Volume 25, Issue25          The Presidents Corner

                            Happy New Year to all!

PRESIDENT                   You have got to be proud to be a member of PAC with all
Steve and Becky Thilmony    the publicity we have received with the Ambers Dream
4705 Southbay Drive
Mandan, ND 58554            project. We as club members need to get behind this
663-4457 home               project to guarantee a successful fund raiser for the
391-6819 cell

VICE PRESIDENT              We also have the Cabin Fever Car Show coming up on the 22
Dale and Pam Speckmann
402 14th Street NW          and 23rd this month; please help make the car show a fun
Mandan, ND 58554            and entertaining event. The last committee meeting will be
663-2289 home
258-5336 work               held after the regular meeting and elections on the 21st at       Bismarck Elks, Teddy Roosevelt room.
Betty and John Baepple      I would like to dedicate the last paragraph of my Presidents
601 Columbia Drive          Corner to all the officers and volunteers that made PAC
Bismarck, ND 58504
223-3465 home               such a success while I was president. I would need the
391-0612 cell               entire newsletter if I listed all the events and volunteers
                            that made us, as a club, a success. I am proud to part of the
TREASURER                   club and look forward to staying active for many years to
Steve and Jo Ellefson
4320 East Roundup
Bismarck, ND 58503
258-6818 home
220-6818 cell
                            Thanks to all!
355-5757 work

Kathy and Rick Setterlund
4121 Crown Point Road
Mandan, ND 58554
391-1570 cell
319-8667 cell

Robert Schatz
                                   Up coming events …
927 N. 32nd Street
Bismarck, ND 58501                 January 21 – PAC meeting – Elks – 7:30 p.m. with 
223-2658 home
391-7551 cell
                                   final Cabin Fever Car Show meeting to follow                January 22 & 23 – Cabin Fever Car Show – see flyer 
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Carroll Sather
Duane Jangula
                                  PAC WEBSITE:
    Page 2   Pioneer Auto Club Newsletter

    Page 3                                                       Pioneer Auto Club Newsletter
       JANUARY ANNIVERSARIES                                           The Importance of Walking 
       6       Jay & Linda Buringrud                                    Walking can add minutes to your life. 
       16      Gary & Debra Brunelle                                        This enables you at 85 years old 
       19      Gene & Dianne Taix                                       to spend an additional 5 months in a 
       20      Bill & Avie Peterka                                       nursing home at $7000 per month. 
                                                                               My grandpa started walking 
       26      Allen & Jolynn Hoesel 
                                                                           five miles a day when he was 60. 
                                                                                   Now he's 97 years old 
                                                                      and we don't know where the hell he is. 
       JANUARY BIRTHDAYS                                                             I like long walks, 
                                                                            especially when they are taken 
       4       Peggy Heid                                                       by people who annoy me. 
       6       Pat Fricke                                             The only reason I would take up walking 
       8       Jerome Zimmerman                                        is so that I could hear heavy breathing 
       10      Avie Peterka                                                                 again. 
                                                                             I joined a health club last year, 
       14      Marilyn Gahner 
                                                                                  spent about 400 bucks. 
       17      Chris Kocourek                                                      Haven't lost a pound. 
       21      Rudy Schmidt                                              Apparently you have to go there....
                          YEARLY MEMBERSHIP APPLICATION
                                FOR THE PIONEER AUTO CLUB
    Name     _________________________________________________
    Address _______________________________________________
    City ________________________ State _______ Zip ___________
    Home Phone ______________ Cell __________ Work __________
    Email address ___________________________________________
    His Birthday __________ Her Birthday ________ Anniv. _________
    Vehicle Information:
    Year ___________ Make
                           ______________ Model _____________
    Body Style ___________________ Color _____________________
    Other __________________________________________________
     Yearly dues are $20.00 effective January 1 through December 31 each year (after annual steak fry dues are
                  $10.00 for new members only for remainder of year) Send application and dues to:
                              Pioneer Auto Club, PO Box 3163, Bismarck, ND 58502-3163
    Page 4                                                        Pioneer Auto Club Newsletter
      Page 4                                                     Pioneer Auto Club Newsletter
                                                                             Bismarck Tribune Article:
                                                                             Bob Kupper of Ressler Chevrolet
                                                                             (left), Dale Speckmann of Dales
                                                                             Auto Restoration and Street Rod
                                                                             Parts (center) and Tom Freidt of
                                                                             the Pioneer Auto Club look over
                                                                             a Chevrolet 350 V8 engine
                                                                             outside Ressler Chevrolet in
                                                                             Mandan. The engine was
                                                                             donated by Ressler to the
                                                                             Pioneer Auto Club for its
                                                                             restoration of a 1938 Chevrolet
                                                                             that will be auctioned off to
                                                                             benefit Amber’s Dream.
                                                                             Link to read article:

                                                                          Bismarck Tribune Article:
                                                                          Tom Freidt and Dale Speckmann
                                                                          look over a 1938 Chevy 2 door
                                                                          sedan they are restoring for
                                                                          charity. The car, when it is
                                                                          completed, will be raffled off to
                                                                          support Amber’s Dream, (the
                                                                          Children’s Hospital wing) at
                                                                          Medcenter One.

                                                                          Link to read article:

       Editorial in the Bismarck Tribune – Amber’s Dream becoming very real

       Link to editorial:

                     Great rates on
                                                                          SALES – SERVICE
  Providing                                                           PARTS – PAINT & COLLISION
Insurance &

         Rod Skytland
    Insurance Agency, Inc.
          1310 East Main – Mandan                                              663-7484
                663-1146                                              3812 Memorial Hwy – Mandan

                                                                 Dale’s Auto Restoration
                                                              Street Rods, Customs, Muscle Cars, Classics

                                                               Custom paint
                                                               Body Work
                                                               Chop Tops
                                                               Metal Fabrication

701‐663‐8000                     Bismarck: 701‐255‐9000          Dale & Pam Speckmann, Owners
4321 Memorial Highway            Lincoln:    701‐255‐6500      229 S. 22nd Street – Bismarck, ND 58504
Mandan, ND 58554                                                        Phone (701) 258-5336

                                                                 2200 E. Main – PO Box 427
                                                                 Bismarck, ND 58502-0427

                                                             701-224-8395 Fax
    One person can now set up a room
      full of folding tables with ease!

                           No lifting. No bending. No more.


                    1021 Airport Road
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                                                                                                    Please see us
                                                                                                    for all of your
      Tom & Cherie Freidt, Owners
    On The Strip – Mandan, ND 58554
Phone: 701-663-0050
Fax: 701-663-0182 lifting. No bending. No more.
                No                                                            Underwood       Bismarck          Washburn
Res: 701-663-1451                                                            701-442-3473    701-323-9419     701-462-3406
Toll Free: 1-888-200-7377                                                    800-789-3473    800-517-9130     800-214-6446

              OLD TOWN
               TAVERN                                                        “Over 35 Years of Glass Experience”
                                                                                       Jim Rudnick
                 109 1st Avenue N.W.
                    Mandan, ND
                                                                                 Specialized Glass Service – FREE Estimates

                                                                                          Mobile Service Available
                                                                               Heavy Equipment – Farm Machinery – Auto Glass
                                                                               Antique & Classic Auto Glass – Rock Chip Repair

                                                                              Ask about deductibles or cash prices!
    Owners: Roger & Laura Thompson
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          On Cars, Not Insurance.                             Financial Group

                                                                     Insurance and Investments
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 Hagerty. Since all we insure are collector car owners-the
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                                                                                  Joe LaFave
     blow your dough on something fun for a change.                         Financial Representatives

                  Diane Eichenberger
                  Senior Sales Associate
                                                                              402 East Main Street
                  Allstate Insurance Company                                        P.O. Box 1915
                  1929 N Washington St
                  Bismarck, ND 58501
                                                                               Bismarck, ND 58502
                  Phone     701-223-4548
                  Fax       701-258-8054
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                  8:30-5:30 Monday-Friday                               Securities offered through United Securities Alliance, Inc.
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                  24 hour Customer Service                                               Telephone 303-792-0500

               P.O. Box 1112
104 Second Avenue N.E. – Mandan, ND 58554
         Toll Free 1-888-663-9543
                 Lic. #81419
AARON HEIMBUCK             Phone: 701-663-9543
                           Res:   701-226-1977
  Page 8                                                     Pioneer Auto Club Newsletter
                   A complete list of 2010 events will be available soon at

       The 2009 PAC Christmas Party was a huge success! A BIG thank you to Kari and Jerome
       Zimmerman for planning the hilarious White Elephant Christmas present exchange, Joe
       LaFave for emceeing the event, Jo and Steve Ellefson for taking charge of tickets, dues,
       etc. etc., Cherie and Tom Freidt for entertaining us with fun Christmas facts and trivia,
       and Les Linssen for organizing the room and wonderful food from Woodhouse. Also, a
       big thank you to those that donated to the Chinese auction: Rick and Kathy Setterlund,
       Dennis and Byrdi Naasz, Kari and Jerome Zimmerman, Joe and Donna LaFave, Steve and
       Jo Ellefson and thanks to Dale Speckmann and Kevin Schatz for purchasing Chinese
       auction gifts. Lastly, thank you to those who brought yummy desserts to share and to all
       who attended this very fun and final Pioneer Auto Club event of 2009!!

PAC Newsletter
PO Box 3163
Bismarck ND 58502-3163

                                                         Pioneer Auto Club Newsletter

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