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Creating a Group

Scheduling a Group Meeting

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Oracle Calendar Groups

Create/edit a group
 Tools  manage groups  new

 Create a group name

 Select group type: private or
  members only
 Add members
Open your group

   Find and click on the group tool
    on the toolbar
    Enter the name of the group if
    you know it. A group name
    must be preceded by g:
    example: enter g:training to
    search for the training group
View the Group Agenda

   Select the date
   Only one day at a time is
   Red in the ‘combined’ column
    means one or more members
    has a meeting
   Find a time in the combined
    column when everyone is
Schedule the Meeting

   Double-click in the cell of the
    combined column
   Enter the details of your meeting
   Because your group agenda
    was open, all of the members
    were automatically invited
   Click on the OK button
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