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                                                                                                             John Fitzgibbon Aherne’s, Youghal: “You just got used to work. My children have done the same. All it does is give them a handle on working, first for pocket-money, then for wages, it helps
                                                                                                             them get to know the business.” John Fitzgibbon, Aherne’s, Youghal

                                                                                                             an attractive town-centre pub, with     sitting-room and breakfast room.       sign provides rooms of generous         mands it, and here too residents are     vice — so many customers are
                                                                                                             an inviting arched entrance at the      “People were looking for quality       proportions, very thoughtfully fur-     totally cocooned from the busy life      known by name — as the waitress-
                                                                                                             side; it is only from there that the    accommodation in the town itself,      nished, with excellent bathrooms        and chatter of the bar. Which, of        es bearing laden plates pass coded
                                                                                                             spread of the premises can be seen      and we found ourselves pushing         and lots of light; John believes that   course, is there for them if they        destinations to one another, it is
                                                                                                             as it reaches down towards the          business away, so we thought about     space is important to ensure that       want it, as is the lovely restaurant     abundantly obvious that while
                                                                                                             small car-park at the back.             it and we went to see what other       the rooms stand the test of time        with its fresh white tablecloths and     through the years this family opera-
                                                                                                                “It’s just the way we’ve devel-      places had done, like Doyles in        and offer a sense of ease and relax-    napkins, its gleaming crystal and        tion has earned, and deserved, ac-
                                                                                                             oped, really,” explains John Fitzgib-   Dingle. We saw that it made sense      ation to guests. This is also the ef-   silverware.                              claim and awards, it is more than
                                                                                                             bon, “rather than any pre-arranged      to make a complete business out of     fect of the residents’ sitting-room        The accommodation is kept pris-       just a family business. Family and
                                                                                                             plan. The goals appear in front of      it and now we believe that it is one   where a bright fire, comfortable        tine by housekeeper Chrissie Whe-        staff are together in an enterprise
                                                                                                             us and we have to figure out how        of the best decisions we ever          furniture, good modern paintings,       lan, typical of the staff greatly val-   which has become almost synony-
                                                                                                             to reach them; luckily we seem to       made.”                                 lots of books, magazines and flow-      ued for their loyalty, some remain-      mous with Youghal itself, a place
                                                                                                             have taken most of the right deci-         Started in 1992, the accommoda-     ers combine with Katie Fitzgib-         ing over decades as has restaurant       which while serving the town, at-
                                                                                                             sions.”                                 tion, reached through a separate       bon’s tasteful décor to present the     manager Ann Cronin, who has              tracts visitors to it and now keeps
                                                                                                                This is certainly true in the case   entrance, is organised in such a way   atmosphere of a friendly country        been here for 27 years, or Eileen        them there happily and for longer.
                                                                                                             of engaging architect Dominic           as to ensure that the guests don’t     house.                                  Hickey, who came to the FitzGib-
                                                                                                             O’Flynn as designer of their ac-        even have to see the bar or the           A small breakfast-room is adja-      bons as a home help when John            Ahern’s Seafood Restaurant and accommo-
                                                                                                             commodation area, consisting of 12      restaurant. In making maximum          cent behind doors which can be          was born and who hasn’t left yet.        dation, 1 63 North Main Street, Youghal 024
                                                                                                             spacious bedrooms with a private        use of a small enough site, the de-    opened when the occasion de-            Watching the knowledgeable ser-          92424;

                                                                                                             Property                                                                         SATURDAY, APRIL 21, 2007

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