Interim Housing Plan to Reduce Homelessness Strategic Partnership

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					Interim Housing Plan to Reduce Homelessness:
        Strategic Partnership Proposal
         City-Province-Private Sector
               Vancouver City Council
                   April 7, 2009
    Interim Housing Plan: Goal and Need

• Create capacity to significantly reduce
  street homelessness in Vancouver pending
  adequate number of long term units coming
  on stream
• 550 Interim Housing Units before next
             Interim Housing Plan: Context

Long-term Plan:
•       Province and City working together
        to address homelessness
    –      City goal 3800 additional housing
           units by 2015
    –      630 additional units now on
    –      569 additional units by 2011
           through the recently funded 6 of
           the 14 City-owned sites
•       City provides land and fast-tracked
•       Province provides capital and
        operating                              Lookout Emergency Aid Society
                                               188 East First Avenue
             Interim Housing Plan: Context

•       HEAT Short-term Action:
    –     Province, City, Private Sector
          Initiative started December               Overnight Sleepers in DVBIA Area
    –     Sheltered an additional 450       250
          individuals every night           200

    -     Positive reaction from police,    150

          business owners, advocates        100

          and homeless citizens              50

    –     Extension to June 30, 2009 by           Sep-08 Oct-08 Nov-08 Dec-08 Jan-09 Feb-09

          partners                         Source: Downtown Vancouver Business Improvement
         Interim Housing Plan: Proposed Bridging

•     Much progress has been made but gap remains over
      next 3-5 years as long term permanent units come on
•     Proposed interim partnership provides bridging
      strategy – proposal involves:
     1. Conversion of existing government owned buildings (110 units)
     2. Lease of hotels and SROs (250 units)
     3. Modular housing on city-owned land (190 units)

    From Shelter to Interim Housing to Permanent Housing
       Interim Housing Plan: Conversions

• Conversion of existing Government owned
  buildings to interim housing:
  - Discussions underway between City and
  - Possibility of creating rapid supply
  – City proposes to contribute $10,000 per unit
    to renovation (approximately $1 million)
        Interim Housing Plan: Lease Hotels and

• Lease Hotels and SROs:
  – Discussions underway on
    2 to 3 additional hotels/
  – Potential for 250
    additional units for the
    Interim Strategy
           Interim Housing Plan: Modular Housing

• Modular Housing
  – Significant interest by private
   – Rapid, innovative and cost
   – Manufactured in BC communities

                                          Geller and Associates

                                      Henriquez and Partners
        Interim Housing Plan: Modular Housing

City properties available
for interim modular

• Drake Hotel site                            Drake Hotel
  – 606 Powell Street
  – Potential 80 rooms
                            Old Continental
• Old Continental
  Hotel site
  – 1390 Granville
  – Potential 110 rooms
      Interim Housing Plan: Summary

Proposed Interim Housing Plan:

                   Housing           Units/ Rooms
        Convert existing buildings       110
        Hotels and SROs                  250
        Modular Housing                  190
        Total                            550
            Interim Housing Plan: Summary

Proposed plan and partner contributions over 5-year period
     (subject to funding availability and Council approval)
   City contribution            ($13 million)
   Private contribution         ($12 million)
                                for capital and lease costs   = $25 Million

   Provincial contribution for operating costs                = $27.5 Million
               2009 – 2014      5 year total                    $52.5 Million