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									NEC Newsletter – Winter 2009


The NEC met in November for their quarterly meeting and annual strategy weekend.
Here are some of the issues discussed:-


The NEC now has a rules working party, chaired by Barbara Hawkins (North East). Other
members are Richard Bickle (West Midlands); Bob Harber (South East) and John Wiseman
(OMOV). The working party met for the first time during the strategy weekend. Their
remit is to:-
    Examine how the rules of the Party could be made easier to understand
    Propose amendments to ensure that our rules remain fit for purpose

The working party will report back to the next meeting of the NEC, in March, and aims to
circulate any rule changes that are proposed with the preliminary agenda for Annual

The current rules can be found in the Handbook in the Party Support Section of the
website. If you have views on how they could be improved, you can contact the working
party c/o Karen Wilkie.

Annual Conference 2009

The NEC discussed the resolutions passed at annual conference and the motions that
were remitted. You can find the full text of these on the website. Robbie Erbmann,
Policy Officer, will contact the movers of the motions to update them on their progress.

There was also a discussion on how to make future Annual Conferences even better.
Local Parties, and recent delegates, will be asked how it can be improved to make it an
event that:-

       Develops new policy and new ways to get it put into practice
       Brings together new and old members to socialise and exchange ideas
       Informs and educates activists
       Attracts visitors to the conference and new members to the Party
       Acts as a showpiece for the media
       Meets the Party’s strategic objectives (see below)

If you have ideas on Conference, send them in.

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NEC Newsletter – Winter 2009

Parliamentary and Government Relations

The NEC agreed the draft of the Code of Conduct for Parliamentary Candidates, which
has now gone to the Groups in Westminster, Scotland and Cardiff for their comments.

They also received an update on the progress of the Co-operative and Community Benefit
Societies & Credit Unions Bill, which Lord Tomlinson will re-introduce in the new session.

The launch of Friends of the Co-operative Ideal will be in February.

The progress of the campaign to re-mutualise Northern Rock was also reported.

At the AGM of the Parliamentary Group, Don Touhig MP was elected Chair, and David
Drew as Vice Chair.

In Scotland, Frank McAveety MSP has been elected Chair of the Parliamentary Group,
and Bill Butler MSP Vice Chair. The report included the work of the Co-operative MSP
Group and updates on Co-operative Development Scotland and the cross party group on

In Wales, the report featured Huw Lewis’s campaign for the leadership of Welsh Labour,
which focussed on co-operative ideas and was extremely successful in raising the profile
of the Co-operative Party in the Welsh media.

Campaigns and Communications

The Feelings Mutual campaign has featured in the Guardian, Daily Telegraph and The
Times, as well as Co-op News and numerous on-line media outlets. The NEC also
welcomed the Party’s higher profile at Labour Party Conference, which resulted in
seventy-six new members.

Co-operative Party Youth

The NEC received a report on the elections to the National Youth Committee. You can
find a full list on the website.

Co-operative Party Youth have combined meetings with campaigning activities, most
recently in the successful Glasgow North by-election.

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NEC Newsletter – Winter 2009

The meeting also discussed future funding for the NYC. Although most local parties have
contributed the voluntary youth levy, some still have not.


Following the NEC’s quarterly meeting was their annual strategy discussion. This looks at
the longer term direction of the Party and the progress on the strategic objectives agreed
in 2009:-

                                       To be recognised by all sectors of the
                                            co-operative movement as
                                        indispensible; to be protected and
   To influence public policy at        defended, politically and financially
             all levels

                                       To secure the election of effective co-
                                       operators to all levels of government
         To make the Party

And finally

The next meeting of the NEC will be in March. If you want to get in touch with your NEC
member, see the list below. Full contact details will available on the website shortly.

Gareth Thomas MP      London (Chair)
Jeanette Timmins      Scotland (Vice Chair)   Alun Michael MP         Wales
Steven Bayes          Co-operativesUK         Dave Pownall            North West
Richard Bickle        West Midlands           Stuart Ramsay           Co-operative Group
George Conchie        East                    Chanel Stevens          South West
David Drew MP         Westminster Group       Fay Tinnion             OMOV
Julian Evans          East Midlands           Don Touhig MP           Westminster Group
Revd. Paul Flowers    Yorks. & the Humber     Len Wardle              Co-operative Group
Barbara Hawkins       North East              John Wiseman            OMOV
Kiran Mahil           Youth                   Alun Michael MP         Wales

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