Maynard School District Superintendent's Newsletter by xyd75631


									                              Maynard School District
                          Superintendent’s Newsletter
                                       October/November 2009

The school year is flying by quickly. It seems as if we just started the school year yesterday. There is so
much work to do academically and physically before our school year ends in the spring, and already we
are preparing for the Christmas season. Time is precious, and there is never enough of it.

I want to express my appreciation to you as parents and grandparents of the Maynard community. I
hear positive comments often about how well behaved and mannerly the students are from Maynard
Schools, and I notice it myself each day on our campus. Thank you for teaching your children these
important social and behavioral skills that will remain with them throughout their lives.

Thank you to our school volunteers that have been working so hard to provide assistance where
needed. Our volunteer program is growing. We are proud to have such willing parents and grandparents
to give of their talents in order to help our school and community become more informed and united so
that the students can achieve their highest potential. For more information about becoming a school
volunteer, please contact 870-647-3500.

As we prepare for the closure of the first semester and plan for the second, I would like to let you know
what the faculty and staff members have been placing focus on to foster a positive, productive and
academically challenging learning environment for all students, as well as steps and actions we are
taking to make improvements. Moving ahead and staying ahead requires much patience, time,
diligence, cooperation and support from all members involved.

Team committees have been established and are meeting often throughout the school year to analyze
data, set goals and create action plans for goal accomplishment. Our leadership team has established
professional and curricular goals for the 2009-2010 school year that includes working to align our
curriculum in grades Pre-K through 12. This will be accomplished through district-wide curriculum
meetings’ and summer professional development.

 Increasing our scores on open response test items on the state ACTAAP exam is being addressed
through our new high school academic enhancement periods, formally known as study halls. Teachers
work with students throughout the week to improve students’ abilities to read, understand, organize
and explain their thoughts and to improve their comprehension and writing skills.

Focus walks are being conducted weekly by the administrative and leadership faculty members. Focus
walks are classroom visits that provide support to teachers to assist in the teaching and learning process.
Focus walk results are shared with all faculty members to support the improvement process as well as
focus on the strengths. Data is being collected and analyzed throughout the school year to guide

The faculty and staff members have been on several school visits and are planning to visit more next
semester. Faculty and staff members are visiting school districts that have been implementing programs
that we are considering implementing and/or have demonstrated academic success in areas that we are
placing focus in our school improvement plan for the state. Thus far, the visits have been a productive
learning experience in which we have gained much information to use in our own school system.

Our Teachers of the Year for 2009 are Mrs. Pat Rawlings, high school business education teacher, and
Mrs. Tammy Brooks, elementary teacher. The teachers were recognized at the Black River Technical
College on October 19 during the Randolph County Chamber of Commerce dinner. We are all very proud
of these ladies.

Our bus drivers were honored on October 20 with a breakfast for Bus Driver Appreciation. Driving a bus
each day and being responsible for transporting the children safely to and from school is such a special
job. Our drivers are appreciated every day for the care they give and for helping each child to start and
end his/her day well. Mr. Bob Hefner will be retiring this semester. He has been employed with the
Maynard School District for 29 ½ years. We will miss Mr. Bob, but wish him well with his retirement.

I hope everyone had a wonderful Thanksgiving break and our Christmas holiday break will be from
December 21-January 3.

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