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									                                                                                              March 2008

                MONTHLY NEWSLETTER
                                             SEKC Club Focus

  Annual General Meeting 8:00 p.m.                The 2008 Dutch Koi Show
    Friday 28th March 2008                       If you would like to visit the 2008
                                                                                           Club Focus
Committee posts — 3 Mandatory:                 Dutch Koi Show in Arcen, Holland
  Chairperson              -                   this August please contact Barbara
  Treasurer         Keith Shakes               asap., as hotel bookings need to be       A.G.M. Agenda
  Secretary         Patricia Genovese          made well in advance.                      Bookings for
Non-mandatory posts                                                                      2008 Ducth Koi
                                                 Friday 15th, Saturday 16th and Sun-         Show
Social Secretary                               day 17th August.
Membership Secretary                           We travel by
Newsletter Editor
                                               coach with
                AGM Agenda                     members from
                                               other koi clubs. Two nights hotel         Koi Varieties &
Welcome & Open Meeting (Chairman)                                                          Koi Health
Apologies for Absence                          stay, a barbecue on Friday with a din-
Recording of Minutes (Secretary)               ner and dance arranged for Saturday
Distribution of 2007 AGM Minutes to those      all included in the price. No firm              *
present                                        price as yet for this year but the 2007
Chairmans Address                              trip cost members £200 per person.          Club News
Treasurers Financial Report                    We are not expecting this years trip to        etc.,
                                               cost much more than this.
Election of Officers:
No Nominations received to date
                                                 The Dutch Koi Trek has proved to              *
Mandatory posts:                               be very popular with SEKC members
             Chairperson                       over the past few years. If you have
                                                                                         Diary of Events
             Secretary                         been thinking of attending the Show
                                               then this is an opportunity not to miss
           ...........                         out.

Tea/Coffee & Raffle                                       2008 Membership Renewal
Koi Chat                                        This is a gentle reminder to fill in your
A.O.B                                         membership forms (attached to last months
Close Meeting                               newsletter) and forward same with payment to
                                                    Barbara by 31st March please.
                                    Koi Varieties and Koi Health

Koi Varieties - Asagi & Shusui                             Koi Health (This section was first printed in our March
                                                           2003 newsletter but it is well worth reminding ourselves
Asagi                                                      again now that spring is not too far away.)

  Asagi are fairly clas-                                   Using salt
sical from a genealogi-                                    Salt is probably one of the best forms of pond and wa-
cal point of view, and                                     ter treatment available and at a very minimal cost ...
constitute a very taste-                                   and salt added to any pond or tank at the rate of 1/2
ful variety. It is one of                                  ounce to the gallon is extremely beneficial, but please
the oldest types of                                        seek advice from your Koi Dealer before increasing
Koi.                                                       the dosage rate for whatever reason.
                                                           Some would argue that adding salt to the pond is not
  The head should be                                       always the best thing to do and is certainly not the easy
light blue or white The                                    answer. To be honest, it is really a preventative rather
base of the pectoral                                       than a cure. However, if you are thinking of using salt,
fins, tail fin, stomach                                    it may prove more beneficial to net the stressed fish and
and gill plates should                                     place in a bowl, (with pond water, the appropriate
be orange or red in                                        amount of salt and an air stone) treating the individual
colour. The body is                                        koi rather than the pond. It has to be said that you could
generally light blue                                       cause stress on all the koi in the pond trying to catch
                                                           the particular fish that needs attention, but it may be the
with a pine cone effect
                                                           best thing to do to ensure the afflicted koi is given the
on the scalation.                                          treatment it needs.
  The important viewing points are conspicu-               It's no good treating a pond for a certain problem if
ously vivid appearance of the meshes and light             that problem does not exist. It is vitally important
blue, spotless head region. However, as they               that you identify the problem, whether it is a parasite
age, black spots often appear in the head region           or some other problem. It must be identified first.
and Hi on the belly tend to climb up reaching              There is only one sure way of identifying a particular
as far as the back.                                        type of parasite, and that is by using a good quality mi-
                                                           croscope. However do be cautious using a microscope
  The Shusui is a scaleless (Doitsu) version of            if you are a beginner, as it is easy to jump to the wrong
the Asagi                                                  conclusions, so do check your findings with someone
                                                           who is familiar at identifying parasites through a micro-
Shusui                                                     scope.
  The Shusui is an Asagi crossed with a Doitsu             Taking a mucus scrape
fish. The head should be light blue and the                Before ANY parasitic treatment should be applied to a
                       back slightly darker                pond the specific parasite should be confirmed. The
                       blue. Ideally the tip of            wrong or guessed treatment can result in more stress on
                       the nose, the cheeks ab-            the koi and even lead to death. Analyse which koi has
                                                           the symptom's the most, (if any), by watching their
                       domen and joints of the
                                                           movements and general condition. The down-side with
                       fins are bright red.                selecting the 'weakest' koi is that adding stress to its
                                                           condition, makes the matter worse, but you have to be
                              The specimen shown           cruel to be kind.
                            is a Hi Shusui and has
                                                           If you feel the koi is too weak then select another! To
                            an unusual but balanced
                                                           do this, take one or two-mucus scrapes from a koi, and
                            pattern of thick, even         analyse each slide for parasites under a microscope.
                            shaded Hi from nose to
                            tail that is highlighted       How to take a mucus scrape:- Different people have
                                                           different techniques for taking a mucus scrape, all as
                            by a symmetrical zipper
                                                           effective as each other, but probably only two scrapes
                            of bright Indigo Blue          from a koi in normal circumstances, or three at other
                            Doitsu Scales. A fine          times. The third being from the gills, only to be done
                            specimen.                      by experience. Until you have had practice I would

                                                  Page 2
                                              Club News etc.,

anaesthetise the koi gently, to take two scrapes. It can       All now available from the latest catalogue.
be done without, but help is needed until the skill has
developed.                                                       A sample of club clothing will be on display at the
                                                               Titchfield Par-
TIP                                                            ish Room on
It is always a good idea to have everything ready be-          March 28th,
fore hand:- Tissue, Bowl, Anaesthetic, two or three            during our club
slides, cover-slips (plastic or glass), a help mate, ex-       meeting, along
perienced if possible, a wet towel or treatment mat,           with the cata-
gloves and of course a microscope with a magnifica-            logue for mem-
tion of between 100x & 400x.                                   bers to look at.
After the koi is calm, and placed onto the mat or                All items or-
towel, take a spare slide and gently scrape from just          dered will bare
behind the peck, in the muscle pocket towards the              the club logo
back of the koi. You don't have to apply too much              which is
pressure, just enough to see mucus building up on the          stitched (not
scraping tool, whilst moving.                                  stuck) onto the
You must always take the front to back direction, to           garment.                Martin wearing his new club jacket
                                                                                                  with pride.
avoid damaging scales etc. A good idea is using a lol-
lipop stick to take the scrape, it is more unlikely to do
any damage, I wouldn't advise using a sharp scalpel
at any time.                                                                      KOI WORDSEARCH
Once you have acquired some mucus, then this is the
tricky bit, you have to then transfer the mucus onto                 A S O Y K S H U S U                              I        J
another slide and place the mucus as central as possi-
ble and put this slide out of the way. Then take a sec-              I   P U X A U M C M N A T
ond scrape from the back of the head to the dorsal,                  D A      J    L Y G          J      B M P O W
taking care that you don't remove any pigment
(colour) from the scales, again repeat the above and                 E W T         S A G          I   A A G L O
swap the mucus to another clean slide. Place the koi
back into the water, and ensure everything is ok.
                                                                     M N F V T A E N K X P H
                                                                     F    I   L    T    E R E N R U V S
Take a cover slip and squash out the mucus to near
the edges of the cover slip. The amount of mucus                     D N P         R O S          I      C W I       M         I
required is not that relevant, and will differ each time
a scrape is done. Again repeat with the second                       O G O N E                E   S U E         S N P
sample. If you feel the mucus is too thick then add a                E L H B T B E K K O R                                     I
drop of pond water to the sample, but I find most of
the time this is not necessary. Both slides are then                 S N A O G A                  I   N O M M A
ready for examination under the microscope.
                                                                     O Y R M N                I   R      I   H C      I    N
(Source: Various)
                                                                     W P N O            I     T A R E A X K
THIS SECTION IS INTENDED AS A GUIDE ONLY,                                              Words in Grid
AND THE INFORMATION IS GIVEN IN GOOD                                 Aeration      Japanese Oxygen            Spawning
                                                                     Ammonia       Kujaku         Protein     Words
Club Clothing to Order                                               Bekko         Media          Salt        positioned:
                                                                                                              up, down,
  SEKC member - Martin, is proudly modelling his                     Filter        Nichirin       Show        diagonally,
recently purchased striking blue jacket, bearing the                                                          left to right,
                                                                     Ginrin        Ogon           Shusui      right to left.
SEK ZNA logo. The jacket is from a range of cloth-
ing which includes: polo shirts, t-shirts, headwear.
                                                            Page 3
            Date                                            Programme of Events 2008

Fri. 28th Mar. 2008              Annual General Meeting at the Titchfield Parish Room. 8:00 p.m.

Fri. 25th Apr. 2008              Club Meeting at the Titchfield Parish Room. 8:00 p.m.

                                 Collette Harrison of Bonsai Trees to give a talk on Bonsais, looking
Fri. 23rd May. 2008              at Junipers and Pines in particular. To be held at the Titchfield Parish
                                 Room. 8:00 p.m.

                                 Club visit to Worthing Aquatics followed by Open Garden Meeting at
Sun. 1st Jun. 2008
                                 Keith & Jean’s home in Lancing. (More info to follow.)

                                 SEKC play host to the Middlesex and Surrey Borders Club for pond
Sun. 8th Jun. 2008

Sun. 7th Sep. 2008               SEKC visit the Middlesex and Surrey Borders Club for pond visits.

Fri. 26th Sep. 2008              Club Meeting at the Titchfield Parish Room. 8:00 p.m.

Fri. 24th Oct. 2008              Club Meeting at the Titchfield Parish Room. 8:00 p.m.

                  The dates in green ink are new dates for your diary, be sure to make a note of them.

  Our monthly meetings are held at the Titchfield Parish Room, High Street, Titchfield, Fareham, Hants.
           7:30 pm for 8:00 pm start, fourth Friday of the month unless advised otherwise.
    For further information on all the clubs social events, call Barbara on 01722 340313. Activities for
    2008 are being arranged, so remember to keep a check on what is happening on the social scene.

                              Club “Life Line” for Members with Sick Koi

                             Ken Saunders for the Eastleigh, Southampton area: 02380 571403
                              Steve Layley for the Fareham, Portsmouth area: 01489 557748
                               Peter Webber for the Salisbury, Wiltshire area: 01722 340313
                    Keith Shakes for the Worthing, West Sussex area: 01903 753275

 If our contact cannot help you with your particular problem themselves, they will ensure that you are
                                 put in touch with someone who can.

    Don’t forget we’re on the web.                                             Have a good Month

Newsletter Editor: Pat Genovese                                    Address: 59, Oakleigh Crescent,
Tel: 02380 428852                                                           Rushington Manor, Totton,
Email: pat@sekc.org or                                                      Southampton, Hampshire,
pgenovese62@uwclub.net                                                      SO40 9AR.

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