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                                                   s sue No 1 7 January 2010
                                                 IIIssue No...17 Januarry 2010
                                                    ssue No 17 Janua y 2010

        2009 Gateway Review Pack Released                                  Gateway Reviews Update

        In October 2009, version 4 of the Gateway Review Pack              To date the Victorian Gateway Unit has performed 326
        was released branding a fresh new look. The new packs              Gateway Reviews on over 165 State Government projects
        ensure alignment with contemporary procurement                     with a Total Estimated Investment in excess of $30billion.
        methodology and environmental and sustainability policy.
                                                                           On current scheduling, the 2009/10 financial year will see
        Hard copies of the new pack can be obtained by contacting          more than 70 Gateway Reviews performed, with demand
        the Gateway Unit directly, or the pack can be downloaded           by Departments and Agencies ever increasing.
        by visiting
                                                                           Local Government Gateway Pilot Extension
        Redevelopment of the Project Profile Model (PPM)
                                                                           The Local Government Review Pilot has experienced a
                                                                           strong six month period with five reviews undertaken. With
        The Victorian Gateway Unit will commence trialling its new
                                                                           the pilot entering its final six months the focus is shifting to
        PPM in March 2010. The new PPM is based on the United
                                                                           the development of a ‘lessons learnt’ publication, for
        Kingdom’s Office of Government Commerce tool, and will
                                                                           distribution to local councils across the state. It will highlight
        ensure a more user friendly and intuitive interface. The new
                                                                           the key issues facing high risk local government projects
        PPM affords a greater level of accuracy in risk profiling, and
                                                                           and ways to address them. The publication is planned for
        a higher degree of relevance to the contemporary Victorian
                                                                           release early/mid 2010.
        project management landscape.
                                                                           For more information contact, Evan Wilkinson: 9651 5515
        Alliance Benchmarking Study                                        or

        A national benchmarking study was sponsored by the treasuries
                                                                      Review Contract Documentation Requirements
        of NSW, Qld, WA, and Vic (the chair). The study investigates
        the Value for Money proposition provided to government
        through alliancing and how this can be enhanced.              It is critical that reviewers complete and return all
                                                                      contractual documentation (the Contract, Deed of
        Evans & Peck and Melbourne University conducted the study     Confidentiality, Declaration of Private Interests and
        which can be downloaded at:                                   Conflict of Interest Declaration) three business days prior            to the commencement of any works. It is a DTF
        alliancing                                                    requirement that consultants engaged on a Gateway
                                                                      review have at least $2million professional indemnity
        Gateway Review Team Leader Forum
                                                                      Please contact Ves Nikolovska on 9651 2154 or
                                                            , should you have any queries.
        The Review Team Leader Forum gathers high performing
        review team leaders from across Australia to discuss current
        Gateway review policy and practices, strengths and areas for  Gateway Reviewer Training
                                                                      If you are interested in becoming a Review Team Member
        A number of suggestions arose from the forum held in          (RTM) or in upgrading your skills to qualify as a Review team
        November last year that have been implemented:                Leader (RTL), please attend one of the training sessions
              •    Gateway reviewers to be informed of relevant       below. For more information contact 0418 142 942, or visit the
                   government policy or documentation changes         training website at
              •    Greater level of information provided to Review
                   Team Leaders about fellow reviewers                2010 RTM Workshops: 16 February, 10 March, 14 April, 4
              •    The opportunity to engage better with departmental May.
                   SRO’s (see below).                                 2010 RTL Workshop: 11 March 2010.

        If you are interested in participating in the 2010 forum, please   Investment Management Workshops
        express your interest to Marc Bradley on 9651 2507, or email                                       Investment management information sessions provide an
                                                                           overview of the Investment Management Standard, and the
        Senior Responsible Owner (SRO) Forum                               process for developing Investment Management Maps. These
                                                                           sessions run for 2 hours and are free of charge.
        An SRO information session will bring together SRO’s from
        various departments to provide them with updated information       Facilitator training sessions provide the fundamentals of
        on the Gateway Review Process and gather thoughts and ideas        investment management and the skills to develop Investment
        on how the Gateway Unit can add even greater value to the          Logic Maps. This training will now incur a cost. More
        their projects.                                                    information can be found at
        If you are interested in participating in this forum, please
        express your interest to Marc Bradley on 9651 2507, or email       2010 Information sessions: 27 January, 23 February                                       Facilitator workshops: 9 February, 9 March If you are a
                                                                           Government employee and have performed Gateway training
                                                                           anywhere in Australia, we would like to hear from you. Please
                                                                           contact the Gateway Unit on 9651 2154.

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