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									                          Cooley Landing Newsletter – December, 2009

        East Palo Alto residents have had a long standing interest in opening Cooley Landing as a
public park for open space recreation and environmental and history education.

                               Thank you for many supporters!

As we reflect back on 2009, we’d like to thank all the wonderful people and organizations
making this project move forward. There is no way to thank everyone, but here are a few:

   •   Partner: The Midpeninsula Regional Open Space District owns part of the land at
       Cooley Landing and is giving enthusiastic support. Its Board just voted to make this a
       priority project for the next fiscal year. Its staff, especially Tina Hugg and Sandy
       Sommer, are giving valuable technical assistance and cooperation to support the City.

   •   Funders: Packard Foundation (project manager and concept drawings), US
       Environmental Protection Agency (technical studies), Philanthropic Ventures Foundation
       (environmental education)

   •   Community input and outreach: (alphabetical order) Collective Roots, College Track,
       Community Development Institute, Girls 2 Women, Health Collaborative members, Jane
       Leach Memorial Fund, Kiwanis Club, One East Palo Alto,, EPA Today, Job
       Train, Ravenswood City School District, Sequoia Union High School District, St. Francis
       of Assisi Church, Youth Consortium members, Youth United for Community Action, and
       many others

   •   Technical Assistance: Army Corps of Engineers (Robert Smith, Debra O’Leary),
       Broadway & Huffman (Thomas Yocom), Carol Lamont, Canopy: Trees for Palo Alto
       (Sharon Kelly, Martin Deggeler), City of Palo Alto (Darren Anderson, Annette Coleman,
       Greg Betts), Deer Hollow Farm (Jessica Morgan), Don Edwards Wildlife Refuge (Dave
       Thomson, Cheryl Strong, Kimby Wells, Melisa Helton, Eric Mruz), the Environmental
       Volunteers (Maryann Welton, Allan Berkowitz), Holland & Knight (Nicholas Targ),
       Regional Water Quality Control Board (Mark Johnson), San Francisco Bay Conservation
       and Development Commission (Jaime Michaels, Brad McCrea), Stanford University
       (Melissa Jones).

   •   And many many more – too many to name! -- who have also contributed their ideas,
       time, contacts, creativity, expertise and just great positive spirit!

                             What’s happening December and January?

   •   Alviso Environmental Education Center and Restoration Area Tour - We can learn a
       lot from other parks in the area, so we organized tours so community members could get
       ideas for what they might like to see at Cooley Landing and what unique contributions
       Cooley Landing could make that is different from what is already available nearby. On
       December 6, we toured the Alviso Environmental Education Center. Ecologist Dave
       Thompson is restoring a 7-acre former landfill site using native plants (grasses and forbs,
       a kind of herb with flowers). If all goes well, by spring these plants will give beautiful
       color and attract wildlife with no irrigation or other long-term maintenance needed.
       Environmental educator Kimby Wells gave a tour of the Environmental Education
       Center. This Center has programs for all ages every weekend and for schools during
       weekdays. Major topics include wetlands, water conservation, and salt pond restoration.
       If you missed the tour, you can visit on your own. The Nature Center is open Tue-Wed
       10 am-5 pm, Thu-Fri 2 pm-5pm, and Sat 1pm-5pm. Refuge website: The Environmental Education Center phone number is
       408-262-5513 (part of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service).

                                    How can I get involved?

•   Community Meeting January 11, 2010 – We will have more to share at the next
    Community Meeting at 7:30 pm in City Hall at 2415 University Ave on the 2nd floor meeting
    room. Refreshments will be served.

•   Cooley Landing Student Internships - deadline to apply January 11, 2010 - Callander
    Associates, the Cooley Landing design team, is hiring two student interns to help with the
    next steps of the community-based design process. Please contact Clara Le at 408-275-0565
    or for more information. Students must be East Palo Alto

•   Design open house workshop tentatively Saturday, February 6 - The City invites all
    residents to a community open house workshop Saturday, February 6, 2010, to get
    community input on the developing plans. Please come by to see conceptual designs, learn
    about nearby environmental centers, ask questions, and share ideas. The open house will be
    at College Track (1877 Bay Road) 10 - 4 pm. The City will also host tours of Cooley
    Landing then.

                               How can I get more information?

•   Website – Please see the new Cooley Landing website where I’ll continue to post updates Many thanks to Michael Levin from for the foresight to
    secure this web address. It has past newsletters, which give more background information.
•   Library – Please visit the East Palo Alto Public Library at 2415 University Ave. (City Hall),
    where the Reference Librarian can point you to a collection of Cooley Landing information.
•   Contact Lily Lee, Cooley Landing Project Manager at 650-853-3166 or
    2415 University Ave., 2nd Floor, East Palo Alto, CA 94303. Fax 650-853-3115

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