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									                               ARCHITECTURAL GLASS DESIGN AUSTRALIA INC

                         Agda newsletter

                                                                                                 Number 2
                                                                                               January 2010

2010-Exhibitions and events
2010 will be the year that       There will be other events,
Architectural Glass makes a      including a Dinner to
huge impact in the city of       coincide with the Fed
Melbourne, and from there        Square event, and a
to the rest of Australia.        Laminating Workshop.
Here are important dates         Dates for these, and any
for your calendar for 2010 :     other events will be advised
                                 as soon as they become
13 January—Richard Millard
                                 available.                         HELP NEEDED :
                                 AGDA hopes that all                To enable us to present
20 February– last date for
                                 members will support these         these events to the
submissions for Federation
                                 events, especially the two         absolute best of our
Square event
                                 exhibitions, in order to fully     ability, some help with
1 August—last date for           utilise the opportunities we                                     For more information
                                                                    areas such as publicity
entries submitted for            are creating to promote            and marketing would           on AGDA or for
Members Show                     Architectural Glass.                                             Information on
                                                                    be appreciated if you
18 August—Opening Night          The 2009 Chapel off Chapel         have time, resources or       becoming a member,
for Members Show at              event was a huge success;          information to                see our website at
Chapel off Chapel—show           together we will all build on      volunteer.
open until September 18          that success and make                                  
                                                                    Let Donna know if
13 September—Opening             2010 even more                     there are any areas in        Or contact
Night (to be confirmed) for      remarkable for our sector.         which you would like to
Federation Square event,         See AGDA website                   assist—thank you.             Donna Cooper
and lecture—event runs  for                                           03 9521 0525
until Sunday September 26        more details of events.
                                                                                                  0407 002 834

Richard millard lecture                                                                           P.O. Box 346
AGDA is inviting you to a        present a lecture on:            auctioned as a fundraiser       HAMPTON VIC 3188
special event on January                                          for the work AGDA is
                                 “The Future of Leadlight
13th at 7pm, at the                                               currently engaged upon to
                                 and Stained Glass”.
Exchange Hotel 39 Bay St                                          promote our sector.
Port Melbourne.                  Geoffrey Wallace has also
                                                                  AGDA thanks both Richard
                                 generously supported this
Visiting renowned designer                                        Millard and Geoffrey
                                 event by donating two very
glass painter and educator                                        Wallace for their generous
                                 special prints (see website
Richard Millard from the                                          support. Hope to see you
                                 for details) to be raffled and
US,has kindly offered to                                          there.

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