Subdivision Cost Estimate Proposal by fkm75091


									                     SUBDIVISION COST ESTIMATE PROPOSAL
                     (ENGINEERS / SURVEYORS / PLANNERS)

JOB NO. :                                                 DATE :

TO :

RE :

In order to assist in your decision to develop the subdivision and sell individual lots, or
sell the property as an approved project and let someone else be the developer, Mr.
has requested this proposal to prepare a cost estimate.

FEE: $

We propose to furnish labor and material, complete in accordance with the above
description and subject to Exhibits No.         , attached, for the sum of:
        ($       )

Payment to be made as follows:
Monthly on a percent complete bases; no retainage withheld Accepted by :              Title :
        Date :

                                                                                       electronic form 2005
                                                                                       Law Publishers

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