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									                         MISSING IN AMERICA PROJECT
                                                                                                  February 2008

Inside this issue:       A WORD OR TWO FROM FRED
                                                                                 steer them too. I hope we can get more volun-
                                                                                 teers to start up their efforts for MIAP.
From Chaplain        2
                                                                                 Be extremely cautious of what we say!

Possible Alliance    2                                                           Abandoned, forgotten, lost, unclaimed
with 9-11 Families                                                               must be explained to define that it is the last
                                                                                 known person responsible for the cremation
Redding MIAP Ser-    2                                                           order, that has left these veterans on the
vice                        Fred, Chaplain Chuck and Cheryl at the               shelves. It is simply our efforts to encourage
                            American Legion Convention in August                 that the information is provided to the Veter-
                            2007                                                 ans Administration with or without our assis-
Miscellaneous from   3
Cheryl                                                                           tance and allow these veterans to be verified.

                         The mission of MIAP is to honor our veterans            The Veterans Administration cannot process
Great Television     3
Coverage                 and assure that they receive the military hon-          or help anyone that has not been sent to them
                         ors due them. It is not to place blame or to            to verify. I have yet to hear of any case where
                         judge why it has not happened sooner.                   a veteran has been refused his honors. The
                                                                                 VA Cemetery System has supported us and
                         Thanks to all of you who are assisting in this          eased our verification process immensely. We
                         enormous effort to honor our fellow veterans.           look forward to more help and assistance.

                         Very special thanks to the American Legion,             This effort is towards one goal, and not to
                         the VA National and State Cemetery Systems              blame, it is simply for the veteran.
                         and all funeral homes and agencies that help
                         us. Without all of this support we would have           IT IS THE RIGHT THING TO DO!
                         sounded taps on this effort.

                         I have been contacted by over 15 television
                         stations and some very major magazines for
                         stories. All want local contacts to interview
                         and report on their success or failures. For
                         most of these stations, there was no one to

                         AFTER ACTION REPORT FROM MISSOURI
                                                                (if I do say so myself). I was    did.        Congressman
                         If you have not heard by               so proud of all of the Missouri   Carnahan's aid wanted to
                         now, the ceremony put on by            volunteers.                       make sure we had made time
                         our Missouri MIAP Coordina-                                              for him to speak and we were
                         tor, Linda Smith, was a re-            When I arrived at the chapel,     able to accommodate
                         sounding success.                      there were several people         him. Acoustics in the chapel
                                                                already present. The active       were checked and I was in-
                         In Linda’s own words:                  duty soldiers wanted to do a      formed that I did not need a
                                                                quick run through of their part   microphone (lol). The bag-
                         “The ceremony was beautiful            of the ceremony, which we         pipe and drum corps from the
Page 2                                                                                          Missing in America Newsletter

As 2008 starts off with a      ginia State Chaplain, Rev-       identify and lay to rest. I
bang, so does the Missing      erend Alaina Wharton Ad-         would also like to thank the
In America Project. We         ams (Rev. Al) as Colorado        Patriot Guard Riders for
have been able to deliver      State Chaplain, and 1st LT       their participation in the
eleven cremated veterans       Kenneth Conklin as Missouri      service and escort to the
remains to their final rest-   State Chaplain. Chaplain         cemetery. In all, we had
ing place in the month of      Conklin has been doing           approximately 26 motor-
January. Six received hon-     many services at Jefferson       cycles and four vehicles in
ors at Jefferson Barracks in   Barracks and conducted           the motorcade. This ser-
Missouri on January 11th       the MIAP service there on        vice at Igo marks the sec-
and five received honors       January 11 of this year.         ond such service conducted
on January 23rd at Igo Vet-                                     by MIAP for cremated re-
erans’ Cemetery in North-      For the services in Igo, I       mains. There is also a ser-
ern California.                would like to thank the          vice scheduled on April 12
                               California Highway Patrol        at Dixon National Ceme-
We have also added three       for sending two of their         tery for more cremains that
new State Chaplains to our     officers to accept the flag      have been identified here
roster. I would like to wel-   for one of their retired offi-   in Northern California.
come Larry Provost as Vir-     cers that we were able to

                                      POSSIBLE ALLIANCE WITH 9-11 FAMILIES
                                      Fred has been in touch with      The 911 friends and
   we all are aware of                a representative of the fami-
                                                                       relatives    have    a
                                      lies of those who perished
    souls that are lost               on 9-11. We are hopeful          strong tie with the
    and waiting to be                 members of this special          Missing In America
                                      group will come on board         Project--we all are
   found and put to an                with MIAP. Our MIAP Es-
                                                                       aware of souls that
         honorable rest               cort Team member Bud
                                      Lingii shared with us why he     are lost and waiting
                                      felt this alliance would fit     to be found and put to
                                      within the MIAP mission          an honorable rest...

The Redding, CA contingent held a ceremony for five veterans cremains,
located through the efforts of Rick Proietti, on January 23. The incompara-
ble Bud Lingii, MIAP Escort Team member and wordsmith, sums up why
we do what we do. One line in this message really hit home to me, “...we
were the mourners and that none of the deceased warriors had family,
by blood or oath, in attendance.”

We are, indeed, the adopted family of every forgotten and unclaimed vet-
eran. We are the family that will ensure these heroes are properly laid to
rest with the honor and respect they deserve. Without us, the MIAP mem-
bers, they will forever be alone and forsaken by America.
Missing in America Newsletter                                                                                                   Page 3

                                   MISCELLANEOUS FROM CHERYL
                                   Happy New Year!!! Well, I did start this at the beginning of the year! So much has happened
                                   since 1//1/08 that we had to hold off sending this out.

                                   Fred pontificates that 2008 is going to be a good year for MIAP. I certainly hope so!! We are
                                   getting a lot of media attention from around the nation. I’ll let Fred fill you in on who he’s been
                                   dealing with. This is great news as the more we get our name out, the more successful we will be
                                   in fulfilling our mission.

                                   We are in desperate need of volunteers, chaplains and cash donations. Fred continues to dip
                                   into his limited funds to keep MIAP afloat. We have mailing costs, database charges, server
                                   fees, fees to bury veterans—the whole gamut of expenses to keep an organization running. We
                                   are in need of grant writers or anyone willing to try and apply for cash grants.

                                   If anyone has anything they would like published in the newsletter, please let me know. Photos,
                                   as well!!! Send to cdegan618@comcast.net.

                                   Thank you for all you do for MIAP.


        Great Television Coverage

      Last night a great feature was aired in Missouri. As Fred said in his e-mail:

      “Thanks again to the whole Missouri MIAP team.”
Continued from Page 1, After Action Report from Missouri
St. Louis Fire Department wanted to know where they needed to be and when to play. Everyone who participated was briefed.

The ceremony began with introductions with special thanks to Mr. Polydys, Gerber Chapel Funeral Director. Of course, thanks
were given to all of the VIPs.

The veterans names were announced and brief military history given for each. They were then brought forward individually by the
pallbearers as all veteran and active duty saluted. The bagpiper corps played "Amazing Grace" in the background as all of this

After the last veteran was placed on the table, Chaplain Conklin led the Chapel in prayer. He did an outstanding job. Best prayer
for a veterans funeral I have ever heard. (This opinion was confirmed by many after the ceremony).

The presentations were made next with Joe Smith presenting a beautiful crystal plaque (made by the Veterans Commission) on
behalf of the Missing in America Project to Mr. Polydys and Gerber Chapel.

Joe was also asked to present the PGR/MIAP plaque/flag/name plates in the shadow box to Mr. Polydys on behalf of the six veter-

Next came the guest speakers, Mr. Otto, Executive Director of the Missouri Funeral Directors Association, Congressman
Carnahan spoke next and lastly Maj Gen King Sidwell, Missouri Adjacent General spoke. Maj Gen Sidwell was so moved during
his talk that his voice choked up several times as he tearfully read a poem and talked about the American Veteran and Active Duty.

Next came the 21 gun salute and taps. The ceremony ended with passing in review with MG Sidwell saluting each urn as he
passed. The urns were also saluted by other veterans and active duty alike.

After the ceremony, I was so pleased that almost everyone in attendance came up and told me what a beautiful, dignified and
touching ceremony it was. Everyone was impressed.

These American Heroes were laid to rest before sunset in Jefferson Barracks' beautiful cemetery.

Linda Smith

Missouri MIAP Coordinator

To view the photos: http://s15.photobucket.com/albums/a388/ducpho/MIAP
Continued from Page 2, From Chaplain Chuck
Finally, I would like to thank all of you workers out there for the fantastic job you are doing. It will take time but with your help
and God’s Blessing, we will get the job done. Thank you all and God Bless you.
In His Service
Chaplain Chuck Tyler
(Note: It is possible the April 12 Dixon service may be continued to sometime in May.)

Chaplain Chuck and Rick Proietti
Continued from Page 2, Redding MIAP Service

Herewith the message from Bud:

“Thank you brother for getting us out there for this history making Mission.

And thank you, too, for starting the event and encouraging the CHP representatives to the mourners area.

What brief conversation I had with the those that rode as escorts told me that there was little to criticize for the mission. It appears
that most of us were left a little in awe that we were the mourners and that none of the deceased warriors had family, by blood or
oath, in attendance.

I've thought some about this since my introduction to you guys. Fred, you are not the only cry-baby in this group. I saw several
tough guys, this afternoon, that helped me stand straight and hold my flag high through my tears. Thank you for letting me be part
of this effort...Bud”

Bud giving a ride to a WWII vet after an honor service for his roommate and fellow vet..

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