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									                    4th Grade Newsletter
                                       January 6, 2010

          Classroom News                                    Upcoming Memory
 Dear Parents,                                  January 15th – You shall not steel. What does this
                                                mean? We should fear and love God so that we do
         Can you believe we have made it        not take our neighbor’s money or possesions or
 to 2010? This school year is flying past. I    get them in any dishonest way but help him to
 hope you had a blessed Christmas and           improve and protect his possessions and income.
 New Year. I was so glad to see all the
 smiling faces on Monday.
         This month we will be collecting
 canned fruit for the food pantry. You can
 bring the Fruit to my room and I will
 make sure it gets to the correct place.
         I hope all of you have a great
 week and as always feel free to contact
                                                               Spelling Words
 me, kim.perry14@yahoo.com, or 281-
                                                               1. awful
                                                               2. daughter
                                                               3. roar
 God’s blessings,
                                                               4. order
 Kim Perry
                                                               5. office
          Classroom News                                       6. toward
                                                               7. already
                                                               8. brought
  What You Should Find in the                                  9. form
           Folder                                              10. author
• Memory work for next week                                    11. false
• Graded Work                                                  12. jaw
• Spelling words and Vocabulary words                          13. offer
                                                               14. sauce
                                                               15. chorus
                                                               16. dawn
                                                               17. hoarse
   Upcoming Tests or Projects                                  18. war
                                                               19. board
                                                               20. cough
    •   January 13th - Spelling and Vocab                      21. affection
    •   January 12th – Story comp test                         22. clinging
    •   January 14th – Math test                               23. methods
                                                               24. threat
                                                               25. injury

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