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Week 3 Summer 09


Week 3 Summer 09

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									                                                                                             DANIEL & THE LION
                                                        Week 3

     Friday Flyer
                                                        5th - 8th

                            To all the boys who went on the rugby tour to
                            Paris, well done for winning the Plate competi-
                                                                               A vintage assembly by 6P with their version of the story of
                            To the cricket team who won the annual Dun-
                            hurst tournament in a nail-biting final.                e
                                                                               Dnl h i ’      o!      a a a ne ru fhsi s hi
                                                                               ‘ai & teL n Wht tetdgo po tep n te                 a      r
                                                                                ei sh o o ’ n w ht h hm
                                                                                  o        s     t
                                                                               sn r co lw n ko w as ite !   ’ t
                            To all the children who have done so well in
                            their music examinations. A full list is now                                                        PP2
                            available on the website.                                                                        enjoying a
                            To Charlie Cutting who swam so well at the                                                       pn
                                                                                                                            S i wl
                                                                                                                            ‘ rg a’    k
                            recent National Championships in Sheffield                                                         in the
                            with the Haslemere Swimming Club.                                                                  school
                            To Matthew Benham who played for South-                                                           grounds.
                            ampton in the U.S. this Easter. They had a
                            very successful tour beating Chelsea and Bar-
                            celona - much better than their senior
                            To Benedict Philipp who visited Japan and
                             h US i h ‘br’h i
                                  . h
                            te . wt teL eaco .i         r

‘I SB   S OR C   S
Many thanks to everyone collecting
these vouchers in Phase 1 we have been
able to order 24 new books for the
Phase 2 has started and will run this
term –please collect the tokens and
hand in at the School Office or Nurs-
ery. 1 token in the Times daily
     3 tokens in the Saturday Times       Dunhurst Tournament
      4 tokens in the Sunday Times.            Winners                                   RUGBY TOUR TO PARIS

                                                                                         CALENDAR EVENTS
                                                                        Monday 4th        School closed for Bank Holiday
        Summer has arrived - the U11A & U11B teams                                        No School - Boarders return Tuesday morning
          winning convincingly against Barrow Hills.                    Tuesday 5th       Andrew Munro, OSE in Chapel          8.40am
               FIXTURES WEEK 3                                                            Congregation Practice                11.20am
      Please note venue & date/time changes!                                              School Council Meeting               11.20am
                                                                                          4th Form Teambuilding at Pangbourne College
Wednesday 6th         Cricket v Haslemere Prep @ 2.30pm*                Wednesday 6th     2H Class Assembly                    8.40am*
                      1stX1 (A), U11A (Chiddingfold C.C.),                                Pre-Prep & Nursery
                      U11C (A)                                                            Mad Science Workshop             9am - 12noon
                      At 3.15pm 2ndX1 (H), U11B (H),
                                                                                           P ae t’ v nn
                                                                                          P 1P rnsE e ig                       6.30pm*
                      Rounders v Conifers @ 2.30pm (H)                  Thursday 7th       ae t’ lMo nn
                                                                                          P rnsGof r ig                        9am*
                                                                                          6th Form to the Globe Theatre        11.30am
Thursday 7th          Cricket v Haslemere Prep @ 2.30pm*
                                                                        Friday 8th        FOSE Cake Sales (1st, 3rd Forms & PP1)
                      U9A & U9B (A)
                                                                                          2nd Exeat                            5.30pm

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