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                                       Wellness Center
DENVER, CO. 80225
(303) 236-6911

Members,                               January—March 2010
Thank you for the poinsettia plant
and generous gift.
                                       WELLNESS CENTER NEWS
I enjoy seeing you all at the Well-    As the chill of Winter sets in,      So take advantage of every-       molished.    Additionally, the
ness Center regularly and I am         the Wellness Center is excited       thing the Wellness Center has     DFEB (Denver Federal Execu-
                                       to bring you red hot programs        to offer, as I encourage you to   tive Board), WCC (Wellness
happy I can help you with your
                                       to keep you warm and in shape        try a new activity which will     Center Committee) and myself
fitness journey!
                                       for the New Year!                    help keep your workouts           are already working hard to
                                                                            FRESH!                            give the Wellness Center a new
Kiel                                   Take advantage of our return-                                          home on the Federal Center.
                                       ing Swing Dance class– it’s          On another note, the Wellness
                                       fun, a great workout, and you        Center is surrounded by con-      If you would like to be a part of
                                       can learn how to properly            struction projects. Please look   the decision making process for
                                       dance with a partner. Swing          for continuing updates on         the future of the Wellness Cen-
EXTRA EXTRA!                           Dance classes begin Monday,          street closures and parking lot   ter, the WCC welcomes any
 An outdoor basketball court is      February 1st at 4:30pm. Or,          closures affecting the Wellness   active member to participate
   located behind the Wellness         learn to defend yourself             Center, as construction will      on our committee. We meet 4
                                       through the Self Defense class.      continue around the Wellness      times a year and any commit-
 Basketballs and a soccer ball       Sensei, Ted Bechtal will teach       Center for an extended period     ment is appreciated.
   are located in the cabinet by the   you the art of Shun-Ryu style        of time. I will post closure
   front entrance                      Karate. Self Defense classes         updates under breaking news       Finally, I would like to wel-
                                       run most Wednesdays at               on the information board in the   come our new members, and
 Loaner towels are available
                                       5:15pm.                              hallway.                          thank our existing members for
 Hair ties are also available at                                                                            maintaining your dedication
   the front desk                      The Wellness Center also has a       The Wellness Center is also       and devotion to working out at
                                       variety of more traditional fit-     expected to be in the current     the WC.
 The lost and found is located in
   the cabinet by the front en-
                                       ness classes such as, Step Aero-     location for 5 to 10 years and
   trance                              bics, Fit Ball, Ski Conditioning,    by 2015-2020, the Wellness
                                       and Sit-B-Fit.                       Center will most likely be de-
 Bicycles are located in the shed
   outside the Wellness Center

                                       FIND THE RIGHT FIT
                                       Many beginning exercisers            stick with exercise when they     cise for you is whichever one
                                       make the mistake of letting a        choose an activity they like.     you will enjoy enough to stick
                                       personal trainer, fitness facility   There are literally dozens of     with.
                                       or some other influence choose       effective forms of exercise
                                       their primary form of exercise       (Dancing, walking, running,       A wise fitness expert once said,
                                       for them. Often, the result is a     ice skating, yoga, swimming,      “A great tip for getting fit is to
                                       poor fit. Studies have shown         basketball, bicycling- the list   find a physically active activity
                                       that people are more likely to       goes on. The best form of exer-   that you enjoy and do it over
                                                                                                              and over…”            Source: ative.com
WELLNESS CENTER NEWSLETTER                                                                                                             PAGE 2

Many members can benefit more from               low their legs are cramped, or so high             your heart will not be in the training
their workouts by improving form. Cer-           they have to pedal on tiptoes. To find the         zone.
tain mistakes are conspicuous, like              proper seat height, place one heel on a
clenching the bars of an elliptical machine      pedal and see that it is farthest extended
or stair climber, which lightens the load        when your leg is straight. When you
                                                                                                    THE STAIR CLIMBER
on the legs.                                     pedal with the balls of your feet, your
                                                 knees will bend slightly. If you choose to         Most often people make their steps too
Another mistake is not adjusting a bike          lean forward on your Spinning bike,                shallow. Engage as much muscle mass as
seat to the proper height, which makes it        avoid rounding your back.                          possible. Many also place only the ball of
so hard to generate power that the work-
                                                                                                    their foot on the step, which disrupts their
out becomes an exercise in frustration.
                                                                                                    balance. To lessen pressure on the lower
Less obvious blunders can be detrimental
                                                                                                    back, keep your canter of gravity over
too, and can raise the risk of injury or
                                                                                                    your hips.
make it difficult to get the most from a
machine.                                                                                            ROWING MACHINE

                                                                                                    Too many gymgoers collapse their shoul-
                                                                                                    ders, putting strain on the lower back.
Follow these tips for a safe and                                                                    Often that is because the machine’s resis-
                                                                                                    tance level is set too high. Many people
more effective workout:
                                                                                                    also use their arms too much. The legs
                                                                                                    should do most of the work. Begin row-
                                                                                                    ing by pushing with the legs and keeping
THE ELLIPTICAL TRAINER                                                                              your arms straight, and at the very end of
                                                    Do not try to read or talk on your cell
                                                                                                    the stroke, pull the arms to the chest. On
Do not sway your upper body from side                       phone while you run.
                                                                                                    the recovery, the arms go first.
to side. It is more efficient to keep your
body’s center of gravity in line with your
                                                 THE TREADMILL
spine. Swing your arms, or hold on to                                                               Source: New York Times
the bars just enough to keep your balance,       Position yourself in front of the television
and never grip the hand rails tightly.           you want to watch, rather than strain to
                                                 see a program on a set off to the side,
                                                 because that will pull your spine out of
THE STATIONARY BIKE                              alignment. Do not try to read or talk on
                                                 your cell phone while you run– it’s not
Indoor cyclists often have their seat so         only dangerous to do both at once, but

  1.   Try circuit training in the        routine will burn an addi-    4.   Divide daily cardio. In-         it keeps you full. Also, try
       cardio room. For exam-             tional 300 calories.               stead of doing a 40-             plain instant oatmeal with
       ple, do 20 minutes biking,                                            minute workout, try 20           chocolate protein powder
       20 minutes power walk-        3.   Slow down strength train-          minutes in the a.m. and          and blueberries.
       ing, 5 minutes jumping             ing, using a 4-2-2 count           20 minutes in the p.m.
       rope and 15 minutes stair          to burn more calories.             You will burn more calo-         Source: Women's Health

       climbing.                          For example, if you are            ries in each session with
                                          doing a chest press with           out getting tired.
  2.   Walk to the gym and                arms extended, count 4
       back. Adding a 45 min-             seconds down, hold the        5.   Eat protein for breakfast-
       ute brisk walk (3 miles, or        weight for 2 seconds, and
       about 6,000 steps) to your         count 2 seconds up.
                                                                                                                                    PAGE 3

Coffee: Also known as black gold, coffee      system. In addition, kefir is loaded with    ounces of tart cherry juice for five days
is loaded with antioxidants. Coffee can       protein, carbs, vitamin B12 for energy       prior to and two days after the London
help you dodge a stroke, certain cancers,     and vitamin D.                               Marathon had reduced inflammation,
Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s and                                                       oxidative stress and muscle damage. The
diabetes. The caffeine in coffee is also a                                                 findings support earlier research that en-
central nervous stimulant, and drinking a                                                  dorsed the value of this fruit juice in help-
cup of coffee before or during a workout                                                   ing alleviate muscle pain and strength loss
will enhance your performance.                                                             after a tough workout.

Yerba Mate Tea: If you are not a coffee                                                    Chocolate Milk: Chocolate milk is a
drinker but still need a workout boost, try                                                natural recovery drink because it has the
Yerba Mate Tea. Yerba is produced from                                                     perfect amount of protein, carbohydrates
leaves of a South American shrub and                                                       and electrolytes. The protein repairs tired
contains three peppy stimulants– caffeine,     Chocolate Milk has the perfect balance of   muscles, the carbs help replenish energy
theobromine (the “happy” chemical in           protein and carbohydrates for post work-    stores and electrolytes replace losses in
chocolate) and theophylline. Tradition-                      out recovery.                 sweat. Chocolate Milk is also much less
ally used as a digestive aid, phytochemi-                                                  expensive than protein shakes and recov-
cal– and vitamin-rich mate has been           Coconut Water: This light and refresh-       ery drinks...
found to improve cholesterol levels, mem-     ing drink is known as the alternative to
ory, reduce weight gain, and increase the     sports drinks. Coconut water has much        Hemp Milk: Vegans, or those looking
body’s antioxidant defense system, which      less sugar than juice and twice the potas-   for a little variety from dairy should con-
may accelerate muscle recovery after          sium of a banana. Potassium is a major       sider pouring a glass of nutty tasting
exercise.                                     electrolyte lost in sweat and urine so it    hemp milk. Beyond a good mix of pro-
                                              needs to be replaced in the diet. Coconut    tein and carbohydrates for your working
Kefir: Available at most supermarkets,        water is available at many health food       muscles, hemp milk is a natural source of
kefir drinks are laced with probiotics like   stores.                                      heart-healthy, anti-inflammatory omega
those found in yogurt. Probiotics help                                                     fats as well as iron, which is not found in
regulate your digestive system and are        Cherry Juice: A 2008 British study re-       cow’s milk.
also believed to strengthen the immune        ported that runners who downed 16                                Source: active.com

                    Wellness Center Classes
MONDAYS: Yoga @ 9:15 to 10:15 AM ($10) Fit Ball @ 12:00 to 12:45 (FREE)

TUESDAYS: Yoga @ 11:35 to 12:35 ($3) Sit-B-Fit @ 3:00 to 3:40 (FREE)

WEDNESDAYS: Pilates @ 11:30 to 12:30 ($13) Step Aerobics @ 12:40 to 1:30 (FREE)
                           Swing Dance @ 4:30 to 5:30PM (FREE)

THURSDAYS: Ski Conditioning @ 12:00 to 1:00 (FREE)

FRIDAYS: Yoga @ 11:35 to 12:35 (FREE)
                                        January—March 2010
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