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                                                                             N EWSLETTER
                                                                                                 J ANUARY 2010

Dear Chewelah HomeLink Families ,
          This past month I had the opportunity to
take my son and one of my daughters
snowboarding for the first time in their lives. Both
approached the adventure of learning to
snowboard in quite different ways. My son Riley
                                                       MONTHLY HOMELINK PARENT MEETING SCHEDULED
counted the days until that first lesson arrived. My
daughter Madysen, on the other hand, waited            There will be a parent meeting to discuss future
with quiet determination and some amount of            opportunities for Chewelah HomeLink and how we
fear. When the day arrived, my son went into his       can better serve the students of our community. If
lesson with an expectation of being able to be the     you would like to get more information about what
next Shawn White (Olympic snowboarder) after           we can offer, or want to share your own ideas,
one hour of learning and no hours of practice. My      interests, or concerns, mark your calendars for
daughter just wanted the lesson to go smoothly         February 11th at 6pm in the HomeLink Building, next
with zero chance of falling down. My son, over         to the Chewelah School District office.
the course of the hour lesson, took to the sport
with some ease, so much so that he decided to          CHEWELAH HOMELINK PARENT/STUDENT HANDBOOK

assert his independence from me by going on the
ski lift by himself.                                   DON’T FORGET ABOUT OUR EXTENDED HOURS

Too cool for Dad, you see! My daughter, however,        HomeLink is open later for students to work on
took more time to become comfortable with the          coursework and utilized the computer lab. We are
idea of snowboarding. So much so that she              open from 8am-4:30pm, Monday-Friday. The office
wouldn’t let me leave her side, unless I promised      will be un-staffed from 3:00pm-3:30pm. Check out
to keep her from falling. She did, and then we did.    the online HomeLink calendar for up-to-the-day
Over and over again. Until the point where she         changes in HomeLink office hours.
realized that maybe snowboarding wasn’t for her.
She eventually said, “Dad, next time, I want to try
skiing.”                                               Reflections Fair-January 28

I realized from this learning experience that no       Consider entering a project into this year’s
two children learn the same way, nor do they have      Reflections Fair-a celebration of the Arts. This
the same experience as one another. I will             year’s theme will be “Beauty is . . .”. Students
continue to keep this in mind as we continue to        in grades 1-5 are eligible to enter a project into
grow a HomeLink program that honors the variety        this year’s fair. Entry rules are available at the
of ways in which we learn and takes steps to           blue desk at Gess Elementary and must be
ensure that all families continue to get the           processed by Monday, Jan. 25th. Call Chris
resources and instruction they need for their          Carpenter @ 685-6800 ext. 4102 for more
children.                                              information. The fair will be Jan. 28th @
                                                       6:30pm in the Gess Gym. Bring your family to
Sincerely,                                             this wonderful community event.

Matt McLain

HomeLink Principal
                                                                                                Leeaarrniingg Liinkss
                                                                                                L n n L nk
                                        MONTHLY REVIEW NEWS

Monthly Reviews for Student Learning Plans have arrived.
Just go to and click on
the “Monthly Review” link on the left-hand side of the page.
If you choose this option, you will not have to meet face-to-
face with your teacher of record, but you may be contacted if
information submitted is incomplete or student is not
making progress. Online submissions need to be completed         A website where science and art meet to offer
by the 3rd Friday of each month. If you do not submit your       students a place to learn, explore, and ponder!
monthly review online, we will continue to schedule your
monthly meeting face-to-face.

                                             SENIOR SPOTLIGHT

SCHOLARSHIPS, AND INFORMATION ON IMPORTANT TESTING DATES.        A great place for gaining knowledge about
                                                                 history’s greatest treasures!

Are you interested in going to Washington, D.C.?

JMS teacher Becky Washington is planning an educational
trip to our nation’s capital June 16th-June 20th. This trip is
designed for 6th-8th grade students. Visit Jamestown, Mount      Find kids games, sports, and music. Sponsored
Vernon, the Washington Monument, WW II Memorial, the             by Yahoo!
Smithsonian, the White House, Arlington Cemetery, and
more! Contact Becky at 935-6635 for more information, or
stop by HomeLink to pick up a program schedule and find
out the necessary deadlines.
                                                                 If you have websites that you use for
Approximate cost: $1975.00
                                                                 educational purposes, please share them with
EDUCATIONAL EXCURSION OPPORTUNITY                                us, and we will feature them in our monthly
The dinosaurs are coming! The Spokane Arena will host
“Walking with Dinosaurs” April 7-11, 2010. Seats to this event                        ONLINE CURRICULUM AVAILABLE
cost $39.50. If you are interested in attending this
                                                                 Did you know that we offer online curriculum
spectacular event, give Lisa a call @ 685-6800 ext. 1007 or go   for grades 3-12? We currently are using
to our website to reserve your spot.                             Odysseyware and Apex Learning to meet the
                                                                 needs of our diverse student population. If you
                                                                 are considering taking an online course, let us
                                                                 work to help you meet your educational needs.
                                                                 Also, we also offer ALEKs Math courses online.
                                                                 These courses are personalized to the individual
                                                                 student’s abilities and helps students learn in a
                                                                 variety of ways. Several of our HomeLink
                                                                 families are currently using this online tool. Let
                                                                 us know if we can help your student find math
If you haven’t checked out our HomeLink website, you’re       Wednesday courses now available
missing out on a lot of valuable information regarding
courses we offer, course schedules, online forms, and other   Students (3-12) in the Chewelah HomeLink
documents you might find useful. If you have suggestions      program can now take classes on Wednesdays
for what should be on our website, don’t hesitate to email    at the Crossroads Church. Classes are
or call us. We want to make finding information as easy as    sponsored by Columbia Virtual Accademy, and
possible.                                                     student’s can use their allocation fund to pay
                                                              for the course fees for these educational
HOMELINK CLASSES IN FEBRUARY                                  courses. Go to
Latin                                                         to see course availability and times.

Our Latin class, taught by Walt Stichart, is offered on       Course include: Electricity and Magnetism,
Tuesdays at 12:30pm in the HomeLink building next to the      Survey of Literature, WA State History,
District office.                                              Mysterious Places in Ancient History, Rocket
                                                              Science 101, U.S. Study with lapbooks, Chess
                                                              Club, and many more! Classes begin February
Bowling                                                       3rd. If interested, call Lisa @ 685-6800 ext.
                                                              1007 ASAP to enroll.
Bowling class is offered on Thursdays @ 1:45pm at the
Chewelah Bowling Alley.                                       Winter Ecology Day Planned

Foreign Language Coursed Available Online                     We have the opportunity to participate with the
                                                              Newport HomeLink program in the Winter
We are pleased to announce foreign language online            Ecology Day held at 49 Degrees North, planned
courses using Rosetta Stone. This program offers studies in   for February 24 /25th. This will be an event for
31 different languages. Students interested in signing up     7-12 grade students. Students will get hands-on
                                                              experience with the winter habitat of the
for a class can call the HomeLink office.
                                                              Northwest. They will get the chance to learn
                                                              avalanche safety, survivor training, group
                                                              dynamics, and actively participate in a
                                                              snowshoeing adventure. This event will offered
Tae Kwon Do                                                   at a low or no cost to HomeLink families. Don’t
                                                              be left out! Call HomeLink today to reserve your
Classes are Monday-Friday offered hourly from 3pm-7pm at      spot for this winter adventure.
Bradley’s Tae Kwon Do.
Cost: $50.00 /month; $40.00 / month for each additional
student from the same family                                  Please complete your weekly contacts and monthly reviews.
                                                              These are required by both State Law and the Chewelah School
                                                              Board. Failure to make these contacts may affect your student
                                                              fund allocations and enrollment status. See WAC 392-121-182,
                                                              Section 6. We have a pdf on our HomeLink website for your
Intro to Irish Dancing Classes to begin                       convenience. Look for it under “Alternative Learning Experience
This class will be offered Monday mornings at 8:30 at
the Chewelah Civic Center by Jeanne Nixon, long-time          You can register for many of our classes by
dance instructor and community member. Classes will
                                                              going online and clicking on the calendar link
be February 1st, 8th, 15th, and 22nd. Minimum of 7
students and a maximum of 15. Minimum age 8                   and browsing available dates for classes. Our
years. No maximum age. $35.00/month. Come in                  classes can easily be added to student
comfortable, stretchy clothing - shorts or sweat pants        learning plans. Ask us how!
and stocking feet.
                                                                                                                 Make a

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