P60 2009 End of Year Certificate

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					                                                            Employee's details
 P60 End of Year Certificate
Tax year to 5 April                        2009              Surname

                                                             Forenames or initials
 To the employee:                                            National Insurance number                  Works/payroll number
 Please keep this certificate in a safe place as you
 will need it if you have to fill in a Tax
 Return or make a claim for Tax Credits.
                                                            Pay and Income Tax details
 It also helps you check that your employer is
 using the correct National Insurance number and                                  Pay                             Tax deducted
 deducting the right rate of National Insurance                                                 £         p                 £          p
                                                             In previous
                                    INFORMATION ONLY
 By law you are required to tell HM Revenue
 & Customs about any income that is not
                                                                                                                          if refund mark ‘R’
                                                             In this
 fully taxed, even if you are not sent a Tax                 employment

                          HM REVENUE & CUSTOMS
                                                             Total for year

                                                           Employee’s Widows & Orphans/Life Assurance
                                                           contributions in this employment
    The figures marked should be used for
    your Tax Return, if you get one
                                                                                            Final tax code

National Insurance contributions in this employment
    NIC               Earnings up to and including                 Earnings above the Earnings
    table             the Earnings Threshold (where                Threshold, up to and including
    letter            earnings are equal to or exceed              the Upper Earnings Limit                    Employee's contributions
                      the Lower Earnings Limit)
                                   £                                              £                                        £           p

                                                       £       p                        £           p                       £          p
Statutory payments             Statutory                              Statutory                              Statutory
included in the pay ‘In this   Maternity                              Paternity                              Adoption
employment’ figure above       Pay                                    Pay                                    Pay

Other details                                                             Your employer's full name and address (including postcode)

    Student Loan Deductions
    in this employment
    (whole £s only)
                                           INFORMATION ONLY
  To employee

                                                                          PAYE reference
                                                                          Certificate by Employer/Paying Office:
                                                                          This form shows your total pay for Income Tax purposes
                                                                          in this employment for the year.
                                                                          Any overtime, bonus, commission etc, Statutory Sick Pay,
                                                                          Statutory Maternity Pay, Statutory Paternity Pay or
                                                                          Statutory Adoption Pay is included.

P60(Single sheet)(2008-09)                     Do not destroy                                                                  HMRC 11/07