Baby Bedding - Checklist For Necessities by toriola1


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    Baby bedding is what your baby will be cuddled in every night, being kept safe and warm. It is a focal point in
     the nursery decor from which other inspiration can stem. Baby bedding needs to be both soft enough for a
                                               delicate baby’s skin.
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                                         Baby Bedding - Checklist For Necessities
                                                          By Molly Ridenhour

   6.Baby Bedding - Checklist for necessities

 When you are preparing to outfit a room for a new baby, you will probably have already decided on
things like the color and general theme of the room, but perhaps you haven't yet determined what
specific baby bedding you will need for the nursery. You can always think of things that would be fun
to place in the new room, but perhaps the most important decision you will make is the sleeping
arrangements for your child. Once you have selected the theme of the room and the style of furniture
that you plan to acquire, the next decision will be the baby bedding. Here are some ideas about this
important subject.


 The first item of baby bedding is the mattress or sleeping pad that you choose for your baby. Most
cribs, cradles and other such equipment come equipped with a mattress pad. You can generally select
either a traditional mattress that often has polyester foam with a washable cover of some sort, or an
organic mattress which may be composed of cotton fiber rather than man made materials. Typically, an
organic mattress will not contain chemical sprays or coatings. In either case, the mattress should be
firm enough to support the baby and should fit the size of the crib or cradle correctly.

Sheets and blankets

 The next item of baby bedding to consider is that of sheets and blankets for your infant. A fitted sheet
that is the correct size for the mattress is important. Again, you can choose between many types of
materials that are organic or manmade according to your personal preference. In many instances,
parents today are choosing hypoallergenic baby bedding in order to reduce the chance of irritants and
allergens which can create rashes and breathing problems, respectively, in the infant. Whether you
prefer silk or cotton, pastels or primary colors, you can find a plethora of choices in keeping with the
theme you have selected for the baby's room.


Somehow, the added touch of a crib bumper appeals to many parents, with the idea that it will protect

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the head of the infant from the wood of the crib or cradle. However, child safety experts are
increasingly recommending against the use of a bumper because of safety reasons. If you choose to
install a crib bumper, in keeping with the theme of the room, be sure to select one that is not loose or
fluffy, but plain with no tassels or ruffles. You can still use colors to match the balance of the baby
bedding decor.


 As an item of baby bedding, a pillow is NOT recommended. In addition to possible allergens and
irritants in the pillow, the danger of suffocation is too great. No baby bedding items need be in the crib
except the mattress and fitted sheet. No stuffed animals, no pillows or other such items. If you want a
pillow or comforter for decorative reasons, you should remove them prior to placing the child down to

Molly Ridenhour is a proud co-owner of Pure and Honest Kids, a children's and baby
e-boutique.  Visit us today on the web for a large selection of Crib Bedding and Serena and Lily

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                               The Importance of Selecting the Right Baby Girl Bedding
                                                                By Susan Harting

Beddings are very important household necessities but most people overlook this fact and think that for
as long as you have something that covers the cushions of your bed, you're already set for a good
night's rest. But that isn’t the case and that would never be the case most especially if you have a baby
girl at home.

 Beddings differ in color, style, size, materials and a whole lot more but serve the same purpose and
that is to give comfort to the user and make him or her feel relaxed. The same goes for baby girls. You
have to especially go in search for the perfect baby girl bedding for your little angel if you want to make
sure that she will have a peaceful sleep throughout the night.

 There are several baby girl beddings out there that you can easily choose from. The many choices
and brands will offer you the greatest prices, most unique designs and the best innovations. However,
you have to make sure that before you get swayed by these shallow facts, look at the characteristics
that should be given more importance.

 The materials used for the baby girl bedding should be your top most priority. You cannot afford to buy
just about any baby girl bedding out there without actually knowing what materials were used in
stitching it together. Make sure that the baby girl bedding is made from one hundred percent cotton
and that it is well tailored without any loose ends. Also, make sure that there are no added designs like
glitters, embossed patterns and things like that because these could be harmful to your baby's skin.
Baby girl beddings should be simple but stylish at the same time.

 You also have to remember that the baby girl bedding you will buy should be made from gartered
materials that can easily be adjusted. Garters follow the structure of the bed so it will be easier and
safer, not to mention much neat, for your baby girl to move around. This could also give you the benefit
of the doubt that your child wouldn't be able to grab the bedding and cover it over her face just right
after you turn your back.

 Keep in mind that the style of the bedding should be simple yet distinct. There are several beddings
out there you can choose from but if you want unique bedding just for your baby girl, you can have
someone customize a set for you. You can choose to have her name stitched on the bedding or any
other design you might want to play around with. Your creativity can be played up when you go in
search for baby girl bedding.

 If you have got it all set, make sure that you change the bedding of your baby girl at least once a
week. That is to make sure that it is free of dust and other bacteria that can cause sickness to your
very fragile baby. See to it that at an early age you train your baby girl to sleep alone on her baby girl
bed to allow her to get used to it. She will eventually grow up to become a toddler and by then, it would
be easier for you to buy her toddler bedding because of what you have learned. Good luck!

Susan Harting is a baby and toddler consultant in the Lake Tahoe area. She has helped countless
parent by helping them selecting safe and comfortable girls bedding for their girl's bedroom. Stop by to see what Susan recommends.

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