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Official Newsletter by xyd75631


									               The Deewhy Surfer
Issue 97 2009 Season                                                                               January 2010

                                                          By now our patrolling members and competitors
 Dates for your Diary                                     should have finished battling through the much loved
                                                          proficiencies. This season it took our instructors
 JANUARY 11                                               nearly 150 hours to ensure members remained
 Bronze Medallion Course                                  proficient. I must thank Kaz who endured nearly
                                                          every hour, and the training team for ensuring our
                                                          members are kept up to date with the latest in
 FEBRUARY 6                                               lifesaving and rescue techniques.
 Social Get-together
                                                          On the social side, the annual Christmas Plum
                                                          Pudding dig was a success - 12 puddings buried and
                                                          12 found. Next Christmas I won’t let Steve Haggett
                                                          bury them quite so deep. The annual President's
                                                          Shout at the bar proved very popular again. Maz has
From the President’s Laptop
                                                          set a social calendar and members can book for
With Adrienne Lowe
                                                          upcoming events on line

Welcome to the New Year. For those that managed
to sneak in a short break, I hope all went well. For
those who patrolled over the holiday period, thank
you. The holiday season usually provides hordes of
visitors to DY beach and unfortunately a sprinkling of
rescues and first aid cases. On Sunday, January 3
we estimated 9,000 beachgoers. Whilst there were
no major incidents in the morning, the afternoon
patrol dealt with a serious fin chop and a two year old
child collapsed over at the pool. On January 10,
patrol attended a spinal incident.
Our Junior members continue to shine, many of the       Criteria shall be outstanding service over a period of
programs implemented last season are already            10 years.
seeing results. In the Branch Junior Lifesaver of the
Year Competition, Andras and Madison won a High         Distinguished Service - To be given to members of
Commendation Award. Dee Why Nippers are not only        the Club who have rendered distinguished service.
attending carnivals in record numbers, they are         Criteria shall be distinguished service over a period of
gaining places in finals and receiving medals. Thank    15 years.
you to Matt Molinia, Rob Stephens, coaches and age
managers.                                               Once again your Club has succeeded in fulfilling all
                                                        the SLS NSW administration requirements within the
Thank you to those that assisted with the last round    specified time. Thank you to Allen Lakeman, Sam
of Ocean Thunder. The DYSLSC team won several           Skinner, Sue Cheney, Dave Lang and the Club
races and are looking strong for the next round.        Executive for ensuring the following information was
                                                        collated and sent to State centre.

                                                        *      Full set of audited financial statements

                                                        *      A hard copy of the Annual Report

                                                        *      A signed Affiliation Form

                                                        *      Completed and endorsed Life saving service

                                                        *      Contact details for Club office bearers

                                                        *      Club Life saving equipment information
Behind the scenes

                                                        We received a cheque from SLS NSW for $6,800 for
Nominations for Club service awards and Life
                                                        being compliant.
Membership are due mid February. Do you know of
any member who deserves special recognition?                                                                 th
                                                        The Club is now only two years away from our 100
Please email the Club secretary on
                                                        Anniversary. Do you have family or friends who have
                                                        stories that could included in our Anniversary book?
                                                        Let the Club know by sending an email to
There are three levels of service awards.      During the 2012/13 season,
                                                        your Club will celebrate monthly with a historical
Prominent Service - To be given to members of the       exhibition, Centenary Ball, Branch Championships,
Club, non-member individuals and families who have      book launch, time capsule, and more. Therefore we
rendered prominent service. Criteria shall be           are now looking for photos, old equipment,
prominent service over a period of 5 years.             certificates, awards, anything related to the history of
                                                        the Club. So, start looking in the cupboards, garage,
Outstanding Service - To be given to members of         anywhere for items of Club interest. The Anniversary
the Club who have rendered outstanding service.         Sub-Committee meets on the first Sunday of each
month at 10am in the Betty Barry Room; all members        Looking ahead
are welcome to come along.
Next meeting: February 7.                                 The competition season is in full swing with the big
                                                          carnivals coming up in the next few months. Please
Branch has completed one inspection on our                let Phil - our Competition Manager - know if you’re
patrols… only 4 to go. Patrols are reminded to ensure     interested in competing.
the correct uniform is worn when patrolling. Barnsey
has a stash of replacement gear for those who have        The training department have produced a calendar of
worn through (or lost) important items including patrol   upcoming courses. A list is posted on the first aid
caps.                                                     window, the training board, and on our web site
What’s new?
                                                          On Australia Day, there will be a breakfast at DY
The Club has just purchased 5 new patrol radios.          beach. Highlights this year to include a Nipper display
Thank you to our radio officer Ross for sourcing the      of skills. A March Past demonstration will be held in
gear and ensuring they comply with SLSA                   conjunction with the Orange Nippers, Long Reef
regulations. For security reasons, the radios will not    SLSC and the Nth Curly SLSC, be sure to come
be stored at the Club.                                    down and cheer us on. There will be a touch pool
                                                          courtesy of the DYSLSC and Ocean World Manly,
Due to the record number of competitors in the First      Ivor has already volunteered to protect the creatures.
Aid arena, we have bought two additional first aid        The annual Manly Warringah Dash for Cash is on
kits.                                                     again. This year I’ve added a few more senior races.
                                                          Free breakfast for all Club members who assist
Since the last newsletter the Club has picked up          Council with the morning’s proceedings.
three new sponsors, Dee Why Grand, Aquanaut and
Oporto. Keep an eye on future editions of the
Deewhy Surfer for further information.
A new Bronze course has just started. Not quite the
record numbers of the last squad, but still a healthy
team of new members keen to learn the ropes and
join our patrols.

Two new electronic notice boards are up and running.
Many thanks to Matt Molinia for their design,
construction and placement. I’m particularly
impressed with the royal blue cases. The notice
boards advertise upcoming courses, social events,
interesting Club information and advertisements for
sponsors. Anybody who wishes to advertise their
business or products can do so for $250 a year.
Please contact the Club Secretary
Training & Education Awards
With Kaz Marks
                                                          Attention ALL members:
                                                          Sunday Morning Club Events
Please find below a list of courses coming up for your
information. If you wish to attend any of the courses     10.30am after Nippers
please book in with me so I can organise numbers
                                                          o Club water and beach events open for all
please. Please don't hesitate to contact me if you
                                                          members, cadets (U15) through to masters (30+)
have any questions.
                                                          o Open to all new members currently undertaking
Advanced Resuscitation Course                             their SRC and Bronze awards
(2 sessions plus exam)
                                                          o Opportunity for new and existing members to
Sunday – February 7
                                                          improve their fitness and skills
Sunday – February 14
First Aid Course                                          o Handicapped, fun competition that will improve
(2 evenings)                                              your skills on the sand and in the water.
Tuesday – February 2                                      Contact either:
Thursday – February 4
                                                          Gary Yabsley
$55 for members of Dee Why Surf Life Saving Club
non members to enquire at         Phil Thomas

Bronze Medallion Course
(9 weeks conditions allowing)
Monday – January 11 - Induction Night at 6.30pm
                                                         Marketing & Sponsorship
Course will run:                                         With Steve Haggett
Monday evenings 6.30 - 8.30pm
Saturday mornings 10.00am - 12noon                       It has been very busy on the Marketing side of the
                                                         club, with a number of new and old sponsors coming
Radio Officers Certificate
                                                         on board. I would like to thank all members who
 (1 evening)
                                                         assist in attaining sponsorship for the Club, in
To be held at Surfcom
                                                         particular – Steve Scott, Phil Thomas, Marty Quinn,
Date to be advised
                                                         Peter Hatfield and the Executive.
Spinal Management Course
Monday – February 8                                      Neville Millar from Balmain Commercial, Property
Defibrillation Course                                    Finance is assisting with the Australian Titles touring
(4 hours)                                                costs. Our BBM Junior Development Camp is on
Date to be advised                                       again. Thanks to BBM (formerly Big Brother
IRB Crew Person Award                                    Movement). Dee Why Grand sponsorship will be
Date to be advised                                       assisting with providing vital Life Saving equipment
                                                         on Dee Why Beach. Aquanaut is sponsoring our Surf
                                                         Boat Section over the next 2 years, in particular with
                                                         our involvement in the Ocean Thunder Series.
                                                          providing a valued surf Life Saving service to the Dee
                                                          Why community and general public.

                                                          Red and Yellow Pages

                                                          Welcome to the Red and Yellow Pages, the online
                                                          business directory operated by Surf Life Saving
                                                          Sydney Northern Beaches.

                                                          If you are a business owner you can take advantage
                                                          of the extensive network of the surf life saving
                                                          community and market your business to your
                                                          colleagues in a very cost effective way.

                                                          List your business for $100 including GST for 12
                                                          months. If you have multiple businesses or want to
                                                          list under several categories like Plumber, Hot Water
                                                          Service etc. you can take out multiple entries. All
                                                          entries are listed alphabetically by business name.
                                                          Your entry will show your name, your Club, your
Other developments in support of the Club, Dee Why        Business name and your contact details.
Oporto Chicken & Burgers are taking donations on
behalf of the Club over the Summer holidays.              If you are a member looking for trades or services,
                                                          use the Red and Yellow Pages to find a "trusted"
                                                          business to look after you. Only the businesses of
                                                          current Surf Life Savers can be listed in this directory
                                                          so why not support a fellow club member. All of the
                                                          proceeds from this directory go back into Surf Life

                                                          Please contact SLS SNB for further details

                                                          Dee Why RSL Membership

The Club electronic notice board is up and running        Dee Why RSL is our major sponsor and we
with a number of our local businesses having the          encourage all members to join the Dee Why RSL.
opportunity to display their support to the Club.         Would all new and old surf club members advise me
                                                          of your membership number. I thank all our members
Without the support of all our sponsors, it would be      who regularly support the RSL and all those
difficult to maintain the principal aims and objectives   members who have attended the Cash Housie on
of our Club, in particular our core business by           behalf of our Club.
Junior Report                                             I would like to thank all those who assisted in getting
                                                          the equiptment to and from the carnival, organised
With Matthew Molinia
                                                          entries and competitors into their events and helped
                                                          make the carnival an enjoyable event for all nippers
Christmas is over and after a short break we were         who participated.
staright back into it with the Long Reef Challenge on
January 10. Being Christmas holidays, attendance          In addition to the carnival, was the anouncement of
was down a little but everyone had a great day.           Junior Lifesaver of the Year for the SNB Branch. Dee
One of our nippers - Andras Eglesz, along with            Why had entered Maddi Wyllie and Andras Eglesz as
Connor Wyllie in the cadets - competed in a carnival      our representitives.
in Wanda. Andras came first place in the U15 flags
with Connor coming second. An excellent effort by
both boys, especially Andras competing up and age

Narrabeen Carnival was held on Sunday, January 17.
Dee Why were represented by more than 40 nippers.
There were somewhat difficult conditions with the
local Narrabeen shore dump knocking many of the
U9 and U10 competitors off their boards along with
the occasional water safety person along with an
inconvenient shark alarm mid way through the
carnival. This brought water events to a grinding halt
for a short time which made for an interesting carnival
experience for all involved. Some great results were
                                                          Both are excellent competitors and ambassadors for
achieved with Hugo Pearson placing 2 in the Flags
                                                          the club. Both have been with the club since U6’s in
and 5 in the Beach Sprint. Jacob Winston managed
                                                          nippers and contribute a great deal back to the club
a 5 in the U10 Beach Sprint. Our U12 boys
                                                          as mentors to the younger nippers and in assisting
performed well on the boards with a 2 in the Board
                                                          with water safety and the Junior development camp.
Rescue and 6 in the Board Relay. Kata Eglesz
                                                          Both our candidates did an excellent job representing
managed a 2 in both the Flags and Beach Sprint
                                                          themselves and their club and both received High
and our girls Board Rescure team got a 6 . Once
                                                          Commendations and just missed out on the award on
again our U14 competitors stepped up and achieved
                                                          a countback to the Manly candidates. An excellent
excellent results, Andras on the beach taking first in
                                                          effort by Maddie and Andras and both should be very
both the Beach Sprint and the Flags. Maddi Wyllie in
                   nd                   rd
                                                          proud of their achievements.
the water with a 2 on the Board and 3 in the Iron
Person. Paige Wiseman across both diciplines with a
  th                        th
                                                          Next weekend we look forward to the Orange nippers
4 on the Board and 6 in the Flags. Also Maddi and
                                                          coming down for the Junior Development Camp and
Paige achieved a 2 in the Board Rescue. As a
                                                          also participating in the Australia Day celebrations.
team, Dee Why got 6 in the All Age Board Relay and
                                                          There will be a nippers' exhibition including Dee Why,
as a club we were 11 .
                                                          Orange and Long Reef which is usually fun for the
nippers and all those spectating. Hope to see you all   will mean quicker repairs. I am also providing a lower
there.                                                  mirror for the vertically challenged amongst us.

Board & Ski
With Peter Hatfield

Firstly I would like to wish all our competitors
good luck in the upcoming Manly and Freshwater
carnivals. Represent your club with pride and
support your fellow competitors,it's not only those
who come home with medals who are the winners!
Scott Jones has been fine tuning our team and his
three training sessions a week are a must for people
who want to improve.

East Coast Masters was well attended with 17 Dee        Around the Club
Why Master competitors showing their skills. The
depth of our Club was displayed in the Taplin where
                                                        Welcome to the New Year!! Although we have a busy
we fielded four teams over two age groups - a feat
                                                        schedule ahead of us - here is what we have planned
unequalled by other clubs. Plenty of Silver and
                                                        on the social side of things:
Bronze medals were shared about the team - the
Gold just out of reach this time .
                                                        Saturday – February 6
                                                        Social get-together
                                                        Dee Why RSL Club in the Flames Lounge

                                                        Saturday – April 10
                                                        Italian Night
                                                        $10 p/head
                                                        Featuring celebrity chefs and 'bear foot'
                                                        bocce (Italian style)!!!

                                                        Friday – May 28
                                                        SNB Branch 'MOC' Awards Night
                                                        Saturday – June 5
Shortly in the Board & Ski area there will be a white
                                                        Presentation Night - Swan Lounge
board to record any damage to craft in more detail.
Your assistance in recording the correct information
Chalk the dates in and don't forget to book. RSVP is
not only a courtesy, it helps us to organise the
function catering and numbers.
Bookings or enquiries can be made via our social
address: or by ringing MAZ on 0427

REMINDER > > > > > > >

Board training for Nippers is back on
again – Mondays at Narrabeen Lake.
Be there 5.45pm for a 6pm start.
  The Dee Why Surf Club wishes to
acknowledge and thank the following

                    SeaChange Café

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