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									Peebles Parent Newsletter
                                                                                               Volume 1, Number 5

Principally Speaking...
        The new year is here, and with it, new goals, new resolutions, and new chances to
make every learning minute count. We now have a few short months until Grades 3 and 4                  2010
tackle the MCAS, or the Massachusetts Comprehensive Assessment System. Designed to
ensure the Massachusetts Curriculum Frameworks are being taught, the MCAS assesses             Special points of in-
students in Writing, Reading, and Mathematics. By the time the students reach Grade            terest:
10, the test is high stakes, which means that students must pass the tests in order to
                                                                                               ☺ Please send your children
graduate from high school. Expecting students to have a minimum proficiency is impor-            to school with adequate
tant! As educators, we are accountable to your children, and to all of you. It is our job to     apparel for the cold. If
do our best to ensure that all students reach their potential. With your help and working        we can go outside, we will!
with us as partners, we can achieve that goal.                                                 ☺ Nutritious lunches help
         If you would like to see what is expected on the MCAS (good for all parents),           students do their best.
                                                                                                 Help your child to make
please attend a Coffee With the Principal on January 21, 2010 at 2:00 PM in Room
                                                                                                 healthy choices…
24– the World Language Room. Any topic you bring up is great– I welcome all parent
feedback. The more you know about the MCAS, the more you can help your children see            ☺ Do not hesitate to call
                                                                                                 with questions or con-
it as a very natural part of the school year, and not an occasion for anxiety.
                                                                                                 cerns– anytime!
         In addition, do not forget Parent Teacher Conferences this month. They will be
                                                                                               ☺ Congratulations to our
held on January 27, 2010, from 12:00-3:30, and the students have a half day of                   new music teacher, Mr.
school that day. The next day, January 28, the conferences will be held at from 5:30-            Duff, and Grade 4– fan-
8:30 PM. Students have a full day of school on that day. However, the day before Feb-            tastic holiday concert!
ruary vacation, February 12, 2010, elementary students will again have a half day of
school. I hope everyone takes the opportunity to meet with the child’s teacher. Please do       IMPORTANT MCAS
not hesitate to see me or stop in for any questions or concerns! Have a wonderful Janu-              DATES
ary, full of promise and hope for the new year!
                                                                                               GRADE 4: Long Com-
Enrichment for Students                                                                        position MARCH 23,

           Do you have a craft to share, or a skill you would like to teach students? We       GRADE 4: ELA Read-
  would like to know how many parents would share an activity with students for one hour       ing Comprehension
  a week for a minimum of four weeks in an after school setting. We would limit the num-       MARCH 24-APRIL 12
  ber of Grade 3 and 4 students to 10 to an activity, and would love to have students          GRADE 3: ELA Read-
  involved. Money for supplies could be available through the Student Activity Fund.           ing Comprehension
  Ideas can be as imaginative as possible. If you are interested, please look for the form     MARCH 22-APRIL 12
  that will go home this week, and return it so we can analyze the results. Students al-
  ways benefit from enrichment, and we are delighted to design a program for their
                                              January 2010
Sunday          Monday        Tuesday            Wednesday         Thursday              Friday         Saturday
                                                                                1                   2              3

                                                                   NO SCHOOL          NO SCHOOL

         4               5               6                     7                8                   9             10

                                              DEPARTMENT HEADS                         LEAP DAY

                DAY 7          DAY 1               DAY 2             DAY 3               DAY 4
     11                  12              13                  14                 15                16              17
                                                DEPARTMENTAL       With Admin        IN-SERVICE DAY
                                                                      Gr 12            NO SCHOOL
                DAY 5          DAY 6               DAY 7             DAY 1
     18                  19              20                  21                 22                23              24
                              MID TERM            MID TERM         MID TERM            MID TERM           SAT’s
             MARTIN LUTHER     EXAMS               EXAMS            EXAMS               EXAMS            Not in
               KING DAY                                                              GRADES CLOSE        Bourne
              NO SCHOOL
     25                  26              27                  28                 29                30              31

                                                                                       LEAP DAY

                DAY 2          DAY 3               DAY 4             DAY 5               DAY 6

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