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									                                Sonoma County Orchid
                                  Society Newsletter                                A California Non Profit 501(c)(3) Corporation

                                  February 2010
Special points of interest
 SCOS Spring Show is            Meeting Tuesday, February 9, 2010 at 7:30 PM.
   February 6 & 7, 2010.          Veteran’s Memorial Building, 1351 Maple Avenue, Santa Rosa, CA
 This month’s Board meet-
   ing will be on February        February Speaker
   17th at 7:00pm at the
   Hile’s home..                  Our February Speaker is Marni Turkel and the subject of her talk is;
                                  Less is More: Miniature Orchids. We will look at the advantages, chal-
 Next Month’s General
                                  lenges and rewards of growing miniature orchids. This talk presents
   Meeting is on March 9th.
                                  many of the wonderful orchids that are space savers and looks at some
 The Board Meeting in           of the special needs involved in the successful cultivation of these little
   March will be at 7:00 pm       jewels.
   date and location to be
   determined.                    Marni Turkel (pronounced tur KELL) is a native of the San Francisco Bay
                                  Area and has been growing orchids since 1980. She has been an active
 Show Supplement on
   Page 11. Show chair’s
                                  member of the San Francisco Orchid Society since 1982 and Sonoma
   update on Page 12.
                                  County Orchid Society since 1985. She had been growing in two green-
                                  houses at her home in Santa Rosa, California. In August of 2006, her in-
                                  terest in dry rest plants led to the construction of a third, cold greenhouse
Inside this issue:                intended for plants that benefit from a cool, dry winter. Her main interest
                                  is in cool-growing miniature species but plenty of larger plants have crept
February Speaker           1      into the collection as well.
President’s Corner         2
                                  Though the collection has never been counted, most guesses put it at
Volunteers Needed          2
                                  several thousand plants representing a wide range of genera. Marni is a
                                  regular contributor to Orchids magazine with her series called 'Well Worth
Win an Orchid              3      the Space' and 'Give It a Rest'. Her articles have been translated into
Show and Tell              3      Dutch, German, Portuguese and Swedish for international publication.
                                  Photographs of her plants have been feature in articles noted orchid pub-
Board Meeting              3
                                  lications including Orchids Magazine, Orchid Digest, Richardiana, The
                                  Orchid Review, and The Australian Orchid Review. A working potter for
Refreshments               4      over 40 years, she owns and manages Stony Point Ceramic Design
Newsletter Editor          4      which is a pottery that produces vases, orchid planters, flower arranging
AOS Awards                 4
                                  containers, ceramic barrel rims and urns.
Board of Directors and     5      The speaker dinner before the meeting will be at 5:30pm. at the Rosso
Committee Chairs                  Pizzeria & Bar, located at , 53 Montgomery Dr., Santa Rosa, CA
                                  (Creekside Center). Come join us for excellent food and conversation.
Calendar                   6
                                  It’s a great opportunity to meet and talk to Marni. If you plan to come to
Bus Trip                   7
                                  dinner, please contact Susan Anderson at 707-762-2917 or email her at
Upcoming Events and        8-10 no later than Monday, February 8th,
                                  so we can make reservations. For directions click here.
Show Supplement            11
Page 2                                                                      Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                                        President’s Corner
With our Spring Show coming up in a week, it’s crunch time for Lynne and all the Show Committee
Chairs. It’s never too late to volunteer, and I would like to encourage everyone to try something new in
addition to the things you have done in previous years. Doing something new is a great learning experi-
ence, and nobody should feel that they don’t know enough to volunteer. The Committee Chairs and
Volunteer Coordinator are very helpful and will give you lots in information and instruction. We still need
help in many areas, (see below), so please contact Barbara Wolsko if you have any time on Friday, Sat-
urday, or Sunday and are willing to help. Be sure to get the word out about the show, even if you can’t

I also want to mention the Pasta Party. This is a social event for the volunteer households and the ven-
dors, held Saturday evening after the show in the display area. SCOS members are asked to bring a
potluck item to share. It’s a great meal and an opportunity to visit with both members and vendors.
Many of you have already signed up to bring things, but if you missed the last couple of meetings,
please contact Susan Anderson to let her know you are coming and what you can bring.

The Spring Show is one of our big fundraisers, but it also has another extremely important function: to
attract new members. Many people love orchids but don’t think of joining the society as a learning tool.
Since education about orchids is part of our mission, it’s important that we encourage people we meet at
the show to consider coming to a meeting and/or joining the society. Even more importantly, we have to
nurture our new members. We need to make sure they feel welcome at our meetings and other events,
and we need to mentor them. I remember my first SCOS meeting (many years ago), and only one per-
son came up and talked to me. I felt a little lost but did enjoy the program. I came back, but I know that
some people would not. All of us need to make an effort to introduce ourselves to people we don’t know
and make them feel part of the society. The February meeting should have lots of new faces that we
want to see at future meetings and events. A small effort on the part of every member will go a long
way toward insuring that we have a viable society for many years to come.

I hope to see you ALL at the Spring Show.

                   Volunteers Needed for the 2010 Show
   Admissions - needs at least 1 for Sunday 9:45 am to 12:00
   Clerking - 6 people for Saturday 8:00am - 12:00 (Becky has 5 clip boards and likes to have 3
     people on each). Currently 9 have signed up for Saturday
   Membership - One additional person is needed for every shift:
     Saturday -- 9:45 to 12:00; 12:00 to 2:30; and 2:30 to 5:00
     Sunday -- 9:45 to 12:00; 12:00 to 2:00 and 2:00 to 4:00
   Plant Hotel - At least 1 person Sunday 9:45 to 12:00 and 12:00 to 2:00
   Security - Saturday 8:00 a.m. to 9:45 1 person and Sunday 9:45 a.m. to 12:00 noon - 2 people

Contact Barbara Wolsko if you can volunteer at 707 762-5027 or at

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Page 3                                                                Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                 Win an Orchid                        Show and Tell
How can I win an orchid? Let me count the ways!                        Every time you bring a
1. Bring a plant for Show and Tell and your name                       plant to Show and Tell,
   will be entered into a drawing held quarterly.                      you will receive a
   This person gets 1st pick from the raffle table.
                                                                       chance to win the
2. Bring a refreshment, or help with set up or                         “Three Month Plant”.
   take down and receive a raffle ticket for the
   first drawing of the Opportunity Table.
                                                                       When you bring in your
                                                                       plant (or plants) to
3. Wear your name tag and be entered into a
   drawing to win three raffle tickets.                                share, fill out the card
4. Do a skill session and win $5.00 worth of raffle
                                                      with your name and drop it in the box. A
   tickets.                                           drawing will be held every three

                                         Board Highlights
 February speaker is Marni Turkel on miniature orchids. She supplies the opportu-
   nity table.
 March Speaker will be Peter Lin speaking on dendrobiums.
 Treasury has $8,661.51. But net income for this fiscal year is -$1,867.06.
 We have two new members, Tom Pickford and Donald Dixon. Welcome!
 Electronic copies of Newsletters from 1999 to 2009 will be posted on the website.
   A few missing issues still.
 There are new locks on the Vets Bldg cabinets. Keys will be distributed to appro-
   priate board members.
 Nominating Committee is seeking officers for July 2010 to June 2011, especially
 Kathie Hile had done a fantastic job contacting nurseries, garden clubs, wineries,
   etc. about our show and our society meetings.
 Board members will try to greet new members/guests at each meeting, hoping to
   make them feel more welcome.
 Refreshment chair still needed, there is a possible recruit.
 Bus trip has 22 people signed up already. At least 40 are needed.
 Next board meeting date changed to Feb 17 at Kathie Hile’s house.

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Page 4                                                                   Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

          Refreshments for February                                Newsletter Editor

                    A - Ca                          Well folks, It’s almost showtime again! The year
                                                    seems to have just started and here it is almost
Since we do not have a Refreshment Chair to coordi- February. The Society has many fun and educa-
nate refreshments, the Society is asking that the   tional events planned for the upcoming year and
members with their last name beginning with A - Ca all of them will require your help. Without the
bring refreshments to the meeting. Snacks such as membership pitching in and helping, the bus trip,
fresh fruit, crackers & cheese, cookies, cakes or   potting party, open greenhouses, meeting speak-
any other snack is welcome. Anyone can bring        ers, skill sessions, BBQ & Auction, Holiday Party
                                                    and Newsletter will not happen. You, yes you, are
                                                    what makes the Sonoma County Orchid Society a
    Don’t forget to get your raffle ticket for      viable organization. Right now I see too few doing
   bringing something to share.                     way too much! Just an hour here and an hour
                                                    there means so much to all of us. So next time
                                                    you attend one of these events, just look around
                                                    and think “Is there anything that I could do to

                                    AOS Awards for December
1/5/2010 - San Francisco - Pac Central
Slc. Sweet Treat 'First Date', HCC 75
(Slc. Crystelle Smith x L. Finkeniana), Exhibited by Japheth Ko

1/6/2010 - Sacramento - CSNJC
Paphiopedilum Portofino 'Nova', HCC 79 (prov) (Paph. Valwin x Paph. Great Pacific), Exhibited by
Dick Buchter, Paphiopedilum Wood Wonder 'Pinot Grigio', HCC 76 (Paph. Zellwood Station x Paph.
Hsinying Maru), Exhibited by Dave Sorokowsky, Phragmipedium Belle Hogue Point 'Fran', HCC 78
(Phrag. Eric Young x Phrag. caudatum), Exhibited by Bob Conaty

1/18/2010 - Oakland - Pac Central
Dendrochilum glumaceum 'Vistamont', CCE 94 species, Exhibited by Cynthia Hill (upgraded from a
CCE 93 - you gotta see it to believe it!)

1/22/2010 - Peninsula Orchid Society Show - Pac Central
Masdevallia Memoria Augusto Silva 'Mahogany', AM 83 (Masd. Urubamba x Masd. Marguerite), Ex-
hibited by Golden Gate Orchids, Miltoniopsis Up Country Puna 'Keaau Star', AM 83 (Milt. Lynne Wai-
hee x Milt. Stacy), Exhibited by Golden Gate Orchids, Vuylstekeara Jerry Lawless 'x', AM 86 (Vuyl.
Mem. Mary Kavanaugh x Oda. Jubilee Volunteer), Exhibited by Golden Gate Orchids, Wilsonara
Diane Feinstein 'San Francisco', HCC 77 (Oda. Remembrance x Odcdm. Crowborough), Exhibited by
Japheth Ko
Pacific Central
California Sierra Nevada

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   Page 5                                                    Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                    2009/2010 Board of Directors and Committee Chairs
President              Kris Foster      762-7124
Vice President         Susan Anderson 762-2917
Secretary              Becky Jackson 584-1386
Treasurer              Ann Possinger 538-4101
Membership             “Smitty” Smith   795-0235
Newsletter Editor      Jim Foster       762-7124
Ways & Means           Kathleen Hile    585-1912
Meetings Director      Gerry Smith      795-0235
Past President         Larry Mead       539-5316

Meetings Setup         Vacant
Greeter                Marlene Spano 579-3260
Librarian              Nicki Klemm      463-2912
Opportunity Table      Kathy Fletcher   935-0721
                       Ann Conger       823-0334
Plant Sales            Marilyn Barquero 763-882
                       Mariann Hopkins
Refreshments           Vacant
Spring Show            Lynne Murrell    415-457-0836
Bus Trip               Barbara Wolsko 762-5027
                       Larry Mead       539-5316
Holiday Party          Vacant            
AOS/Orchid Digest      Patty Connick    538-4245
Webmaster              Richard Lindberg

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Page 6                                                                            Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                                                                             January 30, 31 Santa Cruz Orchid Soci-

February 2010                                                               Upcoming Events
                                                                               ety, Soquel High School, 401 Old San
                                                                               Jose Rd. Soquel Contact: Bridget Binko
                                                                               (831) 338-4220
Sun         Mon          Tue          Wed       Thu       Fri   Sat          February 6-7, 2010– SCOS Annual
            1            2            3         4         5     6              Show and Sale. See Page 12.
                                                                SCOS Show
                                                                             February 26, 27 &28, 2010, San Fran-
                                                                               cisco Orchid Society, Pacific Orchid Ex-
7           8            9            10        11        12    13             position, Fort Mason Center’s Festival
SCOS Show                SCOS
                         Meeting                                               Pavilion. http://
14          15           16           17        18        19    20  
                                      Meeting                                March 12, 13 & 14, 2010 -Santa Bar-
                                                                               bara International Orchid Show, Earl
21          22           23           24        25        26    27             Warren Showgrounds, 3400 Calle Real,
                         Deadline                                              Santa Barbara, CA
                                                                             March 13 & 14, Central California Or-

March 2010
                                                                               chid Society Show, Sierra Vista Mall,
                                                                               1050 Shaw Ave., Clovis, CA

                                                                             March 19, 20 & 21, San Joaquin Orchid
                                                                               Society Show, Sherwood Mall, 5950
Sun         Mon          Tue          Wed       Thu       Fri   Sat
                                                                               Pacific Ave., Stockton, CA
            1            2            3         4         5     6            March 27 & 29, Napa Valley Orchid
                                                                               Society Show and Sale, Napa Senior
7           8            9            10        11        12    13             Center, Napa, CA
                         SCOS                   Board
                         Meeting                Meeting                      March 26-28, SCVOS Annual Show and
                                                                               Sale, Westgate mall, San Jose, CA,
14          15           16           17        18        19    20             http://
21          22           23           24        25        26    27
                                                                             April 17 & 18, Sacramento Orchid Soci-
                                                                               ety, Scottish Rite Temple, 6151 H Street,
28          29           30           31                                       Sacramento, CA, http://

April 2010                                                                           Announcement
Sun         Mon          Tue          Wed       Thu       Fri   Sat          At the next meeting on Febru-
                                                1         2     3            ary 9th, the tropical plants used
                                                                             in our spring show display will
4           5            6            7         8         9     10           be either sold or auctioned to
                                                                SCOS Bus
                                                                Trip         the highest bidder. There will
11          12           13           14        15        16    17           be 5 indoor Palms and 2 Red
                         SCOS                   Board
                         Meeting                Meeting                      Ti- Leaf plants and possibly
18          19           20           21        22        23    24           some other plants used in the
                                                                             display. Don’t miss out the op-
            26                                                               portunity to purchase some of
25                       27           28        29        30
                                                                             these items.

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Page 7                                                                    Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                                          Annual SCOS Bus Trip
                                                   Saturday, April 10th 2010, 7:30 AM

To this date we have 24
signed up, with eleven paid.
We need at least 10 or 12
more to sign-up. Larry

         Tickets: $30.00 Per Person, available to all members, guests and all orchids enthusiasts.
                           Please bring an empty box to store orchids you buy.
The bus will leave promptly at 7:30 AM from the parking lot under Highway12, across from the Vet-
eran’s building. Please arrive early enough to store your belongings under the bus, find a seat and
get settled. If you are a single passenger please double up with another single passenger to allow
couples to set together. Due to our schedule, we cannot wait for late arrivals. We have a full day of
               Schedule: Times are approximate and may vary based on traffic conditions.
                                   7:30 am. Bus leaves from Santa Rosa.
                     7:50 am. Pick-up in Petaluma (Lakeville Highway Park & Ride).
                               8:00 am. Leave for UC Davis Spring Plant Sale.
                     9:30 am. UC Davis Plant Sale & Arboretum Teaching Nursery.
                   11:30 am. Leave for Howard Gunn’s. We will have lunch at Howard’s
                Please bring lunch for yourself; The Society will have sodas to drink.
                                  1:00 pm. Arrive at Gold Country Orchids.
                                         3:00 pm. Leave for home.
                                  4:30 pm. Arrive in Petaluma Park & Ride.
                                       5:00 pm. Arrive in Santa Rosa.

         Call ASAP to reserve your place. Make checks for $30.00 per person payable to SCOS.
                                               Give or mail to:
                                                 Larry Mead
                                               254 Maria Lane
                                           Santa Rosa, CA 95409
                                               (707) 539-5316
                               No money will be refunded after April 1st, 2010

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Page 8                                                 Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                       Upcoming Events and Shows
January 30, 31                          March 27, 28
Santa Cruz Orchid Society               Napa Valley Orchid Society Show and
Soquel High School                      Sale
401 Old San Jose Rd.                    Napa Senior Activity Center
Soquel                                  1500 Jefferson Street, Napa, CA
Contact: Bridget Binko (831) 338-4220
                                        March 26, 27, 28
February 6 & 7, 2010                    SCVOS Annual Show and Sale
SCOS Annual Spring Show & Sale          Westgate Mall,
Veteran’s Memorial Bldg.                1600 Saratoga Ave, San Jose
Santa Rosa, CA                          http://www.santaclaravalleyorchidsociet
                                        April 17 & 18
February 26, 27 & 28                    Sacramento Orchid Society
San Francisco Orchid Society            Scottish Rite Temple
Pacific Orchid Exposition               6151 H Street, Sacramento, CA
Fort Mason Center’s Festival Pavilion spring_show_and_sale/
                                        May 1 & 2
March 12, 13 & 14                       Carmel Valley Garden Show
Santa Barbara Int’l Orchid Show         Hidden Valley Music Seminars
Earl Warren Showgrounds                 88 W. Carmel Valley Road
3400 Calle Real, Santa Barbara          Carmel Valley Village, CA COS Chairperson at wine-
March 13 & 14
Central California Orchid Society Show,
Sierra Vista Mall,
1050 Shaw Ave., Clovis, CA

March 19, 20 & 21
San Joaquin Orchid Society Show
Sherwood Mall
5950 Pacific Ave.
Stockton, CA.
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Page 9   Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

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Page 10                                                                    Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

January 24, 2010

TO: AOS Affiliated Societies in California
RE: COS Annual MayFaire Show & Sale, now the Carmel Valley Garden Show
FROM: Carol Easton, President, Carmel Orchid Society

Last year the Carmel Orchid Society partnered with the Carmel Valley Garden Association Flower and
Art Show and the Hidden Valley Music Seminars for our annual MayFaire. This year we continue the
partnership under the combined title of the Carmel Valley Garden Show. We are really excited about
this change. The show will be held at the Hidden Valley Music Seminars located at 88 W.Carmel Valley
Road and Ford Road in Carmel Valley Village. We would like to invite your members to travel to the
Monterey Peninsula for our May 1st and 2nd Show. The show, will have many wonderful highlights in-
cluding plant & floral displays with judging, a lecture series, potting demonstrations, a Silent Auction &
Raffle, a Children’s Garden, Pottery, plant & Orchid Sales as well as a food vendors so that you may
have munch while you wander the grounds. This year’s theme is “sustainable”.

Each year we invite some of the finest growers to sell their wide selection of orchids. We know your
members and guests will enjoy our orchid display as well as the rose display. We will also have lectures
and potting demonstrations with information and suggestions for those who need help for their plants.

We hope that you will be able to display our soon to be distributed flyer at your future meetings and
include our information in your newsletters and on your websites. We appreciate having your members
participate in our show. Thank you! The details are
                                      May 1st and 2nd, 9 am – 4 pm
                   ADMISSION IS FREE, Lots of Free Parking and the LOCATION is
Hidden Valley Music Seminars, 88 W. Carmel Valley Road, Carmel Valley Village, 11 miles East of High-
                   way 1. Please visit our websites:,,, for more information or contact Joanie Linares,
                              COS Chairperson at

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Page 11                    Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

          Special Show Supplement

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Page 12                                                     Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

LAST CALL for Volunteers, Orchids, and support for SCOS at the Lost Island of Or-
chids (See Page 2).
The Show is just a week away: Set-up is Friday February 5, Judging is Saturday
morning, and the Show runs through Sunday at 4pm (so you’ll still have time to get
home to watch the Super Bowl).

Have you handed out or mailed your supply of Show Postcards to family, friends,
local nurseries, and service providers, so we get GREAT attendance this year?

Here is our final list of TEN participating Vendors:
          Botanico                             Napa Valley Orchids
          D & D Orchids                        Orchids Fiori D'Amore
          Dyna-Gro                             Orchids by Neal
          Gold Country Orchids                 Orchids & Gardens
          Golden Gate Orchids                  Orchids for the People

Orchids, Orchids and more Orchids…we need your blooming beauties to decorate
our eye-popping SCOS display. Please bring your orchids to the hall by 6pm on
Friday, or arrange with another member to transport them for you. This is also your
once-a-year opportunity to enter your orchids for AOS Judging and/or Show tro-

And if you have blooming or non-blooming orchids to sell, this is your chance to
earn a few $$ to pay for your orchid habit, with 20% of all sales benefiting SCOS.

Please plan to join us for the Pasta Party on Saturday evening (2/6) for all Volun-
teers and Vendors. Raymond Burr Winery has donated some delicious adult bev-
erages for us to enjoy with our pasta dinner.

The Lost Island of Orchids Show is a key 2010 fundraiser for our Society, and it is
an opportunity to share our love of orchids with family, friends, and co-workers. We
look forward to seeing you there.

Thank you in advance for making this Show a great success!

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Page 13                                                             Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                           2010 Spring Show Chairs
Show Chair              Lynne Murrell                415 847-0987

Admissions & Tickets    Kathy Fletcher               707 935-0721

Advertising             Linda & Darryl Eggleston     707 887-2412

Clerking for Judging    Becky Jackson                707 584-1386

Docent Tours            Judy Carney                  707 778-1295

Facility Coordinator    Lynne Murrell                415 847-0987

Membership & Plant Doc-
                        Barbara Wolsko               707 762-5027

Pasta Party             Susan Anderson               707 762-2917

Plant Hotel             Mariann Hopkins              707 829-1043

SCOS Display            Smitty Smith & Kathie Hile   707 795-0235

Security                Kim Gordon-Powers            707 542-2177

Set Up / Take Down      Larry Mead                   707 539-5316

Skill Sessions          Kathie Hile                  707 585-1912

Society Plant Sales     Earl & Kathy Rathbun         707 528-1671

Trophies                Josie Lee                    707 526-5239

Vendor / Contracts      Linda Eggleston              707 887-2412

Vendor Hospitality      Susan Fletcher               707 585-2389

Volunteer Center        Ann Possinger                707 538-4101

Volunteer Coordinator   Barbara Wolsko               707 762-5027

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Page 14                                                                  Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                                 SCOS Awards & Trophies
          Best of Class Rosettes:
               Best Slipper Orchid
               Best Phalaenopsis
               Best Cattleya Alliance
               Best Oncidium Alliance
               Best Pleurothallid Alliance
               Best Cymbidium
               Best Dendrobium
               Best Vanda Alliance
               Best of Other Genera
               Best Basket of Orchids

          Special Award Rosettes:
               Best Orchid Species
               Best Miniature Orchid (not exceeding 8” including flowerscape)
               Best Specimen Orchid Plant
               Best of Show
               Best Commercial Display

               Best of Show
               Best Novice-grown Orchid
               Best Intermediate-grown Orchid
               Best Entry by a Sonoma County Orchid Society Member. Perpetual Trophy in
                 Honor of Earl & Kathy Rathbun for Extraordinary Care and Nurturing of the So-
                 noma County Orchid Society. Trophy sponsored by SCOS.
               AOS Show Trophy (for the most outstanding exhibit)

               Orchid Digest Show Trophy (best non-commercial exhibit)

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Page 15                                                                   Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                           Sonoma County Orchid Society
                          Schedule of Show Classes - 2010
A. Slipper Orchid Alliance                                   C-6. Other species and hybrids, i.e.
                                                                   Epidendrum, Broughtonia, Dia-
     A-1. Paphiopedilum species, single                            crium, Barkeria, etc.
           flower                                            C-7. Intergeneric hybrids between C-1 &
     A-2. Paphiopedilum species, multifloral                       C-6, i.e. Dialaelia, Iwanagara, Epi-
     A-3. Paphiopedilum species, brachypeta-                       cat, etc.
           lum or parvisepalum type                          C-8. First bloom seedlings
     A-4. Primary hybrids
     A-5. Half-primary hybrids (one parent is a D. Oncidium Alliance
     A-6. Maudiae-type hybrids w/ striped dor-         D-1. Oncidium species and hybrids
           sal                                         D-2. Miltonia and Miltoniopsis species
     A-7. Complex hybrids                                    and hybrids
     A-8. Phragmipedium & Cypripedium spe-             D-3. All other related species or hybrids
           cies                                              i.e. Brassia, Cochlioda, Rodrigu-
     A-9. Phragmipedium & Cypripedium hy-                    eza, etc.
           brids                                       D-4. Odontoglossum species and hybrids
     A-10. First bloom seedlings                       D-5. All other intergeneric hybrids, i.e.
                                                             Miltassia, Odontioda, Vuylste-
B. Phalaenopsis Alliance                                     keara, Odontocidium, Wilsonara,
                                                             Odontonia, etc.
     B-1. Phalaenopsis and Doritis species             D-6. First bloom seedlings
     B-2. Multifloral (branching), small flower-
           ing hybrids                           E. Pleurothallis Subtribe
     B-3. White (including white with colored
           lip) hybrids                                E-1. Masdevallia species and hybrids
     B-4. Lavender and pink hybrids                    E-2. Pleurothallis species and hybrids
     B-5. Yellow, green, red, and art shade            E-3. All other related species and hy-
           hybrids                                           brids, i.e. Dracula, Restrepia, Lep-
     B-6. Patterned - stripes and spots hy-                  anthes, etc. (including intergener-
           brids                                             ics)
     B-7. First bloom seedlings                        E-4. First bloom seedlings

C. Cattleya Alliance                                    F. Cymbidiums

          C-1. Species: Cattleya, Laelia, Bras-              F-1. Cymbidium species
                savola and Sophrinitis                       F-2. Miniature hybrids (<1.5” flower
          C-2. Hybrids from C-1: White & semi-                     spread) - white, cream, pink
                alba (colored lip)                           F-3. Miniature hybrids - red, brown,
          C-3. Hybrids from C-1: Pink, lavender                    bronze
                and purple                                   F-4. Miniature hybrid – yellow, green and
          C-4. Hybrids from C-1: Red, yellow and                   all other colors
                art shade                                    F-5. Novelty hybrids - white, cream, pink
          C-5. Hybrids from C-1: All other colors,
                i.e. green, splashed, spotted, flared
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Page 16                                                                Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

F. Cymbidiums (contd)

          F-6. Novelty hybrids - red, brown, bronze       I-3. Zygopetalum alliance species and hy-
          F-7. Novelty hybrids – yellow, green and               brids not included in
                all other colors                                 I-2, i.e Maxillaria, Zygopetalum,
          F-8. Standard hybrids (> 3” flower spread)             Bollea, Promenea, etc.
                - white, cream, pink                      I-4. Bulbophyllum and Cirrhopetalum spe-
          F-9. Standard hybrids - red, brown,                    cies and hybrids
                bronze                                    I-5. Coelgyne and related species
          F-10. Standard hybrids – yellow, green                 (Pholidota, Pleione, etc) and hy-
                and all other colors                             brids
          F-11. Pendant spike                             I-6. Dendrochilum species and hybrids
          F-12. Variegated foliage                        I-7. Terrestrials (including Phaius, Disa,
          F-13. First bloom seedlings                            and Calanthe)
                                                          I-8. All other species and hybrids
G. Dendrobium Subtribe                                    I-9. Outstanding foliage

     G-1. Phalaenopsis and antelope type spe- J. Basket of Orchids (non-commercial exhibi-
            cies and hybrids                      tors only)
     G-2. Oxyglossum section and Pedilonium
            species and hybrids                       J-1. At least 3 blooming orchids-other
     G-3. Latouria section species and hybrids               plants and props allowed in moder-
     G-4. Formosae section species and hy-                   ate quantities. Individual plants
            brids                                            can also be entered in their ap-
     G-5. Australian species and hybrids not                 propriate section.
            included in G-1
     G-6. All other species and hybrids
     G-7. First bloom seedlings                Note: First bloom seedlings, foliage, and pen-
                                               dant spike can also be entered in their appro-
H. Vanda Alliance                              priate class.

          H-1. Vanda and Ascocentrum species          Judges will also award Best Species, Best
                and hybrids                           Miniature, and Best Specimen plant from
          H-2. All other related species and hybrids, within all entries.
                i.e. Rynchostylis, Aerides, Renan-
                thera (including intergenerics)
          H-3. First bloom seedlings

I. Other Genera

          I-1. Angraceum and related species and
                 hybrids, i.e. Aeranthes, Aerangis,
          I-2. Lycaste and Anguloa species and hy-

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Page 17                                                                 Sonoma County Orchid Society Newsletter

                               Sonoma County Orchid Society
                                    Spring Show 2010

                                     RULES FOR EXHIBITORS

Show vendors and invited visiting orchid societies are encouraged to enter their plants for ribbon
judging, provided the following rules are followed. All other plants entered must be owned and
grown by a member of Sonoma County Orchid Society.

1. Entry cards must be completed for all plants entered into competition. Cards must be turned into
the Plant Entry table by 8:00 pm Friday, February 5th, 2010, unless other arrangements are made
with the Judging Chairperson.
2. Plants entered in show ribbon judging must have been owned and cared for directly by
the exhibitor for at least 6 months. Judges may decline to consider a plant if ownership is ques-
3. Plants incorrectly labeled or entered may be eliminated.
4. If a plant is found to be infected or infested, it will be disqualified and isolated.
5. All plants and items exhibited must remain on display throughout the duration of the show.

For AOS judging, specific entry cards must be completed and left with the AOS clerk. However,
since this is an AOS-sanctioned show, all plants exhibited may be considered for AOS awards
unless “No AOS Judging” is written on the entry card. Unless so noted, plants may not be judged at
a later date on the same inflorescence.

Every effort will be made to safeguard all plants entered. However, exhibitors assume all risks and
liabilities for their property.

                                CLASSIFICATION OF EXHIBITORS

NOVICE/BEGINNER: one who has never won a trophy/rosette/award (other than ribbons) at any
orchid show.

INTERMEDIATE: one who has won at least one, but fewer than 10 trophies/rosettes/awards (other
than ribbons) at any orchid show.

OPEN/COMMERCIAL: one who has won at least 10 trophies/rosettes/ awards (other than ribbons),
or one who is a commercial grower or operates a sales booth at the show.

                            PLANT AWARDS-RIBBONS & TROPHIES

At the discretion of the judges, first, second and third place ribbons will be awarded in all classes
and sections. Judges may withhold awards if, in their opinion, no suitable material is exhibited.
BEST OF CLASS Rosettes will be selected from the First Place ribbons awarded at the discretion of
the judges. Trophies for Best Novice and Best Intermediate exhibitors will be selected from ‘Best of
Class’ rosette winners in those skill categories. SPECIAL AWARD Rosettes for ‘Best Orchid Spe-
cies,’ ‘Best Miniature Orchid,’ ‘Best Specimen Orchid Plant,’ and ‘Best of Show’ may be chosen from
any Blue Ribbon winner in any Class. If the Best of Show winner is a member of SCOS, that entry
will automatically be awarded the Rathbun Perpetual Trophy.

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                         SONOMA COUNTY ORCHID SOCIETY
        The Sonoma County Orchid Society meets the 2nd Tuesday of every month.
Plant sales begin at 6:45 p.m. and ends when the speaker begins his/her pres-
entation. The Society provides an opportunity for any member to sell plants or ma-
terial (with a 25% commission to the Society). A reminder to all members that any
plant material offered for sale at the Society meeting, must be run through the Soci-
ety. Pre-arranged pick-up of plants or materials is OK and does not have to go
through the Society. Plant owners assume all risk and responsibility for their prop-
erty. Your members binder has additional information.
      The Skill Session, when scheduled, is held at 7:00 at the front of the meeting
room. The subject will be announced in the newsletter and a sign will be posted at
the meeting. Announcements followed by Show and Tell begin at 7:30 p.m. The
speaker will begin after Show and Tell (approximately 8:00 p.m.). Refreshments and
opportunity plant drawings occur after the speaker’s lecture.
                                                                       We’re on the Web!
                                                                   Address Correction Requested
                                                                         Santa Rosa, CA 95406
                                                                         P.O. Box 11195
                                                                         SCOS ORCHID NEWS

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