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NEWS      & Events FROM
                                            WEST       NIDAROS              LUTHERAN
                                                                                               FEBRUARY 2010

 From the Church Office:
 Next Newsletter Deadline: Feb.19.

 Thanks to everyone who braved the
 weather conditions to have their por-
 traits taken! If you did not come in for
 a portrait, we still want your photo in
 the directory! Please send a current
                                                           From the Record Book
 photo to the church.
 We will let you know when the direc-                                 JANUARY 2010
 tories are in!
                                             Baptisms: Cali Ann Ramstad, daughter of Brenda and Jason
      West Nidaros Lutheran Church
                                             Ramstad was baptized January 24, 2009. Her sponsors were Todd
          25403 471st Avenue                 Frerichs and Nick and Staci Swier.
     Crooks, SD 57020 (605) 543-5215
                                             Wedding: Jamie Lynn Iseminger and John Arnold Odde were
           Nancy Dunn, Secretary             married January 16, 2010.
  Office hours: Mon.– Fri. 9:00am-1:00pm
   Webpage including Online Calendar:
                                             Members 80 years and older for FEBRUARY Birthdays
         Pat Lehrer (605)543-5215            Feb. 19 Violet Wehde (A special 85th Birthday Celebration is
        wnpastor@alliancecom.net             planned for the Feb. 14th at 9:15 am coffee time in the dining room.)
   Director of Youth and Family Ministry
       Jessi Rakness (605) 413-8412
                      Lenten Schedule
2/17 4:30 & 7:00 pm         Ash Wednesday at West Nidaros
2/24       7:00 pm               at West Nidaros
3/1        7:00 pm               at Benton
3/10       7:00 pm               at Willow Creek
3/17       7:00 pm               at Benton
                                                The Genesis of our Faith:
                                                   Adult Bible Study
                                    Ever wondered why there were 2 stories of creation in the
                                    Bible? Or why Muslims, along with Christians and Jews,
                                    trace their religious ancestry back to Abraham? Or how
                                    the Israelites ended up in Egypt prior to the time of Moses?
                                    If you’re intrigued by these questions and want to learn
                                    more about the early people in the Bible, then this study is
                                    for you! Join Pastor Pat at 7 PM for twoTuesday evenings
                                    in February, as we look at the first book of the Bible. We’ll
begin with the Creation story, work our way through the flood and Noah’s Ark, hear God’s
promise to Abraham and see how God fulfills his promise of a chosen people. We’ll also see
how family dysfunction is as old as humankind, and yet cannot prevent God from using sinful
people for his divine purposes! No previous Bible Study needed.

             2/2    Genesis 24-35        Isaac and the Twins
             2/9    Genesis 36-50        Sibling Rivalry!

                                                    News From Our Servicemen!

                                                Dear West Nidaros,
                                                             Hello from Iraq!! I hope everyone
                                                is doing well. Things over here are going as
        Violet Wehde's                          well as can be expected. I would like to take
                                                this opportunity to say thank you for all of the
        85th Birthday                           thoughts, prayers and goodie boxes you have
                                                sent me while I've been deployed here. I am
                                                less than a month away from returning home
           at 9:15 am                           and am greatly looking forward to my home
                                                coming! It is a wonderful feeling to know I
    Coffee and Fellowship                       not only have God in my corner but, all of you
                                                also. I have tried, with no luck, to contact Dan
                                                Burke as he is in the AOR (area of responsi-
   Sunday, February 14th                        bility) also. I hope his deployment is going
                                                well. In closing, I would just like to say thanks
    Heritage Dining Room                        again for the prayers for me and my family
                                                during this time and always. I continue to pray
                                                for our congregation!!
        No Gifts Please
                                                In Christ,
                                                 Chris Langloss
                                                  2010 Benefit Luncheon for
                                                     Sun., Apr. 18, 2010
         February 2nd at
            9:00 am                            Lunch and program at 1:00 pm at CJ
                                                     Callaway’s, Sioux Falls
         Heritage Dining
              Room                         Increase your congregational participation by:

                                           •  Putting the Benefit event information in your
                                              newsletters and bulletins.
                                           • Appointing a congregational LSS Event Chair
                                           • Notifying your congregational staff, church coun-
                                              cil & committees now.
                                           For more information contact Linda at LSS
                                           605-357-0136 or 1-800-568-2401, ext. 136 or visit

                                                  Is a Wedding in Your Future?

                                                                  Sat., March 6, 2010
                                                                     8:30-4:00 pm
                                                                   Shetek Lutheran
                       Thursday,                                        Ministries
                       Feb., 25,                  14 Keeley Island Dr., Slayton, MN
                       7:00 pm
                                                          Phone # 507-763-3567
                                                        e-mail slbc@frontiernet.net

We meet in the church library to dis-
cuss the book The Things They Carried                    Topics discussed:
by Tom O’Brien.                            • Personality types & living with differences.
This is a fictional memoir filled with     • Communication skills & conflict resolution
interconnected stories about the peo-      • Financial matters & budgeting
ple involved in the Vietnam conflict.      • The spirituality of marriage.
Check out a book from the blue bag in      This is NOT a “wedding fair”!
the library, and join us for an informal   Registration is $25/couple, includes lunch. Register
discussion. All are welcome!               by February 26th.
     Wouldn't You Agree:
     The world's children are too precious to lose to the
     ravages of hunger.

     Did You Know:
     Areas of starvation overlap war zones almost ex-
     actly. And recently an
     earthquake has left Haiti in what the news media
     compares to a war zone.
     The nightly media coverage has been heartbreak-

     The children and other survivors of this natural disaster will need all their strength to cling to
     life. These survivors should not be robbed of hope and the ability to smile.

     We Can Help:
     The cookie jar offering thru February has been designated to helping the survivors in Haiti.

     Many reputable organizations are also accepting donations for the many needed supplies and food.

     We all can offer prayers.
     We Can Help:

     Evangelism & Missions


                         A residential-type dish-
                         washer for the down-
                         stairs kitchen was re-
                         cently purchased by

Thanks to the ladies who made the selection,                     Military Pictures Wanted
and especially to Matt & Lynette for all their work
in the installation.                                             If you are in the military please submit a picture for
                                                                 the picture directory.
                                                                 Please get it to a member of Local Ministries or to
We encourage its use after Sunday coffee, etc.                   Pastor Pat. Thank You.
to ensure the sanitizing of the items used.
                                                                 Lance Brekke               Shirley McCormick
                                                                 Margie Hanson              Leo Falconer
                                                                 Kris Christiansen          Phyllis Falconer
                  December 16, 2009                          2010 Budget process: Treasurer Mike Buchman handed out
                                                                 copies of the proposed 2010 budget. Council members
President Darin Larson called the meeting to order at            reviewed and discussed each line item. MSC by Pam/
7:05pm. Members present were Rueben Phillips,                    Sharon to pay $1,275.00 missionary support from 2009
Margaret Tidemann, Pam Hanson, Gwen Heyd, Mike                   budget to missionary support of the SD Synod since we
Buchman, Lance Brekke, Cheryl Anderson, Dennis                   currently do not have a missionary. MSC by Dennis/
Kappes, Sharon Hoekman, Duane Fritz, Wyn Johnson,                Cheryl to approve the 2010 proposed budget as reviewed
Darin Larson, Carol Breitkreutz, Pastor Pat and Ron              and revised for a total of $254,004.
Hegge. Devotions were led by Duane Fritz followed by         Nominating committee: committee has met and started work
stating our mission statement together and selection of          on recruiting new council members.
prayer partners. The council enjoyed Christmas treats        Annual Report Deadline: All annual reports are due to
during the meeting provided by Pastor Pat.                       Nancy in the office by January 4, 2010.
                                                             Annual Meeting Lunch: Potluck lunch will be held prior to
MSC by Mike/Ron to approve agenda as presented with              annual meeting. The council will be responsible for set-
the addition of item g) reception of new members under           up and clean-up duties.
New Business. The treasurer’s and financial secretary’s      Visioning Process: Pastor Pat spoke about the need for a
report were reviewed. The secretary’s report was                 three to five year vision plan. Sometime in January or
reviewed. MSC by Lance/Cheryl to approve the minutes             February, we will plan to hold “fireside” chats or
as printed from the November meeting. Margaret and               “cottage” meetings to decide what is next for West
Darin will continue to sell HyVee/Sunshine cards for the         Nidaros.
remainder of December. No one has signed up for              Endowment Committee Presentation Next Month:
January at the present time.                                     Endowment committee will invite Kurt Osborne, of
                                                                 ELCA giving, to the next meeting for a presentation on
Unfinished Business:                                             planned giving.
 Fundraising Task Force and Capital Campaign: Rueben         New Members: MSC by Mike/Dennis to approve new
     reported that mailings went out to all households to        members Lori Millage and Amy Bisgard.
     kick off our campaign named “Debt Free in Three”.
     Cost of mailing and postage will be covered under      Pastor Pat’s report, youth & family Ministry report and KMA
     Administration KMA budget.                             committee reports were reviewed.
 Parking Lot Update: Pastor Pat reported that we had
     good use of the additional parking lot on Sunday,      Special thanks: to Heather Kappes for coordinating the
     December 13, during the Sunday School Christmas        Sunday School Christmas Program and to all who helped with
     program. The parking lot needs lights. They are        it. Thanks to the Sioux Empire Brass for the wonderful
     budgeted but due to frozen ground we may need to       concert at West Nidaros. Thanks for Keith LaPour for the
     wait until spring. Mike Buchman will talk to the       design and logo for the new capital campaign. Thanks to all
     Parking Lot Committee and report back on the           who helped with the hanging of the greens. Thank you to
     timeline for lights to be installed.                   those who helped with the placement of the garage. Thanks to
 Remainder of Mission Funds: tabled                         the outgoing council members for their faithful service the
 Sabbatical Planning Taskforce – no report                  past three years.
 2011 Anniversary Celebration: Each KMA is asked
     supply a representative for a planning committee.      Next KMA Meetings: January 6, 2010 at 7pm.
     Also, we will need involvement of the History          Next Council Meeting: January 20, 2010 at 7pm.
     Committee, Properties Committee and WELCA.
     Volunteers as of now are Sharon Hoekman and            MSC by Mike/Duane to adjourn meeting at 9:15pm with the
     Shirley McCormick. The council will search for a       Lords’ Prayer.
     chairperson(s) and members for the planning
     committee.                                             Note taker: Carol Breitkreutz
 Update on Team Practices: Only Properties committee           Transcriptionist: Gwen Heyd
     may take down and put up the basketball hoops in
     the FLC. Only the approved times blocked for team
     practices may be considered for rescheduling a
     team’s practice(s).

New Business:
Wed., Feb. 24th
                         Wednesdays in February
   following                  At 9:00 am
Lenten services
 in the library

                  •   3 year old – 6th Grade Sunday School students
                      will be singing on Feb. 7th (Souper Bowl

  Sat., Feb. 20   •   NO Sunday School Feb. 14th
    6:00 pm
                  •   Christian Ed is looking for a temporary helper
                      for music for Sunday School while Amy is re-
                      covering from surgery. Any help would be ap-
  Primetime!          preciated. Contact any Christian Ed commit-
                      tee member.
 Note new time!
                  Thank you,
                  Christian Ed. Committee
K E Y M I NI S T RY A RE AS                                                   MEETING NOTES for JANUARY 2009

                  ADMINISTRATION                                      classroom (will keep an eye on this if happens
               EVANGELISM & MISSION                                   again)
• Set dates for serving Charis Food to You food pantry—           Installed ten drop-down style door stops to doors in
March 11 & Oct.7                                                      the FLC with intentions of getting more as they
                                                                      work well for only a few dollars apiece.
• Serving the Banquet has been set for June 7,2010
                                                                  Re-glued the transition strip between the storage
• Mosquito Net project Feb 28. if no problem with
                                                                      room and the FLC flooring
Pastor Pat.
                                                                  Talked about the need for shelving in the narthex
• Discussed anniversary committee volunteer-table til                 janitor storage area
next month
                                                                  Talked about the need for a zone controller for the
• A letter was received from ELCA main office with                    speakers
another covenant for 2010. Joan will check into. We
would like some kind on communication through out the                          WORSHIP & DEVOTION
year from our designated missionaries.                        Members Present:
• VBS at Horse Creek will be July 25-28
We discussed ways to help the disaster in Haiti. Possibly               The January 10th cookie Jar went to St. Dysmas,
teaming up with Worship & Devotional Life for Souper          rest of January to Lutheran disaster response for Haiti.
Bowl Sunday.                                                            We worked on preparing a new Worship survey to
                                                              gather input regarding our two worship services. Sharon
                CHRISTIAN EDUCATION                           will try to get it ready for use the next few Sundays.
The Christian Education Committee met on January 13.                    The Lenten service schedule will begin with our
Members present were Carol Buchmann, Cathy Muston,            Ash Wednesday worship on Feb. 17th. Lenten midweek
Jana Graff and Darcy Swier.                                   services will be held here on Feb. 24th and Mar. 24th.. An
                                                              afternoon worship will be offered at 4:30.
Sunday School materials have been ordered for the Spring                February 7th will be our traditional Souper Bowl of
Semester and should be arriving by January 20.                Caring worship service. The Sunday School children will be
Music for Sunday School was discussed. We will use CDs
until Amy gets back. We will check on a schedule for bells.
3 year – 6th grade will sing on Super Bowl Sunday.

Jana will order the palms for Palm Sunday.

Our next meeting will be February 3 at 7:00 p.m.

                    LOCAL MINISTRY


Attendance: Jim Norgaard, Bob Anderson, Jerry Petersen,
Lonnie Kocmick
    Welcomed new committee member Lonnie Kocmick
    Walk behind floor scrubber and stage risers added to
    Replaced batteries in the smoke detectors
    Replaced light bulbs in balcony fan light
    Replaced water stained ceiling tiles in 7th grade
                   For Your Health: Body, Mind & Spirit

                              What You Can Do to Prevent Heart Disease
    Heart disease is the leading cause of death for both men and women in the United States. Nearly one in three
Americans has some form of heart disease. Although you can’t change some of your risk factors – such as family
history or age – the good news is that lifestyle changes can help control such heart disease risk factors as smoking,
high cholesterol, physical inactivity, obesity and stress.

You can do several things to lower your risk for heart disease. Since February is National Heart Month, start

Don’t smoke. Smoking or using other tobacco products is one of the most significant risk factors for developing
   heart disease. No amount of tobacco exposure is safe (whether from smoking cigarettes, use of smokeless
   tobacco, or exposure to second-hand smoke). If you are a tobacco user, call 1-866-SD QUITS (1-866-737-8487)
   for assistance with quitting.

Know your blood pressure and your cholesterol levels – LDL, HDL, & triglycerides. Blood pressure and choles-
   terol levels are good indicators of the health of your heart and blood vessels and should be part of your regu-
   lar check-ups.

Eat heart-healthy foods. Replace foods high in saturated fat, trans fat or salt with healthier food choices, includ-
    ing healthy snacks. Eat more vegetables, fresh fruits, low-fat dairy products, whole grains, fish and poultry.

Watch your weight. Obesity raises triglyceride levels, which promotes heart disease. Exercise and healthy eating
  is the best way to lose weight.

Increase your physical activity. Physical activity helps control your weight and can reduce your chances of devel-
    oping other conditions that may also put a strain on your heart, such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol,
    and diabetes. Aim for 30 minutes of physical activity most days of the week.

Manage your stress. Stress can increase your cholesterol levels and blood pressure, thus contributing to heart
  disease. Physical activity, relaxation exercises, hobbies and other enjoyable leisure activities all can reduces
  stress. Having supportive people in your life with whom you can share your feelings or concerns can help re-
  lieve stress as well.

     Heart disease is often avoidable. Adopting a heart-healthy lifestyle isn’t complicated, but changing one’s hab-
its can be hard. Try making one change at a time. Another suggestion: making lifestyle changes as a family can
make it easier for everyone to prevent or control their risk for heart disease. Your reward? You and your family
may well enjoy a healthier life for years to come!
Be well ….. and have a happy Valentine’s day!

25403 471st Ave.                                                              Non-Profit
Crooks, SD 57020                                                             Organization
                                                                             U.S. Postage
phone: 605 543-5215                                                             PAID
                                                                              Permit #1
                                                                             Crooks, SD
                                       ADDRESS SERVICE REQUESTED

email: wnoffice@alliancecom.net
  “Sharing Christ’s Love With All”
website: www.westnidaros.org


         *Please let us know if you no longer wish to receive this Newsletter.

          Sunday, February 7
          There will be a meal
           following the 10:30
             worship in the
           Family Life Center            Begins February 17th with Ash Wednesday
         Wear the football jersey
             of your choice!
            Sun                      Mon                 Tue                    Wed                     Thu                  Fri                Sat
                               1                  2 9:00 am Quilting    3                         4                     5                 6
                               Pastor’s Day Off   7:00 pm Adult Bible   9:00 am Crafts            Noon: Pastor at LSS
                                                  Study                 5:30 pm Confirmation      Advisory Board
                                                                        7:00 pm KMA
                                                                        7:05 pm HS Ministry

7   Souper Bowl of Caring      8                  9                     10                        11                    12                13
8:15 & 10:30 am Worship/HC     Pastor’s Day Off                         9:00 am Crafts
SS children singing                                                     5:30 pm Confirmation
9:15 am Sunday School                             7:00 pm Adult Bible   7:00 pm Health Ministry
9:15 am Choir
9:15 am Fellowship
11:30 am iFaith/FLC

14 8:15 & 10:30 am Worship/HC 15                  16                    17
                                                                        17                        18                    19                20
NO Sunday School              Pastor’s Day Off                          9:00 am Crafts
                                                                        9:00 am Crafts                                                    6:00 pm Primetime
9:15 am Choir                 President’s Day                           NO Confirmation
                                                                        NO Confirmation                                                   (note new time)
                                                                        4:30 & 7:00 pm
9:15 am Violet Wehde’s                                                  4:30 pm & 7:00 pm
                                                                        Ash Wednesday Service
85th Birthday/DR                                                        Ash pm Council
                                                                        8:00 Wednesday Service
Blood Pressure Screening                                                8:00 pm Council

21 8:15 & 10:30 am Worship     22                 23                     24                       25                    26                27
9:15 am Sunday School          Pastor’s Day Off                          9:00 am Crafts           7:00 Book Club
                                                                        9:00 am Crafts
9:15 am Choir                                                            7:00 pm Lenten service
                                                                        7:00 pm Lenten Service
9:15 am Fellowship                                                            (Youth Serves)
                                                                          (Youth Serves)
6:30 pm HS Winter Olympics/                                             8:00 pm Council
                                                                         8:00 pm Women’s
FLC                                                                     (following worship)
                                                                                  Bible Study

28 8:15 & 10:30 am Worship                                                                                              Lenten Schedule
                                                                        March 3
9:15 am Sunday School                                                                             2/17 4:30 & 7:00 pm         Ash Wednesday at West Nidaros
                                                                        7:00 pm Lenten Worshp
9:15 am Choir                                                           @ Benton Lutheran         2/24      7:00 pm           at West Nidaros
9:15 am Fellowship                                                                                3/3       7:00 pm           at Benton
                                                                                                  3/10      7:00 pm           at Willow Creek
                                                                                                  3/17      7:00 pm           at Benton
                                        John Family Service Group Schedule for the Month of February
                                                     Paul Family Group serves in March
                                                   Sunshine & HyVee cards for February:
     Date            Feb. 7               Feb. 7           Feb. 14           Feb. 14        Feb. 17           Feb. 21          Feb. 21         Feb. 28           Feb. 28
                    8:15 am              10:30 am          8:15 am          10:30 am        7:00 pm           8:15 am         10:30 am         8:15 am          10:30 am

Acolyte           Jacob Thom            Nathan Skorr     Connor Fritz      Mariah Swier   Luke Weinacht   Riley Jurgenson   Logan Zeisler     Abby Mork         McKenzie

Communion           Janelle                Carol         Joan Phillips     Cyndi Bergh
Assistant         Hindbjorgen            Breitkreutz
Set Up:
Organist       Marge Hegge          Marge Hegge         Lavonne Burns     Lavonne Burns                     Barb Graves      Barb Graves        Jill Rye         Jill Rye

Greeters                            Mark Pulscher                         Gaylon Wehde                                      Vince Hanson                      Vince Hanson

Name Tags                               Lorraine Rye                      Deloris Bunde                                                                       Margie Hanson

Ushers           Pat Heitkamp           Keith Lapour    Gaylon Wehde       Jim Anderson                    Kent Johnson      Bill Bunde     Reuben Phillips     Bob Orton
                                        Bob Anderson                                                                         Jason Carls

Readers                             Erika Lapour        Jolene Wehde      Bob Anderson                      Erika Lapour      YOUTH:         Joan Phillips    Vince Hanson

PA. Operator     Kent Johnson           Bob Anderson       Cheryl            Cheryl                        Jerry Petersen    Ron Hegge       Bob Anderson     Kent Johnson
                                                          Anderson          Anderson

Coffee         9:15 am:                                9:15 am                                            9:15 am                           9:15 am
Servers        Kent and Cindy Johnson                  Gaylon & Jolene Wehde                              Lorraine Rye & Ashley Albright    Joan & Reuben Phillips
                                                       (Violet Wehde’s 85th Birthday)

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