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					BMT Defence Services Limited                                                                                    Issue 2             November 2002

Sea Technology Contract for BMT
BMT Defence Services Ltd., in partnership with Frazer Nash Consultancy, has been awarded a
prestigious new support contract by the UK Ministry of Defence’s Sea Technology Group (STG).

                           The 5-year contract makes BMT’s technical expertise in submarines and surface ships available to the STG
                              Support Programme and provides support to Naval Authorities. The team, collectively known as Proteus,
                                will provide intelligent management contractor expertise to ensure that STG meets its obligations in the
                                 fast changing, maritime military sector. The contract follows on from a similar one held by BMT for the
                                  last 5 years.

                                 Proteus was the wise old man of the sea from the ancient Greek story of endeavour - The Odyssey, and
                               was chosen as the team name to reflect the qualities and characteristics that the team saw as most relevant
                             to the direction and purpose of the contract.     …continued on back page

Flight Deck Safety Research
BMT, teamed with Quintec Associates
and Flagship Training, has been award-
ed a contract for research into aspects
of the ship-aircraft interface on naval

The customer is the MoD’s Director Equipment
Capability (Above Water Battlespace), who
is responsible for specifying future naval
capabilities. The work is part of MoD
research that is slowly being opened up to
competition from industry and academia.

BMT Defence Services’ research background,
coupled to a track record in producing
forward-looking designs for future warships                     Flight deck emergency drill training. Photo - courtesy of U.S. Navy - C. Stoltz
and a solid commercial outlook, makes it a
perfect partner for such research work. The       BMT is leading the study designed to recommend how flight deck and hangar fire fighting and
team were successful in winning two of the        damage control techniques and technologies can be improved. The study will encompass
three competed studies.                           both current and future platforms up to 2020.
            Corporate                                                  Submarine
             Golf Day                                                Communications
On the 19th of June a team of MoD/Industry guests and BMT
Golfers played 27 holes around the beautiful East Dorset Golf
and Country Club. Guests included a contingent of RN Officers       In an initiative sponsored by the MoD’s Submarine IPT,
and Senior Rates, Staff from THALES CVF project, SSMG and           through the Submarine Support Management Group, a
MoD personnel. The day was a great success with the honours         Joint Project Office has been established to improve
going to guest Lt Cdr Alan Stokes for achieving the best score.     submarine external communications. The Project, to be
Everyone involved enjoyed the day and it was agreed a repeat        known as Project Seikan, started in July and is split into
competition was in order.
                                                                    three phases, Enhanced Concept, Assessment and
                                                                    Demonstration & Manufacture. BMT are taking the lead

      In the                                                        for the production of the User and System Requirements
                                                                    and also the Through Life Management Plan.

    Community                                                       During the Assessment Phase, the Project will introduce new
                                                                    processes to permit implementation of C4I capability insertion
Staff continue to raise money for good causes through a             across the UK submarine flotilla as well as delivering an incremental,
variety of sponsored events. BMT has a policy of supporting         integrated communications solution to an upcoming submarine refit.
charities and events in which its personnel have an involve-
ment. Over the past 6 months this has seen a number of
charities benefiting from funds raised by such diverse
events as marathons, swimathons and abseiling.

Cancer Research was the beneficiary of funds raised by members
of the BMT netball team who did a sponsored abseil down
Yeovil Hospital.

Contract controller Lisa Chivers continues to give generously of
her time helping out at the Norton Radstock Gateway social
club for adults with learning difficulties.                         The technological approach adopted will take account of known
                                                                    emergent requirements, embrace openness to facilitate future
                                                                    system growth and will promote a technology project route map for the
                                                                    future delivery of external communications capability insertion solutions.

                                                                    The BMT Project Manager, Mark Stanton, believes that “the pro-
                                                                    gramme will provide the submarine community with a greatly enhanced
                                                                    communications capability.”

Environmental engineer Henrietta Anstey running in her first
                                                                    Operability Studies
ever marathon (4hr 3min) raised just under £2,000 for Multiple
Sclerosis. During her 6 month training programme she says that
                                                                       for Type 45
she found the moral support, interest and financial generosity of
                                                                    To reduce the risks associated with the innovative nature of a number
her colleagues a real incentive to keep going.
                                                                    of design aspects of the new Type 45 Destroyer, and the reduced
                                                                    manning levels, BMT has completed a number of operability studies
Both the Bath and Weymouth offices entered teams into the
                                                                    for the prime contracts office. The studies, which were well
local Dragon Boat races raising money for local charities and
                                                                    received by both BAe Systems and the MoD, aimed to confirm that
the Alan Nolan Bone Marrow trust.
                                                                    a number of systems, including Berthing, Mooring, Towing and Boat
                                                                    Handling were capable of meeting the operational requirements.
Can BMT save you money ?
We pride ourselves on providing customers with solutions that offer long-term benefits.
The following case studies illustrate how BMT’s innovation and teamwork are providing
on-going cost savings and improved reliability.

BMT Stiff Rope Guards
Failure rate of the shaft line rope guards on
Royal Navy vessels was running at an
unacceptable high level when BMT were
asked to investigate. Rope guards provide
essential protection to external propeller
shaft bearings and failure exposes the
bearing to an increased risk of damage,
which frequently requires a docking to carry
out repairs.

Investigations concluded that the high
failure rate was due to a combination of
the punishing operating environment, the
inadequacy of the fastenings and the
unsuitability of the thin section GRP from
which the rope guards were made. Two key                                       BMT Stiff Rope Guard fitted to frigate ‘A’ bracket
failure modes were identified - multiple failures
of the fastenings and delaminating of the
GRP.                                                 manufactured from a material more compatible        demonstration the customer was confident
                                                     with the operating environment.                     that a significant reduction in through-life
To provide a permanent solution it was                                                                   cost and support could be achieved using
apparent that an alternative design of rope          In September 1995 DML fitted the first BMT          the new design. The new rope guards are
guard needed to be developed. A wide                 designed rope guard to a single shaft of a          now approved for installation on        all RN
range of materials were assessed and a               Royal Navy Type 22 Frigate to assess its            Frigates, and to date 12 ships have been
machinable composite material manufactured           performance against the existing thin section       fitted with the BMT design, and have given
by   Orkot ®   was finally selected. The fastening   GRP design. The trial showed the new                over 150 unit years of service with no failures.
problems were addressed by changing the              design to be significantly more reliable,           The BMT Stiff Rope Guard has been selected
axis on which the Rope Guards were secured           improving operator confidence in the rope           as the preferred fit for the new RN Type 45
and by using significantly larger fastenings         guard performance. As a result of the               Destroyers.

Type 23 Stern Flap
BMT has been asked by the MoD’s Frigates IPT to produce detailed design and installation material for the fitting of a stern flap to the
transom of a Type 23 frigate. The work will be undertaken in conjunction with QinetiQ’s facilities at Haslar and Rosyth. Stern flaps on the
lower transom of a relatively fast ship are claimed to produce annual fuel savings of 4-6% and an increase in top end speed.

Since Initial research by the UK MoD in the late 1970s and early 80s, including a trial on HMS AVENGER, stern flaps have been
successfully developed in the United States and fitted to approximately 170 US Navy and Coast Guard vessels. With increasing
environmental awareness and rising fuel prices, there is greater pressure to reduce fuel consumption and interest in the fitting of stern flaps
to UK hulls has been re-kindled.

The shape of the flap for the Type 23 was developed and optimised by QinetiQ in the model basin at Haslar. Full-scale sea trials will be
conducted before and after the fit to quantify the benefits. Under sub-contract to BMT, QinetiQ Rosyth will calculate the hydrodynamic
loads on the flap to allow BMT to complete the detailed structural design.
Walk round any Royal Navy vessel nowadays and the chances are you will come across a
handbook produced by BMT. Already established as a leading supplier of systems-level
weapon engineering support publications, the company has produced over 120 unique
platform specific documents for use by the Royal Navy surface flotilla. Each ship is provided
                                                                                                  BMT Defence Services
with a suite of three books comprising; The Weapon Engineering Guide for every day use, the
                                                                                                    BMT Defence Services offers a
Weapon Section Base Handbook, which provides support during action stations, and the
                                                                                                    total design and support service
Operations Room Manager’s Handbook, which supports the Weapon Engineering Operations
                                                                                                   for warships ranging from aircraft
Room Manager who is the Command advisor. These documents are also used at the Royal
                                                                                                        carriers and submarines
Navy’s School of Communications and Weapon Engineering, HMS COLLINGWOOD, as
                                                                                                         to fishery protection,
training and instructional aids.
                                                                                                  surveillance and coastguard vessels.

                                                                                                  The company offers specialist skills
                                                                                                    in formal safety assessment and
                                                                                                    safety management, project and
                                                                                                      business risk management,
                                                                                                     and in the implementation of
                                                                                                        corporate governance.

                                                                                                  The company is actively expanding
                                                                                                   its innovative systems engineering
                                                                                                  capability through the development
                                                                                                      of partnership arrangements
                                                                                                           with industry and
                                                                                                       governments world-wide

BMT’s solid modelling and animation capability has advanced from the provision of high detail,
perspective 2D views for handbooks, to detailed 3D digital animations for computer-based
training packages, and high-quality renderings for display and advertising purposes. More
than mere illustrations, they are detailed designs that can be used for Human Factors
Integration, and the production of CofG calculations, load distribution diagrams, shock-loading    For further information
calculations.                                                                                          please contact:

                                                                                                            Geoff Brooks
                                                                                                         Commercial Director

PROTEUS - Continued from front page…                                                                      Robin Mandeville
                                                                                                          Marketing Manager
Proteus will provide support through the core roles of Naval Authority and Naval Advisors
and in Ship Safety Management for both submarines and surface ships. The team has
an established Independent Safety Auditor (ISA) capability, and will provide overarching
                                                                                                     BMT Defence Services Ltd
management arrangements, both for its own work and that of other sub-contractors.
                                                                                                            Maritime House
                                                                                                        210 Lower Bristol Road
As the MoD requirements have developed regarding procurement, safety and alignment
                                                                                                        BATH, BA2 3DQ, U.K.
with commercial practice, so the demands for support have increased. Proteus is well
                                                                                                                                         Produced by Two Can, Bath. Tel: +44 (0)1225 852602

placed to support the necessary changes in the ship and submarine environment, and look
                                                                                                       Tel: +44 (0)1225 473600
forward to exploring new and exciting challenges with STG over the next 5 years.
                                                                                                       Fax: +44 (0)1225 448714

For further information contact:
                                                                                                            or by e-mail at:

                If you would like more copies of this newsletter, or have any comments,
                                    please let us know by contacting
                    Sue Ménage on 01225 473611 or e-mail

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