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					  A L - H E D AYA H A C A D E M Y
  EVENTS NEWSLETTER                                                                                                                        8601 Randol Mill Road
                                                                                                                                           Fort Worth, TX 76120
  JANUARY 11, 2010                                                                                                                                 817-265-6667


  Worthy Projects Awaiting Your Support
  As we continue to grow and serve larger numbers of Muslim students and their families, we are appealing to your generous support this year
  and the years to come. Your donation will go to one or more of the following ongoing projects:
                           We need a sponsor for Project Clean - $1000.00 a month. If you are interested in helping (any help
                           appreciated, any amount appreciated), please contact Sr. Abir
                           Attend the Daily Prayer with your child at School (Free)                                         The believer's shade on the Day of
  Thank you to the generous donors for supporting us with all our causes. May Allah Bless you and your family.               Resurrection will be his charity."
  "Give a little, give a lot." Designate a worthy project of your choice.                                                                           (Tirmidhi)
  Call the Budget Office to make your donation or pledge (817) 265-6667.

            IMPORTANT DATES                                                                                                   Staff Changes
                                                                   How can you help Al-Hedayah?                    Br. Moiz has been replaced this
 Jan 11, Middle School & High School                                   World’s Finest Chocolate                   academic year for personal reasons.
 Finals (Grades 7-10)                                                                                             We wish him well. Sr. Nadia will
                                                              We still have boxes in office, Please help us to
                                                                                                                  replace him in the Math/Science 5-6
 Jan 18, Parent/ Teacher Conference                                      sell the remaining boxes
                                                                                                                  position. She is Math Certified for
 Jan 20, PTO “Reading Under Stars”                            Each student will sell one box for $50 dollars or
                                                                                                                  Grades 4-8. Please contact Sr. Abir if
                                                                           send a check for $50
 Family Night—6:00pm                                                                                              you have any questions. We are
                                                                All proceeds will benefit our student funds.
 Jan 21, 2nd Semester -4th 6 weeks                                                                                working on a plan to implement for
                                                                       Shop at www.schoolstore.com                Library services.
                                                                       Select—Al-Hedayah Academy
 Jan 22, Report Cards Go Home
                                                                    Do you want to renew your magazine                         PTO Lunch– Thursday
 Feb 8, Benchmark Testing 8th—12th                                            subscription?
 Feb 15, President’s Day Holiday                                     Do you need shoes from converse?                 Chicken Strips, Fries, Salad & Drink
                                                                   Over 200 nationally known merchants to
                                                                                                                                 1 Extra Chicken Strip with a
                                                                        choose from and shop online
                                                                                                                                         meal $0.50
                                                               CVS gift Cards When you fill out a new
                                                              subscription, Use a coupon for a free gift card.
                                                               CVS will give out $20 or $25 dollar gift card
Fresh                                                         with every subscription filled. We can use the
                                                                gift cards to keep our sickbay stocked with
                                                                                                                  EMAIL ADDRESS
                                                                                                                    Help us increase communication between the
                                                                             essential materials.
Ideas                                                                                                             school and parents. Please make sure the office
                                                                                                                  has your email address. Announcements and

Start                                                                                                             Newsletters are now being emailed to parents. If
                                                                                                                  you are not receiving emails, your email is
                                                               Character Counts 3rd Six Weeks—
                                                                                                                  missing, incorrect or outdated in our records.
Here                                                                             Caring                           Send your email address to main@hedayah.com

                                                                ARE YOU A CARING PERSON?                          Tip of the Week– Terrific Test Taking
            Important Announcement
                      Please                                                                                      When test taking, you are demonstrating your
                                                               •      Are you sensitive to people's feelings?
                                                                                                                  ability to understand course material. To avoid
   Pick up your children on time from school
             Pre K—Kinder - 3:15pm                             •      Do you treat people with kindness and       errors:
               1st—10th - 3:30pm                                      generosity?                                       Analyze how you did on a similar test in
  Failure to pick up on time will incur a charge                                                                        the past
            $10 per half hour per child                        •      Do you think about how your actions will          Arrive early for test
            (Student Handbook pg 18)                                  affect others?
                                                                                                                        Be comfortable but alert
  We have started charging parents this week                                                                            Stay relaxed & confident
    for late pick up due to the severity of the                •      Are you ever mean or hurtful?
                                                                                                                        Read the directions carefully
                                                               •      Do you help people in need?                       If there is time, look through the test for
                                                                                                                        an overview
                                                              http://www.goodcharacter.com/chron/                       Answer questions in a strategic order
Al-Hedayah has an After school Program from                               caring.html
                                                                                                                        Review the test
  3:30 to 5:30 PM for very reasonable rates.
     Please contact the office for details.

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