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					                                                   **VOLUNTARY SECTOR CHILDREN and YOUTH SERVICES UPDATE**

                Susan Robb
Development Worker (Children & Young People)
             Langlee Complex
              Marigold Drive
                TD1 2LP

            Tel: 01896 755110
            Mob: 07739 859525
                                                                      The Bridge
    Email:                        (incorporating BFCVS, CBAVS, RAVS, & TAVO)

                                                                         ** N E W **
                                                                       SUSAN ROBB
                                                                         is our new
Scottish Borders Community Development Company                   DEVELOPMENT WORKER
             (operating as The Bridge)
                                                             for CHILDREN & YOUNG PEOPLE
  Registered in Scotland as a Company Limited by
   Guarantee No. 305830: Scottish Charity No.
                                 The Bridge provides community and voluntary sector                   As an organisation offering services to children
                                                                                                      or young people you can gain support from our
                                 support in the Scottish Borders, with local offices in               Development Worker on a range of issues:
                                 Galashiels, Peebles, and Jedburgh. In April 2007, The                      !    Funding Applications
                                 Bridge was formed through the unification of CBAVS,
                                 RAVS, TAVO, and the Borders Forum of CVS.                                  !    Commissioning and Contracting

                                 Mission Statement                                                          !    Business Planning
                                  “To encourage and support the growth of Scottish Borders                  !    Committee Skills
                                    community activity through the development of a high
                                                                                                            !    Effective Communication
                                   quality, dynamic and effective voluntary and community
                                  sector which focuses on improving the quality of life for all             !    Governance
                                                  Scottish Borders citizens.”
                                                                                                            !    Sustainability
                                 Providing Community and Voluntary Sector Support
                                                                                                            !    Networking
                                 The Bridge aims to support groups to set up, to make funding

W H AT I S T H E B R I D G E ?
                                 applications, to develop business plans, and to improve                    !    Monitoring and Evaluating
                                                                                                                                                              W H AT S U P P O R T I S A V A I L AB L E ?

                                 committee skills and governance, amongst a whole range of
                                                                                                            !    Equalities
                                                  other services. The Bridge is a Council for
                                                  Voluntary Service and is often invited to                 !    Charity Legislation
                                                  represent the interests of the voluntary
                                                  sector.                                         Susan Robb has been appointed as the Development
                                                                                                  Worker for Children and Young People. This post has
                                   Any community or voluntary sector group can access sup-        been funded through the Changing Children’s Services
                                   port or services offered by The Bridge. However, if you        Fund, and Susan will be working closely with the Children
                                   are a group providing a service of any nature for children     and Young Peoples Planning Team, the Early Years, Nurs-
                                   or young people aged between birth and 18 years, you           ery and Childcare Team, and the Borders Voluntary Youth
                                   can access support from our new Development Worker for         Work Forum.
                                   Children and Young People, Susan Robb. If you are an           Susan has recently completed a Post-Graduate Certificate
                                   individual or an informal group with a good idea, you too      in Community Education, and has a range of youth work

                                   can get support for project start-up. You do not have to be
                                                                                                                                                                 DEVELOPMENT WORKER

                                                                                                  experiences from previous work in Angus and Edinburgh.
                                   a member of The Bridge to get help, but we welcome the
                                   closer relationship.

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