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					             Winter Newsletter 2009 Edition 7

         Carers Training and Information news
                  Wigan and Leigh Crossroads
                  Unit 10 St Helens Technology Centre
                  Waterside Court
                  St Helens
                  WA9 1UA

                                          A Volunteers Story

 My name is Ron Harrison I am a 56 year semi retired HGV Driver, since leaving school I
 have worked both long and unsocial hours delivering a wide variety of goods all across
   the UK. I am now semi retired and find myself with spare time on my hands; this is
                          certainly a new experience for me.

  My new status of semi retired afforded me the opportunity to sit back and contemplate
            what I wanted to do with my new found spare time and freedom.

                  The answer to this contemplation was VOLUNTEERING.

  I volunteer for 2 local organisations one of which is Crossroads Wigan and Leigh, I can
  often be found washing up after buffet lunches, I attend information stands and engage
  with local carers explaining who Crossroads Wigan and Leigh are and what they offer, I
 also act as photographer when there is a need to take photographs at a particular event.

 I started volunteering as I felt this was a good way to get to meet new people, whilst also
  helping to support local charities. The benefits to myself by becoming a volunteer have
been extremely rewarding, I feel I have made many new friends and acquaintances, I have
   personally gained in knowledge and now understand the problems and barriers carers
face on a daily basis. My volunteering experience has given me a different outlook on life
and I would recommend volunteering to anyone who is in the fortunate position of having
                               some spare time on their hands.

Semi retirement is nice but can also take some getting
used to; I must admit I felt rather isolated and there’s
only so much morning TV anyone can take!

Volunteering has certainly enhanced my personal well
being and I look forward to the days when I’m ‘on duty’.

As a volunteer I receive regular support and supervision
along with any training I may need to fulfil my role.
                                  Ron Harrison - Volunteer

                                    General information
                       from the Pension, Disability and Carers Service

Manchester Disability Benefits Centre is part of the Pension, Disability & Carers Service: we award
and administer benefits for people with disabilities, illnesses or health conditions that lead to increased
care, mobility and/or supervision needs.

Attendance Allowance [AA] for people aged over 65 on the day they apply and Disability Living Allow-
ance [DLA] for all others, including children and infants. Our geographical coverage encompasses
much of the North West of England. We also carry information and claim forms for Carer’s Allowance
[CA], which can be paid to people who look after someone in receipt of DAA or certain elements of

DLA & AA can be considered for any illness, disability or condition, either physical or non-physical,
based on extra needs with personal care, supervision and/or mobility. They are non-contributory -
which means that you do not have to pay anything into a scheme in order to claim. Income and sav-
ings are totally disregarded: we award solely on the basis of need.

You do not have to be in receipt of other state benefits in order to apply for DLA or AA. As they are not
means-tested, people in training or employment are considered in exactly the same way as those on a
reduced or benefit income. Both DLA and AA are tax-free and do not impact unfavourably on other in-
come or benefits. If you qualify for higher rate mobility, you can either take the benefit as a cash award
or choose to join the Motability scheme - where you can take a vehicle or motorised wheelchair.

If you or someone you care for wants to know more about our benefits, please contact my office on the
numbers shown below. Situated in Manchester, we cover an area that runs from Buxton to Clitheroe
and from Warrington to Oldham.

Ross Percival,
Customer Service Manager, Manchester Disability Benefits Centre, PO Box 32
Preston, PR11 2BB


    We almost have enough names on our database to arrange the training listed below, we
    just need to obtain a few more names to enable this training to be arranged. If you are
    interested in any of the training listed please ring Pauline on 01744 612929 and give her
    your details.

    1.    Confidence Building
    2.    Manual Handling
    3.    Rosemary Connelly Information Day
    4.    Computers Made Easy
    5.    Sexual Awareness for parents of children with autism
    6.    Digital Photography
    7.    Family Tree
    8.    Manual Handling
    9.    Reiki
    10.   Stress Management
    11.   Mental Capacity Act & Mental Health Act

                Crossroads Word Search Competition
 Prize is a Braun Epilator—Kindly donated by Proctor and Gamble
 If you’re an unpaid Carer you are eligible to enter our Word Search, entries need to be posted to
our office, (address details are on the back page of the newsletter) the deadline for entries is Friday
                 11 December when a winning entry will be drawn. Good Luck




Contact telephone number:________________________________

Would you like to receive future copies of our newsletter? Yes         No

Please Note: Your details will not be passed to any other organisation/company, they will
only be held by Crossroads Wigan and Leigh for the purpose of the Newsletter.
   O   C    R   A    C    K    E    R    S    R    W    T    Y    U    I

   P   A    D   F    G    H    J    K    T    Y    S    E    A    B    X
   B   W    I   B    W    E    R    T    O    U    L    J    L    R    V

   A   G    E   V    M    N    M    E    C    B    L    N    T    O    P

   S   W    G   T    Y    H    E    A    K    S    E    H    E    J    R

   M   Y    E   K    R    U    T    B    I    E    B    Y    N    E    E      Words to find:
                                                                              IVY, HOLLY, SANTA,
   N   E    P   E    Y    G    E    N    N    I    E    H    I    D    S      JINGLE BELLS,
                                                                              FESTIVE, CRACKERS,
   G   A    R   L    R    H    U    M    G    P    L    G    W    P    E
   I   Y    L   A    E    I    J    R    T    E    G    T    D    O    N      MULLED WINE,
                                                                              MINCE PIES,
   R   O    E   S    D    V    E    T    G    C    N    R    E    I    T      TURKEY,
   H   B    F   D    W    E    I    Y    E    N    I    E    L    U    S

   Y   N    S   F    Y    R    T    T    R    I    J    E    L    Y    F

   T   M    A   G    T    Y    T    E    S    M    R    D    U    T    C

   A   T    N   A    S    B    H    R    E    E    F    C    M    R    Y

   I   N    M   L    R    E    T    Y    U    I    F    D    F    G    T

                     Congratulations to the winner of our last word search
                      Anne Speers from Leigh, who won a
                          Dolce & Gabbana Gift Set

                                              Accredited Challenging Behaviour
                                         We have held an accredited course for
                                         challenging behaviour which was held
                                          at St. Peters Pavilion at Hindley. The
                                              training was facilitated by Beaulah
                                          Gowen the senior training officer for
                                              CVS, 9 Carers who completed the
 course have been successful in gaining their certificates—well done everyone

                               Make up Application

                        We have held two sessions on
                       make up application, which have
                       proved to be very enjoyable and
                        informative. The photographs
                        show two ladies being models
                            for the demonstration.

                            Thank you to Anna - May
                        for taking the class and provid-
                       ing us all with useful tips on how
                               to look glamorous!

First Aid at Work Course             We have had a class of 10 carers who have
                                   taken their first aid at work exam. All 10 carers
                                   passed are now fully qualified first Aiders. The
                                     course was enjoyed by everyone and since
                                   gaining their first aid certificates this group of
                                   carer have advanced further and all taken their
                                                 paediatric first aid exam.
                                                Well done to everyone!
                                   If anyone is interested in this particular type of
                                    training please contact Pauline 01744 612929

                                Future Planned & Scheduled Training.

Stress Management Intermediate     Jan 2010                   Venue to be confirmed      Buffet Lunch
                                   4 x Wednesday
                                   Dates TBC

Primary First Aid for young        13 January 2010 TBC        Venue TBC

Primary First Aid for young        January 2010 TBC           Venue TBC

Sexual Awareness Training for      Date to be confirmed       Venue to be confirmed
parents of children with Autism

Rosemary Connelly                  Date to be confirmed       Venue to be confirmed
Information Day

Carers Educational Support         Date to be confirmed       Venue to be confirmed
Package (Mental Health)

                              Cinderella                                          Inspirational Words

          Since our last newsletter in which we
        advertised the theatre trip to see Cinder-                       Blessed is he who has
         ella at the Royal Albert Halls in Bolton,                     learned to laugh at himself
        we can now confirm that we had a huge                          for he shall never cease to
         response and the trip to the theatre is                             be entertained
         now fully booked up. The trip is on the
        18th December and the coach will leave                               John Boswell
        Hindley Market Square at 5.45pm sharp                         —————————————-
                 for the 7pm performance.                             Kindness in words creates
                                                                        confidence, kindness in
         Lynda and Pauline are looking forward                        thinking creates profound-
            to the night, and hope everyone is                         ness, kindness in giving
          practising for the customary audience                               creates love
           participation shouts of ‘he’s behind
                         you’……...                                         Leo Tse

                       Job Vacancy                                        I hope I shall possess
                                                                      firmness and virtue enough
     The position of Publicity & Development                          to maintain what I consider
     Worker on the BLF project is still vacant.                          the most enviable of all
                                                                        titles, the character of an
     The post is 30 hours a week.
                                                                                honest man.
     If you are interested or know someone who
     may be, application forms, job spec and                               George Washington
     description can be obtained by ringing
     Pauline on 01744 612929

                        Volunteer Opportunities
Crossroads Wigan & Leigh have several volunteer opportunities for individuals with caring ex-
perience. We are currently looking for volunteers who would be willing to support carers in ac-
cessing training, accompanying carers to training, supporting tutors who provide training,
supporting staff, volunteers and carers at various events. We are looking for volunteers who
will understand the carers needs, empathise and encourage carers to take a break and do
something for themselves. The aim of this project is to promote learning for equality and inclu-
sion for carers and by volunteering you can help us reach our goal.

     We offer:
    Volunteering opportunities in your local area
    Out of pocket expenses
    Training
    Supervision
    The opportunity to build on existing skills and social network
    The opportunity to make new friendships

     We ask:
    You to set the days and times you wish to volunteer
    You to inform us (with notice where possible) if you are unable to attend for any reason
    That you share your skills and experience with other carers and staff
    That you enjoy your role and feel valued as a volunteer

If you would like further details please ring for an informal chat :

Pauline: 01744 612929
Lynda: 07973257332

Or forward the slip below for information and an application form:
Please forward me information/application pack for volunteering



Postcode____________________________Tel No_______________________________

Please post to:

Crossroads Wigan & Leigh
Tudor House Community Centre, 8 Liverpool Road, Hindley, Wigan, WN2 3HD

                 Empower yourself, volunteer and help to empower others

                                        FREE TRAINING
If you are an unpaid carer and would like to access Free Training please let us know. The training can be ac-
credited, vocational or non vocational. Crossroads Wigan & Leigh offers a wide range of training opportunities
some examples are given below. However, if the type of training you would like to access is not listed please fill
in the section for non listed training and we will see if we can arrange this for you. When we have enough names
for a particular type of training we will arrange it and contact you with the details.

Examples of training available:

Alternative Therapies:
      Meditation                                                             Non Listed Training
      Nail Art                                                     Please tick to indicate any training you
                                                                   are interested in and return the form to
                                                                   Crossroads Wigan & Leigh (address can
Non Vocational:                                                    be found on the back page of the news-
     Computers Made Easy                                           letter.)
     Card Making
     Presentation Skills                                           If there are any types of training you
     Researching your Family Tree                                  would be interested in which are not
                                                                   listed please let us know:
     Jewellery Making
                                                                   Types of training I would like are:
     First Aid                                                     1,______________________________
     Health & Safety
     Food Hygiene
     Confidence Building                                           3,______________________________
     Manual Handling
      Wills & Trust
      Welfare Benefits



Postcode:………………………………………..Tel No:……………………………………………………………………..

Would you like to receive regular copies of our newsletter?               Yes              No

Our newsletters is produced quarterly if you have any information you think would benefit any
other carers please let us know and if we have space in our newsletter we include it.

Please note: your details will not be passed to any other organisations or companies

     “No one cares how much you know, until they know how
                        much you care”
                         Don Swartz

                                                           Registered Charity Number: 282102

                                             We do hope you have enjoyed our 7th edition newsletter,
                                             if you have any information you think would be of value to
                                            other Carers please let us know let us know and if we have
                                            space in our next newsletter we will endeavour to include it.

Our Contact Details:

Crossroads Wigan and Leigh
Tudor House Community Centre
8 Liverpool Road

Lynda Harrison - Training & Liaison Coordinator
Mob: 07973257332                                            Lynda & Pauline would like to take this
                                                            opportunity to wish everyone all the very
                                                            best for Christmas and the forthcoming
Pauline Middlehurst - Project Administrator                                New Year
Tel: 01744 612929


                       “Learning for Equality & Inclusion for Carers”

   Christmas will soon be here , many of us enter the new year with self made promises of
                 better diet, exercise and all the usual new years resolutions,
                               with this in mind…………………….

                Would you be interested in a Rosemary Connolly Information Day?

        Would you be interested in learning how healthy diet, nutrition and exercise can
                compliment your personal wellbeing and that of your family?

     We are now taking names for a Rosemary Connolly day, if you are interested please
                     contact Pauline on 01744 612929 with your details.