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									Milton High School

MHS Newsletter
                                                                                                        January 2010

Principal’s Message
Greetings                          20th and 21st. I suggest that      Safety and Student Drop
                                   you ask your student about         Off
I hope this edition of the         their final exam schedule and      The thirty minutes prior to
MHS Newsletter finds you           their plan to prepare for the      the start of the day at Milton
well. It seems that from mid-      tests. Please take the time to     High School sees heavy traf-
November through the New           talk about the importance of       fic at MHS. For the safety of
Year, schedules both at home       finishing off the semester         all, I ask that students and
at MHS get busier and busier       well. Also, please never hesi-     drivers take great care before
each year. I’ve heard from         tate to contact your student’s     school. Students should not
more than one parent that          teacher or counselor if you        be dropped off in the west
they looked forward to school      have questions.                    parking lot or back by the Ag/
starting up again in January                                          Tech Ed. Building. Students       Important
                                                                      may be dropped off at door
so life could get back to nor-
mal. I do hope that the fami-
                                   School Store
                                   In December, the Hawks’            #1 (main entrance), however
lies at MHS could find time        Nest opened at MHS. An             due to the heavy bus traffic,
to enjoy the time their stu-       extension of the high school       the preferred drop off point         January 19-21
dents had off of school.           business education class,          is door #10 (Auditorium           1st Semester Exams
However, January and Febru-        Business Management II, the        Entrance) before school.
ary are scheduled with a           school store provides students     This location offers the most
                                                                                                           January 21
number of events at MHS.           the opportunity to learn in a      options for the driver to exit
                                                                                                          Early Release
This Newsletter helps to out-      real life format. Many par-        the lot (Municipal Dr. or
                                                                                                             11 a.m.
line some of the activities that   ents and community members         High Street) and is the easiest
will take place as we start        have visited the store since its   to approach, because there is        January 22
2010.                              opening. I encourage you to        no bus traffic.                    No School K-12
                                   check it out. Currently, Mil-                                         Workshop Day
Preparation for Finals             ton apparel is being sold, but     Thank you.
As we settle back into the         second semester will see the                                            January 23
routine after the holiday sea-     eventual addition of school                                             Milton Show
son, it is good to help your       supplies needed by specific        Jeremy Bilhorn                     Choir Invitational
student settle into a routine      MHS classes.                       Principal
with his or her schoolwork.                                           Milton High School                    February 6
Final Exams are January 19th,                                                                              Winter Dance
                                                                                                             8:30 p.m.

                                                                                                         February 8 & 10
Library News                                                                                                HS Course
                                                                                                         Selection Nights
                                                                                                             4-8 p.m.
Instead of sending out hundreds of overdue/fine notices on paper, we are now
sending notices directly to each student through FirstClass, our school email.                             February 26
                                                                                                          No School K-12
This gives more responsibility to the students and also saves paper. Students                                 SWEIO
can use FirstClass from home by going to the school district site <http://www.
milton.k12.wi.us/district/>, then Library (on the top bar), then District Email                              March 1
                                                                                                          No School K-12
Access, then Log into Web-based FirstClass. Their English teachers also re-
mind them to check their email periodically.
 Page 2                                                                                           MHS Newsletter

 Parent—Teacher—Student Organization
 Attend PTSO meetings!
 Meet fellow parents who care about your children.
 Monthly meetings are on Fridays at 9 am in Room 121.
 Upcoming meeting dates:

 •       February 5

 •       March 12

 •       April 9
                                                                                           Stay informed, Be
 •       May 14 (8 am)                                                                         involved!

 No fundraising involved.

National Honor Society
Membership in NHS is an honor awarded to juniors and seniors who demonstrate outstanding scholarship, char-
acter, leadership, and service. The selection process for each year begins in February after grade records from the
first semester are complete, and new members are notified in March. Any student who wants to work toward
earning NHS membership should be aware of the criteria for selection at MHS.

         Scholarship: Maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.50.
         Character: Demonstrate these qualities: honesty, responsibility, courtesy,
           and respect for laws and school rules.
         Positive Leadership: Lead through actively inspiring others or through
           setting an example of excellence.
         Service: Be engaged in extracurricular activities at MHS and community activities.

While each faculty member and administrator has input in NHS selection, the Faculty Council directs the process

Sarah Harvatine
NHS Selection Advisor
868-9311 ext. 1109

Counseling Office
  Seniors, be sure to stop in the counseling office or check the MHS website to obtain information on the scholar-
  ships that are available. Mrs. McCarthy frequently updates the list. Listen for announcements regarding new
  additions to the list.

  College and Technical College Representatives
  Juniors and seniors should check the counseling office bulletin board and listen to the announcements for the
  dates and times the college representatives come to visit our school. A representative from Blackhawk Techni-
  cal College will be presenting information on February 16th. Ms. Lima is the college contact person in the
  counseling office. She will answer questions regarding the college visits.
Issue 3                                                                                                      Page 3

Counseling Office continued...
2010-2011 Course Selection – Grades 9, 10, 11
Course selection for the 2010-2011 school year is scheduled for the evenings of February 8th and 10th. You and
your student will receive notice of your appointment after January 27th. Please clip and have your student return
the confirmation slip to the counseling office to confirm your appointment or call to reschedule if the time is
inconvenient for your family. The counselors will be going into the classrooms to discuss the course selection
process and distribute materials the week of February 1st. Students will receive their new Program of Studies
Guide and the forms to be completed before attending their scheduled appointment. Please take time to discuss
your student’s selections and feel free to contact the counseling office or teachers with any questions you may
have regarding this process.

Seniors who are college bound should be completing their applications. Please have your senior bring in the
completed application, transcript release form, a check to cover the application fee (if not paid online), and let-
ter(s) of recommendation if applicable. Seniors should also make sure their ACT scores have been sent to the
college or if the college accepts copies of the ACT report, request a copy be sent from the counseling office.
College Goal Sunday is a nationwide event that assists thousands of high school seniors and their families com-
plete the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), the essential first step to receiving financial aid
and going to college. College Goal Sunday will be held at Hedberg Library in Janesville on Saturday, February
20th at 2:00pm. If you are unable to attend, you may visit the FAFSA website at www.fafsa.ed.gov for answers
to your questions and information regarding the FAFSA application.

Juniors should be in the process of getting a clearer vision of their post high school plans whether they are going
straight to work, joining the military, or going on to further their education through technical college or other
college/university. This is the year they should be taking the ACT or SAT if they are planning on attending a
four-year college/university. The ACT scores are required for admission to UW-System schools. Most juniors
take the test in April or June, but students may take it earlier if they wish. ACT and SAT materials are available
in the counseling office. The next test date for the ACT is April 10 with a registration deadline of March 5.

This year the high school counselors will implement Individual Planning Conferences for sophomores. Each
member of the class of 2012 will be asked to schedule a meeting with their parents/guardians and counselor dur-
ing the school day. The Individual Planning Conference (IPC) assists students in planning, monitoring and
managing their academic, career, and personal/social development by connecting the student, parent and school.
Topics covered will be:              Transcript Review
                                     Graduation Requirements
                                     Course Selections
                                     WKCE test results
                                     WISCareers Career and Education Website
The focus of the IPC is to strengthen communication between students, parents and school counselors; explore
academic and career options; and gain insight into students; personal/social growth. It will be very important
for planning the last two years of high school. Meetings, lasting 35-40 minutes, will be scheduled from mid-
March to May. The counseling department will send a letter in second semester to arrange a date and time for
each student. We look forward to meeting with the Class of 2012 and their parents in Individual Planning Con-

Our 9th graders now are close to completing one full semester and moving into the second. Hopefully their
grades will reflect their true ability. It is important for them to remember that a good start is important. Coun-
selors are finishing up their individual meetings with the freshmen. This meeting gives the students a chance to
ask questions and get to know their counselor.
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World Language Department
                        Which World Language Should my MHS Student Take?
This decision should be based on two factors: which language the student enjoys the most, and what the
student’s future goals are. Following are some points to consider when deciding whether to take a lan-
guage, and which language to choose:

MYTH: Learning another language is unnecessary/irrelevant. This is America!
(or, “My student isn’t ever going to travel abroad,” or, “Everyone my student
knows speaks English,” or, “Everyone in the world will be speaking English in
the future anyhow,” or “We should be focusing on the basics: science, reading,
and math.”)

FACT: Considering the world we live in, it is quite possible that there is little
more relevant than learning another language. Learning other languages helps
one’s understanding of one’s own language: students who take another lan-
guage are more likely to succeed in their native language classes and score
higher on the SATs/ACTs. Most jobs today, in all sectors, require at least some
language ability. Translation/interpreting is the fastest-growing job sector in the country, growing faster
than any other job over the next decade.

In terms of raw facts, being multilingual will be the default state of the near future. If current global projec-
tions hold true, multilingual speakers are expected to outnumber single-language speakers very soon.

Most of the rest of the world is multilingual. For decades, the United States has been behind our interna-
tional peers in terms of language instruction. In most first-world (and even most third-world) nations, stu-
dents learn two or more languages, either in the home or in formal schooling beginning at a very young

MYTH: My student doesn’t need another language for his/her chosen career.

FACT: There is no such thing as a career that does not benefit from learning another language. The number
of careers in which a language is required is going up, not down. Here is a sample of career fields that re-
quire (or strongly recommend) language skills. This list is far from exhaustive, and some of the career
fields on this list may surprise you.

Agriculture, Automotive, Business/Marketing, Entertainment, Foodservice/Hospitality, Law, Medicine/
Health care, Manufacturing, Engineering, Military, IT/Computers, Law Enforcement, Biotech, Architec-
ture, Construction, Performing Arts, Accounting, Customer Service, Journalism, Insurance, Politics, Aero-
space, Public Relations, and more!

MYTH: My student can learn another language in college. There is no need to take a language in high

FACT: Most colleges have language requirements for entrance. Those that don’t, often have exit language
requirements in order to graduate. Many colleges will accept high school language coursework as part of
their graduation language requirement. Furthermore, although a college may not have specific entrance re-
quirements in language, language skills on a high school transcript are often helpful in moving a student’s
application to the top of the pile at competitive schools. Most top-tier schools expect 4 years of high school
world language study from their applicants, even though a language requirement may not be explicitly re-
quired for entrance.
 Issue 3                                                                                                   Page 5

World Language Department continued...
MYTH: French is more difficult to learn than Spanish.

FACT: Both languages are challenging in different ways. There is no language (of the roughly 6000 that ex-
ist in the world currently) that is “easier” than another. Spanish is often easier to pronounce at the beginning
than French, which leads to the impression that it is “easier.” However Spanish becomes more difficult later
on. French has fewer verb tenses/moods than Spanish, and French has fewer words for “you” than Spanish
does. The bottom line is, both languages present challenges of equal degree, and just because a language
seems easy early on does not mean that it’s definitively easier overall. Besides, learning a language gets eas-
ier anyhow the more languages one learns!

MYTH: Spanish is more useful/relevant than French.

FACT: Both languages are equally useful. The language chosen depends entirely on a person’s career choice
and lifestyle. Internet job searches by language typically yield about three times more job openings requiring
French than Spanish. Be aware also that most jobs in the U.S. that require Spanish skills will most likely be
given to those living in the U.S. who are native Spanish-speakers over those for whom Spanish is a second
language. In terms of travel, Spanish is spoken in 22 countries abroad, whereas French is spoken in 43. Most
countries recognize French as the language of diplomacy as well—more international negotiations are con-
ducted in French than in most other languages. The U.S. government studies its language needs annually, to
determine which languages to offer at the Defense Language Institute (where military cryptologists are sent
to learn languages quickly in the interest of national security). French is listed as a “critical” or “important”
language for our country’s needs almost every year. That said, the number of Spanish-speakers in the U.S. is
increasing, so a conversational knowledge of Spanish can be helpful; however Canada is America’s #1 trade
partner, and Canadian law requires that all product information and packaging be printed in both French and

Since the passage of NAFTA (the North American Free Trade Agreement), all products exported to Canada
and Mexico must include French and Spanish both on their packaging and literature. Drivers making deliver-
ies to those countries must be conversant in Spanish or French by law. In most other countries, people have a
working knowledge of at least two other languages besides their own. There is no reason why “Spanish or
French?” should be strictly an either-or question.

MYTH: Milton students can only take one language in high school.

FACT: If a student wishes, he/she can take both Spanish and French in high school. The reasons for doing so
have been alluded to above, but here are some other things to consider: once a second language has been
learned (even to a basic level), subsequent languages become easier and easier to learn. A student with multi-
ple languages on a high school transcript may even have better chances of getting accepted to the college of
his/her choice. Beyond that, in the job market, multiple languages on a resumé will give applicants an edge
over applicants with no language skills or even with skills in one language.

Sources:    http://www.ericdigests.org/pre-924/study.htm
            Ssgt. A. Bagby, Linguist, USAF, NSA; personal conversation, July 2006
Page 6                                                                             MHS Newsletter

                             1st Semester Exams
     Day One: January 19                               Day Two: January 20
     Warning Bell:           7:33                      Warning Bell:          7:33
     1st Hour Exam           7:40 – 9:15               2nd Hour Exam          7:40 – 9:15
              Passing Time   9:15 – 9:25                       Passing Time   9:15 – 9:25
     3rd Hour Exam           9:25 – 11:00              4th Hour Exam          9:25 – 11:00

     Lunch 1                 11:00 – 11:30             Lunch 1                11:00 – 11:30
               4A Class      11:04 – 11:45                       4A Class     11:04 – 11:45
               4B Class      11:34 – 12:15                       4B Class     11:34 – 12:15

     Lunch 2                 11:45 – 12:15             Lunch 2                11:45 – 12:15
               5A Class      11:49 – 12:30                       5A Class     11:49 – 12:30
               5B Class      12:19 – 1:00                        5B Class     12:19 – 1:00

     Lunch 3                 12:30 – 1:00              Lunch 3                12:30 – 1:00
     7th Hour Exam           1:04 – 2:41               6th Hour Exam          1:04 – 2:41

                                  Day Three: January 21

                                  Warning Bell:     7:33
                                  1st Hour          7:40 – 7:53
                                  2nd Hour          7:57 – 8:10
                                  3rd Hour          8:14 – 8:27
                                  4th Hour          8:31 – 8:44
                                  6th Hour          8:48 – 9:01
                                  7th Hour          9:05 – 9:18
                                  5th Hour Exam     9:22 – 11:00

                                  11:00 Dismissal

 During exam week, students are required to re-
main in the classroom for the entire duration of a
final exam. Students will not be allowed to leave
  when finished with an exam. Students should
plan accordingly and bring materials to work on
          when finished with an exam.

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