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									           Palomar Council                                                           A California Distinguished School
             Ninth District                                                                            December 2009
    California Congress of PTA, Inc.                                                               Volume XX, Issue 4

                         A Message from Our Principal,
                                 Lisa Danzer                                        Ice Cream Social

                               Each month we gather together as a school com-        Bring a friend or make some
                      munity for our Wildcat Wednesday celebration and Spirit         new ones at the Ice Cream
                      Day. You are invited to join us on Dec. 2 at 8:00 a.m.
                                                                                    Social every Friday after school
                      on the playground as we recognize classes for their spe-
                      cial achievements.                                                           in the lunch area.
                               On Thursday, Dec. 3, our teachers will present
                                                                                                     All ice cream
                      Family Math Night beginning at 6:00 p.m. Parents and
                      children are invited to explore math activities together                               $1
                                           and learn more about making math
                                           fun! Our PTA Book Fair will be open
                                           before and after Family Math Night
                                           for family shopping time.                Upcoming Events
                                                  The entire staff joins me in
                                           extending well wishes to you and       Dec. 1-4                 Book Fair
                                           your family for the holidays and the                      Resource Center
                                           New Year. During this special sea-
                                           son we take time to remember and       Dec. 1              Donuts with Dad
                                           share goodwill, joy and happiness.                               7:30 a.m.
                      We hope that each ritual of the holidays will be filled
                      with a deep appreciation for just how special those fam-    Dec. 2                 Wildcat Wed.
                      ily moments are and know that they will last our children                                8 a.m.
                      a lifetime.
                                                                                  Dec. 3            Family Math Night
                               I look forward to welcoming all of our students
                                                                                                          6 p.m. MPR
                      back to school on Monday, Jan. 4, 2010.
                                                                                  Dec. 4                 PTA Meeting
                                                                                                        1:15 p.m. LRC
                       Lights, Action, Talent Show
                                                                                  Dec. 11          Grade 3 Parents to
                           The    talent                     tend tryouts af-                                 Lunch
                      show is returning                      ter school on
                      to Pomerado! Do                        Feb. 3, 2010 in                      Foundation Meeting
                      you sing, dance,                       the MPR. A full                               1:30 p.m.
                      play an instru-                        dress rehearsal
                      ment or juggle                         will be Feb. 24                      Canned Food Drive
                      hotdogs     while                      and    the    big                                Ends
                      riding a unicycle?                     show will be         Dec. 16         Spotlight Assembly
                      If so, grab some                       Feb. 25 at 6:30                   Kindergarten Performs
                      friends and polish                     p.m. in the MPR.
                                                                                                      8:15 a.m. MPR
                      up your act or                         Admission      is
                      work on a solo piece.         free. Look for more infor-    Dec. 18       Pajama Dress Up Day
                      Have your performance         mation coming home
                      ready and be sure to at-      soon.                         Dec. 21-               Winter Break
                                                                                  Jan. 1                   No School
    A Message from Our PTA President, Lisa Othmer
       Pomerado PTA has                                            Adopt-A-Family program. This
been busy coordinating pro-                                        program assists local PUSD
grams and activities for the                                       families in need with new
benefit of our students and                                        clothing, gifts and gift cards
their families. I hope you all                                     during the holiday season.
enjoy the Book Fair this                                                   The holidays are a time
month. All proceeds will go to                                     for gratitude, and I want to
our library to purchase up-                                        thank the teachers, staff and
dated materials for our chil-                                      all the wonderful volunteers
dren.                                                              that make Pomerado such a
       We need your help with                                      special place. It truly is amaz-
our Caring Coins program.                                          ing to see the time and talent
Coin collection containers are                                     given so selflessly for the
located in each of the class-    need throughout the year, and     benefit of our students and
rooms and in the office. PTA     especially at the holidays.       their families.
uses these funds to buy gift     Thank you to the families that            Happy Holidays! “Life
cards for Pomerado families in   helped support the PTA            is a gift…enjoy the present!”

Thank You!                                         PTA Caring Coins
Please help us in saying thank you to the fol-     PTA's ongoing Caring Coins program
lowing individuals for showing our students how    is ramping up for the holiday season.
to have a healthy and drug free life.              By donating your coins or dollars, we
San Diego Police Department                        can help Pomerado families who need
      Bernie Colon and Scott Thompson              assistance for groceries and other ne-
                                                   cessities. Caring Coins containers are in the
Poway Fire Station 3 (A Division)
                                                   school office and in the classrooms. Together
      Scott Post, Jeff Cote and Alan Rowe          we can make a difference this holiday season.
Fitkids America
      JoanGambill, Alonzo Devalasco, Garland
      Devalasco and Spencer Davidson
McDonalds                                                 Teacher Wish Board
                                                       The teacher wish board in the office is full
Parenting Education                                    of wishes waiting to be fulfilled. Please
                                                       stop by the wish board when you are on
John Rosemond is offering a Parenting Educa-           campus. It includes teachers, staff mem-
tion Seminar on Sat., Jan. 30, 2010 at Mt. Car-        bers and the librarian. Under each name
mel High School. There are two sessions:               are index cards with items that are needed
“Parenting the Strong Willed Child” and                in the classroom. If you can donate the
                                                       item, please give it directly to your greatly
“Parenting the Strong Willed Teen.” Tickets are        appreciative teacher. Thank you for con-
$15/person for one session or $20/person for           tinuing to support our teachers and class-
both sessions. For more information, contact:          rooms during these tough financial times.
            Counselor’s Corner, Jackie Cardinale, M.A.,M.S.
               Bullying is a form of vio-   awareness, encourage friendships,        Make it clear that it’s not your child’s
               lence common among           get involved to stop intimidation, de-   fault. Don’t say, “Just ignore it.”
               children.        Parents,    velop clear rules against bullying       They’ve probably tried that.
               teachers and school ad-      behavior and support and protect the              Encourage the child to speak
               ministrators can make a      victims.                                 out. Remind them that tattling is tell-
difference in stopping bullying. This                Children often don’t tell.      ing to get someone in trouble. Re-
article is an attempt to empower par-       Look for symptoms. These include:        porting is telling to keep someone
ents with strategies to help their chil-    unexplained reluctance to go to          safe. Reporting bullying will keep
dren.                                       school; fearfulness or unusual anxi-     them and their friends safe. On the
          Bullying has a negative ef-       ety; sleep disturbances and night-       playground, the yard duties and
fect on children including reducing         mares; vague physical complaints         teachers are present to keep every-
students’ ability to learn, creating        (headaches, stomachaches); and           one safe.
fear and affecting the social environ-      belongings that are missing or dam-               Advocate for your child. Talk
ment at school. Both males and fe-          aged on school days.                     to school authorities and your child’s
males bully. Boys more frequently                    Ask the right questions.        teacher. We address the issue im-
use physical bullying of hitting, kick-     Rather than ask if the child is being    mediately when we know about a
ing, pushing and taking personal be-        bullied ask how he/she has spent         situation.
longings. Girls do more verbal and          their lunch, what happened on the                 Talk with your child before
emotional forms of bullying i.e. teas-      way home from school or riding the       taking action. It’s helpful to deepen
ing, name-calling, spreading rumors         school bus, how their friends relate     the trust between you and your child.
and excluding each other. This is           to them.                                          We want all children to have
often “friendship bullying”.                         LISTEN!    LISTEN!       LIS-   an innocent childhood.
          Be proactive: Raise your          TEN! Don’t blame. Stay calm.

Free Antibiotics                                                 PTA          Fundraiser                    Update
In these tough economic times, Stater Bros. is                   Orders for items from the Sally Foster catalog
offering up to a 14-day supply of selected anti-                 can still be placed at SallyFoster.com. Click on
biotics for free. A valid prescription is required.              “Support a Fundraiser” and enter in Pomerado
More information is available at StaterBros.com.                 Elementary so our school receives credit for your
                                                                 order. Thank you for your continued support!

                         Donuts with Dad and Fall Book Fair
           Be sure to mark your calendars for                     Students will also have an opportunity to
           Donuts with Dad on Tues., Dec. 1 from                  attend the Book Fair with their class. In-
           7:30-8:15 a.m. Bring your dad, grandpa,                formation about your class time will be
           or uncle to have a donut and check out                 coming home soon. The Book Fair will
           the Book Fair. The Book Fair will run                  also be open during Family Math Night on
           from Dec. 1-4 in the Resource Center.                  Dec. 3 from 5:30-7:30 p.m.

                                                   Book Fair Hours
                                             Tuesday: 7:30 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
                                            Wednesday: 7:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
                                             Thursday: 7:45 a.m.-3:00 p.m.
                                                        5:30 p.m.-7:30 p.m.
                                              Friday: 7:45 a.m.-1:30 p.m.
                  December 2009
                           Character Trait of the Month: RESPONSIBILITY

 Sun            Mon               Tue             Wed               Thu                Fri             Sat
                                   1                 2                  3          4 PTA Mtg.             5
                               Donuts with      Wildcat Wed.       Family Math    1:15 p.m. LRC
                                Dad 7:30-          8 a.m.          Night 6 p.m.
                                 8:15am                               MPR          College Day

                                             Book Fair~Resource Center
    6              7               8                 9                 10           11 Grade 3           12
                                                   Junior                         Parents to Lunch     Happy
                                                Achievement                                          Hanukkah
                                                                                  Foundation Mtg.
                                                                                     1:30 p.m.

                                                                                  Food Drive Ends
   13              14              15               16                 17               18               19
                Star Lab                          Spotlight          Grade 3       Pajama Dress
                 MPR                              Assembly           Program          Up Day
                                                 K Performs       6:30 p.m. MPR
                                               8:15 a.m. MPR

   20              21              22               23                 24               25               26

                                     Winter Break~No School

   27              28              29               30                 31         January Events:
                                                                                  Jan. 4 Class Resumes
                                                                                  Jan. 6 Wildcat Wed. 8 a.m.
                                                                                  Jan. 8 PTA Assoc. Mtg. 1:15 p.m.
                                                                                  Jan. 14 Father-Daughter Dance
                              Winter Break~No School                              Jan. 18 NO SCHOOL—MLK, Jr. Day

Pomerado Elementary School                                                        2009-2010 PTA Board
  Poway Unified School District          We’re on the web!                         President – Lisa Othmer
      12321 Ninth Street                                                         Executive V.P. – Tara Appling
      Poway, CA 92064                                                               Secretary – Angel Ryan
                                             pusdpoes                             Treasurer – Louie Martinez
     School Office 748-1320                                                     V.P. Membership – Kate Budd
                                                                              V.P. Ways & Means – Elena Carrillo
       Absences 679-2604
                                                                                 V.P. Programs – Ningrit Flud
         ESS 679-8946
                                                                                Parliamentarian – Shaby Tolo
      Preschool 486-9170                                                             Auditor – Patti Hime
                                                                                   Historian – Lori Romero
     Lisa Danzer, Principal                    Patti Selbrede
                                                                               Teacher Rep. – Chelsea Ohlerich
                                              Newsletter Editor

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