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					2010 REALTOR® Magazine
Editorial Calendar

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CLOSING DATES      Ad Space: 11/4/09        Ad Space: 12/2/09        Ad Space: 1/6/10         Ad Space: 2/3/10         Ad Space: 3/3/10          Ad Space: 4/1/10         Ad Space: 5/19/10        Ad Space: 7/1/10        Ad Space: 8/4/10         Ad Space: 9/15/10
                   Materials: 11/18/09      Materials: 12/16/09      Materials: 1/20/10       Materials: 2/17/10       Materials: 3/17/10        Materials: 4/14/10       Materials: 6/2/10        Materials: 7/14/10      Materials: 8/18/10       Materials: 10/6/10

SPECIAL FEATURES   Get Smart for 2010       House & Home             Ready for Spring?        List Issue:              Customer                  Stand Out from           Master the Close         Fast Forward            You Inc.                 Agents of Change
                   Our business and         The third annual home    REALTORS® move into      Crowd Sourced            Confidential              the Crowd                For every obstacle       Technology and          Our handy guide          REALTORS® around
                   economic outlook will    edition focuses on the   high gear in March       Loyal readers will       Buyers and sellers        Experts share            to closing, we have      consumer demand are     takes cues from the      the country are
                   give readers the edge    latest trends in home    and April, helping       help make this year’s    talk about their recent   tactics to help          solutions. Plus:         changing the way real   corporate world to       demonstrating
                   they need for 2010.      building and design.     people who want to       list issue the best      transaction and what      readers differentiate    Building an affiliated   estate is bought and    help REALTORS® run a     leadership and
                                                                     sell and buy before      ever by helping us       they value in a real      themselves through       business team that       sold. Insights from     smooth operation.        rallying their
                   ALSO…                    ALSO…                    the next school year.    plan and write the       estate professional.      innovation, branding,    can help you close       the country’s most                               communities for
                   Cost vs. Value           The Case for Condos                               editorial! This annual                             and customer service.    more sales.              innovative agents,      ALSO…                    positive change.
                   Intelligence to share    How to sell condos—      ALSO…                    extravaganza of          ALSO…                                                                       industry experts,       Conference Preview
                   with customers!          among the most           Keep Your                timely takeaway tips     Today’s Open House        ALSO…                    ALSO…                    and futurists.          Put your business in     ALSO…
                   REALTORS® in             affordable housing       Pipeline Full            touches on just about    Innovative salespeople    A Decade of              Top 100 Companies                                high gear by attending   2010 Good Neighbors
                   80 markets value         options today.           Commission-based         every aspect of the      are reimagining this      ‘30 Under 30’            Our annual list of       ALSO…                   the year’s most          Be inspired by
                   the most popular                                  salespeople need to      real estate industry:    sales staple as a         We catch up with         the top companies        Get More from the       important learning       the stories of five
                   remodeling projects                               keep up on business      ethics, law, sales,      way to make their         honorees from the        in sales and             Web                     and networking           REALTORS® whose
                   today.                                            development              technology, and more.    listings—and their        past 10 years and        transaction sides.       Building an online      opportunity.             volunteer service has
                                                                     strategies that ensure                            service—stand out.        highlight this year’s                             presence that                                    changed lives.
                                                                     a steady cash flow.                                                         up-and-comers.                                    complements and
                                                                                                                                                                                                   supports readers’

FOR BROKERS        Energize! 21 Ways        Rethink Your Office      Time for a               Lists for managing       How to Coach Your         Why I Love My Broker     Transaction              What Your Tech          Handling Difficult       Year-End Business
                   to Make 2010 a           Space Needs              Sales Contest?           effectively, boosting    Salespeople                                        Coordinators:            Budget                  Customers                Planning
                   Better Year                                                                sales, and more!                                                            A Case Study             Should Cover

COMMERCIAL         Finding the Next         Trends in Retail,        Seize Investment         Lists to help            Social Networking         Improving a Building’s   Creative Financing       Earn Income as a        Manage Your Business     Roundtable:
FOCUS              Starbucks                Office Space             Opportunities in the     REALTORS® close          Commercial Style          Financial Performance                             Third-Party Manager     to Control Costs/        Rethinking
                                                                     Down Market              more commercial                                                                                                              Cash Flow                Healthy Communities

ONLINE             2010 Technology          Tech Tools for           Digital Cameras          Smart Phones             Desktop Computers         Customer Relationship    July                     Hot Marketing Ideas     Exhibitor Showcase       November
BUYER’S GUIDE      Wish List                Getting There                                                                                        Management Software      Social Media                                                              2011 Auto Guide
                                                                                                                                                                          August                                                                    Holiday Gift Guide

ONLINE             Statistical Master       Staging Master           Prospecting Master       Midyear Meeting          Open House Master         Image Master             Negotiation Master       Technology Master       Networking Master        Good Neighbor
VIDEO                                                                                         Preview                                                                                                                                               Winners
                   NAR’s Chief Economist                                                                                                         Image Makeover                                                            Annual Conference
                   and Chief Lobbyist                                                                                                                                                                                      Preview
                   on the economic and
                   legislative year ahead

SPECIAL                                                                                       Research Study           Bonus distribution at                              Research Study                                   Bonus distribution       Research Study
OPPORTUNITIES                                                                                                          Midyear Meeting                                                                                     at REALTORS®
                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Conference & Expo        Bonus distribution
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