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                                                              Hello dear family & friends,
                                                              Sorry that it’s been such a long time since we’ve send out a
                                                              newsletter, but finally, here it is!
                                                              First of all, for those that don’t know us yet, we’re the Punt
                                                              Family!!! We felt the call to come to Düsseldorf, Germany in
                                                              July of 2007. And moved our family of five to Monheim am
                                                              Rhein, a suburb of Düsseldorf. Two of our three children had
                                                              to start school in German after a month of living in Germany
                                                              in a language, they didn’t speak!!! Because of the different
                                                              school system between England and Germany both of them
                                                              were brought forward one year and, to this day, they are still
                                                              the youngest in their classes, but are doing amazingly well.
                                                              Giovanna (9) will be starting Gymnasium next year and
    Our new Church facility & recovery home in Garath.        Janiro (8), will be starting year 4. Jazzlèna (5) will hopefully
                                                              start year 1 next year and then we have our new arrival
                                                              coming anywhere between the end of February and begin-
                                                              ning of March.
  We wish you a                                               This last year has been a year learning more about the grace
  mery Christmas                                              and faithfulness of God, both in our own personal lives as well
  and a great 2010!                                           as in the lives of those around us! We’ve had many different
                                                              events, among which singer Ni-cola, from Manchester (UK),
  “The best is yet to come!”                                  in concert in the Düsseldorf Arcaden.

                                                     Outreach in Eastern Europe
                                                     But it weren’t just events that kept us busy; we also had some
                                                     invasions into Eastern Europe. We partnered with some churches in
                                                      Hello dear friends,
                                                     the Czech Republic for a Euro Fire Conference and had an invasion in
                                                     Poland from the 16th till the 19th of March, this year. Our contacts to the
                                                     church in the Czech Republic came from the time we were still serving
                                                     in London, England, but the contacts with Poland came as a direct
                                                                     Testimony been established
                                                                    This is a has of gdsjkjdhd here in Düsseldorf,
                                                     result from the work that little update
                                                     Germany. Back in January of 2008 we received a phone call from a
                                                     mother in distress, because her 22 year old son was addicted to heroin
                                                     and all sorts of other drugs. He had been in and out of prison and
                                                     institutions from the age of 15. She had heard about our ministry from
                                                     a friend in San Diego, California and was wondering if we would help
                                                     her son. Three weeks later they had a family friend drive him down from
                                                     Poland to our home and start our program. Eighteen months later, it is
                                                     an absolute blessing and privilege to see how he’s, not only come off
                                                     of drugs, but is re-entering college to get qualified in working with youth
Praying for a Polish “Treasure out of Darkness”      that are going down the road he is so familiar with himself.

  Contact details:                                   Another young individual that God has brought our way is Svenja, a 21 year
                                                     old young woman, who came from a broken home. With a mentally ill father
  New Church location:
                                                     and an emotionally unstable mother, her and her younger brother ended up
  Carl-Severingstr. 4                                in and out of foster care all throughout their young lives. Until, when Svenja
  40595 Düsseldorf                                   had reached the sensitive age of 13 her mother permanently gave up, and
  Every Sunday 14:00 Uhr                             she was placed in foster care, where she was not really able to settle, not
                                                     even when her younger brother joined her there 5 years later. She was
  Homepage:                                          failing her Abitur, had extreme low self-esteem, tried desperately to fit in and
  Church: VictoryOutreachDü               be liked or accepted and battled all sorts of social and emotional difficulties.
  Recovery Home:                             But God, with His all accepting love and His far reaching grace, grabbed a
                                                     hold of her heart and took her under His wings. She began this amazing
  Bankverbindung:                                    journey with her Lord, finished her Abitur, took a year
  Victory Outreach Düsseldorf e.V.                   out to focus on allowing Him to mould and mature
  Bank: Stadtsparkasse Düsseldorf                    her, through personal devotion, prayer, work
  Konto: 1005099930
  BLZ: 30050110                                      experience and evangelizing the hurting people in
  IBAN: DE93300501101005099930                       this city and beyond. Svenja is ‘the servant of all’,
  BIC: DUSSDEDD                                      whether it is bringing the drug addicted prostitute a hot
                                                     chocolate at 2 in the morning or getting to church early
                                                     to help set up, whether it is smiling at a young girl her
                                                     age, sitting in the bus, staring emptily ahead, or having
                                                     a laugh, while playing games at home with her ‘new          Svenja
                                                     found’ family,Svenja’s heart yearns to please God.

Prayer Points:                                       Evangelism: Twilight Treasures & Yogi Bär
                                                      We have a ministry called Twilight Treasures, which brings us to the
- New man in rehab                                   Charlottenstraße and Bahndamm in the early hours of the morning, where
                                                     we share personal testimonies as well as, give out a hot drink in the freezing
- Minivan for menshome                               winter or a special treat for Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day or Christmas. But
                                                     our evangelism isn’t limited to drug addicts and their families, we believe
- Smooth moving for church and                       that God’s message is for everyone, young and old, across every cultural
personally                                           barrier or social background. This brings me to the partnership with Yogi
                                                     Bär. The awesome experience of having Muslim, African and German
                                                     children come together to sing, dance, act and pray to the our Lord about
- God’s favour in new building                       problems in school, exams and sick friends or family members. We have

                                               Hello dear friends,
                                         New church facility from January 2010
                                         Also in January 2010 we will be moving into a new church facility. God is so faithful. It is
                                         with excitement and anticipation that we look forward to the move, which we believe will
                                                               Testimony of gdsjkjdhd
                                                              This is a little update
                                         not just be a geographical move, but also a spiritual one. This move enables us to
                                         expand our work, because not only is the facility bigger, it also has apartments we will be
                                         moving into and the opportunity to have events all in one place. It will also give us our
                                         own office space to work from and we are just immensely grateful that God has opened
                                         these doors for us.
                                         Again, we are just excited about everything God has in store for this city and want to be
                                         an active part of the move of God in Nordrhein-Westfalen, Eastern Europe and through-
                                         out the ends of the earth.
                                         God Bless You,

   Gertjan & Cindy Punt                  Gertjan & Cindy Punt

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