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Issue 47                                                        Friday 8th January 2010

May I wish you all a very                                        As you know, I will make
happy and healthy New                                            every effort to keep the
                               •      The opening of the
Year.                                                            school open and the main
                                                                 factor, if the school has to
                               •      Finishing times            be closed, is inaccessibility
                                                                 of the roads in the village
                               •      Information on Activi-     which can quickly be-
COMMUNICATIONS                        ties and Fixtures          come dangerous and
DURING THE COLD SPELL                                            even blocked, as many of
I know you all appreciate                                        you experienced last Feb-
                               If the school is to be closed,
that every effort is made to                                     ruary. Despite my protes-
                               for whatever reason, we aim
keep you up to date with                                         tations, I know the local
                               to update the website by
the situation at Spratton                                        roads will not be given a
                               7.00 am each morning and
regarding the opening of                                         priority re. clearing and
                               by 7.30 am at the very latest.
the school. The ParentMail                                       salting.
that we use to text and                                          School attendance has
email has been overloaded      FORECAST NEXT WEEK                been excellent this week
this week and, therefore,                                        and I want to thank every-
has been rather inconsis-      At the moment, the forecast
                               does not look promising for       one for undertaking to
tent in sending messages                                         get their children to
out to you. They have as-      Sunday into Monday with
                               more snow expected and the        school. Your efforts, as
sured me that they are tak-                                      ever, are most appreci-
ing measures to ensure         low temperatures continuing.
that texts are delivered to
all quickly and efficiently.
However, I would strongly
recommend that you view
the    school    website
www.sprattonhall.com for
up to date information re-
                            PAGE 2                                                                  SPRATTON HALL


                                                                  BOYS’ RUGBY

    All matches on Saturday 9th January have been postponed due to the adverse weather.
                   We are trying to rearrange them with Winchester House.

 Pantomime tickets will be available from Monday 11th January. Could everyone who pur-
 chased tickets please collect them from the Drawing Room. Any problems, please call me
 on 07740 763995.
 Many thanks.
 Viv McManus

   Celebrating 125 years of the Royal & Derngate Theatre, Spratton is pleased to support their appeal to raise money dur-
   ing their anniversary year.
                             PAGE 3                                                         SPRATTON HALL

Colo urs & half colo urs – December 2009

Colours have been awarded to the
following children:
                                      Arts                                    YEAR 6
                                      Jonathan Birch (Art)
                                      Georgia Bowen (Art)                     Sport
                                      Charlie Mourant (Art)                   James Ayton (Rugby)
                                      Adam Wright (Art)                       Joseph Bullock (Rugby)
Azeez Al-Humaidhi (Rugby)
                                                                              William Leng (Rugby)
Nathan Groves (Rugby)
                                      Academic                                Kieran Lorimer (Rugby)
Robert Povey (Rugby)
                                      Hannah Crowley                          Keir Mulcahey (Rugby)
Evan Morris (Rugby)
                                      Euan Wardrop                            Euan Wardrop (Rugby)
Freddie Telfer (Rugby)
                                                                              Connor Wright (Rugby)
Camilla Aldridge (Hockey)
                                                                              Francesca Aldridge (Hockey)
Jennifer Gilmore (Hockey)
                                                                              Isobel Macdonald-Buchanan
Ella Measom (Hockey)                                                          (Hockey)
                                      Half Colours were awarded to the fol-
Isobel Peppiatt (Hockey)              lowing children:                        Jessica Womack (Hockey)
Charlotte Underwood (Hockey)                                                  Sinead Coley (Gymnastics)
Annie Walker (Hockey)                 YEAR 8
Arts                                                                          Jessica Womack (Music)
Emma Kemsley-Pein (Art)                                                       Edward Carter (Art)
                                      Conor Coley (Rugby)
Olivia Peacock (Art)
                                      Jake Cox (Rugby)
Mia Rodley (Art)                                                              Academic
                                      Max Cunningham (Rugby)
Victoria Sunter (Art)                                                         Soraya Asif
                                      Matthew Hampton (Rugby)
Isabel Fairlie (Drama)                                                        William Leng
                                      Henry Pease (Rugby)
Robert Povey (Drama)                                                          Tommy Lowe
                                      Ole Pugh (Rugby)
Annie Walker (Drama)                                                          Hamish Merriman
                                      Arts                                    Francesca Moorhead
Academic                                                                      Charlie Mourant
                                      Amelia Davidson (Art)
Ben Van Laar                                                                  Keir Mulcahey
                                      Mary Reynolds (Art)
Matthew Hampton                                                               Henry Pickering
                                      Academic                                Fraser Ralston
YEAR 6                                                                        Rebecca Thomas
                                      Camilla Aldridge
                                      Duncan Leng                             Connor Wright
                                      Evan Morris
Fraser Ralston (Rugby)
                                      Isobel Peppiatt
Adam Wright (Rugby)
                                      Eleanor Smart
Laila Al-Humaidhi (Hockey)
                                      Victoria Sunter
Georgia Bowen (Hockey)
                                      Rebecca Symes
Megan Lowe (Hockey)
Kirti Mehta (Hockey)
Thalia Felton (Gymnastics)
ISSUE 47                                                                                                  PAGE 4

                                                    SILVER AWARD

                                     With all the excitement of parties, pre-
                                     sents and delicious food, not many of us
                                     stop to think about the amount of waste
                                     created at Christmas. It is estimated that in
                                     the UK we make a massive 3 million ton-
                                     nes of rubbish over the festive period, and                   Lost
                                     sadly much of this ends up dumped in                 James Stock (7H) black
                                     landfill sites.                                       ‘skins’, brand new top
 Please make sure that as much as possible of Christmas is recycled. Many                 Bethan Robinson (4C)
 shops now recycle Christmas cards or some can be re-used as gift tags next                 tracksuit (named)
 year. Also in the UK, we have enjoyed about 8 million Christmas trees, most of
 which will be thrown away in January, generating over 12,000 tonnes of rub-
 bish. Real Christmas trees can be turned into valuable compost. If your council
 collects garden waste (e.g., from a green wheelie bin) chop your tree up and
 put it out for collection.
 Thank you.
 F Kinnear

                               Please note: Because the Pre-Prep children do not get
                               their Newsletter until the end of the day on Fridays, to
                               give everyone a fair chance of winning, answers to the
                               question should be written down and brought into the
                               office on Monday (there is a prize!)

                                                                                             SCHOOL SHOP
                                                                                            OPENING TIMES

                                                                                            3.00 pm-5.30 pm


                                                                                            3.00 pm-5.30 pm
                                               LAST ISSUE’S WINNERS:
           Type of biscuit
                                            Gracie Turberville-Smith (4L)                  HOCKEY SHIRTS
                                                  Adam Newton (4W)                        Unfortunately, these
                                                   Katie Newton (2J)                      are still Out of Stock
                                                                                           but we will advise
                                                                                           you when they are
                                PAGE 5                                                SPRATTON HALL

All music ensembles will resume again as normal next week,
weather permitting.

                    It’s good to see all the children back at school after
                    the Christmas holiday and looking forward to all the
                    new term has to offer.
                 The ‘big freeze’ is set to continue for a few days and
                 certainly January and February are normally the
                 coldest months of the year, so please ensure your           8R   Mary Reynolds
                 child is well insulated against the elements by hav-
ing named navy coats, scarves, hats and gloves to wear when playing          8E   Nicola Borkan
Photographs from the Christmas Plays are now being displayed in the          8W   Azeez Al-Humaidhi
Pre-Prep Department so please come along and take a look when you
get the opportunity.                                                         7H   Max Bowles
Many thanks for all the diaries and reading undertaken during the holi-
days. It has been most interesting learning about all your Christmas ad-     7M   Toby Pert
                                                                             7P   James Bird

                                                                             6B   Grace Nolan

                                                                             6H   Jessica Womack

                                                                             6S   Conor Clowes

                                                                             5C   Lauren Lamb

                                                                             5W   Anna Boyd

                                                                             5S   Shaan Diu
  Mrs Miller has kindly offered to run a Mums’ Choir on Mondays from
  3.55 pm—4.30 pm in the Music Room.                                         4C   James Smalley
  No auditions!
  Please come along and have some fun.                                       4L   Cameron Fletcher

                                                                             4W   William Bird

                                                                             3B   Max Lewis

                                                                             3A   Harriet Clements
If any parent wishes to upload photos to this site for possible use on the
school website then please ensure photographs have been re-sized and         3P   Phemie Jennings
individually named and dated so they can be easily recognised.
Many thanks
 ISSUE 47                                                                                                                PAGE 6

                       MONDAY                 TUESDAY               WEDNESDAY                THURSDAY                 FRIDAY

 MAIN COURSE         Sweet ‘N’ Sour           Cottage Pie          Pasta in a Tomato     Minted Lamb Steaks          Gammon
                     Chicken Breasts      Minced Beef Topped                                Minted Gravy        Dauphinoise Potatoes
                                                                   Cod & Prawns in a
                          Rice           With Creamed Potato                                New Potatoes                Peas
                                                                     Cheese Sauce
                       Sweetcorn             Fresh Carrots                                  Fresh Cabbage         Baked Potatoes
                                                                   Fresh Green Beans
                     Baked Potatoes         Baked Potatoes                                 Baked Potatoes
                                                                    Baked Potatoes

  VEGETARIAN       Tomato & Courgette     Cauliflower Cheese     Parsnip, Leek & Swede   Mushroom Stroganoff    Red Onion & Goats’
                         Gratin                                          Champ                  Rice               Cheese Tart

 SALAD CHOICE          Sliced Beef        Prawn in Marie Rose         Sliced Ham                Salami              Corned Beef
                           Or                      Or                       Or                    Or                     Or
                   Cheese & Pineapple       Egg Mayonnaise         French Stick with        Onion Bharjis            Sliced Egg
                                                                    Cream Cheese

 FRESH CHOICE      Selection of Salads     Selection of Salads     Selection of Salads    Selection of Salads    Selection of Salads

    DESSERT          Ginger Sponge       Strawberry Cheesecake     Treacle Roly Poly &   Oaty Apple Crumble       Victoria Creamed
                                                                        Custard               & Custard                Sponge
                       & Custard                Yoghurt
                                                                        Yoghurt                Yoghurt                Yoghurt
                        Yoghurt                Fresh Fruit
                                                                       Fresh Fruit            Fresh Fruit            Fresh Fruit
                       Fresh Fruit         Cheese & Biscuits
                                                                   Cheese & Biscuits       Cheese & Biscuits      Cheese & Biscuits
                    Cheese & Biscuits

Weekly Diary for january
   DATE & TIME                                                           EVENT

Monday 11th         Ballet Club Begins
Tuesday 12th
11.00 am—5.00 pm    ‘Bedfordia’ Cross Country Championships at Lincroft School, Bedford (1.00 pm start)
Wednesday 13th
2.15 pm             1st XI Boys’ Hockey v Oakham (H)
2.30 pm             Colts A, U10A&B Soccer v The Grove (H)
2.45 pm             3rd XI Boys’ Hockey v Oakham (A)
3.00 pm             1st VII, 2nd VII, 3rd VII, U12A&B Netball v Trent (A)
3.15 pm             2nd XI Boys’ Hockey v Oakham (H)
Thursday 14th
9.00 am—5.00 pm     Year 6 Art Study Visit to Ashmoleam Museum, Oxford
Friday 15th
Saturday 16th       Northamptonshire Cross Country Championships
10.30 am            1st VII & 2nd VII Boys; Hockey v Bedford Modern (H)
                    Colts A IX, B IX Soccer v Bedford Modern (A)
1.30 pm             U11A&B, U10A&B Netball v Stamford Junior School (A)

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