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									                     St. Patrick School Newsletter 

       St. Patrick
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                                                                 Principal's News 

Principal Mrs. Carol Budchuk
January 21, 2010

CONTENTS                                       WELCOME BACK
Pizza Order Reminder 

Parents Club Note 
                           On Monday, Jan. 25th, we will welcome                     was born just before Thanksgiving. We
SPAA Info 
                                   back Mrs . Drouin from her maternity                      also say thank-you to Mr. Bob Schmidt
Market Day News 
                             leave. Baby Harper, as well as Anne­                      who has been subbing for Mrs . Drouin
Green Idea 
                                  Marie and Chris, are doing fine. Harper                   since the beginning of 2nd quarter.

Weekly High lights                             SPELLING BEE

     Jan. 22nd                                Our students are such proficient spellers   pete on Friday, January 22nd at 9:30 am in
 *                                            that we did not determine a winner and      the gym. Parents are welcome to attend.
         Mass 8:30 am with
         Msgr. Zenz                           rurmer up. The last six finalists will com-
         Second Quarter
         Report Cards Distributed
         At the End of the Day
                                               REPORT CARDS
 *   Jan. 25th
         School Advisory
         Committee Meeting                     All Students K-8 will be receiving their                  questions about a grade, please contact the
         7 pm library                          report cards tomorrow. Please review the                  appropriate teacher on Monday.
                                               card with your child. If you have any
 *   Jan. 29th
         Mass 8:30 am with
         Throat blessing
                                               TUITION ASSISTANCE PROGRAM 

                                               The Stewards for Tomorrow tuition assis­                   It is well worth the application fee . The
                                               tance forms are available in the school                    guidelines are generous, especially if you
                                               office. If you struggled this year to pay                  are paying high school tuition. This is an
                                               your tuition, then I highly encourage you                  opportunity for the Archdiocese to help
                                               to pick up an application and apply. is an                 you with your tuition.

  PRESCHOOL 2010-2011

Please call the office if you are planning on enrolling a child in   registration forms will then be sent to those on the list as soon as
our 4 year old preschool program. We will be offering both a         it becomes available. New families will be able to register for
morning program (7 :45 am to 10:45 am) and an afternoon pro­         preschool only (not grades K-8) at our Open House on January
gram (12 noon-3:00 pm). Preschool tuition information and            31st.

Our Kindergarten Round Up will take place on Thursday, March         If you have not done so already, please call the school office if
4th from 9-10:30 am (arrive beginning at 8:45 am).                   you plan on enrolling a child in our kindergarten for the 2010­

   Attention Parents! Wednesday and Friday Pizza order forms for March & April
   went home with your children today. These orders are due back no later than
   MONDAY, FEBRUARY 1. If you did not receive order form s , you can now
   print them from the school website - Please be
   sure to send one form and check for a Wednesday order, and another form and
   check for a Friday order and address your envelopes "Wednesday Pizza" or
   "Friday Pizza." If you have any questions, please feel free to call Kathy Butler
   (Wednesday Pizza) 363-8064 or Leslie Caramagno (Friday Pizza) 360-9192. As
   always, we are grateful to you for your support of this 7th grade fund raiser!

                                OPEN HOUSE BAKERS NEEDED!

       Donations are needed for the Open House Hospitality
       Table. If you are able to bring a tray of cookies (NO
       brownies please) to the Open House on Sunday, January
       31 th, please contact Lori Seilo at or

        Baked goods donations can be dropped off in the teacher
       resource room across from the Open House refreshment
       table beginning at 11 :30 AM on Sunday, January 31th.
       Thank You!
         OPEN HOUSE 


St. Patrick School Open House ;s Sunday, January 31,
2010 from Noon to 3 :00 PM. Last year we had .St.
Patrick parents as tour guides and. it was very successful
and a lot of fun.

 We are in need of about 45-50 enthusiastic tour guides
for that day.· You will be escorting prospective families on
a tour of our school. You will also be asked to make sure
that they fill out an inf ormation card and follow-up with a
phone call after the Open House to answer any questions
they may have and to encourage them to join the St.
Patrick Community. There is an information packet that
you will receive in advance to study up on all the
key benefits associated wit h our great school.

Please consider volunteering as a tour guide. Your he lp
is needed and appreciated. All interested volunteers
please contact Sharon Sanderson
at or (248)684-8603. THANKS
          Market Da y order forms wer e sen t home earlier t his week with your
          Please t ake a moment t o look at all of the wonderful products and
         extra values this month with Market Day .
             There are many great specials t his month and as a special
             incen tive,

             order TWO boxes of cookie dough with your order a nd you
             will be entered into a dr awing to win

             a $25.00 Market Day gift certificate.     "I

             Order for ms are d ue to school on Tuesday, February 2nd 

             with pick up on Tuesday, February 9, 2010. Or do the easy 


             go online to - order and pay from t he 

             convenie nce of your h ome or office. 

             If you have never trie d Market Day .... now is t he perfect 


          St. Patrick School "Green" Idea

Prescription Medication
Fill only those prescriptions you 're sure you will use, and never flush unused or expired
prescriptions down the toilet or drain. Pharmaceuticals in wastewater have been found to
damage plants, fish , and animals. Call the Oakland County Sheriff's Commerce substation at
248-624-0715. They accept only prescription medications, no liquids, no needles. The
medication is collected by one officer and incinerated .

                                             Parents Club
                                DON'TFORGET TO VOTE!
By now you should have had a chance to review the email sent to all
parents of st. Patrick and hopefully you have made a choice on the future
fundraising for our school.

Your Vote should be completed it by this Sunday, January 24th. This vote IS to get the entire
Parents Club to offer their position on the possibility of an auction, other fund raising opportunities,
and required hours.

       The Parents Club goal is to continue 

 to enhance and enrich t he educational foundation 

           St. Patrick Schoo l provides. 

                 St. Patrick Athletic Association
                                     St. Patrick Irish
          2nd, 3rd and 4th Grade boys and girls basketball clinic
Cost $60
You get 12 practices, a real St. Patrick's practice jersey and a
game on the "Irish" home court.
Signup and practice on Sunday February 21 st 4-5:30pm in the
gym. Clinic sessions will be held both weekday evening and
Sunday aftemoo~ from 2-2 1-10 thru 3-28-10
*If you can not make it on 2/21110, you can still join just contact
Ron       Karbowski       for     more       information        at:

               VaCa1:ion Bible SChool

       Get ready for the BEST adventure yet!


             God's Great Get-Tog~ther!
Baobab Blast is the gathering of the summer! This will be
an event packed with rockin' music, energy-packed games
and amazing Bible stories. All we need is you. Please
prayerfully consider your time and talent, and how God
will touch the lives of the children who attend Baobab Blast
through you. If volunteering to be part of the joy in God's
Great Get-Together sounds like a call to you then please
contact the office of Religious EducationIFaith Formation.
We are eager to hear from all interested parties. We are
looking for adult and teen helpers. We need Guides,
support staff, decorating volunteers, photographers, work
from home/pre-project helpers, snack and music helpers.
Mark your calendar now for the week of:
                      August 2-6, 2010.
                       9:00am - Noon
              Preschool through Grade 5 & 6
                   All we need now is you!
                     Call: 248-698-4388

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