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Marine Lubricants


Marine Lubricants

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Jet-Lube (UK) Limited
Jet-Lube House, Reform Road,
Maidenhead, Berkshire, SL6 8BY, England
T: +44 (0)1628 631913 F: +44 (0)1628 773138

                                                                            Marine Lubricants and
MARINE LUBRICANTS                                                                                                                     MARINE LUBRICANTS
High performance marine lubricants & coatings                                                                                         High performance marine lubricants & coatings

               MARINE KOPR™                                                                 WIRE ROPE &                                          Z-PLATE™                                                           202 MOLY-LITH™
               Ideal for engine room applications,                                          HAWSER GREASE™                                       Zinc rich galvanising paint that will                              Lithium multi-purpose grease containing
               MARINE KOPR is a specially formulated                                        A NLGI grade 2, high performance,                    protect metal surfaces in the same                                 molybdenum disulphide intended for higher
               marine anti seize compound with a high                                       white grease which is excellent for                  way as hot dip galvanising. The zinc                               load-bearing capability and reduced friction.
               concentration of copper in a water-                                          the lubrication of critical marine                   content is considerably higher than                                Also provides excellent protection in dusty,
               resistant aluminium complex base grease                                      wire rope applications such as                       commercial grades, set at a point where                            dirty, wet and adverse temperature
               with rust and corrosion inhibitors to                                        shipyard gantry chains, mast hoisting                the resin binder still has plenty of surface                       environments. 202 MOLY-LITH is especially
               minimise the effects of the harsh                                            cables, loading cranes, offshore rig                 area to grip onto, giving a coat that is                           suitable for grease cups, lubricated-for-life
               environmental conditions in which it is                                      anchor cables and hawser lines.                      durable and galvanic at the same time.                             bearings and chassis lubrication.
               used. Stops rust, corrosion, heatfreeze,                                     Non drying, non staining film                        Excellent for marine, offshore drilling
               galling, etc.                                                                                                                                                                                        Service Rating: -18°C to 149°C
                                                                                            protects outer strands from                          and related industries.
               Service Rating: -54°C to 982°C                                               corrosion while lubricating inner
                                                                                            strands, drums and sheaves.
                                                                                            Service Rating: -18°C to 149°C

               MARINE MOLY™                                                                MARINE WRL™                                           MARINE 769™                                                        SILICONE COMPOUND DM™
               Contains a high concentration of                                              MARINE WRL is a wire rope/chain                     Penetrating, lubricating and corrosion                             Non-melting low volatility premium silicone
               molybdenum disulphide in paste or                                             oil that is specially formulated to                 preventing fluid that does not dry out,                            compound with excellent dielectric resistance
               aerosol form which ‘plates’ metal surfaces.                                   permeate or penetrate to the core,                  providing protection in extremely harsh                            and water-proofing ability, making it the ideal
               Ideal for providing a low-friction shield in                                  ensuring lubrication throughout while               environments. 769 is silicone-free, so it                          sealant and lubricant for electrical application.
               a variety of applications such as on highly                                   providing a non-drying, non-tacky film              does not affect painting operations outside                        Also suitable for cold potable water applications.
               loaded gears, open spur gears, marine                                         on the outside of the rope to protect               its application area. Use as a lubricant on
                                                                                             from dust and corrosion, as well as                 small mechanisms, as a penetrant on                                Service Rating: -57°C to 204°C
               transmission gears etc, while adhering to
               all metal surfaces. MARINE MOLY has a                                         lubricating drums and sheaves, so                   rusted fasteners and to protect iron and                           NSF Registered H1.
               300,000psi film strength, is extremely                                        producing longer rope and chain life                steel components in storage and transit.
               water resistant and may be applied to hot                                     and reducing down time. Easily                      Marine applications include winches,
               surfaces. It can also be used as a running-in                                 pumpable at temperatures as low                     shackle pins, toggle pins, sheaves, swivels,
               lubricant, assembly lubricant and general                                     as -32˚C, MARINE WRL remains                        capstans, wiring harnesses, spark plugs etc.
               purpose metal working lubricant requiring       flexible in extreme weather conditions, eliminating flaking and
                                                               peeling, dirt pick-up and lubrication sling-off. It can be used to                NSF Registered H2.
               a high load carrying performance.
                                                               lubricate all sizes of rope, chains, leaf springs etc. Application
               Service Rating: Paste to 399°C,                 may be by hand,automatic lube system or aerosol can. Contains
                               Aerosol to 149°C                no 1.1.1. Trichloroethane or SARA listed ingredients and is
                                                               authorised for food processing.
                                                               Service Rating: -32˚C to 175˚C

        MARINE MULTI-PURPOSE #2 GREASE™                                                    SHEEN-FREE™                                           MAGIC WRENCH™                                                      ALCO-EP 73 PLUS™
        A versatile soap grease with EP additives for                                      The SHEEN-FREE™ protective film is                    Semi-synthetic product, with fast                                  Exceptionally water resistant multi-purpose
        protection from salt water, salt spray, rust and                                   a non hazardous, biogradable, non-                    penetration and good lubrication                                   EP grease, suitable for heavy loads, high
        corrosion. It is extremely water resistant, smooth                                 sheening preservative and lubricant                   properties. Although formulated for                                temperatures, wet and harsh environments.
        textured and heavy bodied with exceptional                                         which is ideal for the marine industry.               the food industry, MAGIC WRENCH                                    Its ability to protect against corrosion gives
        pumpability, even under severe conditions. Also                                    The protective film cures to a soft                   provides excellent performance in                                  assemblies in extreme environments longer
        has a two hundred and fifty (250) weld point on                                    flexible, tack free coating which                     other applications, particularly when                              service life than is normally possible. Performs
        shell 4-ball (ASTM D-2596) NLGI grade #2 grease                                    resists the build up of dust and dirt                 a high purity fluid is required.                                   well over a wide temperature range and is
        and a 175°C dropping point.                                                        which causes wear within the wire                                                                                        ideal for sub sea application.
                                                                                           rope core. Jet-lube SHEEN-FREE™ is                    NSF Registered H1.
        Service Rating: -18°C to 163°C                                                                                                                                                                              Service Rating: -32°C to 232°C
                                                                                           ideal for standing rigging where a
                                                                                           water resistant coating is necessary
                                                                                           and performance is essential.
                                                               This product is also recommended for the bright or black wire,
                                                               stainless or galvanized cables and is ideal for long term mooring
                                                               Service Rating: -28°C to 204°C

                                                                                                                                                          Our products are available in a range of pack sizes. Contact us for more information.                                                                                                              Tel: +44 (0)1628 631913 Fax: +44 (0)1628 773138

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