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					                  OFFICE OF COUNSELING
                  AND CAREER SERVICES
                                                                                                  VOLUME 2, ISSUE 1

                                                T H E           CAL L I N G : C A R E E R
                                                D IR E C T I ON S F OR U R SU L INE
                                                S T U D E N T S A N D A L U M N A E
                                                FALL 2006

                                                       I F YO U G O O G L E YO U R S E L F,
                                                       W H AT W I L L YO U F I N D ?

                                         Would you post a picture of your-      their profiles may have on poten-      sults will not come as a shock
                                         self with your phone number and        tial employers. Is it good for your    to you. If they do, take heart,
                                         class schedule in a public rest-       future boss to know all of your        you may contact the Google
GOOGLE YOUR-           1
                                         room? If your answer is no then        non-academic hobbies?                  help center and have your
                                         you may want to consider some of                                              name removed from the results
                                                                             When you post a picture on the
                                         the information you post on social                                            page. Keep in mind that this
NETWORKING             1                                                     internet its destiny is unpredict-
                                         networking sites such as MySpace                                              will not change the content of
                                                                             able. Anyone with access to your
                                         or Facebook.                                                                  any website, but will only re-
                                                                             profile may copy and paste your
CAREER SAGE            2                                                                                               move your name from the list of
ALUMNA KATHY                             These websites are a useful tool to picture into another website or
YANKTON                                                                                                                results provided by Google.
                                         help you keep in touch with
CAREER SAGE                              friends and family, however they           Would you post a              Paying close attention to the
ALUMNA MELBA                             can also be a means for strangers                                        security settings available on
JACKSON                                                                            picture of yourself
                                         to learn more about you than you                                         MySpace and Facebook will
                                                                                    with your phone
STUDENT SPOT-          3                 may like.                                                                also help you keep your infor-
LIGHT AMANDA                                                                         number and class
SANTIAGO                                                                                                          mation where you intend it to
                                         Facebook is open for anyone,                schedule in a pub-           be. You can use these settings
TIRED OF               3                 whether they have a .edu email
WORKING IN                                                                             lic restroom?              to allow only the people of your
                                         address or not. Employers in-
                                                                                                                  choice to access your profile. If
                                         creasingly are using this site as a
                                                                                other publication without your in doubt about whether to post
EVENTS                 4                 screening tool for potential appli-
                                                                                knowledge.                        something keep the restroom
                                         cants, even for internships or co-
                                                                                                                  principle in mind.
                                         op positions. As a result, students    Try Googling yourself, and see
                                         have to consider the impact that       what you find. Hopefully your re-

• Social networking and                  NETWORKING—WHERE TO START?
  personal information
  security                               Will you be graduating and            you to learn about opportuni-          major. Next you can move on
• Networking                             looking for a fulltime job            ties in your area and meet             to an Ursuline student organi-
                                         soon? Or will you soon be             individuals currently working          zation. There are also numer-
• Successful Alumnae                     looking for an internship or          in the field.                          ous professional organizations
• Student Spotlight                      part-time job? Use of classi-                                                in the Cleveland area that offer
                                                                               Networking is about meeting
                                         fied ads and job posting web-                                                reasonable student member-
• Looking for a new
                                                                               people with similar career in-
                                         sites can be a good way for                                                  ship rates. Some of these in-
  part-time job?                                                               terests to yours. You may
                                         you to begin your employ-                                                    clude the American Business
                                                                               want to start with your faculty
                                         ment search. Networking is                                                   Women’s Association (ABWA),
                                                                               advisor and friends in your
                                         another useful method for
                                                                                                                      Continued on page 3
CAREER SAGE: KATHY YANKTON                                                                                                              Page 2


“Learning to work independently, make good       I participated in an internship with Ohio        a job. In my career I have been laid off twice
decisions based on creative thinking, and        Writer magazine, and was able to contribute      and dodged layoffs as many times.
expressing ideas clearly in both written and     ideas equally with the other writers, conduct
                                                                                                  Computers and technology were not my first
spoken forums are all skills that I learned in   interviews with local writers, help make deci-
                                                                                                  interest in college, but I had the opportunity
my undergraduate experience as an English        sions on articles, layout and special fea-
                                                                                                  to work for a textbook publisher in the Com-
Major at Ursuline. I also graduated from a       tures.
                                                                                                  puter Information Systems area and enjoyed
two-year Masters in Writing and Professional
                                                 The biggest challenge faced by graduating        it more than I thought I would. If you had
Publishing program at Emerson College in
                                                 seniors is competition. It is rare to graduate   asked me 17 years ago when I graduated
                                                 and get your dream job right away                from Ursuline where I would be working now,
In my current job, I schedule 20-25 certifica-   (especially for liberal arts majors). The job    I don’t think the first thing that came to mind
tion courses at a time with my team that         market is saturated with smart, educated         would be anything to do with computers or
that does editing, desktop publishing, and       individuals, many with more experience than      networking!
graphics services. I also interface as the       a new graduate. I interviewed candidates
                                                                                                  One of Ursuline’s greatest assets is its
single point of contact with internal custom-    for several open positions in the last 6
                                                                                                  small, intimate culture. I have particularly
ers who use our services, and provide best       months, and it is critical that new grads have
                                                                                                  fond memories of being taught by Connie
practices and processes for the developers       a solid resume, excellent interviewing skills,
                                                                                                  Korosec, Sister Charlotte Trenkamp, Sister
of our courses.                                  and an ability to express how your educa-
                                                                                                  Mary Dennis, Dr. Ann Trivisanno, Mr. Bill
                                                 tion, experience, and personal strengths can
There is no single aspect of my education                                                         Malloy and last (but by far, not least) Suz-
                                                 deliver what the potential employer needs.
that has prepared me for this position, the                                                       anne Owens. My mom, Evelyn Galinac, who
skills, values, and experiences I developed      On a more sobering level, the work world is      worked at Ursuline while I was a student
at Ursuline contributed to my confidence         not kind when times are tough. Downsizing        was my own personal rock, anyone lucky
and ability to navigate the challenges of my     is a harsh reality that new grads need to be     enough to have her as a resource knows
job successfully.                                aware of and keep in mind when looking for       that she is a special person.“


  “My Ursuline education helped me in so            compete for the good jobs that are              I would like to recognize Dr. Tim Kin-
  many ways. My education at Ursuline,              available. My advice for current Ursu-          sella who was my advisor throughout
  with the “special ways of learning” for           line students is to choose an area that         my studies at Ursuline as well as my
  women, provided me with confidence that           you are passionate about and commit             instructor for many classes. No matter
  I could succeed in any field that I was           to learning everything you can about            how busy his schedule, he was always
  willing to commit myself to.                      that career.       Make yourself as             available to help.
                                                    “marketable” as possible.
  My main function at my current position is                                                        Dr. Rob Verner, was my instructor in
  to provide growth and development of the                                                          many of the business classes, and was
  support staff (3 Administrative Assis-                    “The biggest challenge                  able to make the material easy to un-
  tants), as well as provide consistency in                                                         derstand with his teaching approach.
                                                            for graduating seniors is
  quality service, manage work flow and                                                             Last, but not least, my husband, Gilbert,
  cost management. We are a relatively                      competition . . . due to                who always provided encouragement
  small office (70 associates), so I also per-                                                      and support throughout the years as I
  form office manager duties, such as coor-                 global sourcing, you                    worked fulltime and attended school
  dinating space and maintenance/safety                                                             part time.
                                                            must be qualified to
  issues, to name a few.
                                                                                                    I graduated cum laude from Ursuline
  The biggest challenge for graduating sen-                 compete for good jobs.”                 and would like to get my MBA sometime
  iors is competition.    Because of the                    - Melba Jackson                         in the near future.”
  “shrinking” job market due to global
  sourcing, you must be well qualified to
STUDENT SPOTLIGHT: AMANDA SANTIAGO                                                                                          Page 3


“I chose to attend Ursuline because        dent Society of America Secretary, the       more internships and jobs, as well as meet
of its beautiful campus and friendly       Founder’s Day Committee logo designer        employers I am still in touch with.
people, also because it is close yet far   for 4 years, Inscape Editor, Campus Cru-
                                                                                        After graduation I plan on working for a
enough from home. I chose my major         sade for Christ, and UC Serve. I also work
                                                                                        publication or a printing company and
because it allows me to be creative        part time at AMCO, an appraisal company
                                                                                        working with a graphic designer to get
and express ideas for others. I love       and am involved at my church, Covenant
                                                                                        more exposure in the field, eventually I
creating designs that draw readers         Community, with the Praise Team.
attention as well as writing and orga-                                                  would like to open up my own magazine.
                                           My proudest moment at Ursuline was
nizing information. I also love event                                                   Some of the awards I have received while
                                           being inducted into the Fleur de Lis hon-
planning, both majors allow me to use                                                   at Ursuline include: Academic Inspiration
                                           orary society and I will be able to wear a
the skills I enjoy.                                                                     for Minority Success Protégé Spotlight,
                                           blue and gold rope at commencement.          AIMS mentor spotlight, two customer com-
I am involved in various campus ac-
                                           I interned at Marymount Hospital where I     mendations at work, Mentor Leader Award,
tivities such as AIMS- Academic Inspi-
                                           learned that you have to gain as much        Student Leadership Awards, Founders Day
ration for Multicultural Success,
                                           experience as you can, and take in as        Logo Honorable Mention. Tribute to Excel-
SUMA- Students United for Minority
                                           much information as possible. I learned      lence, 30.Club, Fleur De Lis Honorary, Stu-
Success, Orientation Arrows, Peer
                                           that you have to start at the bottom to      dent Leadership award, and the Dean’s
Mediation, Gospel Choir/Executive
                                           move your way to the top. Participating in   List.”
Committee, Senior Gift Committee, I
                                           an internship helped me network and
am the PRSSA- Public Relations Stu-
                                           interview with many employers to seek

                       If you are ready for a change incess to jobs, internships, be able        events that are held especially for
                       your current work situation you to develop your own job search            Ursuline students and alumnae.
  “Ready for a         may want to register on Ursu-   agent, and view Ursuline’s and
  change in your       line’s online job board, E-     other local career events. You
  current work         recruiting.                     can even upload your resume               Call the OCCS at 440-646-8322
                                                       and cover letter to apply for             R e g i s t e r    t o d a y !
  situation?       On E-recruiting you will find hun-
                                                       these positions online                    www.ecampusrecruiter.com/
  Register on      dreds of jobs and internships in
  Ursuline’s       all majors. You will also find a Best yet, when you register on
  online job board variety of part-time jobs that will E-recruiting you will be among
  - E-recruiting.” allow you to work around your the first to receive updates from
                   class schedule. If you register the Office of Counseling and
                   on E-recruiting you will have ac- Career Services about Career


    Cleveland Society of Human Re-             and include access to monthly meet-          of Student Activities, at   mmordar-
    source Managers (CSHRM), and               ings as well as local conferences.           ski@ursuline.edu

         Networking is about                   You can find more information on             Learn more about the ABWA at: ab-
                                               professional organizations in every          wabeachwoodohio.blog.com
         meeting people with
                                               major at: www.ursuline.edu/occs/
      similar career interests.                                                             More about CSHRM                 at:
    the Cleveland Professional 20/30           Learn more about Ursuline College
                                                                                            More about 20/30 is available at:
    Club. Yearly dues for students             student organizations by contacting
    are often no more than $30.00              Missy Mordarski, Assistant Director
                                                                                                                    We Are:
                      L O O K I N G F O R A J O B            O R
                               I N T E R N S H I P ?                                                     Gerri Sullivan, Director,
                E - R E C R U I T I N G ! L O G O N T O D A Y :                                          440-646-8322
           W W W . E C A M P U S R E C R U I T E R . C O M / U R S U L I N E
                                                                                                         Maureen Klein, Coordinator
                                                                                                         of Career Development
                                                                                                         Programs, 440-646-8379
                                                                                                         Monica Daugherty PhD,
                                                                                                         Psychologist, 440-464-
          2550 Lander Road                                                                               8323
          Mullen 130                                                                                     Alida Moonen PhD, Well-
          Pepper Pike, OH 44124                                                                          ness Specialist, 440-646-
          Phone: 440-646-8322                                                                            8315
          Fax: 440-449-2235                                                                              Meegan Cox, Coordinator of
          Email: occs@ursuline.edu                                                                       Experiential Education,

                                                                                                         Laura Neidert-Graduate
                                                                                                         Assistant, Virtual Internship
                      V I S I T U S  O N   T H E   W E B !                                               Coordinator, 440-646-6122
            H T T P : / / W W W . U R S U L I N E . E D U / O C C S
                                                                                                         Evelyn Galinac, Support,


       Non-traditional                         Tunnel of Oppression            Etiquette Dinner -
       Student Week -                          Monday, February 26,            Monday, March 19,
       November 13-16,                         2007                            2007
       2006                                    Career Week - March             NOTED - Teacher Job
       Career Fest -                           19-23, 2007                     Fair Thursday, April 5,
       Columbus, Ohio                                                          2007
       Friday, February 2,

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