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					Chamizal National Memorial                 National Park Service
                                           U.S. Department of the Interior

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Siglo de Oro Drama Festival

Teacher-Ranger-Teacher Time!

NPS Focus
Guadalupe Mountains National Park

Partner Focus
El Paso Railroad & Transportation Museum

and much more!

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A First Look at New Programs!
                                                       Winter 2010
     in this
Issue                            M ark           your           C alendars !
                                          January 30 – Pets, Parks & You!
                                          7:30 am to 1:30 pm
At the PArk                      With the help of the City of El Paso Animal Services Division, The
Gallery Calendar
                                 Humane Society, Animal Rescue League, Valley Feed & Supply-
PAge 4
                                 Pet’s Barn, and other organization, the public will enjoy a day of
SiGlo de oro drama FeStival
                                 learning how to be the best pet owner possible.
PAge 10

                                               February 6 – Siglo in Classroom: A Teacher’s
New ProgrAms                                   Workshop ~ 9:00 am to 1:00 pm
drop-in SaturdayS
PAge 6                                          Middle and high school Spanish and Theater
national parkS & nature SerieS   Arts teachers are encouraged to attend this half-day, interactive
PAge 11                          workshop. Spanish literature and Theater professors and students
Storytime @ the park             from Brigham Young University will lead sessions on select authors
PAge 11                          and works of the Spain’s Golden Age of Literature. Discussions
                                 on how to incorporate the material into today’s classroom will
                                 also take place. Texas teachers will earn 4 CPEs for attending this
sPeciAl Focus                    session. Lunch and door prizes will be provided!
Guadalupe mountainS
national park
                                 February 27 – Arts & Sustainability: Teacher Workshops
PAge 7
meet the ranGer
                                 Partnering with the City of El Paso’s Musuems Cultural Affairs
PAge 5
                                 Department (MCAD) and the El Paso Zoo, Chamizal National
npS health tipS: CopinG with
                                 Memorial will host a half-day program on intergrating curriculum
                                 driven arts and sustainability projects with Texas TEKS.
PAge 8
partner FoCuS: el paSo
                                               March 3-7 – 35th Annual Siglo de Oro Drama
railroad & tranSportation
                                               Festival ~ 7:30 pm nightly
PAge 6
                                                Acting groups from around the Spanish-speaking
                                 world will perform on stage during the 35th annual drama festival.
teAcher ProgrAms                 See page 10 for more information.
PAge 3                                       April 6-8 – The Santa Fe Opera Spring
outreaCh trunkS & ClaSSroom                  Apprentice Tour
viSitS                                       10:00 am daily
PAge 9
virtual FieldtripS               Each year The Santa Fe Opera takes its act on the road! This year’s
PAge 10                          performance is especially designed for 3rd through 8th grade
workShopS                        students. Curriculum materials are sent out at least a week before
PAge 2                           the performances. Call to register and ask about free bussing!

                                 For more information on any of these programs, please call
                                 the interpretation, education, and arts division at
                                 (915) 532-7273.

                                                                                    Teacher E-Newsletter 2
Spend                   the             Summer                         aS a                ranger!
Chamizal National Memorial is             In-service private and public
looking for a dynamic teacher to          school teachers from any subject
develop lesson plans and support          area are encouraged to submit their
materials for our outdoor spaces.         applications by January 22, 2010.
This year’s Teacher-Ranger-               Applications are available on-line
Teacher (TRT) will plan outdoor           at www.nps.gov/cham/forteachers/
learning activities that meet cross-      teacher-ranger-teacher.htm.
curricular TEKS standards for             Summer dates for the eight-week
school groups visiting the park.          program at Chamizal National
Teachers with a background in             Memorial are tentatively June 7
physical education are strongly           -July 30, 2010.
encouraged to apply.
                                          For more information about
As a TRT, you’ll learn more about         becoming a TRT at Chamizal
the history and significance of           National Memorial, please call or
Chamizal National Memorial                e-mail the park’s education staff:
and the National Park Service by          (915) 532-7273 x112 or cham_
becoming a park ranger for the            education@nps.gov.
                                          Interested In a dIfferent park?
The TRT is an essential member            TRTs spend the summer at parks all
of the Interpretation, Education          across the country. While there’s
& Arts Division at the Memorial.          only one position at Chamizal
As such, the TRT will be asked to         this summer, there are plenty of
participate in division meetings,         opportunities available at regional
contribute to group projects,             national park sites. Visit www.nps.
periodically staff the Visitor Center,    gov/wupa/parks-participating-in-
and occasionally play a part in           the-trt-program.htm.
special programming like the Music                           Hurry!
                                                                        due          Chamizal TRTs
Under the Stars annual summer                                  ions are
concert series.                                        Applicat 2, 2010.             Gilbert Monarez - ‘09 (top left), Ginger Simons
                                                                                     - ‘08 (top right), Blanche Herrera - ‘06 & ‘08
                                                                                     (center), and Jesus Carbajal - ‘07 (bottom)

Carlsbad Caverns National Park             Gila Cliff Dwellings National             White Sands National Monument
The TRT will assist with ParKids,          Put on the Ranger uniform for             White Sands is an unique resource
a two-week summer day camp for             the summer and work at Gila Cliff         encompassing the largest gypsum
kids 7-12, and Kids Korner, a park-        Dwellings! Our TRT will develop           dune field in the world. The TRT
based outreach program for Pre-K           curriculum-based website materials,       will be a full time park ranger in
kids and up about various resources        conduct guided tours of area              the Interpretation and Education
of the area. The TRT will also aid         archeological sites, and participate in   Division performing traditional duties
in the development and revision of         outreach efforts. The selected teacher    such as nature walks, patio talks, and
curriculum-based school activities for     will receive training in Southwestern     staffing the visitor center information
all grades, and help revise the Junior     archeology and housing will be            desk. The TRT will also develop a
Ranger book. TRTs co-facilitate            provided.                                 science trunk that can be checked
the development and presentation                                                     out by local schools, and lead weekly
of teacher workshops and other             Contact: Becky Latanich, Chief of         programs for children at the New
educator training.                         Interpretation                            Mexico Museum of Space History
Contact: Helen Fields, Education           (575) 536-9461 l becky_latanich@          Shuttle Camp.
Specialist                                 nps.gov l www.nps.gov/gicl                Contact: Kathy Denton, Education
(575) 785-3127 l helen_m_fields@                                                     Specialist
nps.gov l www.nps.gov/cave                                                           (575) 679-2599 l kathy_denton@nps.
                                       Regional parks looking for TRTs!              gov l www.nps.gov/whsa
                               applICatIons due January 22, 2010                                             Teacher E-Newsletter 3
iN the gAlleries
Photographs by Isabel Fierro Taylor
through January 30, 2010

Playbills featuring the 35th Siglo de Oro
Drama Festival performing groups
February 10 – March 30, 2010
                                                                                           Isabel Fierro Taylor

Mapping the Chamizal Parks
UTEP Graphic Design Students
through January 23, 2010

Bred to Death
Photographs by Isabel Fierro Taylor
January 30 – February 20, 2010

Works by the 2010 Siglo de Oro Poster Artist
Rodolfo Razo
February 22 – April 10, 2010
                                                    Image detail from Chamizal Parks Brochure Theron Nicholson

Los Paisanos
Why I Like the West
Photographs by Scott Einberger
through February 13, 2010

35 years of Siglo
Original Art, Costumes & Posters
highlighting the drama festival
February 15 – March 30, 2010

Gallery hours are Monday through Friday from 10
am to 5 pm.

Visiting on a Saturday? Ask a park ranger at the
visitor center to visit the Los Paisanos Gallery.
                                                    Wild Horse Wind Farm, Washington (detail) Scott Einberger
                                                                                     Teacher E-Newsletter 4
meet                the           ranger…
It’s not a Cinderella story, but my     After graduating from California       (recycling is perhaps the easiest
first words uttered as a baby might     State University, Chico in             way to conserve energy!).
well have been “park ranger.” I         December of 2007, I decided to
travelled to Yosemite National          pursue a career in the National        Although I’ve decided that the
Park while still in my mother’s         Park Service. Fate enabled me to       people of El Paso are the friendliest
womb, accidently gave my brother        get hired as a permanent employee      in the world, my dream job is in a
a concussion while camping in           rather quickly: after starting a       natural national park. Perhaps one
Redwood National and State Parks        summer season at Idaho’s Craters       day in the future you will see me
at age four, and interviewed a park     of the Moon National Monument          conducting an evening program at
ranger at Point Reyes National          in ’08, I was hired on as a park       a campground amphitheater, and
Seashore in 3rd grade.                  guide in El Paso, Texas.               perhaps my program’s topic will be
                                                                               climate change mitigation. But one
During my university years, my          I’ve been at Chamizal National         thing is certain: I’m enjoying my
interests and thoughts bounced          Memorial for a year and a half now,    evolution, right here and right now,
around for a while. First I wanted      and in this time I have personally     at Chamizal National Memorial.
to become an elementary school          evolved more than I ever thought
teacher, then a professor of African    possible. I’ve written numerous        scott eiNberger
history. But during my summers,         historical essays and exhibits,        Park Guide (Interpretation)
national parks and nature still ruled   designed flyers, and acted for four
supreme. I served as a Student          months as Chamizal’s volunteer
Conservation Association (SCA)          coordinator. I have also really
intern at northeastern California’s     enjoyed presenting interpretive
Lassen Volcanic National Park in        programs to the public and
’06—I remember hiking through a         conversing with folks at the visitor
thick snowfield in late July! And in    center. But of all the things I’ve
the summer of ’07 I was hired on        done at Chamizal, I am most proud
as a park ranger at Lassen where I      of the fact that I spearheaded
interpreted volcanoes and geology       Chamizal’s recycling program
to the visiting public.

                                                                                                    Teacher E-Newsletter 5
Partner Focus
El Paso Railroad &                                       Drop in
Transportation Museum
The arrival of the railroads to the area transformed
El Paso from a village into a modern industrial city.
The Railroad & Transportation Museum of El Paso
is dedicated to this history of the Pass of the North.
                                                         Beginning in March, Chamizal National Memorial
The centerpiece of the museum is Old No.1, the oldest
                                                         will offer a Saturday morning full of crafty, cultural
Classic American Locomotive in the West. It was
declared a National Treasure and was restored by the
National Trust for Historic Preservation.
                                                         Kids 5-11 (first through fifth grade equivalence) and
                                                         their chaperones are invited to come have fun at
The museum offers two programs for educational
                                                         the Memorial on a monthly basis. Each 60-minute
groups. The basic museum tour is an hour long
                                                         session focuses on underlying themes related to the
program that concentrates on the museum’s collection
                                                         park such as friendship, diversity, commonalities
and resources. The extended two-hour program takes
                                                         among different cultures, and creative problem
students on a walking tour to the Union Passenger
Station. Along the way, students learn about El Paso’s
early 20th century architecture. A tour of the station
                                                         Please remember while the session is free,
is led by Harvey Girl re-enactors who describe
                                                         reservations are required as each program is limited
the first women who worked for the railroads. An
                                                         to 20 people.
early schedule will allow students to see an Amtrak
Superliner at the Depot.
                                                         March 20 ~ 10:30 am
                                                                                    May 22nd ~ 10:30 am
                                                         Huichol Yarn Art           Mexican Tin Art
For more information contact Prince McKenzie,
Curator of Programs & Exhibits at (915)422-3420.
                                                         April 17th ~ 10:30 am       June 19th ~ 10:30 am
Visit the museum and discuss your tour plans. Tour
                                                         Japanese Paper Egg          Wodaabe Mirror
schedules are flexible and not limited to regular
museum hours of operation. Regular hours: 11am
- 5pm Tuesday through Saturday, Sunday 1 - 5pm.
Location: 400 West San Antonio at Durango, on the               NEED A SCIENCE FAIR JUDGE?
south side of the Civic Center.
                                                           Have an official National
                                                           Park Service (NPS) Ranger in
                                                           uniform judge your students’    nation           al
                                                           projects, and share with                al   memor
                                                                                                 toda             ial
                                                           them the Chamizal story and        (915) 5 y!
                                                           mission of the NPS.                       32-727

                                                                          We also handle:
                                                                                 ◊	 Career	day
                                                                                 ◊	 Art	fairs
                                                                                 ◊	 Story-time	readings

                                                                                          »» experienced!»
                                                                                          »» impartial!
                                                                                          »» »professional!
 Old No.1, the
 oldest Classic                                                                           »» »friendly!
 American                                                                                 »» »FREE!
 Locomotive in
 the West
 Bliss Productions,
                                                                                               Teacher E-Newsletter 6
nPs Focus
 Guadalupe Mountains National Park

 Guadalupe Mountains National        The park remains relatively           perhaps themselves. Fee waivers
 Park safeguards the world’s         undeveloped with over half of         are available for accredited
 most extensive and well-exposed     the park protected as Federally-      programs.
 Permian-aged fossil reef. Over      designated Wilderness, making
 500 kinds of fossils have been      it the largest one in Texas. At       We recognize that many
 documented within the park. The     Guadalupe Mountains National          educators are unable to make
 biological diversity of the past    Park, visitors encounter a            the drive to come experience
 has continued into the present,     landscape that is similar to          Guadalupe Mountains National
 but in a much different form:       what the Mescalero Apache,            Park in person so our website
 from sand dunes and cacti-          the Spanish conquistadors, the        has a wide variety of information
 studded hills in the lowlands to    Buffalo Soldiers, and the Anglo-      about the park. An Educators CD
 the remnants of an Ice Age forest   settlers found when they first        with various activity ideas and a
 composed of Douglas Fir and         arrived, and it is here that they     teachers packet of information
 Ponderosa Pines at the highest      can discover a sense of place, rich   about the park and the National
 elevations.                         in history and natural beauty.        Park Service are available as well.

 Today, plants found nowhere else    Guadalupe Mountains is located        If you would like more
 in the world receive protection     only 110 miles east of the El Paso    information regarding field trip
 and hope for continuance. The       area. We offer a wide variety         opportunities please contact
 park is a refuge for rare animals   of trails and experiences for         Craig Tanner at 915-828-3251 or
 as well, with peregrine falcons,    students. With advance notice,        by e-mail at craig_e_tanner@nps.
 spotted owls, black bears, and      we can provide guided walks           gov. Visit us on the web at www.
 horned lizards finding the space    and talks that help students          nps.gov/gumo.
 they need to roam unhindered by     to learn more about geology,
 civilization.                       animals, plants, history, and
                                                                                           Teacher E-Newsletter 7
 Photograph by Doug Buehler
                                                                               try but haven’t done yet. Take
                                                                               a cooking class, learn another
                                                                               language, get your pilot’s license,
                                                                               or better yet, become a teacher-
                                                                               ranger-teacher! These experiences
Here at the education department      anxiety of having a long list of goals   outside of school will transform
of Chamizal National Memorial,        to meet.                                 your day-to-day teaching for the
we often touch base and catch up      2. Accept That There Are Things          better.
with our teacher-friends. During      You Cannot Change-
our scheduled visits to their         Teachers deal with a variety of          5. Leave Schoolwork at School-
schools, or programs that get them    circumstances outside their              This may seem impossible for
and their students to the park,       control: high-stakes testing,            many, but try not to bring work
we hear a common theme in the         reforms in administration or school      home every night. Instead, try
conversations with our partners-      infrastructure, meeting professional     going into school early so that you
in-education: STRESS. (Especially     development requirements.                can complete your paperwork.
true during TAKS test season when     Pressures like these can make            This way, you can leave at the end
demeanors can run the gamut from      teachers feel powerless and              of the workday. Everyone needs a
visibly frazzled to near-tears!)      stressed. That’s why it is important     mental break from their work, so
                                      to take the things you can’t change      use the time in the evening for you
It’s no wonder. Teaching is a         in stride. While you can’t control       and your family.
demanding profession. Fellow          the things thrown your way, you
rangers and I have gone into          can choose to face these challenges      6. Z’s at Home Are as Important
classrooms to teach science lessons   with a positive attitude.                as A’s at School-
for a few hours and have come back                                             The number of recommended
exhausted. That is why teachers       3. Learn to Relax-                       hours of sleep varies by the study
have our high regard and we most      Even if fifteen minutes is all you       that is being discussed. But they
definitely tip our park ranger hats   can spare for it, make it a point        all agree that a good night’s sleep
to you.                               to engage in a relaxing activity         is vital to being productive the
                                      every day. Exercise, meditation,         next day. Your body will thank you
As we all know, excessive stress is   a massage, (or a stroll through          when you provide it with plenty of
detrimental to our physical health.   the trails of Chamizal National          rest and recovery time. If you are
It drains us of energy mentally and   Memorial) can do wonders in              having trouble falling asleep,
emotionally. It can cause on-the-     helping you decompress. Right
job burnout and affect our personal   now you can begin by just closing        continued on next page
lives. As a gesture to our esteemed   your eyes and telling each of your
educators, we’d like to offer these   body parts to relax as you sink
8 tips for managing stress while      further into your seat. Then focus
teaching.                             on your breathing. If you only did
                                      this for five minutes each day, you
1. Create Realistic To-Do Lists-      would feel a reduction in your
Tasks can pile up for teachers to     stress levels.
the point where they seem like
an insurmountable peak. Instead       4. Try Something New-
of making your tasks a strenuous      Stress and teacher-burnout can
mountain trek, break down the         be caused by feeling stuck in a
climb into little breezy nature       rut. Shake things up at school by
walks. Make a list of the over-all    researching new ways to teach
things that need to get done for      an old lesson plan (incorporating
the week. Break down that list        study guides from the Chamizal
into small, doable daily to-do        National Memorial website or
lists. Limit yourself to 3-5 tasks    using our science/language arts
a day. Checking off items will        outreach trunks would do nicely).
give you a motivating sense of        Outside of school, find something
accomplishment. It will reduce the    that you’ve always wanted to

                                                                                               Teacher E-Newsletter 8
continuied from previous page                In School Programs
research methods that will help you          Can’t make it out to our park due to limited time or diminished
catch those Z’s.                             transportation funds? Not a problem! Chamizal National Memorial park
                                             rangers will travel to you. We offer programs that bring visitor services
7. Talk to Positive Coworkers-               into the classroom. Call us today and request a visit.
It is important to discuss your
issues with others to get feedback           teks-alIgned sCIenCe lesson
and support from people who                  Rangers conduct a science program discussing desert adaptations.
understand the situation. However,           Focusing on the barrel cactus and the spotted ground squirrel (two
try not to dwell on the negative             examples of species protected at Chamizal National Memorial), rangers
by associating with disgruntled              lead class discussions and activities to help illustrate concepts about our
employees. A group of chronically            desert environment.
unhappy people will easily bring
you down. The teacher’s lounge               pop-up Book prograM
should a place to vent but being             More interested in art, crafts, and poetry? Our pop-up book-making
around teachers constantly                   program allows students to creatively express themselves while learning
complaining about their jobs will            about the National Park Service and making a connection to Chamizal
not help you keep stress levels to a         National Memorial.
minimum. Find someone who has
a more positive outlook on life and          outreaCh trunks
talk about teaching with them.               Celebrating Diplomacy combines TEKS from social studies, language arts,
                                             fine arts and math through a series of fun lessons that explore our bicultural
8. Celebrate What It Means to Be             community of the El Paso/Ciudad Juarez region. Activities range from reading
a Teacher-                                   a recipe and making guacamole, designing papel picado, to writing comparison
Try not to lose sight of the reasons         sheets on books included in the trunk, and singing folk songs.
you decided to be a teacher in the           This trunk can be checked out for use on your campus for up to three
first place. Remind yourself that            weeks.
teaching is an honorable profession
that makes a big difference in               Every Student is a Scientist combines science and math TEKS through
our community. When you get a                a series of activities that are designed to be completed at the Chamizal.
compliment or a thank-you note               The trunk contains just about everything you would need to gather and
from a student, keep a record of             analyze field data: compass, digital sound recorders, thermometers, stop
it. Keep a file or make a scrapbook          watches, clipboards, etc. This trunk is only available for use at Chamizal
to refer to sometimes when you’re            National Memorial.
feeling under appreciated and
overworked.                                  For these and other programs, call the park’s Interpretation, Education,
                                             and Arts division at (915) 532-7273 or e-mail cham_education@nps.gov
adapted from                                 for more information.
About.com: Elementary Education

        Web Rangers Program

  Visit the For»Kids»section of www.nps.
  gov/cham.	Kids can go on three NPS-
  related adventures and earn their Junior
  Ranger certificate online.

                                                                                                      Teacher E-Newsletter 9
Launching into the Web Frontier
Chamizal National Memorial            Program List:                                  Plant & Animal Adaptations in
is excited to bring a brand new       NPS in the Federal Government                  the Chihuahuan Desert
program into your classroom!          Middle & High School: Social                   Elementary & Middle School:
                                      Studies                                        Science
Using basic technology found
in most classrooms today, your                                                       Contact the education staff
students can visit with a park                                                       at Chamizal to register your
ranger any time. Students will                                                       classroom for a web conference
participate in a curriculum-driven                                                   with park rangers. (915) 532-7273
program based on the park and                                                        or cham_education@nps.gov
park service as they would in a
traditional fieldtrip, but won’t                                                     We are always looking for new ideas.
have to leave their campus.                                                          Please let us know what topics you’d
All you’ll need is a computer,        Education staff will lead your class through   like to see us offer during these web
                                      a web-based fieldtrip to learn more about
web connection, mini-camera,          Chamizal National Memorial and the
microphone and speakers.              National Park Serivce.

35th Anniversary Siglo de Oro Festival
In a tradition of 35 years of international theatrical presentations, Chamizal National Memorial will hold its
annual Siglo de Oro Drama Festival Wednesday, March 3 through Sunday, March 7th. Five groups drawn from
Mexico, Spain, New York and Massachusetts will gather in El Paso to celebrate the international drama festival
of Spanish Golden Age literature.

Performing groups for the 35th annual festival:
March 3rd     Compañía ABC Didactico (Mexico City) El acero de Madrid by Lope de Vega
March 4th     Perro Teatro (México City) Casa con dos puertas mala es de guarder by Calderón de la Barca
March 5th     University of Massachusetts at Amherst presenting Harley Erdman’s English translation of
              Marta la Piadosa, by Tirso de Molina
March 6th     Escuela Superior De Arte Dramatico (Murcia, Spain) Con quien vengo, vengo by Calderón de
              la Barca
March 7th
              Teatro Circulo (New York, NY) El Caballero del milagro by Lope de Vega

The curtain will open at 7:30
p.m. nightly with open seating.
                                     Have YOU spotted...
Tickets go on sale Tuesday,
February 16:
• General Public $5.00                                                                          Are you 6-12
• Children 12 years & under                                                                 years old? Become a
   $2.00                                                                                  Junior Ranger! Ask for a
• Military & Dependents with                                                            booklet filled with activities,
   ID $2.00                                                                           games, and puzzles that help you
• Persons 62 years and older                                                         understand the Chamizal story and
   with ID $2.00
                                                                                      the mission of the National Park
                                                                                       Service. There are activities for
All performances will be
presented in Spanish except                                                                   adults there, too!
Marta la piadosa on March 5,
                                     CHAMI the SPOTTED GROUND SQUIRREL?
                                                                                                        Teacher E-Newsletter 10
Storytime at the Park!
Chamizal National Memorial is          are limited accommodations
sponsoring a free one hour book        for participation and the public
story-time program for preschool       is asked to call in advance for
children. The program will provide     reservations.
children an opportunity to hear
stories about friendship, peace,       For more information, contact
and diplomacy and interact with        Dora Martinez at 915-532-7273
El Paso’s epigrammatist and            ext. 128 or dora_martinez@nps.
entertainer, Georgena Askew of         gov.
Face On Face Off.

The program will take place the
third Thursday of the month at
10 a.m. and will be held in the
park’s Los Paisanos Gallery.
Spring semester dates are January
21, February 18, March 18, April
15, and May 20, 2010. There

Got Nature?
       chamizaL’s new FiLm series is caLLing aLL kids!
As part of the all new National       Upcoming films                      Whether 1st grade or 12th grade,
Parks and Nature Series,              January 20th                        we hope to see your students
Chamizal will be showing              National Park Service: An           attending this educational and
inspirational and educational films   American Legacy & Biological        inspirational nature film series!
on national parks and nature on the   Diversity: It Makes all the         For more information, contact
third Wednesday of each month at      Difference in the World             Scott_Einberger@nps.gov or 915-
10:30 am and 4:00 pm.                                                     532-7273 ext. 127.
                                      February 17th
                                      White Sands, White Wilderness
Aimed at getting kids excited about
exploring national parks in our       March 17th

                                                                                                               El Paso education group exploring White Sands National Monument
area, this program is focused on      Secrets of the Sonoran Desert
connecting audiences with a better    & National Parks of Southeast
appreciation of all things wild.      Arizona
Programs will last about an hour
and are free of charge!

                                                                                         Teacher E-Newsletter 11