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					                            North Broadway News
                        North Broadway Children’s Center
                                     January 2010

          Music and Your Child                                  Spanish Classes
                                                      We are very excited about our new Spanish
        Our Parent Education Committee has
                                                      classes at NBCC for toddlers and pre-
planned two evenings of music for you and your
                                                      schoolers. They will be starting on Monday,
child. The first evening, Thursday, January 14th,     January 11th. If you have not signed up yet,
is an adult-only evening of information about         please stop by the office as soon as possi-
how music stimulates your child’s brain develop-      ble! If you have already signed up, watch
ment. It will be presented by Leigh Mamlin of         your mailboxes and email for time and pay-
Music Together. The program will start at 6:30        ment information.
pm. Child care will be provided for a limited num-
ber of children on a reserved basis; if interested,   If you have any questions, please contact
sign up at the office.                                the office. If the classes are as successful
                                                      as we think they will be, we will be offering
        The second evening is a family event: an      them again later this year.
encore by the children’s band, The Shazzbots! If
you were fortunate enough to be at the concert last
year, you will know how much the children enjoyed               Winter Clothing
them. The date has not been finalized yet, but it
will be a Thursday evening at the end of January or   Our outside play policy is that the chil-
beginning of February. Watch your emails for          dren will go outside to play whenever the
updated information about both of these               temperature is above 20 degrees
nights.                                               (including the wind chill factor), and
                                                      the playground and sidewalks are free of
                                                      ice. This means that your child will need
                                                      to always have proper winter clothes
 Part-time Programs Registration                      here at school. Hats and gloves and a
                                                      warm coat are necessities. If you and
                                                      your child prefer, send along a scarf, ex-
Priority registration for the part-time programs—     tra sweater, even extra socks. Boots are
Part-Time Preschool, Parent’s Day Out and             best for wet weather, but make sure they
Parent’s Cooperative—will be starting before          fit your child so they don’t cause tripping.
the end of January. If you are currently in one of    And remember to LABEL everything.
these programs, you will be receiving a letter to     Your child might not recognize all of the
inform you of our new priority levels. Please         accessories, or another child might have
read it carefully and return your forms               the same ones.
promptly in order to insure your enrollment for
the next school year. If you have any questions,           NBCC will be CLOSED
Lori will be glad to help you. Open enrollment for
Part-Time Preschool and PDO is February 8th            For Martin Luther King, Jr Day
and for the Co-Op program is February 10th.                  January 18, 2010
      The Developmental Benefits of Building a Snowman with your Child

Although the weather outside is frightful, playing with your kids can be so delightful (okay, that is
just cheesy!)… but in all seriousness although it is cold, I encourage you to bundle up and take
your kids outside for an afternoon of fun in the snow. Below are just a few of the great benefits of
building a snowman with your children this winter:

       1- It is a full afternoon of FREE entertainment and learning and it takes place in your
       2- Conversation about the properties of snow and snowball making is great for language
       and       cognitive development.
       3- Improve large muscle coordination and balance while your little one moves in boots
       and snow gear and pushes snowballs across the yard.
       4- Body awareness through recognition of parts of the body; add eyes, a nose and arms
       to your snowman!
       5- There is a great sense of competence and accomplishment for your little one when
       building a snowman from start to finish!

After your afternoon of hard work, head into the house and have your kids help you make hot co-
coa (serve it with fresh fruit and crackers for a complete snack).

So bundle up and head out for an afternoon of laughter and learning!
                                                 By Brittany Baron, former Penguin teacher

    Automatic Tuition Deduction
                                                                 Classroom Notes

 Just a reminder that we are now of-                            The Honeybee Room is going
 fering automatic tuition payments                              through a lot of changes this Win-
 made from your bank accounts. It is                            ter. Our lead teacher, Dawn, is
 the perfect way to start the year—                             leaving her position here at NBCC.
 making certain that you never re-                              She is moving to Indiana where her
 ceive a late payment charge by hav-              husband got a great job. In Dawn’s place, we
 ing the tuition taken out automati-              have Abby (who substitutes throughout our cen-
 cally. For more information, or for a            ter) joining our team! She will be working full
 form to sign up for this service, see            time with the Honeybees and she is very excited.
 the front office.                                The Honeybees have also been doing more ac-
                                                  tivities everyday. Each teacher is assigned at
       The color of springtime
                                                  least one activity to do every day with the class.
           is in the flowers,                     While the activity is being done, we take pic-
          the color of winter                     tures and document what happens. This
        is in the imagination.                    documentation is being posted in the hallway
          ~Ward Elliot Hour                       and we have something new put up every week!
                                                  So check out the walls in our hallway to
 (To appreciate this quote, check out
                                                  see what the Honeybees have been doing!
 the book “Frederick” by Leo Lionni)
                Important Dates
                                                               IN THE AREA
                  to Remember:
                                                  Jan 7-17: Columbus Children’s Theatre: Ra-
Jan 4: Part-time Programs resume                  punzel, Park Street Theatre. “Rapunzel is one of
                                                  our funniest adaptations, featuring audience par-
Jan 18: Martin Luther King Jr Day,                ticipation.” www.colschildrenstheatre.org
     NBCC CLOSED                                  Jan 8-9: Columbus Winter Championship
Jan 20: Advisory Council, 7 pm                    Tractor Pull , Ohio Expo Center. $5.
Jan 25: PT Program registrations
                                                  Jan 8-9: Monster Jam, Nationwide Arena.
       begin—Priority 1,2                         Jan 9-10: Worthington Antique Show, Holiday
Jan 28: PT Program registrations—                 Inn Columbus-Worthington, $8.
     Priority 3                                   Jan 9-17: Ohio Boat & RV Show, Ohio Expo
                                                  Center, www.ohioboatandrvshow.com
Feb 1: PT Registrations—Priority 4                www.worthington.org/history
Feb 3: Co-Op Priority Registration                Jan 18: Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast,
                                                  Greater Columbus Convention Center, 7 am.
Feb 4: PT Registrations—Priority 5
                                                  Jan 18: MLK Open House, King Arts Complex,
“Getting ahead in a difficult profession re-      12 noon to 4pm, Free.
quires avid faith in yourself. That is why        www.kingartscomplex.com
some people with mediocre talent, but with        Jan 19-24: Broadway Across America-
great inner drive, go so much further than        Columbus: The 39 Steps, Palace Theatre.
people with vastly superior talent.”              www.broadwayacrossamerica.com
                                                  Jan 22-24: AAA Great Vacations Expo, Veter-
“There is a fountain of youth: it is your mind,   ans Memorial. www.AAAgreatvacations.com
your talents, the creativity you bring to your    Jan 22-31: Phoenix Theatre for Children: The
life and the lives of people you love. When you   Story of Babar, the Little Elephant, Studio Two
learn to tap this source, you will truly have     Theatre, Riffe Center, www.phoenix4kids.org
defeated age.”                                    Jan 23: 97.1 The Fan Kids Sports Fitness
                                                  Expo, Ohio Expo Center,
"The two big advantages I had at birth were       www.ohioexpocenter.com
to have been born wise and to have been born      Jan 23-24: Scott Antique Market, Ohio Expo
in poverty."                                      Center, Free. www.scottantiquemarket.com
                                                  Jan 30: Kidzapalooza, Veterans Memorial, $5.
"The facts of life are that a child who has       Magicians, jugglers, games, rides and more.
seen war cannot be compared with a child who      www.fcvm.com
doesn't know what war is except from televi-      Jan 30: Viking Festival Open House, Ashville
sion."                                            Elementary, 10 am to 5pm. Viking Games,
                                                  Crafts, and Artisan skills. Displays of Historical
"After all these years, I am still involved in    Viking artifacts and Viking reproductions.
the process of self-discovery. It's better to     www.ashvillevikingfest.com/
explore life and make mistakes than to play it    Jan 31-Mar 28: Be Our Guest: A Progressive
safe. Mistakes are part of the dues one pays      Invitational, Ohio Craft Museum, Free. 15 estab-
for a full life."                                 lished artists and their guests--nearly 30 emerg-
                     Quotes from Sophia Loren     ing artists. www.ohiocraft.org