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					FBF Newsletter
                                                                                       Faith Bible
From Pastor Chris:
Taking Every Thought Captive
I took the family to see      the philosophical under-                                 Volume 10, Issue 1
the new 3D spectacular        pinning is not that a
Avatar this week. It          personal God created                                     January, 2010
was the most visually         the earth and set man in
amazing presentations         it as its steward. That
of animism I’ve ever          would be a Christian
seen.                         argument for taking
                              care of the earth. In
                                                                                       Notes of Interest:
Animism sees ultimate
                              Avatar, God is gone, and                                  New directory to be
reality as spiritual, and
                              his name (and that of                                       published soon. Forms
the physical world as
                              his son) only good for                                      available at FBF to
“animated” by spirits or
                              expletives. Animists                                        update your informa-
gods. Everything in the
                              worship and serve the                                       tion.
physical realm from
                              creation rather than the
people to animals to                                                                    Statements of 2009
                              Creator. In so doing,
trees to rain to thunder                                                                  donations to FBF to be
                              they “exchange the truth
to everything else have                                                                   mailed this month.
                              about God for a              your eyes will be opened
borrowed their spiritual
                              lie” (Romans 1:25).          and you will be like         Men’s ministry break-
essence from a great
                                                           God” (Genesis 3:4-5).          fast, January 9.
unity of spirit. In Ava-      Storytelling is a power-
tar, its name is Eyra.        ful conveyor of philoso-     There is a Christian
                              phy. Jesus knew it. So       story, too, although a
And she’s a good old gal,
                              do filmmakers. Stories       true one. It begins in a
too. She helped the
                              well told make the un-       garden. It ends in a
beautiful (in a Klingon
                              derlying philosophies        city. And in between is
sort of way) Neyteri
                              more persuasive. But         a great drama—a battle
identify the avatar Jake                                                               Inside this issue:
                              when the truth is not in     between good and evil in
Sully as a kind of savior,
                              it, an artfully told story   which everybody takes a
and she even was kind
                              is nothing more than         side, whether they know     Christmas Minis-     2
enough to envelope the                                                                 tries at FBF
                              seduction.                   it or not.
life force of the dying Dr.
Grace Augustine (how          And it has been happen-      I don’t think Avatar’s
subtle!), which Sigour-       ing for a long time. The     filmmaker likes our         New Bible Studies    2
ney Weaver found ex-          first seducing story that    story very much. In         at FBF
hilarating. Hmm. I’ve         I know of was told by a      fact, with all the pot-
been suspicious of that       serpent who wove a fic-      shots he took at me not     Hrvoje & Petra       2
sort of thing ever since      tion about a God who         only of a religious na-     Malovic Coming to
that old Twilight Zone        counted his deity a thing    ture, but also political    FBF
when we found out that        to be grasped, and lied      and moral, I got the idea
the alien book “To Serve      to his creatures to keep     that he was after me        January Calendar     3
Man” was actually a           them from attaining          personally. He would
cookbook.                     what he wanted only for      have got me, too, if I
                              himself. “You will not       hadn’t ducked a spear       Women of Joy Con-    4
Of course, the film con-
                              surely die,” said the        that went just over my      ference
veys a strong environ-
                              serpent, “for God knows      right shoulder.
mentalist message, but
                              that when you eat of it
Page 2                                                                                                                 FBF Newsletter

Thank You for Serving
Thank you, everyone who served at and           Prison Fellowship’s Angel Tree minis-          of people who live near out church.
through Faith Bible Fellowship during           try. For the first time ever, all of our
                                                                                               We also sponsored a “Christmas Sing-
the Christmas season.                           Angel Tree families came to our Christ-
                                                                                               ing” at NHC Healthcare in Oak Ridge.
                                                mas banquet, where FBF volunteers
Friends and members of FBF gener-                                                              Thanks to all who came and played or
                                                helped the children get their gifts and
ously provided Christmas gifts for chil-                                                       sang, and chatted with the residents
                                                shared the gospel with their families.
dren of incarcerated parents through                                                           afterward.
                                                          Thanks to all our Angel Tree
                                                          volunteers, those who helped         And FBF people staffed a Salvation
                                                          provide and prepare food for         Army Kettle Campaign outpost
                                                          our banquet, and to Jack Fur-        (Kroger, Oak Ridge) with very enthusi-
                                                          nari and Mike Benjamin for           astic bell ringers for two days. Thank
                                                          providing terrific Christmas         you, all. We’re looking forward to hear-
                                                          dinner music.                        ing a report of the results of all that
                                                                                               ringing, singing, and Merry Christ-
                                                           Other volunteers stuffed
                                                           Christmas gift bags or dis-
                                                           tributed them to homes in the       All in all, it was probably the most out-
                                                           church neighborhood. Pray           wardly focused Christmas season we’ve
                                                           that the Christmas Edition          ever had at FBF. Thank you all so
                                                           ESV New Testaments will be          much for your service to the cause of
                                                           used by the Lord in bringing        Christ in the lives of people.
Angel Tree families loved the idea of having a family
                                                           his truth to bear in the lives
photo sent to the mom or dad in prison.

Learning the Bible at FBF
Two new opportunities to better learn                                                          sermons on Romans from 1955 until
the Bible begin this month at Faith                                                            1968, and the church grew!
Bible Fellowship.                                 Romans is unique in the New
                                                                                               Chip and Jeff are planning on present-
The first is a study of the book of Ro-           Testament      in   that   it    is    a     ing Romans over only 13 Sundays,
mans in Chip Hawley’s and Jeff Doug-              systematic    summation         of    the    starting in January.
las’ adult Sunday School class. Romans            doctrine of salvation.                       Also in January, we will offer another
is unique in the New Testament in that
                                                                                               small group that will begin with a
it is a systematic summation of the
                                                                                               study of the short New Testament book,
doctrine of salvation.
                                                from trying to merit God’s favor               2 Thessalonians. The study is sched-
It was Romans that caught the eye of            through his monkery. John Wesley               uled for Thursday nights beginning
the libertine Augustine, turning him            was saved while listening to a reading         January 14. If you are interested in
into a saint. It was Romans that cap-           of Luther’s Preface to Romans. And Dr.         hosting the group in your home, let
tured Martin Luther, and saved him              Martin Lloyd Jones preached a series of        Pastor Chris know.

Malovics Coming to Oak Ridge in March
Hrvoje and Petra Malovic, our missionar-            our worship services, probably on Mar. 21.
ies in Croatia, will be visiting for a few
                                                    FBF is in the second year of a five-year
days in late March. They will be bringing
                                                    ministry partnership with Hrvoje and
their children Mia, Dora, and one we have
                                                    Petra. He writes, “God is bringing new
not met yet, Emili.
                                                    people to his kingdom in this country.”
Hrvoje will be our guest speaker at one of          We’re looking forward to hearing more.
Volume 10, Issue 1                                                                                                                                Page 3

                 January 2010
          Sun                      Mon          Tue                    Wed                           Thu                        Fri           Sat

                                                                                                                           1          2

  3                            4         5                       6                            7                            8          9
  Sunday School 9:30a                  NHC Healthcare Wel-                                                                        Men’s Ministry Break-
  Worship 10:45a                        come Ministry, 10a                                                                           fast, 8a at FBF
    Nursery: Karen Hawley
    Greeter: Alyssa Bryson
    Children’s Church: Lisa
    Youth Groups, 6p

  10                           11        12                      13                           14                           15         16
  Sunday School 9:30a                  NHC Healthcare Wel-   Elders Prayer Meeting,     Circle Group Bible Study
  Worship 10:45a                        come Ministry, 10a      7p                           on 2 Thessalonians, site
    Nursery: Carol VanCleef
    Greeter: Julia Walls
    Children’s Church:
     Linda Douglas
    Youth Groups, 6p

  17                           18        19                      20                           21                           22         23
  Sunday School 9:30a                  NHC Healthcare Wel-                                Circle Group Bible Study
  Worship 10:45a                        come Ministry, 10a                                   on 2 Thessalonians, site
    Nursery: Nancy Mills
    Greeter: Bernice Seith
    Children’s Church:
     Sandy Abelquist
    Youth Groups, 6p

  24                           25        26                      27                           28                           29         30
  Sunday School 9:30a                  NHC Healthcare Wel-   Elders Business Meeting,   Circle Group Bible Study
  Worship 10:45a                        come Ministry, 10a      7p                           on 2 Thessalonians, site
    Nursery: Sandy Richards
    Greeter: Sandy Abelquist
    Children’s Church:
     Shannon Tracey
    Youth Groups, 6p

  Sunday School 9:30a
  Worship 10:45a
    Nursery: Karen Hawley
    Greeter: Sharon Lantz
    No Children’s Church
    Youth Groups, 6p
Faith Bible Fellowship

145 Iroquois Road
Oak Ridge, Tennessee 37830
                                                         The purpose of Faith Bible Fellowship is to glorify God by
Phone: 865-482-5119                                      developing disciples of Jesus Christ from spiritual birth to
E-mail: fbfortn@aol.com                                  spiritual maturity.

                                                         We define a maturing disciple as one who

                                                            is worshipping God both privately and with other be-
      We’re on the web!                                       lievers
                                                            is growing in the knowledge of the Scriptures and ap-
                                                              plying it in daily life

                                                            is sharing his or her live and resources with fellow be-
Helping people find                                           lievers
and follow Christ                                           and is sharing Christ with those who do not know him.

Sign up Now for Women of Joy Conference
Sign up this month to attend the           Meyers is graciously offering lodging in      available, which will be filled on a first-
Women of Joy Conference April 9-11 at      her Pigeon Forge condominium at no            come first-served basis. You can secure
the new Sevierville Events Center.         charge at all.                                your spot now and pay any time before
                                                                                         February 6.
A contingent of women from FBF had a       As of this printing, there are five slots
great time at last year’s Women of Joy                                                                        If you would like to
conference, and this year’s lineup of                                                                         take advantage of
speakers and artists may be even bet-                                                                         the opportunity to
ter. Charles Billingsley of Thomas                                                                            attend this year’s
Road Baptist Church will lead the wor-                                                                        Women of Joy Con-
ship in all four weekend sessions. Fri-                                                                       ference, there is a
day evening’s speaker will be Lori Sali-                                                                      sign up list at the
erno. Anita Renfroe will speak on Sat-                                                                        back of the sanctu-
urday morning, followed by Bible                                                                              ary at FBF. Contact
teacher Kay Arthur. Saturday night                                                                            Nancy Mills for
will feature a special concert by Mi-                                                                         more details.
chael W. Smith and Steven Curtis
Chapman. And the speaker Sunday
morning will be the best-selling Chris-
tian fiction author Karen Kingsbury.
The cost of the event and lodging for
                                           Kay Arthur, Karen Kingsbury, Lori Salierno, Charles Billingsley,
eight women from Faith Bible Fellow-       Anita Renfroe, Steven Curtis Chapman, and Michael W. Smith will
ship will be only $79, since Doris         all be at the Women of Joy Conference April 9-11.

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