13, ISSUE 10                                                            OCTOBER 2009

                                           Submitted by Ranée LesCallett
      UPCOMING                             ICE - In Case of Emergency
       EVENTS                                 We had an article in last year’s Crier about the
                                           “ICE” (In Case of Emergency) system for your cell
                                           phones. Here is some more great information on an-
     Mark Your Calendars and               other way to carry your medical records with you.
  Plan To Attend Our Functions             USING A TRAVEL DRIVE
                                              If you have a more difficult medi-
      Saturday, October 3rd                cal condition, you'll want to con-
     Monthly Manager’s Coffee              sider this next tool, too.
       8:00 am – Ballroom                     Create a document on your com-
      Special Speaker from:                puter that includes all the details
                                           medical personnel may need to know. Name the
        All American Coins                 document ICE. Be sure to use a basic word processor
                                           like Word or Works.
     Wednesday, October 7th                   Purchase a travel drive, also called a flash drive,
      Mollen Clinic Flu Shots              personal drive or a USB thumb drive. It's one of those
  9:00 am-12:00 pm – Social Hall           small computer storage devices that can fit on a key
                                           chain or in a purse. Now make a copy of the ICE
                                           document you've created and save it to your travel
     Saturday, October 17th                drive. Use a permanent marker or use a sticker to
      Veterans Oktoberfest                 note ICE right on the drive. Then attach it to your key
      5:00 pm – Social Hall                chain or drop it into your purse.
                                              If something should happen to you that requires
  Dates & Times Subject To Change          emergency medical treatment, personnel will look for
       Watch Bulletin Boards               a document called ICE on your travel drive. Since
                                           you've used a basic word processor to create the
     and “E-Minutes” for Details
                                           document, it will be easy for them to open. The infor-
                                           mation they need will be readily accessible.

         8500 East Southern Avenue • Mesa, Arizona 85209 • (480) 373-8500
                          October Birthdays
1    Dee Moffatt            12    Floyd Jackson            25   Peggy Berger
1    Darlene Orvold         13    Neil Clasen              26   Alan Andrus
2    Lucille Gillette       13    Marge Pless              26   Kristine Atwell
2    Ed Twigg               14    Ken Anderson             26   Marv Donkersloot
3    Leslie Romanchick      14    Doris Bierman            26   Betty Droubay
3    Jerry Rossow           16    Jim Monks                26   Bill Snyder
4    Sharon Hansen          16    Carol Nielsen            28   Margaret Sandstone
5    Don Dunmire            17    Lou Vitale               28   Debra Whitton
5    Walt Walton            17    Janet Gilbertson         29   Jerry Michealson
7    Betty Clouser          18    Valerie Hesselberg       29   Sharon Zogheib
8    Mary Anderson          19    Rita Kaiser              30   Eleanor Spencer
8    Penny Blaske           19    Lila Evans
8    Colleen Carleton       19    Pat Lake
8    John Derks             20    Mary Modisett
8    Russ Willhide          20    Jim Sartori
9    CarolAnn Moore         21    Sue Weber
10   Barbara Stearns        22    Tony Columbo
11   Dennis Chesney         22    David Romanchick
11   Patricia Mills         22    Alan Staples
12   Elberta Griffiths      23    Bruce Stewart

                         October Anniversaries
1    Norman & Arlene Barrow                17   Jan & Nancy Fetterly
2    Jim & Chris DePhillipo                17   Ron & Kay Krause
5    Walt & Roslyn Walton                  18   Ken & Mary Anderson
6    Chuck & Darlene Orvold                19   Mont & Doris Orr
6    Marlyn & Carol Voehl                  20   Roy & Val McClymonds
8    Bob & Betty Clouser                   22   Bob & Marge Pless
9    Ron & Pat Schroeder                   24   Ron Paluch & Shirley Claggett
9    John & Wilma Derks                    28   Brad & Joni Gaudry
12   Harlan & Sandra Rademacher            28   Michael & Mary Hogan
15   Robert & Pat Krisik                   30   Marv & Luann Donkersloot
According To John . . .
Holiday decorations:
We are entering that time of the year when residents want to decorate their homes for the holidays. It is very im-
portant that you read the Rules & Regulations that govern this activity, so that you are in compliance.
Trash Containers:
I am still seeing trash containers put out too early. They are not to be out before 6 p.m. on Friday and taken
back in before noon on Saturday. Additionally, when not out for pick-up, they must be stored so that they are not
seen from the street.
We still have many in the community who are driving faster the appointed 15MPH. Now that the weather is getting
cooler and the snowbirds are coming back, more people are walking. So please obey the speed limit.
Patio Sale:
The fall patio sale is scheduled for Saturday, November 14th. Start collecting your treasures for this fun day.
Rules & Regulations:
Copies of the R&R’s are available at the office.

    "Life’s most urgent question is: What are                        John LesCallett, Property Manager
             you doing for others?"
            ~ Martin Luther King, Jr.

                              Congratulations Are In Order
In September, John presented three members of our Courtesy Patrol staff with plaques to celebrate their 5-year
anniversaries with Crescent Run and Hometown America. Thank you so much for your years of service.

        Donald Moffatt                         Alan Burke                              William Bubar
                                              A Mary Leone “Original”, 2009

                        Monthly               It’s hard to visit in offices,
                                              To see a doctor, or a nurse.
                       Manager’s              Most of all, the dentist’s chair,
                        Coffee &              To me – that is much worse.

                         Donuts               Big men quail at dentistry,
                                              Find excuses not to go.
                                              Defeating problems that may be small,
                                              Or ones that never show.
     Saturday, October 3rd
      8:00 a.m. • Ballroom                    Thank you God – for novacain –
                                              It was not always so.
      WEAR YOUR NAMETAGS!                     To those of us, whose years reach back,
                                              The dentist was our foe.
   Special Guest Speakers From
                                              It doesn’t always follow
       All American Coins                     To solve problems – and have dentures,
                                              I have heard tell that this decision,
                                              Is one of life’s big ventures.

“Winter is an etching, spring a watercolor,   Let’s all stay well, and do our best,
 summer an oil painting and autumn a mosaic   Of all life has to give –
                                              Take in stride, what lies ahead,
     of them all.” – Stanley Horowitz         Greet each day – and live!

                                              Office Thanks
     There will be a celebration of           ♥   Alvin Brown, cookies
       SUMNER HARKEY’S                        ♥   Nancy Ryan, cookies
                 life on                      ♥   Floyd & BJ Jackson, Tootsie Rolls
        Saturday, October 24th                ♥   Gloria Morgan, mini muffins & bagels
             at 11:30 a.m.                    ♥   Nancy Shenk, candy bars
                                              ♥   Virginia Ropicky, bundt cake
                                              ♥   Charlesetta Mumma, roaster
      Since lunch will be served,
         it is necessary to limit
       attendance to 100 people.                                          MEN’S
                                                                       BIBLE STUDY
      Please sign up with Sheryl                                       Begins Wednesday,
      by Saturday, October 17th                                       October 7th, 7:00 pm
                                                                       in the Sales Office.
                                                                   Runs through November 18th.

             Special “Thank You” from the Crescent Run Ceramics Group--

Submitted by Jane Neidermayer, as seen in a Florida newspaper

                            SENIORS NEED STIMULUS
                               It appears there will not be an increase in the monthly Social Security
                               payments in 2010. Due to a small increase in the Medicare costs, this
                               will result in a net decrease in the amount senior citizens will re-
                               ceive. (Apparently, there have been no increases in the cost of food,
                               beverages, gasoline and other necessities in 2009). What we should
                               do is give every citizen, aged 62 and above, a $500,000 stimulus
   There should be some conditions attached to this though:
   All credit card and other debts should be paid in full.
   If they own a car that is more than 3 years old, it should be traded in, within a year, for a car
that has been made in the USA. If they cannot drive, this doesn’t apply.
   If they do not own house or condo, they must buy one within a year, unless they reside in an
assisted living facility.
   They must donate at least $10,000 each to three different charities.
   They can do as they like with the rest.
   There are fewer than 30 million people who would qualify. Cost: $15 billion. Value: Priceless
                                                         Go Green – Pay Electronically
      During Sumner’s illness and his eventual
    passing on July 15, I was overwhelmed with           Want to go green? Here’s an
  kindness, support, and assistance from you, the        easy way to be kind to the envi-
  residents of Crescent Run. Even those who were         ronment, receive and pay your
   back in their home states called or sent cards.       bills electronically. According to
              Many signed his page on                    the Federal Reserve, nearly 50
                                    percent of the checks written in
  Your concern for me and my well being is truly         the US are written by consum-
  appreciated. Indeed, it helped me during a very        ers to businesses. American businesses mail about
  difficult time, and I will be forever grateful. You    26 billion bills and statements per year, and consum-
                     are amazing.                        ers mail 9 billion payments per year in paper form.
                                                         All that paper mailing consumes 755 million
   Many thanks to everyone; I am very blessed to         pounds of paper, nine million trees, and 512
               have you in my life.                      million gallons of gasoline.
                 JANET HARKEY                            On a household scale, here’s how paying electroni-
                                                         cally pans out. Stuart Williams, of CheckFree/Fisery
                                                         and a member of the PayItGreen Alliance, says that
Submitted by Wilma Derks                                 the average U.S. household receives 19 bills and
                                                         statements each month, and makes seven payments
             How To Succeed                              with checks each month. If just 20 percent of Ameri-
“To laugh often and much; to win respect of intel-       can households switched to electronic statements
ligent people and the affection of children; to earn     and payments, it would save 150 million pounds of
the appreciation of honest critics and endure the        paper and avoid producing 3.9 billion pounds of
betrayal of false friends; to appreciate beauty, to      greenhouse gases. So why aren’t people switching
find the best in others; to leave the world a bit bet-   over? Williams says it’s mostly because people are
ter, whether by a healthy child, a garden patch or a     entrenched in their habits. But by breaking away
redeemed social condition; to know even one life         from routine and switching over to electronic state-
has breathed easier because you lived. This is to        ments, each year the average American household
have succeeded.”                                         would:
                             – Ralph Waldo Emerson               • Save 6.6 pounds of paper
                                                                 • Save 8 trees
Submitted by Dick & Elsie Candey
                                                                 • Prevent 63 gallons of wastewater from
                                                                    entering the environment.
Two elderly gentlemen from a retirement center                   • Save 45 gallons of gasoline needed
were sitting on a bench when one turns to the                        to transport bills, statements and
other and says: “Slim, I’m 83 years old now and                      payments via mail service.
I’m just full of aches and pains. I know you’re
about my age. How do you feel?”                          Sign-up for EZ Pay Today at the Front Desk!
                                                         Your monthly rent payment and mortgage payments
Slim says, “I feel just like a new born baby.”
                                                         can be automatically deducted from your bank ac-
“Really!? Like a new born baby?”                         count. Another plus . . . No Late Payments Ever.
“Yep. No hair, no teeth, and I think I just wet my       60% of you neighbors are already on the
pants.”                                                  EZ Pay Plan. Join them and make us 100%!

                     Some “Wacky” October Holidays
•   Name Your Car Day – October 2                    •    Sweetest Day – October 17
•   Toot Your Own Flute Day – October 4              •    No Beard Day – October 18 (except for Bob)
•   Bath Tub Party Day – October 5                   •    Babbling Day – October 21
•   Come and Take It Day – October 6                 •    Hermit Day – October 29
•   Bring Your Teddy Bear To Work Day – October 10   •    Haunted Refrigerator Day – October 30
•   Be Bald and Free Day – October 14                HAVE SOME FUN IN OCTOBER!
Submitted by Lisa-Diane Joseph                              Submitted by Chris DePhillipo

PERSPECTIVE                                                 SNOTTY RECEPTIONIST
   One day, the father of a very wealthy family took his       An older gentleman had an
son on a trip to the country with the express purpose of    appointment to see the urologist
showing him how poor people live.                           who shared offices with several
   They spent a couple of days and nights on the farm of    other doctors. The waiting room
what would be considered a very poor family.                was filled with patients.
   On their return from their trip, the father asked his       As he approached the recep-
son, "How was the trip?"                                    tionist’s desk, he noticed the receptionist was a
   "It was great, Dad."                                     large unfriendly woman who looked like a Sumo
                                                            wrestler. He gave her his name.
   "Did you see how poor people live?" the father asked.
   "Oh yeah," said the son.                                    In a very loud voice, the receptionist said,
                                                            “YES, I HAVE YOUR NAME HERE; YOU WANT TO
   "So, tell me, what did you learn from the trip?" asked
                                                            SEE THE DOCTOR ABOUT IMPOTENCE, RIGHT?”
the father.
                                                               All the patients in the waiting room snapped
   The son answered:
                                                            their heads around to look at the very embar-
   "I saw that we have one dog and they had four.           rassed man.
   We have a pool that reaches to the middle of our            He recovered quickly, and in an equally loud
garden and they have a creek that has no end.               voice replied, “NO, I’VE COME TO INQUIRE ABOUT
   We have imported lanterns in our garden and they         A SEX CHANGE OPERATION, BUT I DON’T WANT
have the stars at night.                                    THE SAME DOCTOR WHO DID YOURS.”
   Our patio reaches to the front yard and they have the
whole horizon.                                                DON’T MESS WITH OLD FOLKS!
   We have a small piece of land to live on and they have
fields that go beyond our sight.
   We have servants who serve us, but they serve
   We buy our food, but they grow theirs.
   We have walls around our property to protect us, they
have friends to protect them."
   The boy's father was speechless.
   Then his son added, "Thanks Dad for showing me how
poor we are."
   Isn't perspective a wonderful thing? Makes you
wonder what would happen if we all gave thanks for
everything we have instead of worrying about what we
don't have.
   Appreciate every single thing you have, especially
your friends!
  "Life is too short and friends are too few."
                         GROUPS & ACTIVITIES
COMPUTER CLUB NEWS                                       TENNIS ANYONE?
The Crescent Run Computer Club                           Are you really excited about
will resume meeting on Tuesday                           this cooler weather and coming
November 3 with a program on                             out to play tennis? Crescent
"Medicine on the Internet:                               Run has a wonderful tennis
Searching for Drug and Medical                           club just for you. We have
Information" by Janie Grosman, Medical Librar-           mixed doubles, men's doubles and this year we are
ian. Coffee and sweets will be served as al-             forming a doubles group just for women. Call Janie
ways. Other programs coming up this Fall and Win-        Grosman (984-6771) or Bob Legge (357-6015) for
ter include a return visit by the Reference Librarians   general information. Dues are $20.00 for new mem-
from Mesa Public Library, a Presentation on Geneol-      bers and $10.00 per year after that. Your dues enti-
ogy Information on the Internet, a visit and presenta-   tle you to use our newly refurbished ball machine
tion on the latest computer social networks--            and attend our famously fun social events.
Facebook, Twitter and other fun topics. We'll keep
                                                         And If you are interested in joining the women's
you posted on the latest programs as they come
                                                         group (probably will be playing on Monday morning
up. Remember, dues for the Computer Club are re-         or afternoon when it cools down) please contact
newable this Fall at the same low price of $10.00 a      Janie Grosman #519,                    984-6771 or
year. For information about the computer club, con- No you don't have to play
tact Janie Grosman, Lot 519, 984-6771 or                 like Billie Jean King! You just need to dust off your                                     tennis shoes and racquet and come out and meet
                                                         other fun ladies who want to return to tennis or take
                                                         it up for the first time. If we get enough response we
                                                         will set up some beginner clinics so we can have
PHOTOGRAPHY CLUB                                         someone give us some professional guidance. This
As was mentioned in earlier                              is fun---not WORK so "Come on down!"
this month in one of our “E-
Minutes”, the numbers of                                 And remember the great thing about playing doubles
attendees at our monthly                                 ----if you lose the point you can always blame your
Photography Club meeting                                 partner! :)
have dwindled.
We still want to show off the beautiful artwork cre-     Thank you to everyone
ated by our members.                                     who traveled with me to
                                                         Broadway Palm Dinner
Plans are to post a few select photos on the bulletin
                                                         Theater and the
board back by the Exercise room, and allow you, the      Scottsdale Culinary
residents to vote for your favorite.                     Institute in September.
Watch this column for more details, and get ready to     I always have a great time on these trips, and I
check out the “Art Gallery”.                             must say everyone was very well behaved! ☺
                                                         – Sheryl
                         GROUPS & ACTIVITIES
Caring Friends Group                                        LINE DANCE CLASS
                   “CARING FRIENDS” has a list of                      Tuesday Nights
                   medical equipment available to                    7:00 pm -- Beginners
                   residents at no charge. See the
                   list posted at the Clubhouse bul-                8:00 pm -- Intermediate
                   letin board near the “CARING                     In The All-Purpose Room
                   FRIENDS” section.
If you need to keep equipment for more than 45
days, please stop by the office and re-sign out what
you have, or let one of the Caring Friends members
                                                               ☺ Social Hour ☺
know so our list will be current.                       Join neighbors for good food and
                                                            camaraderie every Friday
                                                                   5:00 pm
                                 BINGO!                For All Our Residents
                                                       Crescent Run has a nonde-
                                     6:45 PM           nominational PRAYER CHAIN. If
                                     All Year          you have a family member or a
                                      Long!            friend you would like to add on
                                                       our PRAYER CHAIN please call
                                                       Carol Sandilla at space #446 or Delores Gordon at
                                                       space #523 from 9 AM to 8 PM.
 Open Tennis
  Monday, Tuesday,                                                              Golf With Us At
 Thursday, Saturday                                                           Arizona Golf Resort
      8:30 am                                                                      Thursdays
                                                                               11:00 a.m. (10/22)
                                                                                Call Tom Shenk
                                                                                 at 380-8335
     Any of our widows are invited to
    breakfast each Friday at 8:00 a.m. at              QUILTING CLUB
       Little Kitchen on Main Street.                  The quilting group will meet again
                                                       on Monday, October 5th at 9:00
     Talk to Carolyn Chandler, Betty                   am at Phyllis Lalley’s home,
        Conway or Phyllis Lalley                       #351. If you have questions,
                                                       please call Phyllis at 480-380-1008.
     AZ Cont. Lic. ROC #97423
      CA Cont. Lic. #588786
        Bonded • Insured

           WES DELL

Phoenix/Mesa             Southern Calif.
(480) 830-9799          (800) 551-7988

                          EDWARD C. HEVENER
                        Certified Financial Planner
                 8500 E. Southern, #377, Mesa, Arizona 85209
                               (480) 984-4251

                    Safer & Better than C.D.’s, Money Markets, etc.
                           HIGHER INTEREST RATES
                           TAX DEFERRED GROWTH
           Monies in an annuity go directly to the beneficiary, eliminating
                               probate tax at death.
   If you already have an annuity, I’ll be glad to review it and make improvements
        which will help you enhance the total amount of money in the contract.
                 Call me for an appointment at your house day or night.
   Helping Crescent Run residents for the past 8 years with their investment needs.
                          REFERENCES GLADLY GIVEN
                       On-Going Weekly Activities

      MONDAYS                              TUESDAYS                         WEDNESDAYS

 7:30 AM   Water Aerobics             7:30 AM   Water Aerobics           7:30 AM Water Aerobics
 8:00 AM   Daily Aerobics - AP        8:00 AM   Daily Aerobics - AP      8:00 AM Daily Aerobics - AP
 8:30 AM   Tennis                     8:30 AM   Water Aerobics           8:30 AM Architect. Meeting - SO
 8:30 AM   Water Aerobics             8:30 AM   Tennis                           (4th Wed.)
 9:00 AM   Men’s Billiards            9:00 AM   Ceramics Class - AP      8:30 AM Water Aerobics
 1:00 PM   Bunco - LIB               12:00 PM   Veterans Meeting - SH    9:00 AM Men’s Billiards
 7:00 PM   500 Cards - LIB                      (2nd Tues.)              9:00 AM Ceramics Class - AP
                                      1:00 PM   Social Bridge - LIB      2:00 PM Poker - LIB
                                      6:45 PM   BINGO - BR               6:00 PM Texas Hold ’em - SH
                                      7:00 PM   Men’s Bible Study - SO           (2nd & 4th Wed.)
                                                (through 11/18)          7:00 PM Euchre - LIB
                                      7:00 PM   Line Dancing - AP
                                      8:00 PM   Line Dancing - AP

     THURSDAYS                              FRIDAYS                           SATURDAYS

 7:30 AM   Water Aerobics             7:30 AM   Water Aerobics            8:30 AM Tennis
 8:00 AM   Daily Aerobics - AP        8:00 AM   Daily Aerobics - AP      10:00 AM Horseshoes
 8:30 AM   Water Aerobics             8:30 AM   Water Aerobics            7:00 PM TIC - SH
 8:30 AM   Tennis                     9:00 AM   Men’s Billiards                   (2nd & 4th Saturday)
11:00 AM   Golf (starting 10/22)      1:00 PM   Women’s Billiards
 1:00 PM   Social Bridge - LIB        5:00 PM   Social Hour - Pool
 7:00 PM   Bunco - LIB                7:00 PM   Game Night - LIB

                                                                          9:00 AM Church Service - BR
                                                                          1:00 PM Private Meeting - AP
                                                                                  (starting Oct. 11th)

  SH = Social Hall                 CH = Clubhouse
  BR = Ballroom                    CR = Computer Room
  AP = All Purpose Room            SO = Sales Office
  LIB = Library
              Dates/Times subject to change -- Always check in the Clubhouse for current events

     Sun             Mon             Tue            Wed             Thu             Fri               Sat

                                                               1              2               3
           SH = Social Hall
           BR = Ballroom                                                                           Manager’s
           AP = All Purpose Room                                                                     Coffee
           LIB = Library                                                                          8:00 am BR
           CH = Clubhouse
           CR = Computer Room                                                                 Private Party
           SO = Sales Office                                                                   2:00 pm SH

4               5              6               7               8              9               10
    Church                          BINGO        Flu Shots                                           Pete’s
    Service                         6:45 PM     9:00 am SH                                          Service
    9:00 AM                            BR                                                         11:00 am BR
                                                                                                    7:00 pm

11              12             13              14              15             16              17
    Church                          BINGO
    Service                                                                                          Vet’s
                                    6:45 PM                                                       Oktoberfest
    9:00 AM                            BR
       BR                                                                                          5:00 pm

18              19             20              21              22             23              24
    Church                                                                                          Harkey
    Service                                                                                        Memorial
                                    6:45 pm
    9:00 AM                                                                                        11:30 am
       BR                                                                                             BR
                                                                                                  7:00 pm SH

25              26             27              28              29             30              31
    Church                                     Architectural                                         Crafts
    Service                                      Meeting                                           (Private)
                                    6:45 pm
    9:00 AM                                      8:30 am                                            8:00 am
       BR                                           SO                                                 SH