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									                           Descanso Bonsai Society
                           Presidentʼs Message
                                  by Jim Barrett
                          We have one more meeting in 2009.
                          The Club does not meet in
                          December, so mark your calendars.
                          Wendy Tsi and Judy Sy, who worked
                          on the foemina junipers at our July
                          meeting, will be bringing the trees
back at our November 17 meeting. Thereʼll be a workspace,
and we can see how to take the junipers to the next step of
their bonsai lives.
     Iʼm sorry to report that two of our long time members,
Nelson and Luisa Davis, passed away last month after long
time medical problems. We will miss them.
     Next January we will again have our annual banquet at
the Odyssey. This time however, we meet for their fabulous
     The board hopes that this daytime event will
bring out some of our members who do not
 feel comfortable driving at night.
Mark your calendars for January 16th,
 2010, 11 a.m. to 3 p.m. More later!
See you at the November meeting.

                                                    The Catlin Elm for which Luisa Davis won the Descanso Bonsai
                                                                  Society John Naka Award in 2007

                    November Demonstrator
                                                                                November Refreshments
   > This is our last meeting until February 2010. As
we are experiencing Autumn and are getting ready to                    Fred Seeley. Emma Janza, Jody Dundas
enter Winter, you may think that your work with                                  and Michael Jonas
bonsai has ended for a few months.                                                   November Niche
   This is actually an important time to work with your                       Elizabeth Likes, Jim Barrett
trees and who better than our own TED MATSON
could we enlist to help us prepare for next year's
growing season?
   Ted is not only a meticulous designer of beautiful                              Next Club Meeting
                                                                                   November 17, 2009
bonsai, but is also one of our most knowledgeable                                  Club Meetings are held on
resources of horticultural information.                               the third Tuesday of each month at 7 p.m. at Van de
                                                                                 Camp Hall, Descanso Gardens
   Well prepared and maintained trees this year will                      1418 Descanso Drive, La Canada Flintridge
result in beautiful, healthy bonsai next year.
                   November Tips
     Boy! Last month was more like August than October.
     Most of my deciduous bonsai took a real beating from the
heat and their natural slowing down for the fall/winter dormancy.
Consequently the leaves on the maples, hornbeam, and plum
are pretty far gone. I do not expect new growth to replace them.
     Although it seems early, Iʼm recommending that you
defoliate Japanese maples and any deciduous tree whose
leaves are shriveled and damaged from the hot dry Santa Ana
weather we had last month. Remove old leaves from the soil,
scrub the bark on smooth bark trees with a mild detergent or
Safers insecticide soap.
     An early dormant spray treatment would then be a prudent
thing to do.
     I wouldnʼt defoliate elms, pomegranate or other deciduous
trees if their foliage is still healthy and strong.
     Repotting quince this month is recommended by many of
our Japanese experts. Waiting until spring tends to cause heavy
thick roots and to stunt the treeʼs growth. Quince should be
given as much sun as you can provide.
     No high nitrogen fertilizers for the rest of this year.
     Plants are not taking up water as fast now, so modify your     Jim Pellingʼs Prostrata Juniper, on display in the October
watering schedule accordingly. Pale green or chartreuse foliage     niche. The pot was made by JIm Barrett, and the tree was
on pines and junipers may indicate their soil is staying too wet.   originally raised by Lindsay Shiba.
Hold back on the water and try keeping the soil on the dry side
(not bone dry.)
     Black pine and more juniper bonsai can still be repotted
     The trees that have dropped their leaves and the ones you
have defoliated can be pruned and wired for detail. Itʼs easier     President
      Jim Barrett
    (626) 445-4529
with the foliage gone. Also, remove old wire that appears to        Past President
 Bill Wawrychuk
 (818) 790-9415
have done its job.                                                  
                                                                    1st V P 
            Michael Jonas
    (818) 776-0813
                                                                    Activity Coord.
                                                                    2nd VP
          Marge Blasingame
                                                                    Record. Secʼ y 
 Marie Kwakkestein (818) 353-0885

                                                                    Corres. Secʼy
       Mort Lowy
        (310) 476-5107
           Elizabeth Likes
   (818) 352-3064
              Kathy Benson
              Denny Roche
           James Pai
         (626) 614-8079
Just smilinʼ– Elizabeth Likes and Bill Wawrychuk, two of            Membership           Bill Wawrychuk
 (818) 790-9415
   our hard working Board members, at the October                   
                         meeting.                                   Newsletter Ed.       Ellen Keneshea
     (818) 363-5752
                 Many Thanks to
            Bruce and Yaeko Hisayasu,                                                      DBS WEBSITE
          Cesareo Perez, Emma Janza,
      Jerry Banuelos and Marge Blasingame
        For donating to our October raffle!
                                                         Bob Hilvers, our October demonstrator, showed us
                                                         how to “make elegant designs” from trees with no
                                                         taper and no lower branches by using two basic
                                                         One, Visual Weight, involves reducing the visual
                                                         weight of the foliage to make the trunk of the tree
                                                         look larger, bending branches down and /or
                                                         adding a visual interest feature, like a smaller tree
                                                         or two.
                                                         Two, Shorten the Design, by bending the trunk,
                                                         laying the tree over, adding a dropped branch to
                                                         lower the visual midpoint of the tree.
                                                         Bob also noted that when he wires a tree for the
                                                         first time, he uses a wire one size larger than one
                                                         would normally choose to facilitate holding a
                                                         branch for the first time.

   We are sorry to report the passing of Nelson and Luisa Davis, both longtime members of DBS, who joined
the club some 30 years ago. They were both very involved with the club. Luisa Davis won the 2007 John
Naka Award, and Nelson designed our current club logo. They died in the fall after long illnesses.
   We .are also saddened by the recent loss of Max Jaiken, who was a member of numerous clubs in
the Los Angeles and San Diego areas.. He was always known as the advocate for the small Mame/
Shohin bonsai but also had many other beautiful small bonsai.

                             Count your garden by the trees that live
                               Never by the leaves that fade away
                               Count your days by the hours of joy
                              Never by your failures of lost beauties
                             Count your nights by the stars that shine
                                  Never by the fear of shadows
                                Count your life with smiles of joy
                                    Never by the years of age

                                        (Author unknown)

                               Luisa Davis and Nelson Davis
                     DBS NEWSLETTER
                     ℅ Ellen Keneshea
                     10514 Lubao Avenue
                      Chatsworth, CA 91311-1816

November 13-14                                              
Ross, California
Marin Bonsai Club: Fall show at the Marin Art and                             DBS Board Meeting
Garden Center, Livermore Room, 50 Sir Frances Drake
Blvd. Hours are Friday, 6PM-10PM, dinner,                      Open to all club members interested in getting
demonstration and raffle (TBA) and Saturday,                     involved in club operations & management
10AM-4PM. For more information call Craig Thompson,
415-472-6685.                                                         Next meeting November 23, 2009
                                                                       At Elizabeth Likesʼ s home
December 2                                                        9916 Rancho Caballo, Sunland 91040
Encino, California
Sansui-Kai of Southern California presents the
appearance of European Bonsai Master Walter Pall, at
the Encino Community Center, 4935 Balboa Blvd., from
                                                                  Join the Descanso Bonsai Society
7-9:30PM. Walter Pall will offer of an assessment/                     $25 - Single   $30 - Couples
critique of trees from personal collections. Materials            Payable to: Descanso Bonsai Society
may be anything from raw stock to show-ready bonsai.           See Membership Chair Bill at the next meeting
Donʼt miss this rare opportunity with an internationally                         or send to:
renowned bonsai master. Admission is free for Sansui-
                                                                              Bill Wawrychuk
Kai members plus $5 per tree critique, and a $7 entry
for non-members plus $10 per tree critique. For more                       4315 Beulah Drive
information visit or                    Flintridge, CA 91011-3322

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