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                                 ATHLETIC DEPARTMENT
EHS STAFF                        V O L U M E   1 ,   I S S U E    1                                          F A L L ,     2 0 0 9

Athletic Director
Gwen Poore

Assistant Athletic
Peg Corcoran
                           Jug Returns to Elgin High School
Dave Borg
                             After seven years,              school song for a large              Bierman.       Bierman played
Team Physician             the Elgin High School             group of Maroon fans.                for the same jug during his
Nick Bumbales
                           football team brought             The Town Jug had an                  football career at EHS.
Administrative Assistant
Heidi Gorajczyk            home the “Town Jug”                                                    Being able to bring the jug
                           The jug symbolizes the                                                 back     home          to his alma
                           rivalry between Elgin                                                  mater provided a proud
                           High School and Larkin                                                 moment        for       him,       the
                           High School and gives                                                  school and the community.
                           the winning team brag-                                                   The Larkin game was one
                           ging rights for that                                                   of three wins for the
                           season. Elgin defeated                                                 team.        Additional            wins
                           Larkin by a score of                                                   were over Streamwood and
Soccer               2     28-21.                                                                 Aurora East.
Pom Pons             2       After the game, emo-                                                   The future looks bright
                           tions ran high as the             extra special meaning
                                                                                                  for the Maroons.                   The
Volleyball           2
                           team huddled around               this year for EHS Head
                                                                                                  sophomore team sported a
                           the    jug    singing     the     Football       Coach,     Dave
Boys Cross           3                                                                            record of 5-4.

Hernandez            3     Sirinit wins Sectional to Advance to State
                               Girls tennis experienced an       throughout the season and her
Girls Cross          4     incredible year with the addi-        competitive nature impacted
Country                    tion of freshman phenomenon
                                                                 the whole team. “It was a
                           Jayce Sirinit. Her only losses
                                                                 privilege and a joy to coach
                           were to fellow state qualifiers
Swimming             4                                           her along with the rest of the
                           and she played an unbelievably
                                                                 varsity girls team!” stated
                           hard fought match at the state
                                                                 Head Coach Jan LaBar.
                     4                                              Another great addition to
                              Sirinit had a great attitude                                        Freshman Jayce Sirinit shows off
                                                                 the team was our assistant
                                                                                                  her sectional medal.
                                                                 coach Kari Dittman.       She
                            “It was a privilege and a joy        helped to boost team spirit in
                                                                                                   Doubles—Carleen Kreib/Angel
                            to coach her (Sinit) along           so many ways and was won-
                            with the rest of the varsity                                           Certeza, #2 Doubles—Allison
                                                                 derful to work with.
                            girls team!” —Jan LaBar,                                               Harris/Aayushi Patel and #2
                                 Head Girls Tennis Coach            Other sectional competi-       Singles—Jordaizn Castanos.
                                                                 tors for EHS were:      #1
P AG E   2

                         Maroon Soccer Update
                 The Elgin Boys Soccer            then placed 3rd in the Bart-                overtimes and by one goal.
               team jumped out to a fast          lett Tournament in Septem-                    Coaches for the Elgin
               start by taking 1st Place in       ber.                                        Soccer team are: Dave
               the St. Patrick Varsity              EHS beat Huntley on                       Borg, Head Varsity Coach;
               Tournament. Jose Quevado           Wednesday, October 21, in                   John McCreery, Assistant
                           was      named         the first round of the state                Varsity Coach; Cesar
                           MVP of the             series play-offs and lost the               Rosales, Head Sophomore
                           tournament.            regional final game to                      Coach; and Raul Castillo,
                             The      tea m       Larkin High School in four                  Head Freshman Coach.

                            Poms had a great season by performing at four home games and the pep
                          assembly. We decided to incorporate a wide variety of dance including jazz,
                          hip hop, bolleywood, kick, and pom routines. We look forward to tryouts at
                          the end of October to expand our team for our basketball season which in-
                                cludes: the U-46 district dance off, 10 home basketball games, and our
                                   first drill team competition in several years! Shout outs to our in-
                  POM PONS         credible captains Breanna Yarwood and George Portillo who
                                   worked VERY hard on drilling our team. Also to Alex Kaczmarek,
                               Alyssa Gonzalez, George Portillo, Ravon Bonds, Jenna Jaynes, and
                          Breanna Yarwood for stepping up and choreographing amazing routines!
                          You guys rock and Mrs. Peterson and Ms. Sciacca love you and are sooo
                          proud of you!!! Pom Posse WOOWOO!!!

                         Girls Volleyball Develop a Sense of Team
                           This year has been a rebuilding                                      Head Coach Keith Foster.
                         year overall with the girls varsity                                      The volleyball team ended the
                         volleyball players developing and                                      season ranked #1 in the regional.
         “A team will    growing as a team. The girls on the                                    The regional was weaker than most
         always trump    team began the season on rocky                                         years, with South Elgin, Larkin,
                         ground, but began to play better                                       and Streamwood; however, still a
              talent.”   together; attitudes and team moral                                     feat for the EHS team and Foster’s
                         excelled, and overall success began        The EHS JV volley-          program. In the regional, EHS beat
     —Coach Foster       to prosper.                              ball team creates some        Larkin in two, extending Elgin’s
                           In the beginning, our offense was a    offense.                      streak and dominance over Larkin
                         disaster and our team seemed to play                                   to 9-0 in the past three seasons.
                         with little motivation; but as time      Record: 11-22                 The team then faced off against
                         went on, we had hitters step up to the                                 South Elgin for the championship
                                                                  Conference 4-6
                         plate and begin to play better, more                                   and lost in two games. Out of the
                         consistent volleyball. Senior Alyssa     All-conference: Lindsey       50 points scored by SEHS, EHS
                         Higdon began to put the ball down        Hedl                          made 28 mistakes. While the team
                         and make fewer mistakes; senior                                        lost and it was largely disappoint-
                                                                  All-Area Daily Herald First
                         Danielle Lawry began to hit corners      team: Lindsey Hedl            ing, it was a big step for the pro-
                         and junior Jennifer Fulton started       Second team: Abbey Houde      gram to see that kind of pressure so
                         hitting much better. “This year has                                    that we can (sooner, rather than
                         taught me a valuable lesson: A team      All-area Courier News 2nd     later) make that next step to sec-
                                                                  team: Abbey Houde
                         will always trump talent.” stated                                      tionals.

              A T HLET IC    DEP A RT MENT
Boys Cross Country Led by Special Group of Seniors
  This year's group of runners is        petitive athlete and has regularly            We appreciate the booster club's
led by a special group of sen-           been our fourth man. Rodrigo Flo-           support over the years in purchas-
iors. Ricardo Mancha was last            res has come a long way since join-         ing a mile clock and helping with
year's regional champion and con-        ing cross country two years                 the purchase of a team shelter
tinues to be our top runner, but         ago. He trained faithfully all sum-         tent.
more than that, he has developed as      mer and has shown tremendous
an effective and strong leader. Ri-      improvement. These are our senior
cardo has had a lot of challenges        leaders! Our varsity top seven are
managing plenty of aches and pains       rounded out with juniors Rafi Soto
and has been a great example of          and Matt Eck, and occasionally
running through it.      Jose Duarte     freshman Chris Porras.
is consistently our second man and
                                           With three runners consistently in
team comedian. Tom Small returns
                                         the 16's (faster than 5:40 per mile
after sitting last season out with a
                                         average) and the other four consis-
broken leg and has actually caught
                                         tently well under 18 minutes, Elgin
up with Jose, giving our team score
                                         should again qualify out of the re-
a huge improvement from their
                                         gional race and run as a team at
close finishes. He has an amazing
                                         sectionals. Our conference and
"clock." When we run intervals on
                                         sectional include many top teams in
the track, Coach LaRue and I can
                                         the state which makes qualifying
give him a finish time and he'll lead
                                         for Peoria a huge challenge, but
the pack and nail it every
                                         one that we hope to meet by send-            Tom Small of EHS competes in the Elgin Cross Country
time! Zach Frerichs, new this year,                                                   Invitational.
                                         ing some of our top individuals.
runs from the experience of a com-

Hernandez Signs Letter of Intent to Division I
  Although she was picked as a                                                       Award for the 2009-2010 school
captain of her cross country team,                                                   year.
Brandi Hernandez’s heart belongs                                                       The humble student-athlete has
to another sport. Hernandez signed                                                   been recruited to play outfield for
a letter of intent to play softball at                                               MU and with her speed, that is
Miami University (Ohio) on No-                                                       not a surprise. Hernandez says,
vember 11.                                                                           “I am excited that I have this op-
  Hernandez has been playing                                                         portunity. Not a lot of people get
shortstop on the Elgin High School                                                   to play sports in college. I’ve
softball team and under a new head                                                   heard from other college athletes
coach, may play that spot again this                                                 that your teammates become your
                                         Guy and Donna Hernandez look on as
spring. However, she must wait                                                       family and it will be nice to have
                                         their daughter, Brandi Hernandez,
until she finishes her current sport,                                                that relationship.”
                                         signs a letter of intent to play softball
basketball. Hernandez is the point                                                     Hernandez plans to major in
                                         at Miami University (Ohio) in the fall.
guard on the EHS varsity girls bas-                                                  Exercise Science. This is an ex-
ketball team. Volleyball, cross                                                      cellent choice for her since her
country, basketball and softball are                                                 two favorite subjects are math
all sports that Hernandez has tried,     places her in the top ten percent. She      and science. She also likes the
and excelled in. She also excels in      has a 4.75 grade point average, is in       flexibility of this major and its
the classroom.        Hernandez is       the EHS Gifted Academy, and was             broad curriculum.
ranked #10 in her class which            nominated for the Wendy’s Heisman
V OLUME       1,   ISSUE   1                                                         P AG E    4

Girls Cross Country Team Sports an Extremely Competitive Season
   The girls had a fantastic sea-      races throughout the season.
son and ran extremely competi-           Other contributors included
tive races. The operative words        four-year cross country partici-
to describe the season would be        pant and EHS Senior Christine
“dedication” and “team camara-         Heiser, EHS Senior Brandi Her-
derie.”                                nandez, and EHS Senior
   The team was led by Captain         Daniela Limon. The team looks
and EHS Senior Kelly Patchett          promising next season with
who qualified for the Sectional        EHS Juniors Jane Marston,
meet in October. Kelly also            Sam Estep, and LHS Sopho-           The EHS/Larkin Girls Cross Country
earned a distinctive PR at the         more Kelci Hogue taking over        Team begin their race in Lord’s Park
East Aurora meet of 19:18.             the reigns. In all, it was an ex-   during the Elgin Invitational on Sep-
Another standout was LHS Sen-          cellent season!                     tember 1, 2009.
ior Meaghan Gard who also                  The coaches for the Larkin/
qualified for the Sectional meet       Elgin Co-op were Head Coach         Assistant Coach Valerie Pelak
and ran terrific and consistent        Steven Lauridsen (LHS) and          (EHS).

Andresen Hanging up his Suit as EHS Girls Swimming Coach
   Rick Andresen has been coaching     his helm.                           Assistant Coach Brian Karsbeck,
swimming since 1978. At the end         The 2009 EHS Girls Swimming        had 11 swimmers, with 1 from
of the 2009-2010 school year, he       team, coached by Andresen and       Larkin High School. The team
will hang up his suit as the Elgin                                         also had an exchange student
High School girls swimming coach.                                          from Sweden, Maria Nillson.
Andresen has been an icon at Elgin                                           During    the    championship
High School and Dundee-Crown                                               series, the girls were able to
High School during his coaching                                            swim over 40 personal best
days. It would be difficult to count                                       times. The top swimmers were
all the swimmers who were under                                            Lauren     Sprague and Alex
                                                                           Haugan. The sportsmanship
School District U-46                                                       award went to senior Sarah
ELGIN HIGH SCHOOL                      Coach Karsbeck and Sara Glowinski   Glowinski. The MVP will be an-
                                       review scores during a meet.        nounced at the Booster Banquet.
Athletic Department
1200 Maroon Drive
Elgin, IL 60120                         CHEERLEADING COMPETITION
Phone: 847-888-5100 ext. 5346            The EHS Cheerleading Squad will be hosting the
                                         Annual Upstate 8 Cheerleading Competition on
Fax: 847-888-5059                        January 23, 2010. The competition will begin at
E-mail: GwenPoore@u-46.org              10:00 a.m. in the Fieldhouse. Come cheer them on!