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                                                                             Volume 5, No. 1, Jan. 2010

                                                                     The prez sez...
                                                        We wish you a healthy, happy, and prosperous
                                                     New Year! 2010 -- wow, time does fly! We had our
                                                     first NNA Board meeting with all but two of our Di-
                                                     rectors. Our dedicated Neighborhood Police Offi-
      Hit the ground running                         cer, Cpl. Charlie Ford, attended, as well as our City
                                                     Liaison, Janet Frank. We appreciate them and their
  The Northfield Neighborhood Association            reports. We also celebrated Esther’s birthday with a
Board welcomed its newest member, Director           delicious cherry pie (sugar-free, of course).
Diane Lape, who replaced Deborah Stark after            This year we are looking forward to more activi-
the Annual Meeting in November. One of the two       ties, and need more volunteers. Call me at 253-7987
Board members unable to attend was laid up           if you can spare a few hours for any of the following:
from an injury, and the other was out of town.        We need someone to take notes at our meetings
  Esther Schrader was surprised with a cherry             every other month. Even if you don’t know how
pie on her birthday, and took some home to                to write official minutes, you can provide the
Jack. Everyone agreed it was very tasty, even             necessary information to Editor Esther Schrader
though sugar-free.                                        for the Newsletter, and she can format the notes
  Minutes from July, September, and November              into minutes, if necessary. One of our other al-
were read and approved. Treasurer Schrader                ready overworked Directors has reluctantly
reported that the NNA checking account at IQ              agreed to help with the minutes for a short time.
Credit Union has been closed out, and a new ac-       If you’re looking for a short-term commitment,
count opened at Chase Bank in Fred Meyer’s on             then call Esther at 886-3272 and help with the
McGillivray. The beginning balance consisted of           NAP (Neighborhood Action Plan) Committee.
$234.82 from the old account plus $31 in cash             The results from our survey from last year need
from the November raffle, a total of $265.82.             to be reviewed and merged into the NAP. This
  NFCA advanced all the money to build and in-            would mean two or three meetings at most.
stall the park bench in Northfield Park last July.    Our Neighborhood Crime Watch program needs
NNA had applied for a Matching Grant from the             several more Block Buddies, both from the con-
City for our share, $489.61. Unfortunately, we            dos and from the houses. The primary duty is to
did not receive the Matching Grant, due to the            compile a phone tree of the 6-8 homes in your
fact that our park is privately owned. The Board          “block,” for emergency contacts. Call Terry Con-
agreed that $200 should be paid toward our obli-          ner at 608-4513 for the houses, or Esther for the
gation at this time, leaving $65.82 in the bank           condos. Your NNA Board will be coordinating
and a remaining debt of $289.61 owed to NFCA.             this activity, and our goal is to cover every open
  NPO Cpl. Charlie Ford reported that he has              block this year.
been making many traffic stops on McGillivray,        August 3 is a date to mark on your calendar for
but writing few tickets. His presence alone is            the annual Northfield Picnic and National Night
slowing traffic on that busy arterial. There has          Out. NFCA provides the food, and NNA sets up
been a recent increase in the use of heroin by            the activities for children and adults. Because
teens, a source of great concern. There have              we have no dues, we organize a raffle each year
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    Northfield Neighborhood Association
(HIT THE GROUND continued)
been a few car prowls north of us, but Northfield
has been very quiet lately.
  City Liaison Janet Frank told the Board that the
City of Vancouver expects a budget shortfall of $6
million in 2010, and probably $11 million in 2011.
The following Strategic Commitments will guide
the City:
 A healthy, livable, and sustainable Vancouver
 Transportation mobility and connectivity
 Financial health and economic vitality
 A safe and prepared community
 Accountable, responsive City government
 An active, involved community
All City programs will be evaluated to determine:
 What we can afford to provide at what levels,         (THE PREZ continued)
     rather than what we have to cut                    to raise money that is then plowed back into North-
 What citywide strategic outcomes we want to           field for improvements, activities, and mailings. We
     achieve, rather than departmental outcomes         must start early collecting donated services and
     alone                                              materials from businesses and individuals, and will
 What role City government should take in              need help to make those contacts. If you have any
     meeting those needs                                suggestions or can help with this activity, please
 How we can best reduce escalating costs in            call me.
     the face of future structural budget deficits.       Your NNA Board is always interested in new
  Director Waneta Filbin agreed to take on the job      ideas. If you have a suggestion for a speaker or
of Secretary for a couple of months, but we still       program for our May General Meeting or any other
need to find someone to do it for the rest of the       time, please call me.
year.                                                            Sarah Benson, NNA President
  Now that the holiday season is behind us, Esther
plans to pull together a committee to review the
survey results and apply them to the NAP
(Neighborhood Action Plan). We have accom-
plished many of the goals already in the plan, and
need to replace them with current objectives.
  Esther also reported that she and Terry Conner
will be working together to fill all the vacancies in
the Neighborhood Crime Watch blocks. It is hoped
that the softer, gentler concept of Block Buddies
will be more appealing than Block Captains, which
seems to be a huge turnoff for some of our resi-
  Because we can’t expect to obtain City funds for                Block foam collections
any future improvements in our private park, NNA
                                                         The next collection event at Fisher’s Landing
will be looking for other projects within our
                                                        Transit Center will be February 6, from 9 AM to 1
neighborhood that will benefit our quality of life.
                                                        PM. Please remember:
  A General Meeting will be planned for May 5, and
several ideas were discussed for the program,            Clark County residents only
including someone from the US Census Bureau or           Vehicles must have Washington plates
a speaker from C-Tran regarding its 20-year plan,        Must remain at site until material has been ex-
which includes bus rapid transit.                          amined and accepted by attendant
  The next NNA Board meeting will be on March 3,         All block foam must be clean and bagged
7 PM, in Fire Station #9.                                No loads greater than will fill a passenger van
                                                         No packing peanuts or foam hot-tub covers or
                                                           plastic-wrapped yellow urethane foam.

    Northfield Neighborhood Association                                                               2
                                       Block Buddies!

                                        Houses: call Terry Conner, 608-4513
                                       Condos: call Esther Schrader, 883-3272

                                             Let’s see now, how
                                             does this work...

             ...I contact my closest
             neighbors and build a
             phone tree. Hey,
             that’s easy!

    What a great idea! I can
    be a good friend to my
    neighbors while helping
    Northfield Neighborhood!

Northfield Neighborhood Association                                             3
                                                                                Cut out & keep handy
                                                                                   for reference!

                                                                    Northfield happenings
                                                                      MLK Jr. Birthday--Jan. 18
                                                                        Condo Board Meeting
                                                                    Jan. 27, 7 PM--Fire Station #9
                                                                        NFCA Board Meeting
                                                                   Feb. 3, 6:30 PM--Fire Station #9
                                                                      Valentine’s Day--Feb. 14
                                                                        Condo Board Meeting
                                                                    Feb. 24, 7 PM--Fire Station #9
                                                                         NNA Board Meeting
             Nna’s helping hands                                    Mar. 3, 7 PM--Fire Station #9
  From time to time, we will feature a spotlight on                   St. Patrick’s Day--Mar. 17
some of our NNA volunteers. Our January focus is on                     Condo Board Meeting
these dedicated neighbors who deliver your NNA                      Mar. 24, 7 PM--Fire Station #9
Newsletter every other month.
 Shari Ochsner is our newest helper, and she de-
    livers the NNA Newsletter to about one-third of
    the houses.                                             Northfield NA Board Members
 Ruth Potter is an NNA Director, but also delivers      President Sarah Benson...………….. 253-7987
    newsletters to the houses.                 
 Terry Conner, President of NFCA, helps Ruth.           Vice President Patricia Hittner.........260-3166
 Jim & Joann Bliss live in the condos, but deliver
    NNA Newsletters to half of the houses.               Treasurer Esther Schrader...........…883-3272
 Waneta Filbin, NNA Secretary (temporarily), de-
    livers NNA, NFCA, and Condo Newsletters to the       Secretary Waneta Filbin...................256-0486
 Sarah Benson, NNA President, helps Waneta              Director Diane Lape.........................991-4919
    with monthly newsletter deliveries to the condos.
 Would you like to help? Call Esther at 883-3272.        Director Dian Lofstrom.....................253-7657
                                                         Director Ruth Potter….………...........882-7937

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