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									 Holy Rosary School Newsletter
                                        January 19, 2010

                                       Catholic School Week
Sunday, Jan. 31st      Join us for a Catholic Schools Week kick-off Mass at 11:30am in the church. Students
                       please wear your dress uniforms.
Monday, Feb. 1st:      Faith Family lunch from 12:00-1:00. Students will be eating lunch in their Faith
                       Families and making “Thank You” cards for our many HRS supporters who help make
                       our school a success. Cards will be presented at Friday’s mass.
Tuesday, Feb. 2nd:     Student Appreciation Day! All students have free dress and will receive a free hot dog
Wednesday, Feb. 3rd It’s Crazy Day. Get creative! Wear your craziest outfit and hair style!!!
                    8th Grade / Teacher volleyball game at 2:00pm

Thursday, Feb. 4th:    Spirit Day! Grandparents Lunch at 11:45 in the gym. Details for reservations to follow.
                       Knowledge Bowl at 1:15

Friday, Feb. 5th:      Faculty and Staff Appreciation Day. Let your teachers and HRS staff members know
                       how much you appreciate them. We will conclude CSW with our Friday Mass at 8:30am
                       in the gym.

                      January 20th!                        Student Council will be selling Valentine good-
      Date: January 20, 2010        Time: 6pm to 7pm       ies again this year! We will be selling conversa-
                                                           tion heart boxes and mixed goodie bags. The
       Holy Cross Room, School Community Center
                                                           box will cost $0.75 and the mixed goodie bag
                                                           will cost $1.50.   Orders will be taken at lunch
            DATES TO REMEMBER                              recess ONLY on the following dates: January 18
                                                           through 22 and January 25 through 29. Par-
Jan. 20th — Parent Club Meeting 6:00 pm                    ents may use the flyer from the school newslet-
Jan. 21st — 6th—8th — Mondavi Center 10:15 am              ter to send in orders.
Jan. 22nd — Mass 8:30 am                                   Thank you,

Jan. 26th — Recycling Show 8:30 am                         Student Council

Jan. 27th — Academic Talent Search
                                                           The High School Placement Test for
Jan. 31st — Catholic School Week Kickoff / Mass 11:30 am   all students interested in applying to
Feb. 1st — Catholic School’s Week                          Sacramento Area Catholic High Schools
Feb. 2nd — Groundhog Day                                   is Sat., January 23, 2010 from 8:00am
                                                           – 12:00pm.
On Tuesday (1/19) through Friday (1/29), we will take orders, outside the 8th
grade classroom during lunch recess.

For $.50 (fifty cents) you can send a box of conversation heart candy
For $1.50 (one dollar and fifty cents) you can send a bag of goodies.

Deliveries will be made on Wednesday (2/12) to the classroom. Teachers will
be responsible for delivering the candy to the students

If you would like to send in an order, please detach the bottom,
 place it in an envelope marked Student Council, and send it to
school with your child (please make sure he/she knows to turn it in
to the office).

Student name___________________________ GRADE_____



____ CANDY BOX ($.50)                   Please include
                                      payment with order.
____ Candy Bag ($1.50)
     Camper Information
      Is your child new to Camp Pendola?
Do you want more information about the program?
    Would you like to meet some of our staff?

              If you said “yes” to any of the above
                questions, this meeting is for you.
         It’s not mandatory, just informational, for all
        new, returning, or “thinking about it” campers.

            April 14, 2010
               6:30 PM
Diocese of Sacramento – Pastoral Center
            2110 Broadway

              Please RSVP by April 9
          if you’re planning on attending.
                  (916) 733-0127

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