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									                                                Cumberland County Office
                                                Mailing: PO Box 9300, Portland, ME 04104-9300
                                                Location: 15 Chamberlain Avenue, Portland
                                                Phone: 780-4205/1-800-287-1471 FAX 780-4382
                                                email: rbrz@umext.maine.edu

  From the Master Gardener Board President:
  Hello Fellow Master Gardeners,

  It’s an honor to begin my year as president of the Master Gardener Board. Many
  thanks to the dedicated officers who brought our organization through 2009 – Beth
  Owens as president, Betsy Johnson, secretary; and Maryellen Thoma, treasurer. And
  thanks to all the Board members, particularly those who have completed their three
  year term – Maryellen Thoma and Shawn McFarland who are both leaving the Board
  to turn their attention elsewhere. We wish them all the best.

  Now we embark on another year of adventures. To build upon the success of an
  already dynamic program we will no doubt be calling on you! Beyond adding to the
  high energy of the Flower Show Auction, we want to further enlarge our Spring Plant
  Sale (May 22). Your energy and imagination as volunteers and suppliers of product
  will boost our capacity to offer important funding to new garden endeavors. We
  would like to expand that program. Last year was the first year for the new MG
  “Seed Project.” As we heard at the Annual Meeting, both projects that we “seeded”
  increased the number of educated gardeners in Cumberland County. As I see it, that’s
  our job – help to educate others about growing food and beauty.

  The newest class of Master Gardeners begins Friday, February 5. We welcome this
  group of excited and committed gardeners and know they will enrich the level of
  gardening enthusiasm in Cumberland County.

  So, even as we all plan our own gardens for this spring, your MG Board is cultivating
  another successful year for the continuing spread of knowledgeable gardeners who
  happily share their growing expertise.

  Barb Hager (02)

             Annual Master Gardener Silent and Live Plant Auctions

The 8th Annual Master Gardener Silent and Plant Auctions are scheduled for
Sunday, March 14 and we need your help to make them a success. We have a
variety of opportunities available at both auctions, so I am sure we can match to you
the perfect task. If you are available for either auction (the silent auction is from
12:30 – 2:30 and the live auction begins at 5:30), please contact Jean Gulliver at

                    February 2010
 Page 2                 February 2010 Master Gardener Newsletter

                Upcoming Events                                                 General Information

February 5 First Day of MG class 2010, 12:30-4 pm,                      2010 Maine Vegetable & Fruit School
Maine Audubon, Falmouth
March 14 Plant Auction; conclusion of the Portland               March 24 at Keeley’s Banquet Center in Portland and on
Flower Show, 5:30 pm                                             March 25 at the Bangor Motor Inn
March 24 ME Vegetable & Fruit School, Keeley                     Topics include:
Banquet Center, Portland, cost $30, FMI:                         • What’s New with Mulches
                                                                 • Are You Smarter Than Your Weeds?
                                                                 • Pollinators and Pesticides
April 17 Maine Garden Day, Lewiston High School
                                                                 • Getting Ready for Late Blight in 2010
April 24 Extension Homemaker Eyemax Machine
                                                                 • 2010 Crop Insurance Update
fundraiser, 10-2pm, Springmeadows Country Club,                  • Managing Phytophthora: What Works and What
Gray, to reserve table or FMI call Lois at 780-4205                 Doesn’t
May 15 Master Gardener Work Day                                  • Are Blueberries Right for Your Farm?
May 13-June 10 From Recipe to Market, a workshop                 • Thirty Reasons to Switch to Deep Zone Tillage
series for developing and taking your food to market,            • What’s New with Berry Varieties?
$25/person, co sponsored by Windham & Raymond
Adult Ed, FMI call Lois at 78-4205                                Please register by March 8th. The cost is $30.00 and
                                                                 includes lunch. Please make checks payable to KLCEA and
                                                                 mail to: Highmoor Farm Atten.tion: Pam St. Peter P.O. Box 179
 Second Auctioneer Needed for Live Auction                                           Monmouth, ME 04259

We are in need of a second auctioneer to work with
Dick Brzozowski at the live plant auction on Sunday,                           Student Essay Contest for
March 14th. If you know someone who has had                                     Portland Flower Show
experience and can keep things moving along at a
quick pace, please let Amy (awitt@umext.maine.edu)               University of Maine Cooperative Extension and the
know. Thanks!                                                    organizers of the Portland Flower Show are asking kids to
                                                                 pretend they are a plant (tree, flower or vegetable – real or
                                                                 created) and to write a short life story telling what plant
             Starting Seeds~Not So Quick                         they are, where they live, about their life, and what they
Early February is still too early to start most seeds            need to grow well for the Portland Flower Show’s fourth
indoors, but if you want to grow your own celery,                annual student essay contest. For a contest application and
leek, or onion transplants, late February or early               rules, contact the UMaine Extension office in Cumberland
March is the perfect time to get them started. Buy your          County by phone at 800-287-1471 or by e-mail at
seeds now. Long-season alliums, such as leeks and                awitt@umext.maine.edu. Applications can also be
onions, need 10 to 12 weeks of growth indoors before             downloaded from the Portland Flower Show Web site, at
they go in the garden. Sprinkle the seed on top of seed-         http://www.portlandcompany.com/flower. The
starting mix, keep it moist, and as soon as the                  deadline for submitting entries is Friday, February 19.
                                                                 Maine residents aged 6–18 are invited to participate in this
seedlings emerge, place the flats under grow lights so
                                                                 contest. Three prizes ($50, $30 and $20) will be awarded in
they grow strong. This also is the time to start small-          each of the three age categories (6–9, 10–13 and 14–18).
seeded flowers such as begonias, pansies and                     Essays will be judged on criteria such as creativity, focus,
petunias.                                                        and passion for the topic. The winning essays will be
                                                                 announced at the show’s opening night preview on
                                                                 Wednesday, March 10, and selected essays will be posted
                  Directory Changes                              for public viewing for the duration of the show. The
Let us know if you have any address, phone number or             Portland Flower Show runs from March 11 to 14, 2010 at
email changes. Please make changes in your directory.            the Portland Company Complex, 58 Fore Street, Portland.
Gus Favreau    jfavreau@roadrunner.com

                   For more information and a brochure call 207-743-6329 or visit us @ www.umext.maine.edu.
Page 3                 February 2010 Master Gardener Newsletter

                                             General Information

               Green Care for Troops                                   Do you know about Eat Well?

Green Industry professionals and volunteers across           The Eat Well Nutrition Education Program is an
the country are teaming up with "Green Care for              outreach program of the University of Maine
Troops." Lawn and landscape maintenance becomes              Cooperative Extension. They provide research based
a definite hardship when a family's major                    nutrition education to (limited-income) youth,
breadwinner is on active duty away from                      individuals and families in homes, small community
home. Green Care for Troops is a nationwide                  groups, schools or through the Eat Well By Mail
outreach program that connects local landscape               program.
professionals and volunteers with men and women
serving our country in the armed forces away from            East Well provides interactive education on a variety
home. To date, Green Care for Troops has helped              of topics – including:
more than 2,400 volunteers provide free lawn and                     Basic nutrition education
landscape services to thousands of military families                 How to stretch your food dollars and eat better
nationwide.                                                               for less
Master Gardeners interested in volunteering should                   Try new recipes and
contact Green Care for Troops on the web at http://                  Learn new hands-on cooking skills
                                                             Do you know someone who might benefit from this
                A Garden Journal to Share?                   free program? For more information, please call the
Kathleen Carr Bailey is doing a class at Skillin’s called    Cumberland County office of the University of
“Keeping a Garden Journal”. If any MG would like to          Maine Cooperative Extension at 780-4205 and ask to
share journals, pictures or whatever means they keep         speak to a Nutrition Associate. Thanks for spreading
track of progress and gardening memories she would be        the news about this valuable program!
grateful. Contact her directly at kcbailey@maine.rr.com or

                                         Think Spring, Think Plant Sale 
Gardening catalogs are appearing in our mailboxes getting us dreaming about spring. As you start thinking of
what you’ll be growing this year, please think of the Master Gardener Plant Sale, scheduled for May 22 at the
Barron Center on Brighton Avenue in Portland.
This is our biggest annual fundraiser and the money raised supports both our scholarship program and our new
Community Seeds program, which helps fund deserving Master Gardener projects. Each year the team of
volunteers has a good time, works hard and aims to raise more money than the year before.

How can you help?
  Mark your calendar & plan to pick up some great plants
  Tell your family, friends & co-workers
  Plan to start some extra seedlings for the sale – vegetables are always in demand (please let us know what
      you decide to grow and how many)
  Donate your used gardening books for the book sale table
  Identify plants in your yard that can be divided, dug up & donated
  Volunteer your time – a little or a lot
                                                            If you would like to help, donate books or plants
          Join the digging team
                                                            or simply would like more information, please
          Price and sort plants
                                                            email Marilyn Brinnick at brinnick@maine.rr.com
          Set up tables & displays
                                                            or Betsy Johnson at ejaycomm@maine.rr.com.
          Help people check out
                                                            Watch upcoming newsletters and your inbox for
          Share your knowledge with our customers           more details!
Page 4                                      February 2010 Master Gardener Newsletter

                                                     Making Seed Tapes by Norm Steele
 Needed Items:

 Roll of inexpensive paper towels                         Q Tips
 Packet of Knox gelatin                                   Tweezers
 Small Skillet                                            Seeds
 Metal one cup measuring cup                              Ruler, or marked off stick
 teaspoon                                                 Pencil

 Layout spaced seed locations on paper towels with pencil dots. Use 1-1/2" spacing for
 carrots, 3" for beets, 4-1/2" for leaf lettuce, and 2" for radishes. Use a monogerm beet such as Moneta from Johnny's
 Selected Seeds, so that only one beet will grow from each seed. Put some water in the skillet, and place on the stove on
 low. Put about 1/2" of water in the measuring cup and place in the skillet. When the water has heated, open a packet of
 Knox gelatin and pour into the measuring cup while stirring with the teaspoon. Leave the spoon in the measuring cup to
 put the Q Tip against so it will not fall into the cup. Touch the gelatin wetted Q Tip to the seed locations in one row
 across the paper towel, then using the tweezers, place a seed at each location. With the Q Tip, place a drop of gelatin on
 each seed. Move the paper towel often to prevent it from sticking to the table surface. Make the seed tape the evening
 prior to planting. Spread planting media at the outside location selected for planting. Lay down the seed tape and cover
 with planting media. Keep well watered until plants are established.
 For questions contact Norm Steele
 Email: nlsteele@yahoo.com Put "Seed Tape" in the subject line
 Tel: (207)829-3461

                           February 28, 2010                                                Reporting your MG Volunteer Hours:
   Attend a Community Supported Agriculture
   (CSA) Fair in your community and learn about                                             Each month when you receive your newsletter you will find a
   CSAs, become acquainted with local seasonal                                              link for reporting hours. Or bookmark the link below:
   foods, buy a share in a farm's weekly harvest,
   and discover how you can grow a relationship
   with a Maine farm.
   Detailed info on the MOFGA website:                                                      **Please only report total hours for each month**

                 CCMGA Board Members                                                                                                 Staff
Barb Hager, President                           Brett Thompson                               Richard Brzozowski                  Extension Educator
Betsy Johnson, Vice President                   Katy Gannon Janelle                          Amy Witt                            Horticulturist
Deb Locke, Secretary                            Beth Owens
                                                                                             Diana Hibbard                       Home Horticulture Coordinator
Ellen Call , Treasurer                          Marty Schindler
                                                Tim Walsh
                                                                                             Colleen Hoyt                        Administrative Assistant

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If you are a person with a disability and will need any accommodations to participate in any program, please call Dick Brzozowski at 1-800-287-1471 to discuss your needs.
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